3AM | CNN Newsroom 7/27/19 [FULL] | President Trump Breaking News Today July 27, 2019

3AM | CNN Newsroom 7/27/19 [FULL] | President Trump Breaking News Today July 27, 2019

in Hong Kong are gearing up for their 8th weekend March in a row CNN is live on the scene also wildfires are tearing through some Arctic regions the flames are bad enough but the pollution is having a global effect live from CNN center I'm Paula Newton great to have you with us [Applause] okay you'll remember that moment and from the moment he rode down that escalator at Trump Tower to announce his candidacy immigration has been the controversial rallying cry of Donald Trump's campaign and his time now in the White House on Friday President Trump talked chalked up to big wins in that category one the u.s. signed an agreement with Guatemala it limits migrants claiming asylum in the United States we will have more on that in a moment but first a big win at the US Supreme Court for the president it clears the way for the Trump administration to use two and a half billion dollars of the Pentagon's money to build parts of that border wall senior White House correspondent Pamela brown has more the president immediately hailed the decision by the Supreme Court that paves the way for Defense Department funds to be used for the wall the president tweeting shortly after the ruling Wow big victory on the wall the united states supreme court overturns lower court injunction allow southern border wall to proceed big win for border security and the rule of law so this is certainly a significant Supreme Court ruling along ideological lines and the president's favor it is not a permanent ruling this can still play out in the lower courts but certainly at hands a president a big win on the campaign trail because now he could tell to his supporters that he's following through on his 2016 campaign promise that his wall is being built we should note that these funds that are being used will go also toward replacement fencing along with building new wall all of this happened after the president directed funds from the the Pentagon to be used for the wall after he didn't get what he wanted from Congress will recall that long a government shutdown 35 days and after that the president ended it by directing these funds that he didn't get from Congress shortly after that there were certain groups that challenged it in the courts and that is what led to this big support Supreme Court ruling a lower court actually agreed with those groups as saying that the president didn't have a right to divert funds that Congress has the power of the purse but the Supreme Court that it disagreed that these groups that brought the suit didn't have standing and that the government made a good case for that so again this is a big win for president Trump and gives him a major talking point at least for now on the campaign trail Pamela brown CNN the White House President Donald Trump says he's dropping his threats against Guatemala after the Central American country signed an asylum agreement with the United States now the aim is to stem the flow of migrants into the United States mr. Trump calls it a win for both countries we've been dealing for many years I would say with Guatemala and with other countries and we are now at a point where we are we just get along and they're doing what we've asked them to do and I think it's going to be a great thing for Guatemala they don't want these problems either Gustavo Valdez takes a closer look at what each side is going to get out of this Agreement president Donald Trump raised the agreement between Guatemala in the United States but it's not clearly if he got exactly what he wanted for weeks now both nations had been talking about a safe third country agreement which means that a person that goes from one nation has to request asylum in that country before getting to the next one Canada in the United States have a similar agreement which means that somebody who goes to Canada cannot request asylum in the United States and vice versa but even though both nations both countries had said that they had reached an agreement the Supreme Court of Guatemala said that such agreement is not valid in that country this made president Trump raise the threat level against what Amala saying that he is ready to that he was ready to impose thereafter all his sanctions against Juan Amala he said that he was thinking even about a ban traveling band for Guatemala's into the United States but all that was avoided with the signature in the oval office Friday afternoon in which white Amala agrees to process asylum claims for people from El Salvador in Honduras at the same time the United States is gonna make available work visas temporary work visas for watermelon so they can go or come to the United States and work in agricultural jobs President Jimmy Morales is saying that this is a deal that is good for his country because it avoids the sanctions that President Trump threatened Guatemala with the same way a few weeks ago President Trump threatened Mexico with sanctions if they didn't act quickly to detain or to stop illegal immigration Mexico moved forward with the National Guard deploying it to its southern border to prevent people crossing from Guatemala now what Amala seems to be giving in a little bit being that country in which migrants are gonna have to request asylum but the details of this Agreement are not very well known yet and the effects will be known in the next few days