2019 CPA Affiliate Marketing & Facebook Ads Step By Step Training Guide

2019 CPA Affiliate Marketing & Facebook Ads Step By Step Training Guide

what's going on everybody Chanel Stevens here so in this video I'm just going to break down how far my campaign start to finish how I get up in testing or seek a mark in pretty much in like less than an hour to our lake less than that and this is just like the initial test and I'm saying you know this is all I spent on a campaign you know you have to invest time and stats and data and stuff after that so just keep that in mind but with this I just want to go over the process that I use cuz I do use a specific process to find profitable online offers that I can run as an affiliate and this is pretty much my step on any network right now we're on Clickbank comso Clickbank is pretty much a network that anybody can get accepted to so if you aren't accepted to Clickbank already just go ahead and make an account right now pause this video make an account there's tons and tons of offers on Clickbank that get a lot of traffic in are profitable for people so this is definitely a good network and a great place to start and for me if you get accepted to other networks just apply the same techniques you use them not to use here on you know those offers as well so let's just dive right into it so right you're on Clickbank basically what we want to do is find the top offers so how we do that is we just go in too far in the marketplace and then we go to find products and we just hit enter right here and what's gonna happen is the top offers are gonna pop up and pop by popularity so these are the offers that are getting the most traffic so what I like to do is I like to go through all ten of these offers pretty much because like you know you never know what you could find well what I'm really looking for something that's Facebook friendly something I can promote on Facebook perfectly something that gets you know high traffic because that tells me you know they actually are you know profitable for somebody other people let me just show you how fine like my process for doing that so let's just say flat belly fix I know weight loss and stuff is kind of a no-no on Facebook like it's like you can set it up is why had ways of running that but she's going to something else so we got power efficiency guy check out that offered his secret obsession looks like some type of dating offer which it's not that Facebook friendly and we don't base aliy going over saying Facebook friendly and stuff like that cuz that's really important you don't want to be getting banned soon as you set up your ads so just make sure you read the guidelines and read through it understand what's good for Facebook let's not cuz you wanna you want to follow their rules to have a long-lasting relationship so I wouldn't do date dating again it looks like another fat loss or weight loss type product so I'll skip over that then we'll go check out Ted's Woodworking you lean belly break dude that looks like another weight loss grantee detox another way up there and then numerologists which is actually my instant campaign version one so I already broke that down so we're not gonna do that sorry you did that one in the first instant can paint then we got back to life that's another like fitness so you can see a lot of fitness offers and things like that and this is like some type of diet juice organic organifi so yeah looks like we got two of the top offers that are Facebook friendly I mean we can go there's a secondary page so it's more offers to go through just gonna stick to these two and see we could before we could find these so we got the first one power efficiency got looks like it's um VSL offers let's see if I can check it out hi my name is Marc Edwards and today in this short video I'll tell you a life changing story about how I figured out how to easily generate insane amounts of energy for the past two years okay so it looks like it's targeting on people I want to save on electricity or something like that show you I like to use this plug-in right here which is a similar web plug-in and this just tells me like how much traffic it gets and things like that so I can see started back in May got a little traffic and it just started I was scaling up from there so we're at six hundred and thirteen thousand per mo so that's a pretty good that's pretty good traffic shows that a lot of affiliates are running us in it if I can remember correctly it's number two on Clickbank so yeah but gravity of 124 so that just means a lot of people you know about 124 people are running this offer $43 per cell you get 75% basically so that's 75% and yeah so you can't argue like some so luring things up with that that's a good offer so let's dive into the other one so we got Ted's Woodworking looks like this is another DSL hi my name is Ted McGrath and today I'm going to show you how you can build whatever DIY project you want yes so this looks like some like woodworking so people that it's like hey indie and things like that so we're getting a targeting stuff when we get into ads right now just looking in like no is it Facebook friendly I know it's the top market so we'll check similar web or just see how much traffic here so this is getting even more traffic this is about eight hundred thirty thousand per month we could just see this was like number six or five so 133 hard gravity and everything so this is a really really good offer as well so we got to top offers we could make so this is how you pretty much find profitable offers you know also when I'm looking at an offer I'm going deep into let's say the sources so you can see it's getting some social which is Facebook things like that some display some search indirect and also long clicking on referrals is because these are the top referring sites that it says so these are the websites people are using to send traffic to this site so sometimes if I'm lucky I'm able to find landing pages and things like that so just this looks like really a niche down so I'll just see D be our plans dotnet you can see their website is not really secure because you're able to see like all their pages right here I'll check up the pages as well but first like since I know it's getting social traffic and things like that I'll just figure out let's see okay so we can see this was used on Facebook and you could see a pretty good ad that you can model after so let's actually bring this up come on Facebook what's going on okay I'm not to refresh this guy's hang on okay all right cool so we can see here that let's just read the ad and break it down so what makes a perfect woodworking plan simple simply put it must be detailed enough to leave nothing I guess work yet simple enough for beginners it must also contain complete instructions from start to finish the link is dropped that is why these plans work 10x better than all mass market plans check out the 16,000 woodworking plans and projects from Ted McGrath at Ted's Woodworking so looks like there to shout out you know the fact their angle is people I guess want to put together to use like little do-it-yourself would think so people like to make like chairs and beds and tables their self I guess there's a market for that and um not every niche I get into with CPA marketing I know exactly you know about the niche so what we can do from here is just you know maybe going to Google and just see a little bit about woodworking so it's a the activity or skill of making items for wood and includes cabinet making wood carving joinery carpentry and wood turning so it seems like things that we can actually target so we'll keep that in mind as well when we get to the ad section and that's where I really kind of dive deep so I can figure out it's hard and everything like that so you want to keep that in mind but um so this looks like if we can find some good woodworking pictures we can use those as ads so