3PM | CNN Newsroom 7/26/19 | Trump Breaking News Today July 26, 2019

3PM | CNN Newsroom 7/26/19 | Trump Breaking News Today July 26, 2019

taken by Chairman that ler is this um the most aggressive step toward impeachment yet what does it say to you yeah I think it is the most aggressive step and we've had congressman Raskin say that it's already the equivalent of an impeachment inquiry but Pelosi needs to try to protect the moderate Democrats who don't want to be on record as supporting an impeachment inquiry so she's endorsing this legal strategy that says go to the courts do what you want it might only be an inch away from an actual impeachment inquiry but in this way the Congress as a whole doesn't have to be on record as saying we've adopted an inquiry formally so they may not have to be on record but they are battling time and in more ways than one there is this six week of summer leave that is coming up for them obviously starting later today and what's interesting is that before we heard from both chairman Adler and speaker Pelosi today we heard from congressman Jackie Speier who was saying listen we basically have until September and then at that point we're kind of out of time a legal route is not necessarily a quick one Harry no I mean and that's what the administration has been banking on it really isn't and time is their worst enemy when they come back in September we're in full bloom of a reelection or an election campaign and people's will be even more distracted than they are now and want to move along so time is their enemy and they haven't used it well and the White House has when we look at this – there was so much discussion during the Muller hearing about Watergate and the importance of key witnesses as we know which in many ways may that's so much more compelling for the American people who were really paying attention there so just put into context for us what does Dan McGann mean to all of this don McGann in the context of Watergate means John Dean he really is the witness of what happened in one of the most important obstruction charges and he's somebody who could do a lot of damage to the president now when John Dean was subpoenaed and the records that were subpoena there was immediate compliance in 1974 so much of the time game is to keep McGann from being there and raising his right hand and before we let you go there's also some talk about the fact that chairman neither could launch in Peacham proceedings but just within his committee and that even came up earlier today rather than going through the entire Congress what do you think the outcome though of that would be well it's the sort of a political strategy it's the same idea where Nadler will be out front but the moderate democrats who aren't on the committee don't have to own the action so I don't think it's any different from a full house doing it he has authority to do it Harry Lemon always appreciate your insight thank you thank you speaker Pelosi also apparently clearing the air weeks of public feuding with freshman Democrat Democratic Representative Alexandra Ocasio Cortez the two meeting for a one-on-one conversation today and Pelosi when asked about it afterwards downplaying any need to bury the hatchet I don't think there was any hatchet I would never even say that it was a hatchet but I do think that we we sat down today we had a good meeting and the congresswoman is a very gracious member of Congress I've always felt I again just like your and a family and a family you have your differences but you're still family as for Acacio cortez she says her goal was to ensure she established open lines of communications with communication rather with the speaker's office speaker joining me now is Ben Judah who has a piece in the Atlantic today that zeroes in on the freshman Democrat her chief of staff the headline the millennial left is tired of waiting it is a great read Ben good to have you with us today you for having me so as we look at let's start with the meeting so the meeting you know seems like progress we're getting the two of them in a room together to talk about things but it really is a clash of generations and that's what you're tackling in this piece talk to me about the the clash of generations that you see just between the two of them well I don't share all of the views of the the squad and its new generation of millennial Democrats but what I do share with them is a millennial perspective and if you are in your early 30s your worldview is shaped not by a series of Western triumphs but a series of catastrophic failures beginning with the Iraq war then you have the financial crisis then you have the failure in 2016 of the liberal establishment to stop Donald Trump so you're not inclined to defer to the boomer generation of Nancy Pelosi or Stanny Hoyer in the house as master experts on strategy because you feel like they failed you in some way in many very significant ways yes and if we look at Congress now Congress is one of the oldest in history the age of Congress has been going up dramatically since the Second World War you have the average age in the Senate is 62 the average age for a Congress button is 58 Nancy Pelosi is 79 standing height is 80 and as you can hear I'm a European I'm from Britain and Boris Johnson is 55 Emmanuel macron is 41 the dominant leaders in Italy and in Spain are in their 40s and it's very clear that the time is fast approaching for generational replacement to take place at the top of the Democratic Party you know it's interesting in the presser today with Nancy Pelosi one of the things she talked about was this difference the differences within her party so I just want to play a little