[4AM] Sean Hannity 7/27/19 | Hannity SPECIAL Fox News July 27, 2019

[4AM] Sean Hannity 7/27/19 | Hannity SPECIAL Fox News July 27, 2019

is over and despite their best efforts the partisan probe came up totally empty Robert Muller's testimony was an utter disaster and now operation boomerang is in full effect John Durham's investigation into the origins of the Russia probe is is well underway and according to a Fox News report Durham could have smoking-gun evidence of serious misconduct at the highest levels of our government meanwhile Democrats could not care less about government accountability instead they're on a mission to read the personal emails and texts of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner joining us now with more is Catherine Harridge Catherine Jason based on our reporting the investigation into the investigators led by US Attorney John Durham is considering whether key evidence was withheld from the national security FISA Court including transcripts that showed a Trump campaign aide was against working with the Russians during this week's testimony former Special Counsel Robert Muller was peppered with questions about campaign aide George papadopolis and the May 2016 meeting with the Australian ambassador in Britain their conversation about Russia sitting on damage and Clinton emails was passed to the FBI through unconventional channels kick-starting the FBI probe this section of the hearing hasn't had a lot of play but it goes to the heart of the matter with mr. Papadopoulos they didn't go to the courts they use human sources all kinds of from about that moment pappa da police joins the Trump campaign you got all these people all around the world starting to swirl around him names like Halpern Downer Mifsud Thompson meeting in Rome London all kinds of places in one of these meetings mr. Papadopoulos is talking to a foreign diplomat and he tells the diplomat Russians have dirt on Clinton separately the Democratic chairman of the House Judiciary Committee's next target is former White House Counsel Don began during Nadler telling reporters that his team may go to court next week to enforce the subpoena and obtain the Russia reports grand jury material which requires a court order we will continue to seek testimony from key fact witnesses as many of you know the committee has authorized several additional subpoenas our work will continue into the August recess and we will use those subpoenas if we must House Democrats also approve subpoenas to obtain private emails but critics say administration officials including the president's daughter and son-in-law are cooperating and did not use private accounts exclusively for government business like then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Jason Catherine thank you as Catherine reported more harassment from House Democrats is on the way Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said that his committee is planning to enforce a subpoena against former White House Counsel Don began next week joining us now with reaction is the author of the upcoming book witch-hunt the story of the greatest mass delusion in American political history at Fox News legal analyst Greg Jarrett and author of why we fight radio host Sebastien Gorka gentlemen thank you both for for joining us tonight Sebastien I want to start with you because this boomerang that is now in place with the the Muller report coming up empty that thing's going to come right back into the face of the Democrats based on what we can tell that the Department of Justice is pursuing that is the origins of this case exactly right Jason it's clear from this disastrous testimony by Bob Muller who disgraced himself and the FBI that there are ongoing investigations that are looking into the real genesis of operation crossfire hurricane and how this illegal surveillance had gone against the Trump campaign actually occurred and who was behind it it's exactly like I have a good friend Chris Plante who has the morning show here in DC he says it's like the last scene from The Hunt for Red October I don't if you remember that great movie Jason where the bad sob captain shoots the torpedoes against Sean Connery's submarine and he makes a mistake and they circle back to sink his own sub the Russia collusion hoax which greg has documented amazingly is now going to sink the DNC and Ag bar is like a honey badger who is never going to give up and he's got get to the bottom of who spied on us during the campaign and in the white house illegally Jason Greg who's joining us here on set in New York this really is going to be like a boomerang because there is going to be a lot of effort and a lot of it surrounds or at least some of it surrounds this it's exculpatory information the Papadopoulos evidently has that trey gowdy the former chairman has has referred to if the government has exculpatory evidence in an investigation or a legal case they have a legal obligation required by law to turn it over to the court and to a suspect or a defendant they didn't do that in this particular case I suspect the information is a tape-recorded conversation between Papadopoulos and either or the confidential informant Stephan halper or the australia and diplomat Alexander Downer because both of them it appeared to Papadopoulos were tape recording the conversation when he me they meet Papadopoulos they have their cell phone in hand and they're playing around with it here and then they put it down next to Papadopoulos