3 Easy To Sell Services For A Digital Marketing Agency [Part 2 How To Start A Marketing Agency]

3 Easy To Sell Services For A Digital Marketing Agency [Part 2 How To Start A Marketing Agency]

welcome back to the starting your own marketing agency series my name is Rowan and today we're gonna talk about how you can structure your service packages for your agency and how much money you can actually charge to go out and start doing this for clients hey everyone welcome back to the YouTube channel my name is Rouen and if you didn't watch the last video basically what I'm doing is I'm talking about how to start your own digital marketing agency whether that be social media SEO regardless of whatever it is I'm gonna tell you how to price out and structure your packages today so when you think about your services and when you think about starting your agency the number one thing you should have in mind is what the hell are you gonna sell right so there's a few different options you can go about this that I've seen the easiest and I'm gonna tell you the three easiest things that you can go out and start selling ASAP no experience needed you can go out and literally get a business to pay you just to run their marketing okay the first thing is Google my business a lot of people overlook Google my business but in reality it's free to set up you can quickly find businesses that aren't listed on Google and I'll have that in the search in the box below I'll show you how to actually do that I'll type in the query that you have to type in it'll show you a list of companies who haven't even registered their business on Google my business it's so easy for you to pick up the phone dial all of these businesses and just say hey I noticed you weren't listed on Google is there anything we can do for you to expedite that process something along those lines I don't know what it may be you figure that out anyways another service that you can offer that's very very quick turnaround is directory listings okay a lot of these businesses they don't understand that they need to be on websites like Yelp Manta they need to be on websites like Yellow Pages if you can go out and optimize their Google my business and then optimize their directory listings you're gonna get them phone calls so these are two easy entry way ways to actually go in and do this now if you're wondering how you can go about that a little bit better if you go to Moz local com miles local is a great tool that allows you to check all of your directories and see if they're consistent within Google's algorithm then all you do is literally type in the business name so let's say we were typing into vellum ark you click on the little search tab and now it'll show you your consistency score throughout Google and this is checking Yelp this is checking for square this is checking all the major directories so you know when you take on a client or you want to take on a client how consistently they look across Google the third service you can offer is face but posting and Facebook advertising this is the easiest thing to sell the reason being is because it costs you nothing so you can literally be homeless pick up a laptop and literally just start going crazy with it it's actually kind of insane and if you if you can what I would recommend you start doing is start thinking about what you're gonna start charging for some of these services now I'll give you a good idea of what I charge and you can go based on that so for Google my business optimization which is basically us uploading pictures adding descriptions optimizing their listing and just making sure that their hours are correct and a little stuff like that we charge $250 think about if you can do five of those a month you at you're adding an extra twelve hundred fifty dollars to your income would that change your life the answer is probably yes so that's what I charge you can charge different it's up to you but if you want to charge different make sure you're offering different services or make sure you're cutting down on the services but two hundred fifty dollars I found to be really the sweet spot for a Google my business optimization you can even go as far as management so let's say you didn't want to just optimize at one time let's say you wanted to actually manage it you can do the management in charge 250 a month potentially and that's a great way to get your foot in the door to upsell SEO which I'm gonna talk about anyway different video because that is a much broader topic but just thinking about it I mean if you can get five businesses to pay you $250 I mean you're pretty good and I'm gonna show you how to actually hunt down for these businesses that haven't optimized their listings yet okay so how about the directory listings now this is a little bit different because there is cost involved if you're gonna use a tool like e^x or Moz local then what you're gonna have to do is you're going to have to pay to use the tool so you're gonna have to charge accordingly for me to do a directory listings clean up I'll normally charge five hundred dollars and this will allow me to go into their yelp Yellow Pages Foursquare hopfrog all of their directory listings and basically make sure that they're consistent throughout Google making sure that their name address and phone number appears consistent throughout the web is what's important for these businesses this is a service you can easily charge now how do you charge how do you go yes well you need to do some research right go into my local like I just showed you type in a company that you want to work with name show them that it's not consistent and tell them you'll fix it for a 500 bucks it's that easy you just gotta have the confidence to go out there and do this now let's talk about Facebook marketing because a lot of people have misdirection when it comes to Facebook marketing and they don't really understand what they should be charging for it but I'm gonna tell you right now the bottom line if you are a marketing company you need to bring somebody leads or customers or brand awareness most most mostly mostly leads and customers so let's talk about it right you need to work with companies who are high return on investment let me talk let me tell you what I'm talking about a kitchen remodeler makes about $15,000 a remodel a restaurant makes about $60 a plate which one would benefit more from you bringing them one customer the answer is very obvious now I'm not gonna hate on restaurants because I worked on restaurants my whole few first months of my career that's all I focused on and I think that's why I didn't make a lot of money in the first few months is because I was focusing on these industries that don't have a high return on investment therefore they don't have large marketing budgets okay so you need to find these niches and if you literally just search business services in Google it'll show you every type of business service you can never freakin look at if you search that in Google you'll find that the businesses with the highest return on investment are the ones you should be doing the marketing for because when you bring them a customer it's you're paid off right let's think about it if you bring one restaurant