206. Nya Google News hjälper dig hitta ur filterbubblan #ensakidag

206. Nya Google News hjälper dig hitta ur filterbubblan #ensakidag

Good morning internet! Today I thought that #ensakidag should be about the brand new version of Google News and what it means for my external environment monitoring and the concept of the filter bubble. As you know, I’m not especially happy for that concept. I think it’s excessive and over dramatized, that it’s a natural part of the good that internet gives us. That we have a great personal responsibility to ourselves look for sources. That we have better opportunities today than we have ever had. That the filter bubble actually was much more narrow and smaller before than it is today. But let me start with Google News. Because when I produce #ensakidag every morning this time that I spend on this takes up about 10 minutes. To speak into the camera, package it and upload it, finished. 2 hours on the other hand goes to my external environment monitoring, which I’ve always done, so that’s nothing I started with #ensakidag. But if you have 2 hours in the morning to try to get a collected grip of everything that has happened in the world, foremost what’s happened in my part of the world that includes digitalization and the internet. Then it’s important to have the right tools. I have a number of tools like that in a toolbox. But one of my favorites lately has become Google News. In Google News I partly have the opportunity to see how they have categorized and defined the exciting news within areas such as technology, and science. Beyond, American politics and the other broad groups that exist as pre selected in Google News. I can also see the latest news and so on. But what I can do primarily is that I have been able to before, and still am to some extent, is to go in and define my own areas. So for example, as when I’m working with a client. Like when we’re going on a world tour with Assa later this fall. I put in a search for Assa and related search words. And I get a packaged insight about that client. Which many times mean that I have gone into our workshops and our work together and known more about the client than the clients knows themselves. One thing I’ve been able to do here, is that I have been able to define a very broad search. I have about 2200 search words in it now. They are search words related to artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles, and robotics, and biotechnology, and medicine technology. You know, all those areas that I talk about here. As soon as I find a new word or concept within one of these areas, I have added it in my search. It has worked so well. But it’s a bit tricky. Now there’s a new version of Google News out. It’s available for iOS and Android. In my iPhone and iPad I had to delete the old app to be able to download the new one. It didn’t come as an automatic update. The new version is called Google News 5. It promises two things. One of them is that it’s going to have a lot of artificial intelligence built into it so that it analyzes my behavior. I can help it with thumbs up and thumbs down and define favorites and so on. But primarily it’s going to, based on my behavior, try to give a lot of what I previously did with my 2200 search words. So that is one part, and it might be the most expected development. The more unexpected development is if you look at big news here. Like for example this debacle with Trump and Usa, and North Korea and their top meeting so to speak. Between North Korea’s dictator and Usa’s dictator. That is of course in a list with top news. And then I can click on something called view full coverage. That lies under top coverage, I get from multiple different sources. So now I have from Vox, from BBC News, Huffington Post, New York Post, CNBC, CNN and Al Jazeera. They destroy the filter bubble here. Because they take no notice of what sources I usually lean against. Instead they press in all the sources they view as credible. It’s great. I get an amazing overview of that news story. Then comes some Twitter links. It comes a timeline where I can follow this happening backwards. What happened two days ago? What happened a week ago, what happened two weeks ago? The opinion material lies packaged in a separate bit. So all of the debate articles and so on. Then it comes a segment with analyze articles. And there lies Fox News next to the Guardian for example. Isn’t that magical? It’s so amazing. If I scroll down here I can follow this story back in time. It never ends. It’s so well packaged and nice. I am overjoyed that they on one hand have more AI, more adjustment, on the other hand no adjustment at all. But the full monty and as wide as possible. This is so great. So, download Google News and start this up. I’ll say, it works the best if you choose English as a language and Usa as a region. Even if it exists in Swedish. You can check it out yourselves. This has been #ensakidag. My name is Joakim Jardenberg. I produce this with a dedicated contribution from the friends at Bredband2. The internet operator who gladly listens when others talk. And who helps to spread the good word around why internet is a good thing. It is subtitled and translated by Contentor, which is an agency who works with modern marketing, editorial texts online and they make translations and subtitles. It is them who make sure that, by lunch, everyday this is subtitled in both Swedish and English. Awesome. Download Google News, and lets see if we can find the same exciting stuff for tomorrow’s #ensakidag. See you then.


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