especially because it has been controversial in Guatemala and in the United States where critics says this agreement is going to be dangerous for the people trying to get to the United States and escape violence we stopped about the CNN Atlanta okay so what is the safe third country agreement when you heard Gustavo talk a little bit about it there there is already an agreement in place between Canada and the United States that says anyone seeking asylum must make their claim in the first country they arrived in not in the country where they want to live now this new agreement with Guatemala seems to be very similar to that for example asylum seekers headed to the United States through Guatemala will have to apply for asylum in Guatemala first if they wait and apply at that US border they may be returned to Guatemala but here's where things may be ending up to be a bit different from that agreement it opens up the door to challenges under the safe third country agreement safe means that asylum seekers should not be returned to a country where their safety would be in jeopardy now Canada in the United States of course regard each other is safe for refugees but there are standards and critics say Guatemala just doesn't meet them take a look at this US aid ports nearly half of the country's children suffer from chronic malnutrition the homicide rate is more than 22 per 100,000 people you know by comparison the u.s. rate is just over five per 100,000 and then there's this a recent United Nations report found that 98 percent of crimes in Guatemala went unpunished last year Eric Schwartz is the president of refugees international he joins me now from Washington I mean we just laid it out there in terms of statistics but the State Department's own travel advisory says violent crimes such as armed robbery and murder is common gang activity such as extortion violent street crime and narcotics trafficking is widespread this is mirrored in a State Department report from 2018 Eric from your perspective what is this all about well I think the agreement is designed to keep Central Americans on Durin's and United and and Elsa and el Salvadorans out of the United States but it's it's grotesque and it's and it's it's mischievous because it uses the language of refugee protection it uses the language of refugee protection to attempt to execute an agreement which is going to have dramatic impact on the lives of thousands of Central Americans it essentially says that any Salvadoran or Honduran who shows up at a u.s. border will will be sent to Guatemala a country that has no significant capacity to process asylum seekers and a country that is dangerous in which those who are sent to Guatemala are likely to be at grave risk so it's it's just so terrible it's it's just such a terrible agreement it's so nasty and and as I say it uses the language of refugee protection to create an outcome which will put the lives of thousands of Central Americans at grave risk and I I get to that issue of refugee protection in a minute and where it comes to the law but you know the president just to stay with this for a second the president is saying look we're going to give them visas to temporary visas to come and work on farms this is an agreement perhaps we can improve the situation that's what Guatemala was getting in return well the details on that you know have not yet come forward and and yes I've seen a statement I believe from the Guatemalan government that made reference to I believe h-2a visas agriculture visas and there may be some benefits for some Guatemalans but but that's not the real story here the real story here is what will happen to thousands of Central Americans on Durin's and el Salvadorans who are sent back to Guatemala now it's not clear that this Agreement you know will be implemented immediately because the provisions of the agreement indicate that it has to you know essentially go through each government needs to go through their own constitutional processes and the Guatemalan Constitutional Court has said this has to be approved by the Guatemalan legislature yeah may not happen but the business community in Guatemala has certainly put up a huge fight saying that they want this in place because Donald Trump has threatened them economically countersuit but getting back to the legality of this and the way refugees should be treated internationally you know in the u.s. own courts we saw a decision on the wall today five to four in favor of what the president wanted do you think there would be a good case to challenge this in the United States on the laws that the United States has already obliged in terms of refugee who have obliged to follow under refugee policy yeah this is a violation of both US law and US obligations under international refugee law US law requires that if we're going to have one of these agreements and and the only agreement the United States has ever had with another government like this is with the Government of Canada and that stands to reason because if you're going to have an agreement on the transfer of asylum seekers it's going to be with another country that is law abiding and that is safe that's the logic of it so this is just ridiculous but the but the but the law on safe third-country US domestic law passed by the Congress said that says number one that that the country concerned in the country concerned an asylum seeker has to have access to full and fair procedures for asylum a Guatemalan official said I believe