obviously recording and the information contained therein is likely its culpa Tory the government didn't turn it over to Papadopoulos his lawyer and Papadopoulos is mentioned in the FISA warrant application to spy on Carter page and if that's exculpatory they had a duty to tell the face of court and they didn't do it now it's Sebastian when we watched the Muller hearing yeah based on what Greg's talking about we've been talking about here mr. Muller director Muller with all due respect didn't even acknowledge many of these things said he didn't even look at the genesis of this which very well may have been the Russians trying to plant information correct more than a hundred times in just the first session in front of Congress Bob Muller this bent cop this bad cop said sorry I'm not going to answer that how does that occur Jason either you take the fifth or you're under oath and you have to answer I couldn't get away with that this is clear because this was an operation using Russian propaganda remember Christopher steel said I have very good ties in Moscow he served in Moscow as an intelligence officer and this is a man who admitted in a British Court Jason I hate Donald Trump his propaganda information from his Russian contacts was used in that falsified dossier to acquire the warrant and the FBI Obama's FBI hid the Excalibur Tory evidence that this was opposition research that's a crime Greg nailed it it's an absolute crime it's abuse of power and this is when the house of cards begins to crumble for the Democrats and Obama's former flunkies including clapper and including Brennan no and this is why it's so important what the Inspector General is doing what the attorney-general bar is doing and certainly what mr. Durham the prosecutor is doing in this but Greg I want to talk about the other part of what Catherine also talked about and that is this idea that they're going to issue a subpoena on dawn McGann to compel testimony in front of his committee now I got to tell you having been a chairman if I a subpoena on Neil Eggleston then Obama's general counsel the media would have laughed me off the planet there would have been editorials about that you don't have the ability to compel testimony from a general counsel to a president to appear before Congress you know some applications of executive privilege are dubious this ain't right this is the guy whose job is to provide privileged confidential advice and counsel to the president United States it's clearly covered by executive privilege if they think they can litigate this good luck I'll be in a nursing home by the time it's resolved you know this from the Eric Holder case but the other I mean their argument seems to be oh the privilege was waived because McGann talked to the special counsel that's ludicrous and here's why he's talking to a member in the same branch of government the executive branch of Special Counsel this is Congress where the executive privilege is not waived but it attaches no I think this is what exactly what the Democrats are doing and I actually talked about my new book that's coming up the power grab it's all about creating this illusion sebastian and we've got just a just a moment left here but they want to create this illusion that there's not cooperation that they must be hiding something but they know darn well that that subpoena will never ever be enforced it's why you haven't had any other general counsel come up before correct thirty five million dollars five hundred warrants five hundred subpoenas forty agents working for two and a half years Jason this is a fast this is a joke this is an abuse of power it's okay to do it in Venezuela not here in America but it's great news for the president it's great news for the make America great again agenda because if this is all the Democrats have they are going down in flames Jason so bring it because you will continue to lose and America will see right through you and laugh in your face Jerry Nadler Roth laugh in your face Adam Schiff last word very briefly Gregg Jarrett yeah I agree with Sebastian that let's wait and see what the Inspector General does I mean I can't imagine that there won't be criminal referrals made to the Department of Justice this was an egregious abuse of power people were misusing their positions for political purposes weaponizing law enforcement against the president United States who now we know has been largely victimized by these corrupt actors gregg jarrett sébastien corchia thank you for joining us really do appreciate it there's no doubt that robert mother's testimony effectively ended the Democrats impeachment dreams but some on the Left are still in denial for example congressman ted Lieu of California is now pushing a conspiracy theory that Muller was manipulated or controlled by some higher authority during was made without accounting for the office of legal counsels opinion on a ton charging a sitting president still chairman Nadler continued to spread this lie take a look he told us in a remarkable exchange with mr. Liu that but for the Department of Justice policy from prohibiting prohibiting from doing so he would have indicted President Trump he knows better he knows better now with the Democratic Party effectively divided on impeachment inter-party tension is growing speaker Pelosi is reportedly trying to stop members of her party from attacking each other this as Pelosi and Nadler blamed each other for dropping the ball on the Russia witch-hunt joining us now with