4C The Future of Media

4C The Future of Media

Remember the good old days when families gathered around TVs
in the living room and watched together? The same thing, at the same time. These were moments Big moments. Emotional moments. Shared moments. It was during these moments
that brands made emotional connections, lifelong connections, Moving audiences to action. But then, something changed. Well, lots of things changed. And they changed quickly. More channels, more screens,
in more places, at more times. The media landscape is permanently fragmented. For brands, this means more ways to connect with your audience. But how can you reach people
one at a time, all the time and create those same shared media experiences? 4C. The Future of Media. We deliver multi-screen analytics and activation at scale. We operate Teletrax, the world’s largest TV monitoring network, with over 2100 channels in more than 75 countries so you can track every program and commercial
as it runs, and trigger ads in real time. And our social media affinity database has over 1.5 billion people
mapped to 250,000 interest categories across 50,000 brands
in over 40 languages so you can watch how people engage with content and where your brand fits in. With 4C’s data and technology you can
plan, buy and measure media across channels and devices connecting the dots from TV to digital and back, reaching your most valuable audiences
and driving them to action. Now you can have it all again. Seize the moment and tap into
shared media experiences with 4C. Big moments. Emotional resonance. Brand engagement. And lasting results.


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