bit that for you so in our caucus we have our differences respect that instead of making a big issue of it respect that some personality issues in the rest they're minor we have a big schism in our country between what is happening could happen in this Congress and what is happening in the White House everybody knows we have to keep our eye on the ball so we're hearing from there is respect our differences she wants the younger generation to respect them people to respect their differences do you think it's the same for the younger lawmakers well I think in all clashes of generations both sides see the other as delusional and the younger Democrats think of themselves as the realists here they think that the establishment strategy of a pursuit of civility and bipartisanship it's just an illusion in the Washington of Donald Trump and in many ways they are inspired by history and they're inspired by the success of the right and by the conservative movement and how that over the last few decades built up a movement within the country within the party and then eventually took over the Republican Party with the aim of forcing through big cultural change and not trying to sort of win the presidency of a weak figure only to lose it a few years later it's an interesting parallel that you draw really quickly because we're almost at a time this really stood out to me you write the Millennial left in Congress isn't a faction that needs to be slapped down but a generation that should be engaged with brought into the fold and better understood do you see that happening a give-and-take of ideas between the generations I think that can happen and I think the Millennial Left have a lot of problematic features especially in foreign policy but I think that that's already happening but there's a Nancy Pelosi strategy of snapping them down has backfired so spectacularly she's there treating acasio Cortes not quite as an equal but is somebody very important in the party just today when she you know great to have you with us thank you appreciate it turning now to the number President Trump is watching closely ahead of the 2020 election this is not Polling we're talking about productivity here the gross domestic product report just coming out and at two point one percent it shows America's economy continues to expand however not at the same rate we've been seeing the US economy grew at an annual weight of 3.1 percent in the first quarter Lynette Lopez is senior finance correspondent for Business Insider good to have you with us so the president we should point out tweeting about the GDP saying quote not bad considering we have the very heavy weight of the Federal Reserve anchor wrapped around our neck almost no inflation USA is set to zoom so I don't know about you Lynette but to me I read that I think the president is blaming the Fed is that what you attribute this slower growth to know you can blame a lot of this slower growth on the president's own trade war and his policies what we're seeing in this report is that business investment sentiment is way down so investors are scared because of the trade war and we're seeing that exports fell five point six percent we also should note that last year's GDP number which the president was very excited about two point nine percent for the annual annually for 2018 was revised down to two point five percent so now we know we were growing slower than we thought we were growing and we are grow we are continuing to grow more slowly if the president would stop with all these trade talk things would be a lot easier investors would feel a lot better and and businesses would start investing in the economy again but this doesn't seem over and in fact the president attacked France today so yes the president also tweeting just a short time ago that the World Trade Organization is in his words broken saying he's directed the US Trade Representative to quote take action because quote the world's richest countries claim to be developing countries to avoid WTO rules and get special treatment should we read that as being directed largely at China it seems like it is yeah I think the president just subtweet Aegina and he's he's complaining because China has has acted and appealed to the World Trade Organization as a company as a country that's not as rich and as evolved as it actually is and that's true but the Trump administration has done absolutely everything to undermine the ut-oh itself Trump doesn't want to work with a rules-based treating order he wants to work with the trading order that allows the biggest and the strongest countries to do whatever he wants or to do whatever they want and so whatever he wants and that is what we're seeing here not some kind of Defense of the world trade order I don't so let's take your take on America's most valuable company so Treasury secretary Steve minuchin had this to say this week about Amazon in the Justice Department's antitrust review of it and other big tech companies take a listen I think as you know if you look at Amazon although there you know there are certain benefits to it they've destroyed the retail industry across the United States so there's no question they've limited competition there's areas where they've really hurt small businesses so I don't think this is a one-size-fits-all and I don't you know I don't have an opinion going in other than I think it's absolutely right that the Attorney General is looking into these issues what's your take on that Lynette my take on that is that it's true Amazon has definitely hurt retailers Amazon has used its own power to block competitors for example in 2008 it tried to buy the company that owns diapers.com