more Capitol Hill senior producer Chad Purdham Chad hey Jason the house is now on the August recess for more than 46 days and as a former lawmaker you know the importance of establishing a narrative for the August recess the Democrats aren't quite sure where they stand on impeachment Democrats on the Judiciary Committee made things even muddier with a puzzling press conference I tried to get clarity from Democratic Maryland congressman Jamie Raskin and California Democrat Eric swell well I think we are in an impeachment investigation I mean are you saying that we're not if somebody said it's not binary yeah how is this not not by it either we're in it or not right when you look at different Congress's in the way they've addressed it they've done it in different ways Nixon was done different than with President Clinton and what we are suggesting here is this court filing is the first time that you're seeing us Telegraph to the court that one of the remedies we have is impeachment and to consider whether that should be used impeachment confusion could be a problem for moderate Democrats from battleground districts also today democratic New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortes had an audience with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi LoCascio Cortes accused Pelosi a few weeks ago of being biased against members of the squad and women of color I asked Pelosi to describe their differences but Pelosi said she wasn't going to get into that when asked if they had buried their hatchet Pelosi said there was no hatchet Jason Chad thank you you can see by some of us who actually served in Congress beat our heads against the wall deal it was swell and Raskin and anyway breaking today big news from our southern border the Supreme Court has ruled this evening that the Trump administration can purr seed with wall construction plan amid the legal fight over its funding speaker Pelosi is not happy earlier tonight she tweeted quote this evening Supreme Court ruling allowing at real Donald Trump to steal military funds to spend on a wasteful ineffective border wall rejected by Congress is deeply flawed our founders designed a democracy governed by the people not a monarchy now I gotta tell you having served in King Congress the trading of funds within accounts happens by the billions of dollars and it does every year and Nancy Pelosi has been complicit with that for decades for her to put out that tweet it's totally irresponsible it is it is just not right because she knows and she's been complicit in actually trading those funds herself here with more reaction are some congressmen who I happened to serve with in the in in previous life when I was in Congress the Congress Mandy Andy Biggs of Arizona Congressman Tom McClintock of California and congressman Michael waltz who I didn't serve with but is a great guy from Florida and I appreciate that all three of the congressmen here joining us tonight I want to talk about this Supreme Court ruling because it really will have an impact particularly on your stays all of your states but but really let's start with you congressman Biggs Arizona needs this wall the president's been fighting for it I think you've been supportive and fighting for it tell us what the Supreme Court ruling really means in Arizona well it means probably a hundred miles of fence in southern Arizona and that's that's really important for us we've been as you say we've been advocating for that for some time and what that means is since you have the vast majority of illegal drugs that are coming across you're coming across our border that's going to help slow that down that's good for the entire country so I I'm just I was so pleased with that but I did get a hoot from Nancy Pelosi when is basically it's for allies and surrogates that bothered to take this up and sue the president in the first place to prevent this and then when he it appeals to the court and wins all of a sudden we've got a judicial monarchy you know I mean it's that's really kind of humorous yeah that it starts with her and then it ends up going in the Trump's Trump's favor congressman McClintock you're from California you're one of the great experts on the budget and that's a whole nother topic but tell us from your vantage point what the Supreme Court ruling means well it's a great big da the the the president has explicit statutory authority to do precisely what he did he was held up by a left-wing activist judge but ultimately this is a power that has been used by presidents going back to the mid-1970s dozens of times and now it means we can actually use those funds to defend our own border and I was with the president when he was explicit in his instructions to the commander of the Army Corps of Engineers it's responsible for the project he wants 400 miles of newer replace fencing by the end of next year and I think now he's going to get it congressman waltz we still don't see the Democrats putting forward any serious plan any legislation you heard congressman Collins complain about the fact that the Judiciary Committee doesn't even take up legislation what do you see about the Supreme Court ruling what do you see moving forward on the immigration issue in general and the Supreme Court ruling well you know I'm on the Armed Services Committee of 23 years in the Army the National Guard and the military have supported our border forces for decades down there it's it's it's perfectly reasonable it's perfectly legal what what