customer to a restaurant the restaurant makes I don't know forty bucks after tax after profit after everything if you bring a kitchen remodel or a kitchen what you're gonna do is you're gonna pay off their marketing or SEO campaign for potentially six months so if you can bring them one deal they've already paid you off they'll have no problem paying you in the future let's talk about how to price this now right so it has to be a little different it has to be based upon the industry so if I were to do Facebook marketing for a home improvement company I'd probably charge two thousand dollars with a two thousand dollar advertising spend now you're probably wondering what goes on with that pricing well for me I like to custom to design each and every post with my designer that back client gets you don't have to be like that and if you're gonna do that chop a thousand right off if you're just gonna use canva calm what you should be charging for 30 days management and ads management is $1,000 per month that is what small businesses are comfortable paying that is what you should stick to you should not over price I get this a lot I get this a lot from my team and what they'll do is they'll ask me one why don't you charge more and the answer is while I can charge more I'm official and I go by the market value if you don't know what the market value is simply research a reseller or a competitor and see what they're charging right so in this case scenario if I were to go to SEO reseller com and I were to look at their social media packages what they're reselling that for that'll kind of give me a good gist of what I should sell my products for so you need to create a list of things that you're really good at and put a dollar value behind it now I'm gonna give you some very important things to think about while you're doing this number one do not undersell yourself the moment you bring up a short price to a customer who's done SEO Facebook Ads whatever it may be before the moment you bring up a short price to them or a cheap price they're gonna notice you're unprofessional and they're not gonna do business with you and you are not gonna understand what just happened now here's the other thing don't over price because a lot of people feel that marketing is just something that everybody wants to spend a million dollars on one of the reality that's the truth but your first contract meaning the first client you sign for three to six months whatever it may be look they're still building trust in you many times what I'll do is I'll do three to six month campaign and then after six months we'll reevaluate and I'll up the price and do more ad spend or whatever it may be this is a very very safe way to approach the only reason being is because if you can do good work in three months or six months they're gonna sign a year or two years with you at a much higher price because they've already tested the waters so when you go into pricing make sure you're pricing your services based on market value don't base your prices and services based on what you feel you need to make that is an emotional decision and that is not a smart business decision and the moment you make it an emotional decision in business it starts having this ripple effect where it starts actually impacting everything else around you so make sure you do business with all logical with all logical intentions so like I said go to sco reseller comm check out what prices and services that they have and literally re implement that into your business and start getting clients now in the next video we're gonna talk about how to start getting clients and how to start actually doing some of this stuff now you may be wondering ok like so I got the services part I kind of understand how to price and package my services you know let me ask a few frequently asked questions that I always get rouen do you put contracts the answer is yes the reason being is because if a client really wants to cancel there's probably a reason so what you need to do is you need to set the expectations with them that they're gonna be in a contract for 6 to 12 months for me I'm not going to legally pursue somebody if they cancel the contract or if they don't pay that's just not what I do I would rather spend my time finding other clients because they're much easier to work with my second most frequently asked question when it comes to services clients all this type of stuff is rule on how do you stay communicated with the client that is the most important part of digital marketing agencies is making sure that you're communicating with your client effectively I've had so many types of people tell me that they've been fired and I asked them the first questions I always ask is how much were you talking to the client the answer is I didn't talk to the whole month look that is a dumb professional salesperson and it's unprofessional business owner people want to hear from you you guys need to understand that when people pay for marketing when they invest in your marketing my marketing whoever's marketing it is what they're doing is is they're throwing their money into a black bag and throwing it in the galaxy somewhere they don't know what you're doing you need to tell them what you're doing so my way to combat this is I use Basecamp which is a free software that I'm gonna put the link below and you can literally manage and probably all your project management so you can put your clients you can update what you're doing for them some companies do every single post on Facebook I do every article I write on SEO this is just an option for you you don't have to go about it like this but this is the best way to communicate with your clients regard besides email nobody wants to do that so use Basecamp if you can stay communicated with your clients through Basecamp each and every day they're never gonna fire you I promise you clients would rather hear from you more than see results as crazy as that sounds so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I'm gonna see you in the next one if you have a suggestion on what I should talk about in the next video just go ahead and comment down below I'll see you guys next time


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  • Mohamed Ezzat says:

    Awesome video and very useful information, I just learned about the online directory listing and already wrote down over 40 online listing directories for UAE to add up this service to my list of services I offer. I'm also really interested in making videos can you tell me which video cameras or set you are using? appreciate the effort!


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    Hey Ruan, I love your videos! I have already obtained 1 client, he is a lawyer and wants me to set up his social media. I created a new FB profile for his practice, but now FB wants a picture of me …and wont let me log in. What do I do ? Thank you!

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    Hi Ruan, greetings from Colombia, great videos! , just a quick cuestion with Facebook ads that I don't understand well, if you charge 2.000 and spend 2.000 in ads, you win 0? I don't understand how it works 🙁

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