so soap.com the company said no and Amazon used its bots to be able to undercut that competitor in terms of pricing and eventually undercut them so much that they accepted being bought by Amazon and then Amazon proceeded to raise prices so yeah this is this is hurting competitors but I should say that minuchin is not telling the entire story his friends on Wall Street and private equity have done quite a great deal of damage to retail as well by buying retailers essentially for their real estate and then gutting those companies so there are there's more than run reason why retail is suffering in this country Amazon certainly has a lot of the blame to take for that and we have legislation that can combat that you know we used to enforce the Robinson patents that Pat's Pat's enact from 1936 which basically outlawed predatory pricing so that whole story that I told you would not be allowed and if we want to return to a level playing field in terms of preserving markets themselves and not just worrying about prices at the end of the day that'll create more value for consumers and we won't have companies like Amazon grabbling gobbling up share the way that they have Lynette Lopes really appreciate it thank you no problem two of the top tier candidates in 2020 rolling out their economic plans with just a few days to go until the next big debate kamila Harrison people who to judge also making headlines talking about racial divisions in this country today plus Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocking an election security bill despite a report from his colleagues in the Senate that Russian hackers targeted for days and Counting until the next round of debates right here on CNN and all weekend long the candidates will be Criss crossing the country honing in on their messages rolling out new policies mayor poopoo de jedge unveiling his new economic plan today the plan is pro-union allowing all workers the right to join the labor union he also calls for legislation to make pay gaps public and renews his call for a federal minimum wage of at least fifteen dollars an hour today in front of the majority black audience at the National Urban league's annual conference footage edge also went after President Trump my generation saw this country elect its first black president and then turn around and elect a racist to the White House and we ought to call that what it is CNN senior national correspondent in LA is in Indianapolis where senator Kamala Harris spoke to the same audience to roll out some of her economic plans and she joins us now Joan good to see you so what more did we hear from the candidates today well from Kamala Harris specifically you heard a similar anti-trump sentiment and then she did unveil two planks of what her campaign is calling a part of her black policy agenda her black agenda and those two planks being an investment a 60 billion dollar investment aimed at stem investment so the science technology engineering math at historically black colleges and universities 60 billion dollars so that's one proposal the second proposal 12 billion dollar at boosting black entrepreneurship in this country helping them sort of get started startup money if you will after she talked about that in her prepared remarks then she took questions and the first question she took was about her career as a prosecutor and the question was whether she could advocate for criminal justice reform given the fact that she worked on the inside here's what she said why do we only have to be on the outside on bended knee are trying to break down the door shouldn't we also have a role on the inside where the decisions are being made in a way we can influence the change that must occur and I'm very proud of the fact that it was because I was the first black woman elected DA in a state of 40 million people that I had the power to create one of the first re-entry initiatives in the United States focused on young drug sales offenders young adults and getting them jobs and counseling and in support in raising their families so that they could re-enter the community in a way they wouldn't reoffending permission to do it because I was running the office we have heard Harris make this similar robust defense of her record before on the campaign trail and this is something Erika that has followed her throughout these many months on the trail and it is likely to come up again especially in communities of color Erika Chang la with the latest for us from Indianapolis young thank you healthcare another topics you of course among voters and there are really clear divisions among Democrats as they prepare for the CNN debates dr. Sanjay Gupta now breaks down what all of this means for you they have different ideas on how to get there but the same central message health care is a human right access to health care should be a right it's time for this country to make quality affordable health care a right and not a privilege better cheaper health care it's a challenge no matter where you are on the political spectrum I think people are really frustrated with the health care systems air infuse a brown a health law expert at Georgia State says the system has fundamental flaws it's really the worst consumer experience and we pay a lot for it the United States has the most expensive health care in the world around three and a half trillion dollars a year people should not be forced into financial ruin into bankruptcy for what reason because someone in the family became ill in 2016 his was a lone voice but many Democrats are now getting in line behind Bernie Sanders who is long called for a single-payer system i'm with bernie on medicare for all so then