you know but follows me is that the Democrats have said now for months if not years this is not a crisis we shouldn't be shifting funds Congress after Congress has kicked the can I don't like that we have to use defense funding to do this but nobody else is solving the problem and so for the president is shift funds which the Supreme Court is now upheld when we have over a million people we're on track to have over a million people flood over that border from 60 different countries it's a humanitarian crisis it's a national security crisis we know terrorist groups any pathway that will move drugs and people will also move weapons and individuals and I think this is absolutely appropriate within his within his authorities as commander in chief which now upheld despite what people OC may treat by the Supreme Court and in their interpretation of the law yeah no I totally agree with you no I want to switch gears I want to go over to this infatuation by the Democrats on impeachment now congressman Biggs the Democrats can't seem to figure out what are we gonna do because muller produced nothing in fact I think it's now proving the point more and more of what Donald Trump has always said that there was there was no collusion and there was no obstruction but there is they're just so focused on impeachment they're essentially doing impeachment aren't they yeah that's exactly right they've been doing this since they came back and took over the house I like to think of it as the impeachment cul-de-sac and that's where they all are that's where the Democrats all are right now they're over than this cul-de-sac the rest of the country has gone forward as soon as Muller let out his report the rest of the country just went forward and said okay so what and that's kind of what you had happened this week with a Muller hearing we're on a track with the the president and his policies the economy's growing and doing well we've got to take care of the immigration stuff but but this the Democrats are over there in that cul-de-sac particularly Nadler and Schiff and Cummings and and the various groups they want to just keep investigating the committee's and Congress I want to keep investigating and it's a problem yeah congressman McClintock what's your take on it well they don't call it Trump derangement syndrome for nothing it requires a certain degree of derangement and that's what we're seeing out of the Democrats see the air force calls it target fixation that's when a pilot gets so fixated on the target he forgets to fly his airplane and ends up crashing into a mountain and we need to remember the first calls by the Democrats for Trump's impeachment came within days after his election in 2016 the very day after the 2018 election made Jerry Nadler judiciary a chairman he was overheard by a reporter on a train already plotting out there impeachment strategy the only problem they have is there's no there there and that's that but but they that's not going to stop them from doing everything they can from now until the 2020 election to perpetuate this monstrous lie that has been now so thoroughly debunked congressman waltz we have just a few seconds left but what's your take on it well you know I shake my head watching the narrative progressed from collusion to obstruction to now it's the Republicans and and the president don't care about the Russians and election security it's absolute garbage if you look at DHS DNI the Director of National Intelligence I was just up at NSA and with Cybercom they have new authorities to go after this I've co-authored legislation with Democrats on a public notification protocol that if there if voters lose data through being hacked through voted voter databases they have to be informed legislation just went through the Intel committee there's a bunch of garbage and we are taking this seriously move we moved we're moving forward on it congressman I thank all three of you for your service and thank you for joining us tonight we do appreciate it directly ahead there's a major development in the feud between the so called squad and Speaker Nancy Pelosi Austan Goolsbee and former governor one of our favorites Mike Huckabee will be here with more you'll be right back within the Democratic Party meeting with congresswoman Ocasio Ocasio Cortes today in an apparent effort to ease the ongoing feud claiming the two discussed quote working together to meet the needs of our districts and our country written as only a staffer can right now the speaker was asked about the meeting earlier today and tried to downplay the whole thing take a look do you think you were able to Sherry the hatchet with Congress I'm gonna popular four times in your meeting I don't think there ever was any hatchet called you downright disrespectful no that's that's that's we're in a political arena so I feel I've always thought I again it's like you're in a family and a family you have your differences but you're still family does I have your family your family always agree on everything you do have meetings in your family do you think she better understands the challenges of your job to unify the Democratic caucus after this meeting today you'd have to ask her joining me now for reaction is Fox News contributor Governor Mike Huckabee and former Obama economic adviser Austan Goolsbee gentlemen thank you both for joining us governor I want to get your take on it you've held leadership roles at the highest of levels what's your take on this feud between the two