3 Types of Ad-Free Social Media Engagement: The Building Blocks of a More Attractive Online Presence

3 Types of Ad-Free Social Media Engagement: The Building Blocks of a More Attractive Online Presence

Hi and welcome! My name is Jon Leland
and this is Video Mojo. Video Mojo is both a video blog and a podcast that
combines timeless marketing principles with a playful exploration of what I
call the “bleeding edge” of both digital video and social media, and today we’re
going to dig into social media a little bit. There are three types of ad-free
social media posts. They’re really kind of the online building blocks of a
vibrant authentic social media presence. They exist within what I would call the
social media ecosystem. So I’m not going to get into social media content
marketing campaigns, which are really kind of the main fundamental. With
whatever we do in social media we want to lead with value. We always want to
contribute and make a difference before we ask for a sale. As relationships
get built over time with multiple touches and so you want to show up in
the marketplace as a valuable contributor. What this post is about is
the three types of social media posts. So once you’ve done your content marketing
and developed your own original valuable content there are other things that you
can do the building blocks that will help you stay present and build
relationships. And I’ve broken that down into three distinct types of social
media posts. Social media posts type 1 are original visual designs that are
linked to your own content. We see those all the time as “quote graphics” or “quote
memes” but they come out of our own content. They come out of our own
creations and we develop original graphics so that they’re really branded,
they reflect the brand of our client, the message of our client and they’re
our core value messages. They may reflect values literally or they may reflect the
communication mission, if you will, of what that clients work is about what
their niche is about. The second type of posts are content curation posts. And
next week I think I’m going to get into a tool to help enable content creation.
But within the niche again following the same focus there are other contributors
there are other people publishing valuable content. So for example, my
client The Soul of Money Institute likes gratefulness.org. Very aligned with their
values and so we might repost a blog post from gratefulness.org. The third
kind of social media posts are retweets or repost usually on Instagram or
Twitter where you’re taking other posts other kinds of content that are being
posted and are relevant to what you’re doing. A good example of that in our
business we represent the Marin Airporter, the local airporter bus service, and
people post hashtag Marin Airporter and show pictures like this of their
experience of their joy of travel, of their joy of the experience of Marin
Airporter. And then finally, not a really a kind of post but, is being involved.
Monitoring what’s going on, responding to comments. I call it conversational
engagement and that’s a really important piece of the service. If you’re going to
have a social media presence you certainly want to be responsive and
engage with the people that are liking retweeting and commenting and answering questions. I’m always looking for your feedback, because I would love to do more
of the kind of posts that you want to hear so please let me know. And again, I
am very very grateful for your presence. Thank you so much for watching or
listening and I’ll see you next week!


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