how does this plan differ from what senator Sanders is proposing I think that they're very similar in a single-payer system everyone would be automatically enrolled in a government-run health care program like Medicare it would cover doctors visits hospitalizations but also hearing aids dental and vision these candidates say there'd be some co-pays for brand-name prescription drugs but a sort of litmus test is starting to take shape question is will a single-payer system also eliminate private insurance as we know it who here would abolish their private health insurance in favor of a government-run plan at the democratic debates in June only senator Sanders and Harris along with Warren and New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio raised their hands Harris later said she had misinterpreted the question anyone who has their employer-based insurance can keep it if they were the former Vice President Joe Biden doesn't envision a system without private insurance and he is leading the charge on the public option perhaps no surprise Biden wants to expand Obamacare in a public option everyone would have the option to buy a a Medicare type of plan for themselves but they wouldn't be automatically enrolled we can protect and build on Obamacare and make sure that at least 97 percent to 100 percent of American people have coverage Biden's plan caps premiums and offers subsidies to buy insurance regardless of your income Biden says his proposal would cost seven hundred and fifty billion dollars over ten years money he would raise primarily through taxes and cutting costs Sanders plan calls for tax increases as well money that he believes will be more than offset by lower premiums my guess is that people in the middle class will be paying somewhat more in taxes but they're going to be paying significantly less overall in health care Harris says she believes her plan could be achieved without a middle-class tax increase senator Sanders is gonna have to be about Wall Street it's gonna have to be about looking at how we and what we taxed but Medicare for all may not be an easy sell politically a recently released NPR PBS Maris national poll found seventy percent favored Medicare for all for those who want it but just for intense a Medicare for all is a good idea if there is no longer private insurance and fifty four percent or even more blunt saying it's a bad idea dr. Sanjay Gupta CNN reporting and you can bet health care will come up again and CNN Democratic debates ten candidates each night facing off Tuesday and Wednesday 8:00 p.m. Eastern right here on CNN live from Detroit up next Senate Republicans blocking efforts to protect the security of US elections and now a member of the House Intel committee says she is trying to thank President Trump wants Russian interference in the next election you could call this the other long-awaited government report on Russian interference in the 2016 election after two years the Senate Intelligence Committee just releasing the first of five reports on the matter and like the Mullah report it is heavily redacted like Muller himself at his hearing this week it is also sending a stark call out about stop future election interference this report however does offer some new details in 2016 it finds all 50 states were targeted all 50 states and then there's this also in the report quote Russian cyber actors were in a position to delete or change voter data let that sink in for a minute they were in the position to delete or change voter data we should point out they go on to say the committee is not aware of any evidence that they did so but just that moment it would make you think well the bipartisan report also comes as the Senate majority leader blocked votes on election security legislation it's just a highly partisan bill from the same folks who spent two years hyping up a conspiracy theory about President Trump and Russia CNN political commentator Peter Beinart is contributing editor of the Atlantic it was shocking honestly to hear Mitch McConnell say that just on the heels of Robert Miller Muller who very clearly in his testimony on Wednesday was doing his best to drive home the real threat of Russian election interference where do you think this is coming from with Mitch McConnell I just think it's absolutely unforgivable I mean there is a desire to see this in partisan terms because the perception was that the Russians wanted Donald Trump to win last time but our democracy is at stake I mean they just passed this massive defense budget billions and billions of dollars right and yet they're willing to leave us basically wide open because Muller said the Russians are doing this now other countries will do it as well when they realize and can think about the consequences if it turned out there were millions of votes missing from an election that just were not in the system or seemed at their return right our democracy look remember what happened in 2000 right our democracy's be thrown into chaos and yet the House bill is just calling for giving the states more money so that they can basically secure their systems and requiring paper receipts so there's a way of tracking what happened and McConnell is not allowing a vote on it I mean it boggles the mind well it's also interesting so the congresswoman Jackie Speier who serves on house Intel had is to say I'm beginning to think that there is an interest by some within the administration starting at the very top to allow the Russians to continue to intervene because it worked out very well for them in 2016 what evidence do you have for that charge I'm basing it just on the fact they have not indicated any interest in really