Nancy Pelosi and Ocasio Cortes congressman I've often said the most dangerous person is the room is the person who doesn't know what they don't know and the problem with these Tigers that Nancy Pelosi can't tame is that they don't know what they don't know and their inexperience is showing is the best thing the Republicans could have this is going to surprise Austin and perhaps you I've got a lot of respect for Nancy Pelosi may not agree with her hope she's not the speaker next time but she is a very capable experience and a very able legislator she likes to say that herself but it's true let's give her credit for it but this is something she's not used to and that's mutiny within her own ranks Austin what's your take on it as you see these two play it out I'd this idea that there was no hatchet it's kind of laughable but come on they have been feuding it it has been serious and Ocasio Cortes has an awful lot of power because she's got an awful lot of microphone time yeah look I think two things at first is governor Huckabee better watch out because that was a that was recorded we have that on tape now we're going to we're going to keep it I think I think that this is this is the mature way to approach disagreements on policy is to have a meeting behind the scenes and work out your differences I think they learned the lesson that the Republicans followed throughout the 2000s when when Obama was there of how not to do it which is you you get the ideologically safe districts those people challenging in the primaries the incumbents or the moderates you end up putting up extremists so that in totally red states like Missouri Indiana now Alabama West Virginia the Democrats start winning and the Republican Party as a whole suffered because they don't know I us an ideologically pure component I kind of I think they're trying to avoid that I know you'll be shocked Austin but I kind of disagree with you I think this was a made-for-television event I don't think it's a coincidence that it's seven months into their to their term and that it's done the last day before they go on to recess and you have every camera sitting outside their office why it took seven months I don't quite get that but nevertheless let me move to a slightly different part of this topic here at Governor on the one hand Nancy Pelosi will routinely say that she believes Donald Trump is essentially under the control of the Russians but she's not in favor of impeachment and I've heard I mean it's you've heard this argument time and time again but they were not willing to do impeachment what's your take on it well she's trying to ride both sides of the seesaw which is impossible she's got all of these very radical leftist loons in her party that are taking the party away from her but she's also got reasonable Democrats across the country who will never go that far and if the party nominates somebody as far left as most of the people on that stage if they continue to let people like Ocasio Cortes be the voice of the party and she's gonna be because nobody can stop her then I think the Democrats they got a real problem on their hands in Austin you got to admit that the so-called squad is pushing the party further and further to the left you have basically every presidential candidate just jumping to get in front of them and say oh yeah we support what they support and Nancy Pelosi even admitting that they aren't very far apart in terms of their policy but it's a socialist agenda that is that they're pushing for I mean the socialist agenda like Social Security and Medicare I know a new breed's deal and no come on come on you know what they've doing as men but is radical it's so far out there even Bernie Sanders has a hard time with a radical I would just like to explore that Medicare choice plan is supported by more than 70% of the country including the Republican own yes there's no way that's gonna be a radical agenda yes president is currently leading and he's leaving against President Trump by 10 points he has a far higher priority president does I don't governor can see it well just to remind Austin that all the polls show Donald Trump couldn't win wouldn't win Hillary had it in the bag keep believing it Austin because 2020 there's going to be a lot of Democrat balloons sitting in a warehouse and nobody's going to be there to take him down Austin last warning about 10 seconds look in this this is the mature way as I say to have two different wings of the party come together not do it in public the way the tea party did when they took down their own Speaker of the House I give it about 6 or 7 days and they will be at each other silly think the media was a disappointed and just so frustrated they didn't get what they wanted and when I saw Nadler and Pelosi do their press conferences they were really playing to the media to try to say whoops sorry we didn't produce what we said we were gonna produce yeah I think Bob Muller was a victim of his own hype by the media by Democrats supposed to be the unflappable statesman with gravitas a command to the facts and instead as you saw Jason he was confused he didn't even know many of the contents in the report that he wrote and as far as disappointment you're right about that because this has been the fuel for the media over the last two and a half years let me give you some stats 8,500 stories on the Russia probe just by the New York Times Washington Post CNN and MSNBC 530,000 web articles on Russia Trump Muller 245 million interactions