3 Tips to Boost Your Social Media Fan Engagement | Jay Coyle | Music Business | CD Baby | Marketing

3 Tips to Boost Your Social Media Fan Engagement | Jay Coyle | Music Business | CD Baby | Marketing

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, it’s Jay Coyle. I am the founder and music geek of Music
Geek Services and a music marketing instructor on Berklee Online. And today, I wanted to
tell you guys my three tips on how to use social media
to really engage and deepen your relationship with your fans. [MUSIC PLAYING] So number one is just
the term engagement. When I talk about
engagement to my students, I’m really telling them and
guiding them on the process of you have to use social media
as a two-way conversation. [MUSIC PLAYING] It is not a billboard for you
just to put stuff out there. It’s really a method that you can get
there and get in front of your fans and use that mechanism in which
you can understand who they are, and then you can help tell the
story on who you are to them. The goal for social media is
really to have a conversation. And most people think of social media
as a way just to put messages out there like this is where we’re playing
and this is what we’re doing. But that’s only part of the story. What you really should be doing
is, yes, you want to do that, but you also want to talk about
questions and topical things and ask things of your fans. It’s a way to really bring
them into your world. It could be something topical
as it’s sunny out today. What are your favorite
songs of mine that bring to mind what today looks like? Or maybe it’s, hey, it’s Christmastime,
and these are my favorite songs that I play. Or it could even be subjects that
have nothing to do with your music, but it could be things
about just life in general. It could be political. It could be emotional. It could be whatever it is. It really is just how do you extend who
you are as an artist to really engage with those fans that are out there. So for my second tip, when
I’m talking about engagement, it actually goes to what
tools are you going to use. So number two is going to be video. [MUSIC PLAYING] People talk about video all the time,
about how you need content, right? Usually, people think of video
that lives on like YouTube or I’m going to make a music video. But I want you to think about video
in a way that is a part of engagement. So this is going to be can you video
your existence of what you do in a day. So think about what you do in a
normal day as you as a musician. And you have to understand
something, that when you are living your life as a musician,
fans don’t understand what you do. They just know that you make
music or you perform music. When I talk to students, I say,
well, what did you do this morning? And what did you this afternoon? What are you doing right now? And that’s where you can actually
think about that as a way to capture that as video
and then release that. It doesn’t have to be a music video. It doesn’t have to be a lyric video. So you can do a behind
the scenes type video. You can do a day in
the life type of video. Once again, your goal is to utilize
this platform, which is social media, and you want to use it to engage people. And video is a way for them to visually,
and also with sound, to see and hear what you do. What I like about
video for social media, too, is that can then be
used across platforms. So it could be used for YouTube,
but you can think about Instagram. You can think about Facebook. You can think about Snapchat. Video is utilized now
in all these platforms, so why not make some type of content
that could feed all of those systems? So for my third tip, I’m going
to say, it sounds pretty basic, but it’s pictures. [MUSIC PLAYING] Social media, as we’ve
seen over the years, as we kind of morph from Facebook
to Instagram to Snapchat, we see how video and images
have always been there. But it’s also how you wrap it, and I
like to wrap my pictures in context. And what I mean by
that is this goes back to that two-way
conversation and the fact that you can bring an image to people
but then talk about why it’s important. You can ask questions around it. This is what I see in my
day around my surroundings, or this is the scene that
I wrote my new song on. This is what I was looking
at when I was writing this. But then ask questions of your fans. Hey, what do you see when you wake up? Or when you walk to
work, what do you see? Or when you’re at class, what’s
your view outside the window? Things like that, just to really bring
your daily life, or at least kind of your creative life, to the forefront. And then allow your fans to
hear that, understand it, and then they can participate
with you in giving you responses. And that really deepens that
relationship with your fans. So to give you an example of how to
turn something into a conversation, I’ll give you a hypothetical
post of I’m an artist and I’m playing in a city in two weeks. And I post, hey, come out and see me
at the Bowery Ballroom on this date. That is a very sterile, one-way
post that is pretty much you basically putting up an advertising
statement to come see me. But let’s turn it a
little bit and put it in the concept of what you’re going
to do when you get to that town. So, hey, I’m really looking
forward to coming back to New York and play the Bowery Ballroom. Question, where should
I go eat that day? Or I love to eat at this pizzeria. What’s your take on the
best pizza around New York? Something that phrases
it in such a way that allows people to understand that you’re
not just going to go play the show, but you’re going to be in that city. You’re going to have to eat. Where should you go eat? Where do your fans like to go eat? It really turns it into
a conversation, and you’d be surprised at how many
people will probably start giving you responses, giving
you likes, giving you that rapport that you really need to
deepen that engagement. So hopefully you’ll see
that it’s really the ability for you guys to build a
rapport with your fans, that you might be able to
learn something new from them, too, that you can use. Social media is a conversation. So hopefully my tips today
have helped you really understand how you can
use it to really deepen the relationships with your fans.


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