delving down into this election security issue there are many hackers that have been able to hack into election machines across this country at my Def Con which takes place in Las Vegas every year the president's never uttered a word he still says it's a Russian hoax you know as Jake asked her what's your evidence for that because that's a pretty bold claim what do you make of that look I I don't think unless you have evidence you can make these claims what I've seen from the reporting that's been done is that you know in it's not quite as bad but it's almost as bad which is the Trump is such a narcissist his ego is so frail that people in the White House will not even bring up the subject with him is what the New York Times as others are reported the subject of how to harden our election system because he can only see it as a threat to his own legitimacy he can't distinguish between the idea that some people are questioning him and the fact that we as a country have to be safe and that's why there's this opposition to doing anything about it that's what I think the reporting that I've seen has suggested also really quickly just I mean take a step back with me for a minute if you will if we look at the last several days so we have this very clear warning from mob Robert Muller also you know from Senate Intel as we're looking at all of this over the last week you know Russia is probably watching this and going well this is an interesting thing to watch right especially the warning that they're still getting involved in our elections for 2020 you've got or on going after tankers firing muscles missiles you've got North Korea firing missiles and yet the US isn't really addressing much of that at all what is it doing for us on a world stage I mean part of the problem I think right now is that we are so addled as a nation by the unprecedented kind of nature of this presidency that there's very little attention span I mean it's hard to really get people to focus attention on these guy things I mean Trump thank goodness seems to have pulled back from to brink with Iran but we have people like National Security Advisor john bolton who've said very explicitly that they support war with iran and things could easily spiral out of control it's a very very dangerous situation and you can't have a lot of confidence at the man at the top Peter Beinart good to see you thank you thank you up next we'll hear from a cousin of Emmett Till the young black man whose lynching propelled the u.s. engines have now been identified after they were caught posing with guns in front of a vandalized memorial for Emmett Till you can see the image here and the sign behind them is riddled with bullet holes now I want to point out CNN is not identifying the men because we have not been able to speak with them despite repeated attempts and we cannot confirm that they are the ones who vandalized that memorial we do know that all three though are members of the Ole Miss chapter of Kappa Alpha fraternity the fraternity has suspended them Emmett Till of course was just 14 when he was murdered in 1955 by two white men after being accused of making a pass at a white woman his lynching came became a major catalyst in the civil rights movement yesterday would have been his 70th birthday joining me now is Deborah watt she's a cousin of Emmett Till and also the co-founder of the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation joining us to speak about this first on CNN we appreciate you taking the time I'm just curious your initial reaction when you see this photo in 2019 well looking at the photos of those three students standing in front of the sign that was used as a marker for a place where Emmett's body was placed with a 75-pound cotton gin fan tied around his neck you know it when I think about it really doesn't compare to the torture that Emmett had experienced but you know of course I'm disappointed of course it's disturbing and but you know the unfortunate thing is not surprising because of just where we are in our country today we are experiencing I think uptick in terms of hatred violence and people feeling emboldened to to take those kinds of or take that kind of action not sure if those young men you know place those bullets there but this is not the first time that bullets were placed in that on that sign which is also an important point it was this time was shut up I should say right that that's it sign has been vandalized before you mentioned people being you mentioned people being emboldened I do want to just share with our viewers what both Ole Miss and Kappa Alpha had to say so Ole Miss miss saying well the image is offensive it didn't present a violation of university code of conduct it occurred off campus and was not a part of a university affiliated event the fraternity for its parts that the photo is inappropriate insensitive and unacceptable and does not represent our chapter you and I spoke very briefly during the break and one of the things you've said to me is that this has inspired you in a number of ways and it's confirmation of the work that you're doing it's also inspired you to reach out to Ole Miss in reaching out to the University what would you want that conversation to be and who do you want to have that conversation with well I'd love to have the conversation with the spokesperson initially that made the comment because it seemed as though they were interested in making a deeper commitment you know towards I believe engaging with their students around what it all means you know this tying back to sense of terrorism in our history is something we really shouldn't repeat and I think we have a unique opportunity as family