today that the the entire government has about eight asylum officers or people in the office to handle these claims so the notion that Guatemala has a has a full and fair procedure is is ridiculous and secondly the second part of US law which is relevant here is that the United States cannot return anyone to a place where they will be you know at risk of persecution and Guatemala is an extraordinarily dangerous places it is of the ten top countries a murder capital murder countries with the highest murder rates in the world Guatemala is in the top ten yeah and and and that's the issue here though Eric I think is that they don't want to get to that point right the point is they want this to act as a deterrent and as far as the president gets his wish on that it will take months to figure that out perhaps even years Eric thanks so much for being with us pretty much my pleasure my pleasure to Hong Kong now where thousands of protesters are gathering in a small town on the border with mainland China but the protesters have already lost their appeal to get official authorization for this rally you are seeing live pictures right there police say it will in fact be an illegal assembly once fifty people show up you can see from the pictures there there might already be more people police warn the March could cause severe threats to the public like the violence that broke out last Sunday that's when protesters were attacked by mobs of men in white shirts who carried iron bars in bamboo sticks Christie's Lou Staudt is on the scene for us right now I mean Christy they seemed pretty determined that they're gonna have this protest as I was saying police have issued a warning saying that look this protest isn't legal do they believe they will face consequences right now just for showing up there they believe they could face consequences and that the risk is worth it I am in your home in the far north of Hong Kong the protest that is effectively an unlawful assembly at ass Hong Kong police were commissioned two stages protests from the playground here in here alone to the MTR station that permission missed and I was as you can see the scene around me with the protesters wearing their black t-shirts they are undeterred I should add that the piece of art that they're holding umbrellas is because of this year each year temperatures here over 33 degrees Celsius that's well over 90 degrees Fahrenheit with the committee the heat is off but the protesters are here because they are angry they want to condemn those scenes all at chaos have played out in this community last weekend when we saw those men in white t-shirts wielding sticks fire hoses and brutally feeding passers-by protesters and journalists 45 people as a result of that assault police did make arrests 12 people who have been arrested in the last week of which nine believed to have triad backgrounds but it's not just the nature of the violence as really angered people there it's also the nature of the police response many people here are angry what they see as a delayed police response to the yevo of the soul that the police are reluctant to make arrests at the scene we heard earlier this week from Stephen row the police commissioner had a press conference standing next to the enviable chief executive Carrie Lam defended the police response saying that there was no link with the Triads and saying that the response was delayed due to the concentration of Hong Kong police in the Central Park but the protesters here as you can see find Ebola they are not buying it there in there risking arrest to come out here to protest yeah I mean Christie you can hear them loud and clear there right now you were talking about those confrontations they were quite ugly and incredibly disturbing has it been some type of a game-changer in any way for those protestors behind you it has because it is taken these protests to a darker area you can recall just eight weeks ago and this is the eighth consecutive weekend of protest here in Hong Kong this started as a largely peaceful protest against a single issue the extradition bill since then it is more still a whole variety of issues I talked to some protesters earlier today about why they are here and they are here for a variety of reasons take a listen we don't trust the police Hong Kong police anymore because now they are cooperate with the cancer to against us to the for the protester and they hit us without any reason what would satisfy you to let them hear our voice I don't know if they're gonna respond or I don't think they're gonna answer anything but we want them to hear our voice and hear what we want and let them know that we aren't we're not just gonna surprise or solve and just be silent that this is not the way this is not Hong Kong Paulo the protestors are here because they're angry against the political institutions of Hong Kong they're angry against the Triads they're angry against the Hong Kong police and earlier today I spoke to a group of mass young men and they were middle school student in boys 14 15 years old I asked them why they were here is that they want their free to pay the university's suffrage that was a key theme of the 2014 umbrella burger protest one of many demands continues to drag on this very long hot summer protests in her home back to you yeah and speaking to that younger generation may be an indication of how determined those protesters are and will continue to be Kristi thanks so much for being there on the scene we'll continue