including likes and comments shares on social media giants such as Twitter and Facebook so not only were people disappointed in the media they wanted this to be the next Watergate they also knew that this was very good for business and now the business is going away because after what we saw on Wednesday that is the final chapter as far as impeachment Muller in Russia Jason those are stunning statistics I mean the numbers are unbelievable of Charlie I would love to go back and take an analysis of all the Pulitzer Prizes that were won along the way and do an analysis you think we're gonna get many apologies from the media along the way Charlie there won't be any number of apologies anywhere near the number of stories that Joe just listed out and it is astonishing because all of those stories were based on fundamental lies peddled by Democrats remember Adam Schiff telling us again and again he had this evidence he there's evidence that that the public doesn't know yet but they all knew all of that turned out to be lies and you know when I got into the news business you know 20 25 years ago I got into it because I believed in the truth and I believed in exposing people who are doing things that were wrong that there's something going on here where you have an alarming number of reporters in the national political media who have no interest whatsoever in exposing the truth they're willing to take the direction of Democrats that they're so blinded by their hatred of Donald Trump they will take they will take any bogus story hook line and sinker and they will absolutely run with it to the ends of the earth in order to destroy this president and and you know even a few years ago you know places like The Washington Post in The New York Times you know I you know you knew that they leaned left but you also had enough respect for him that you knew that they were usually telling the truth or doing their best to tell the truth they have forsaken any pretense whatsoever that they give a damn about the truth at all Doug yeah Jerry Nadler produced an Adam Schiff produced no new witnesses for and no new facts they that Muller said he was going to talk within the four you know corners of the report and it didn't turn out the way they wanted to and yet they still can't decide as to whether or not they're gonna pursue impeachment sounded to me Jason like they wanted to move forward today now I two reactions first they should move on get off this I want Democrats to win I'm different from most of the people on this show tonight I'd like to Biden to beat Donald Trump but the only way to do it is give this up give up the prosecuting investigating turn to issues like climate jobs health care there's the possibility to win there and the polls out the Fox News poll very encouraging but it's not gonna stay encouraging and unless the Democrats talk about what the American people care about not what the mainstream media is doing or the left-wing politicians Joe what do you see moving the meat of what needle what will actually move the American people in terms of going towards or against impeachment yes because at this point they seem to be in a meltdown the Democrats they don't know to which direction they're going in yeah and what they're going to do and yet the media also can't figure out what direction to take this story because they had invested so heavily over the last two and a half years right yesterday you followed boxing that was a TKO that we saw on this story the problem that Democrats have is that most polls show that eighty eighty-five percent of Democrats want impeachment now but independents which Doug know it knows is very important when it comes to elections right exactly and obviously the Republicans are not on board if you don't have the bipartisan buy-in then you can't do it but they don't know how to tell that to their base to the a/o sees the squads and everybody who watches MSNBC and CNN that this thing is over because it can't be done charlie we've got just a few seconds left what's going to be the message for the Democrats over the six weeks the hot summer that's ahead of us I I don't think it matters quite frankly because because I think that this whole impeachment thing has become sort of like a zombie that Nancy Pelosi can't kill and it's gonna haunt all of them and you watch people like Jerry Nadler are gonna get opponents Democratic nomination maybe that's because he's completely lost control of his city the latest example is a slew of water dousing assaults against the police taking place across New York a number of videos showing flagrantly disrespectful of youths putting officers in danger joining us now is chief breaking news correspondent Tracy Gallagher who has the latest on these disturbing attacks tres and Jason there are now four videos of New York police officers being doused with water and critics say you can expect to see a lot more because people apparently believe it's fine to soak the cops President Trump calls it tragic and says when he first saw an officer get hit in the head with a bucket he had to watch it again because he didn't believe it the president then went after New York Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio watch probably the worst mayor in the history of New York City the policeman it just and women cannot stand him that our respect him that I like him we should note mayor de Blasio also called the dousing of cops unacceptable and said it wouldn't be tolerated meantime in the