members of limits along with the work that we're doing with the Emmett Till legacy foundation to help those students understand a little bit unique perspective around and that is from our family we have several family members that have been sharing this story we share the story to colleges universities and I think Ole Miss would be perfect we'd love to speak with them and have an opportunity to to share our story and to talk about what happened in the past how it affects our present and then how we should not repeat that past so that it affects the future and I think all of us have an opportunity to be a part of that and those students certainly represent the future and we'd love to have an opportunity to chat with them about it the fact that we're seeing these students young men in front of this very important memorial that means so much to the history of the civil rights movement in this country to the history of this country the fact that this is happening in 2019 yes he was killed decades before they were born that being said do you think there is a history lesson that is being missed right now for some young people in this country and maybe even some older people oh definitely I I think that you know in our would you look at our curriculums that are that are in our you know from middle school to high school and even colleges it's missing and some bold instructors and others and in fact I've been working with one of the colleges in Georgia african-american studies professor there that has taken on our initiatives and has instructed students to take a fresh look at you know just the injustice that has occurred with Emmett how does it translate to today looking at the loopholes and the in the laws that were on the books at that time that still remain on the books that allow perpetrators to escape to even looking at what we can do from a legal perspective whether it's you know on a local federal or international basis from a human rights perspective so I think that it's it's a perfect time for us to take a look at what we're teaching in schools and certainly we'd love to have Emmett's story it's not the beginning but we certainly would like it to be a flashpoint in in time to move us forward because it was a flashpoint in our in our recent history with civil rights movement Deborah Watson really appreciate your time and your perspective today and we look for ticketed to following you as you continue this work thank you thank you so much we just learned today jay-z is out as a performer at Woodstock 50 now for months organizers have been trying to get an anniversary event pulled together the reboot though of that iconic hippy face has been hippie fest rather has been plagued with troubles not just the fact that I can't speak CNN senior entertainment reporter Lisa France joins me now no JZ no John Fogerty of course an original Woodstock performer what is going on it's starting to feel like the fire festival and it hasn't even happened yet you know they lost their major promoter they lost the person that the company that was going to finance the whole thing back in April now we're hearing that it may have to move to Maryland the original venue fell through so it may not even happen in New York their reports out there that they're gonna move the whole thing to Maryland which is not gonna feel very Woodstock yeah I know I'm from Baltimore so trust me you're towing I'm Marilyn sweetie that's not gonna be Woodstock not so much not so much um any chance that they can revive this we'll just have to wait and see I mean at this point when you have a jay-z pull out you got to think that other artists are gonna start to pull out also so it may not be exactly what they were planning and that would be such a shame because what stop with such a watershed moment from our culture onic absolutely well we'll be watching and we'll be we'll also be watching your Twitter feed because you will tell me what is happening I absolutely don't see you as always my friend thank you thank you still ahead president Trump going after France Sweden even Fox News here why it is time for you to nominate your CNN hero because nominations closed next week so if you know someone who is working to help others nominate them now I met my hero when we were volunteering he's making a big difference there you go four kids in our area she is my second mom my mentor I felt like it was very important for people to know about sister Tisa I feel honored that I was able to honor her in such a significant way I was so proud of myself because I was like oh my goodness for everything that she's done for me I did something for her you know again you have until when's that are than French wine an expert opinion from someone who does not drink the lead starts right now we've only just begun after robert muller said his beasts democrats now taking a major step closer to impeachment what are the democrats plans to investigate the president's conduct in lies and possible crimes detailed by the former special counsel posturing policy pointed attacks today new reporting on democrats plans for your homes health care paychecks and the playbook the joe biden is throwing out from that first showdown on stage plus rocky diplomacy president trump focused on an american rapper arrested in sweden with nothing to say about the american kid from dallas who starved for weeks in an immigrant detention facility welcome to the lead I'm Jake Tapper we begin today with the politics lead a significant development today as House Democrats taking a major step towards launching an impeachment inquiry into President Trump today the chairman


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