to check in with you over the next few hours now two people were killed on the upper floor of a nightclub collapsed in South Korea on up news agency reports it happened in the southwestern city of gwangju rescue officials say 17 people were injured including foreign athletes who were participating in the world aquatics championship people were reportedly dancing when the roof came down and that many people unfortunately were pinned under that rubble the Canadian police continue to expand their search for two murder suspects ahead well tell you what they're doing to try and locate the teenaged fugitives plus the civilian death toll in Syria is rising and the UN warns the world not to ignore the killing again an update on the situation there the manhunt for two murder suspects in a rugged Canadian region is getting help from the military Canada's Public Safety Minister says the armed forces will soon supply air support and police are knocking on every door in the small Manitoba town near where the suspects were last seen okay so police also release new video of the teenage fugitives you see them there they're suspected of killing three people a Canadian and Australian and his American girlfriend now despite the search authorities say someone may have inadvertently helped the suspects leave the area and of course residents remain on edge well we're all a little bit jittery like like I got grandkids in town and stuff like that I mean I don't sleep at night I live right across the street behind the trapper Shack so I mean if they're around town you're you know this fella right down the street here and I hear the closest ones if they're coming out of the bush here and that sort of thing it's only 500 feet from the the police station I feel a little better about that yeah well people are not feeling better about is the fact that authorities say if you do see these two suspects do not approach them they are dangerous and they warn that they may have changed their appearance that search continues in earnest as Canadian authorities have said both on the ground and in the air and we now turn to a tragic update unfortunately on the Syrian family behind this powerful photo I mean just look at it it shows the aftermath of an airstrike you see them there two sisters from the family have died as a result of their injuries now one of those girls was seen trying to save her baby sister from falling from the ruined building the baby survived but her sister did not for other children from the family are still being treated for their Indian injuries okay the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights meantime is urging the world not to turn a blind eye to the Syrian government's offensive in Northwest Syria several hundreds of thousands of children women and men have been killed in Syria since 2011 as the High Commissioner says there are so many casualties that it's no longer even possible to give a credible estimate so no credible estimate Civil War has also claimed the lives of those documenting the action CNN's jimana karatsu reports on a 23 year old photographer who died capturing the tragedy of war a warning her report contains graphic images even when the world almost stopped paying attention an st abbe did not stop taking pictures he wanted the world to see the living hell that his country had become d apps photographs brought us the worst of Syria today like this heartbreaking image earlier this year of six-year-old hosaka Tran the lifeless hand under her knee was that of a three year old sister her one-year-old brother was also killed in that airstrike but in the midst of tragedy he never failed to also capture moments of innocence the humanity that at times outlived the horrors of war he was witness to some of the darkest atrocities of our time the April 2017 chemical attack on his town of hanahuna diab a media activist and a member of the rescue group the white helmets was injured three times in recent years but that didn't stop the 23 year old we spent the past week documenting the brutal bombardment of harshly hauled by the Syrian regime and its ally Russia and cost him his life dia was killed in an airstrike on Sunday colleagues and friends gathered to pay their final respects and the white helmets mourned him in a statement saying quote anis will always be remembered as the one who chose to stay behind the scenes and fight with his camera less than 24 hours after his death there were more bodies to bury more victims to mourn lives lost in one of the bloodiest attacks in months on what's left of rebel-held Syria death here has become the normal the everyday that is what NSD have wanted the world to see even as it turned the other way juh Monica Duchy CNM who's here in the United States and around the world you're watching CNN NEWSROOM I'm Paula Newton and here are the headlines this hour the US Supreme Court has ruled that for now President Trump can use two and a half billion dollars in pentagon money to build his border wall now a lower court had blocked the president's move but if not over as appeals are still being heard US President Donald Trump dropped threats of tariffs against Guatemala after the country signed a new Asylum agreement migrants traveling through Guatemala that want asylum must claim it there first rather than waiting until they get to the United States now if they decide to claim asylum at the US border they will be returned to Guatemala now Hong Kong protesters are rallying in the border town where