3 Ways to Manage Stress (without breaking things)

3 Ways to Manage Stress (without breaking things)

nothing fixes stress like demolition. But
now that I think about it this is the last room in the house that we need to
renovate so I better find another way, or it’s going to get costly quickly. But
stress is something all of us live with and it has a negative impact on your
health… from ulcers to hypertension to weight gain and worse. And why would you want to live with that? Yeah sure there’s dozens of ways that we can manage our
stress. I’m going to share three with you right now. The first is to manage your
schedule to prioritize in your day. You’re not going to benefit from having
an over scheduled day and a to-do list that you won’t get through. That’s just
going to add to your stress. Instead focus on two or three important areas
you know you have to get done and when they’re done if you get extras complete
that’s a bonus. Number two in the moment if you’re finding yourself in a
stressful situation where you could feel your blood boil. Or someone has rubbed
you the wrong way, the best thing you can do is nothing. Stop take a deep breath of
air walk away if you have to. To react in the instant only adds to your stress. And
by far the single best thing that you can do to manage your stress is to fight
it, increase your defenses against it, increase your resilience through physical
health. I don’t know if there’s a better way to manage your stress than through
regular moderate exercise, through mostly healthful eating instead of sugary
treats and comfort food that’s only going to cause weight gain another
stress, and to make sure that you’re getting enough sleep. I don’t know why
that’s become a luxury but it’s the way that our body restores itself. So, manage
your schedule, stay calm in the moment, and fight against it through physical
health over time. Stress management – three simple tools – I think it’s reasonable
it’s going to help you manage stress and help you get energy now. And now if I could just figure out a way to get this cabinet off the wall!


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