wake of the fourth video the union representing New York police sergeant says the dousing could become dangerous and is now demanding that New York Police Commissioner James P O'Neill stepped down O'Neill has not yet responded finally our corporate cousin the New York Post is reporting that the suspects arrested for attacking police with water buckets are already out of jail and back on the streets and that includes a well-known member of the Crips Street gang Jason not great trace thank you very much joining us now for reaction salem nationally syndicated radio host larry elder and former FBI special agent Manny Gomez who I also would report is also former NYPD I'd appreciate the service that you've given our country gentlemen thank you for joining us here tonight Manny I want to go to you when I see these videos it is disgusting it makes me so mad that these Punk's are allowed to get away with this their cheered on within the community the mayor's lost control the police chief's not doing enough and these police officers I mean they should not have to put up with this absolutely unequivocally the police department is the first line and the last line of defense if they don't feel confident enough that they could defend themselves how could they feel confident enough to defend the rest of us and so this is appalling that somebody who served in the NYPD for many years years ago this was not an action that would have been condoned it wouldn't absolutely unequivocally never have escalated to where it did and so we need to really revisit the progressive views of City Hall and other administration's not only in this city but throughout the country and try to curtail the violence that's going on against police officers which obviously if it's going on against law enforcement it's gonna happen to the citizens Rhian Hall now Larry obviously this is a result of the mayor's position in this progressive views as Manny was was saying when you watch this what should happen what should be the reaction from police well I'll tell you Jason when I watch this my reaction is young men who are raised with fathers in the home do not act like this this is about the breakdown of the nuclear family the fact that the welfare state has incentivized women to marry the government and so many of our kids especially people of color are raised without fathers you're raised with a responsible father responsible mother in the home you do not engage in that kind of behavior the other part of course is the anti cop rhetoric on the part of people on the left Obama said that the Cambridge police acted stupidly they did not he accused the Ferguson Police Department of being institutionally racist it is not the NYPD for crying out loud majority of the officers are people of color so knock it off these are people that are trying to keep us safe and you treat them like this this is outrageous it's all starts in the home Manny I got to tell y'all watch these videos I can't believe these police officers actually have the discipline to just sit there and take it we don't pay them enough they shouldn't have to put up with this humiliation and they got to be able to do their job and to protect themselves because who knows what they could be dousing them with maybe water today maybe something else Nate later absolutely today's water and that then act gets exacerbated perhaps explosive devices pneumonia Clorox a firearm we had numerous police officers assassinated in their own vehicles in cold blood in the last couple of years that's right what is to stop from this violence against police officers to happen they were doing nothing but their jobs protecting the citizenry of New York City and yeah they were disrespected and assaulted according like the way they were we this needs to stop and we need to protect our police officers and our citizens Larry I hear your message about making sure that there's responsibility and respect within the home but from a police department a police chief a mayor what should be that message well the message is we're here to help you we're not we're not the villains we're not the enemies for crying out loud there was just a study published in the Official Journal of the National Academy of Sciences our research has looked at every single police shooting it took place in 2015 and the race of the officer had nothing whatever to do with the shoot


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    Fox should fire Hannity and he should be charged as a criminal co- conspirator.

  • Ernest Reichardt says:

    Nancy Pelosi Accused President Elect Donald Trump Of Stealing , Military Funding , that is for Building a Border Wall To increase Security on The American Border , isn’t that what The Military Funds Are For ? America’s Security ? Isn’t Military Funding For Weapons And Anything That Helps America stay Secure ? Keeping Terrorist from coming through America’s Southern Border is a Military Problem That Needs Funding isn’t it Nancy Pelosi ?

  • It will be a glorious day when we see many of these corrupt demonrats doing perp walks into the gallows to hang for treason!

  • It was said "HE CAN BE INDICTED AFTER LEAVING OFFICE". Denying reality and a total lack of integrity is unhealthy. Have some decency for your own well being.

  • Randall Harnish says:

    Jerry Nadler has some nads to be trying to pull these shennanigans..cant wait till Trump pulls a Bobbit on him…what a weezil he is!!!

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