violence broke out Sunday that's when mobs of men some suspected to be connected to organized crime attacked protesters for nearly an hour police have denied authorization to the demonstrations but we have live pictures as you can see there and they are ongoing and we will give you updates medical workers in Libya meantime say survivors of a terrible shipwreck are in shock and import after more than a hundred people drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean into Europe about 300 people were on the boat when it began taking on water many of the drowning victims were children we are back to US politics now as House Democrats have escalated their pursuit of a possible impeachment inquiry against President Trump now even though former Special Counsel Robert Muller failed to deliver the fireworks they had expected their focus is now on obtaining secret grand jury testimony from Muller's investigation CNN's Manu Raju explains a major step forward for House Democrats as they decide whether to impeach President Donald Trump in a new lawsuit the House Judiciary Committee told a federal judge it needs secret grand jury information gathered by robert muller because articles of impeachment are under consideration as part of its investigation although no final determination has been made after weeks of intense democratic debate about next steps to fight the president sharon Jerry Nadler and members of his committee said their probe is essentially the same as a formal impeachment inquiry just saying there's no difference between what you're doing now an impeachment inquiry correct in fact this is an impeachment investigation we're now crossing a threshold with the filing never told reporters the only difference is that his committees investigation is broader than an impeachment inquiry but acknowledged the end result could be the same we are going to see what remedies we could recommend including the possibility of artists with impeaching we're not limited to that but that's very much of the possibility as a result of what we're doing the development comes amid growing democratic divided over how to move forward in the aftermath of mullahs appearance before the house in which he testified about alleged crimes committed by the president but failed to deliver the commanding performance that many Democrats were hoping for after the hearing Speaker Nancy Pelosi renewed her push to fight the White House in court but in what allies see is a shift she's sounding open to the possibility of impeachment some of your Democratic colleagues believe you're simply trying to run out the clock on impeachment Locke no I'm not trying to run out the clock let's get sophisticated about this okay okay but how long do fights will take we won't proceed when we have what we need to proceed not one day sooner their advocacy for impeachment only gives me leverage so I'm willing to take whatever heat there is there to say when we won the decision will be made in a timely fashion this is an endless Democrats have increasingly voiced concerns that the window is closing on launching an impeachment proceeding I would certainly like to see us move more expeditiously the House Judiciary Committee said it also may file a lawsuit as soon as next week to try and force former White House Counsel Don Magan to cooperate with its probe into potential obstruction of justice after President Trump instructed McGann not to comply with its subpoena four weeks sources say neither has privately argued to Pelosi their hand in court would be strengthened if they launched a formal impeachment probe but publicly he stood by her side could there be a point though mr. chairman where you break from the speaker and you announce publicly your support for impeachment we may decide to recommend articles of impeachment at some point we may not it remains to be seen and there's no point speculating on whether the speak or anybody else will agree with our decision at that point now one thing that speaker has not been saying in recent days as that is essentially fruitless for the democratic-led house to move forward and Pietschmann proceedings because if they were to approve of it it would die in the republican-led Senate she had actually been saying that for weeks but it essentially has dropped that message in the last several days also I am told that new language in the lawsuit saying the House Judiciary Committee is considering moving forward with articles of impeachment I'm told the speaker signed off on that language Manu Raju CNN Capitol Hill – Allen joins us now from Colchester England she teaches government at the University of Essex okay so arguably the Democrats are saying look in one fashion or another we are on the road to impeach impeachment but is that what is best for them politically especially in those swing states so crucial right now it's a risky strategy isn't it it is a little bit risky but and we don't have that much evidence of how this works in the past other than when impeachment was pursued against President Clinton his popularity rose but when impeachment was pursued against President Nixon eventually they were able to build a case and his approval rating really really decreased with time to the point was hovering just above 50% amongst Republicans so it could be as they initiate impeachment and start making the case more publicly than they're able to sway voters but the issue is that you still have only 37% of the public right now that is in favor of impeachment and 46% oppose amongst Democrats it's about 64% and 86% of Republicans oppose it and only 34% of independents are in favor of pursuing impeachment and the whole Moeller testimony which I think Democrats were really hoping was going to sway the pendulum one way or another towards getting the public behind impeachment didn't really do much to change public opinion in fact it didn't change much at all however the Democrats are slowly building their case there's more momentum growing and Nancy Pelosi is changing her language a little bit and is at least saying you know go back to your districts figure out what your constituencies want and it's possible as they move forward that this will gain momentum and gain more support yeah it is gonna be really interesting to see what their posture is when they come back from that recess now you know immigration has been one of those leading issues for 2020 again and as if on cue the Supreme Court hands that victory to Donald Trump ruled 5-2 for split decision that the president can use that 2.5 billion of defense spending to build that wall now Democratic leaders immediately reacted and said look this is a complete slap in the face to the authority of Congress I want you to listen now to Donald Trump though and a promise he made during the campaign Mexico is going to pay for the wall Mexico will pay for the wall and Mexico is going to pay for the wall and who's going to pay for the wall who's gonna pay for the wall you know that's unequivocal it's undeniable Mexico is not paying for the wall the American taxpayer is paying for the wall and yet is there any other way to put this right now then he's gonna be able to go on the election campaign and say I got my wall right and I think we have to look to the fact that they've done agree at least spinning this to to their supporters that this is something that is very very necessary at Stephen Miller went on Fox News and stated that basically your unamerican if you don't support Trump's wall and Trump's immigration policies because then that means that you want immigrants to come in and take your jobs and then engage in all kinds of acts of crime so they're spinning it in a way that I think makes their supporters really amped up about this wall being built and Trump had even said that OH even though Mexico isn't technically paying for the wall they are paying for it in other ways because Trump was able to engineer some great trade deal which of course hasn't completely come to fruition yet amongst everybody else though you're not talking about Trump's base he said Trump said very clearly Mexico is gonna pay for the wall and instead there's funds being diverted from the military to build a wall that is going against violating the environment public communities destroying wildlife and affecting people all across the border and so while there's going to be all kinds of lawsuits that I think will continue in dealing with the building of this wall ultimately I don't think this is a big win for him in terms of gaining numbers in terms of gaining more people to support him it's mostly an unpopular decision and it looks as if he's really encroaching upon congressional powers by making this very important decision to divert funds from the military to build this wall wash so the Democrats certainly hope you're right but the the President believes he's now got a lot of ammunition on that campaign trail now so thanks for joining us really appreciate it thanks for having me now remember don't miss that CNN Democratic presidential debate that's next Tuesday and Wednesday nights Dana Bash Don Lemon and Jake Tapper moderate July 30th and 31st beginning at 8 p.m. in New York 8 a.m. long time in the summer of 1955 a 14 year old boy was murdered in the state of Mississippi his name was Emmett Till now after almost 64 years the pain of that killing so brutal and of that time lives on and it's clear after what happened this week so does the hate our Martin Savage has more in money Mississippi the memory of a murder is still very much alive here on the banks of the Tallahatchie River in 1955 the tortured body a 14 year old Emmett Till was recovered he'd been shot lynched and beaten 2008 was the first marker and it was the first time that this site had ever been marked or had ever told this story till became an icon of the civil rights movement and this place became sacred yet it is routinely desecrated the first sign was stolen so they put up another that marker was up and then immediately we started getting bullet holes the markers have literally become a target for hate leaving them frequently bullet riddled though you take down the second and replace it with the third yeah and that's the one in the now infamous photo showing three white men from a fraternity of the University of Mississippi smiling posing with guns and that marker is also bullet scarred there's no way to know if the bullet holes are the work of these men or others the University of Mississippi condemned the photo the fraternity has suspended the men CNN is trying to reach them for comment and now the third sign is taken down we will not retreat we won't stop there will be another sign up just down the road I find the ruins of the local market where Tillman visiting from up north supposedly interacted with a white woman in a Jim Crow South that was enough to trigger his murder and there is the courthouse where the two men accused of his brutal death were tried and acquitted by an all-white jury deliberating less than an hour only tills marker draws gunfire do you ever reach a point of frustration after your now third sign going for four you know there's frustration within there's hope right and the hope is that there's people around this country who care about this story right that that in its Hill did not die in vain I call Matt dilling in a Brooklyn warehouse he's just finishing the fourth marker it's pretty much bulletproof it weighs 600 pounds and will be unveiled in October meanwhile Emmett Till's family calls the latest photo and vandalism disappointing but not surprising but the Till family wants something more substantial than just a bullet proof marker they want justice no one has ever been convicted for the murder of Emmett Till Martin Savidge CNN Money at least eight people have been killed after twin earthquakes in the Philippines the US Geological Survey says a 5.9 magnitude tremor struck botanas province Saturday morning and that was followed by a second weaker quake some buildings were reduced to rubble in that popular tourist region now many residents were forced into the streets after a church was damaged the Arctic is heating up so quickly that scientists say wildfires there are spreading faster than ever before and they're producing huge clouds of smoke which is in turn choking the atmosphere with carbon dioxide making the climate crisis even worse Allison chin char explains a ring of fire and smoke is now circling parts of the far north of our planet hundreds of fires in the Arctic Circle primarily in Siberia and Alaska but also Canada and even Greenland are sending unprecedented levels of smoke into the atmosphere this animation from European Union's Copernicus program with the North Pole in the center shows the smoke from these fires in red Alaska and the upper left and Siberia in the upper right the fires raging across birria are creating pollution in many other parts of Russia and even northern Asia one NASA scientist posted this image of a smoke lit over Russia covering four and a half million square kilometers adding this is staggering the World Meteorological Organization warns the danger is not just from pollution it's the amplification effect you know on on on climate change the fact that they're emitting semuc oven to outside and while the data from July is not yet in the amount of carbon dioxide from Arctic fires last month is startling in June alone these fires emitted 50 megatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere this is the equivalent of Sweden's annual total co2 emissions besides co2 emissions another impact of Arctic fires is the black soot that lands on the snow and ice causing that ice to absorb sunlight that it would normally otherwise reflect and that warms the Arctic even more Allison Shin char CNN meteorologist Derek random joins us now and it's that domino effect that Allison was talking about there and the piece that is really quite extraordinary yeah it doesn't help the planet is on the heels of the warmest June ever recorded it looks like July is gonna end up being the warmest July ever recorded on the planet so this is just sitting up prime conditions for wildfires across the northern hemisphere particularly in the Arctic I look at this picture this is the satellite view of the fires and you can actually see that when i zoom in to the upper right hand corner of the screen fire is located there and you can see some of the smoke just getting swept up into a larger storm system this is over in northern Russia it doesn't matter where it is exactly it is dispersing that cloud cover all across the Arctic Circle and by the way temperatures in the Arctic Circle are warming at a faster rate than the global average across the planet as well so that also makes the threat of wildfires even higher in this part of the world now that was a fitting transition right there flames but we talk about the hottest day on record we had the warmest June on record we're going to end July likely with the warmest July on record and we revised at least the World Meteorological Organization revised the temperature in the United Kingdom they are now part of a dubious group of friends here the Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg and Germany reaching their hottest day on record on Thursday and that is incredible because we have never seen the mercury climb this high in that part of the world by the way the last time it was at least close to that type of temperature was back in 2003 when we had several hundred fatalities across Europe because of the heatwave now this heat is now shifting a little further towards Scandinavia so we've got a warm day and weekend ahead of us for Oslo into the Stockholm area and it looks as if the warm weather will cause at least the potential for more wildfires not good news but good that there's at least a break in Europe and the heatwave wasn't as long as pretty yeah if it was any longer we have major problems on our yeah as we have had before Jack thanks so much for me appreciate it now gamers from around the world are travelling to New York this weekend for a chance to win a 30 million dollar prize thirty million dollars folks fortnight is an unlikely phenomenon that is of course sweeping the globe you all know that multiplayer video game about an ecological crisis threatening the survival of humanity it's about to get its own World Cup some gamers make six figures playing four at night like this team


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