somebody working on wood things like that or some things done by we're working so let's say we're working yes that's nice so yeah you know let's just see if they have any video Isis clearly we have a picture at their works I don't see any video ads you see see y'all we can check out the page that they actually use so alright that's enough for like seeing if we can find ads out to check out the landing pages from here on out I don't know why Facebook is messing up all right so let's just check out the pages that they use so this like looks like something really really simple that you can model and right inside clickfunnels this would be an easy page to make it click funnels so let's just going to click funnels start creating a page and then we can go from there alright so we're inside click funnels and the reason I use click photos is cuz it's just like really simple and easy for me and pretty much I don't have to worry about you know having a hosting server or anything like that like so I just have to get a domain and then I'm perfect so what I like to do is just go ahead and just create a new funnel and I'll just do like a custom funnel and then I'll just call it up woodworking sorry trying to talk to my school working building funnel alright now just get like a simple page I kind of want a model this I don't want to like use the exact thing I can just do this like make it into my own style so let's just go to like a regular blank page and start from scratch actually so I can show you guys how you can start with a blank fresh page and how easy clickfunnels and fast clickfunnels is to work with when it comes to creating learning patience for affiliate offers so let's just get right into it so we got it was starting to fresh start right here so what I'm gonna do is let's say let's drag a headline in there I'll actually take this out so you can just delete that and then takes a little attention wood workers right to join all the workers okay I'll probably bring that up so that go to the top all right and I think it was another Hill on your like a big red hat line so fitting isn't broke I wouldn't fix it um I just want to test it and then depending on how was working we can always tweak it later so let's just say that last master woodworker finally opens up his secret archives of woodworking 20 so it looks like they have a picture some woodworking so let's just say alright so we can change this to red really easy by just right you know just like kind of working so you guys are just seeing kind of like the workflow sorry I'm not really moving at all right and then we want to just add a picture you can just drag that in by going to image right there I'm taking a screenshot I'm not sure if you guys have this on your actual computer but you can just take a screenshot all right so we finally got the picture added I'll probably just make this a little smaller I think that looks pretty good so let's just add a button or let's add a row and then before that we'll just add like two right you you can just add a button here a button here okay so it's just like figure out and themes okay so let's say orange button I guess we can do launch buttons button let's just make it bigger by making the font a little bigger so we got that 240 just the 40 alright guys sorry same workflow so I hope you guys are getting you so far like how I'm put how I put this together like you can see we click photos like five minutes I'm able to get a page now all I got to do pretty much is add the Facebook pixel on to this page and add my link so what I would do is I'll go back to Clickbank right here and tedswoodworking I'll click on promote now to generate my hot link and then boom I got my link I go back into click funnels and then just set it that no matter what I click still like that will actually let me um let's see so we can just put dinner so this can be the link for beginners and we can see which one actually gets the most clicks say copy that so action expert save that everything like that we just click you can see it goes to the page alright so that works so all you really need to do is like to turn my affiliate bad job search engine safe alright okay so actually let's add in our disclaimers because those are important in part of Facebook policy as well so let's just go into add element long to the bottom I think I might have to add a row so yeah clickfunnels is really easy all you have to do is just um and a row right here drop some text in there already got a copy just drop the font size down okay and then also we want to add privacy policy and things like that so what I actually do is I'll just copy that we can find that usually on the actual page so this is the offer page so you just usually go to the bottom you can see like the privacy policy and the terms in the context of school so you I don't think those actually copy through so let's go here snake died like black and times okay yeah let's change that color to black alright and I want to do like teased up the place as well all right and I'm happy with that let's just make that stand out a little bit that's fine okay we'll just save that and we're done with the page all right so you can see that took less than 10 minutes to make on clickfunnels this is why I love clickfunnels and that would be a link to click funnels below this video so you can get started we're gonna do next is we want to go and create a fan page so we can set up some Facebook Ads and so let's just move on to that step okay so we're in Facebook about to create a page so create a page on Facebook is really really simple all you really need to do is just choose whether you want a business or a brand page or like a community or public figure page so what I'm gonna go ahead and do is just make this like like a woodworking type of community so I'll just name it wood workers a woodworkers club I'm just making it a community contain so I'm gonna get like real fan-based okay yeah we can just upload a profile picture the desktop already have a couple what working pictures saved so we can do this one and upload a cover photo you can do this one okay because I try to add a cover again it's just kind of hot a page will look so okay so that's really simple right there and we can just sum but what I want to do now is just add a button to learn more about the business so what we'll need is like a website link so this is an example purposes I'm not going to actually purchase a domain but what I will usually do isn't going to GoDaddy and get a dollar domain another first like one of your first domains our dollars so that could be I'm something for beginners right there I'll just I'll just buy a domain I usually do that but for this example purposes what I'll do is I'll make a bitly link so then you just get the link to this actual page right here turn that into a shortened link so I can just look a little nicer when you post it as an ad so I'll copy that and I'll actually put that as my website I'll save it you can just see here you put that link in there it goes to this page so we can see here everything like there when we go to that bitly link so we'll have that there I'll just do finish we'll also go to settings and we'll go to page info just take that off you know phone number as website say that no you know no street address because really you're just gonna be using this always open it's a community so okay now what we want to do is let's see go back to the page we can do some other things in a settings let's say we can turn off the profanity filter I usually just do this on all my pages and um messaging I usually just set up an instant reply so say mr. Acosta anybody can message us the page I usually say something like you know I have the website right here say that so that's what I usually do it's not gonna be an appointment and that's usually all I do for the page I might even like get rid of some of these like side tabs cuz a lot of those aren't needed but for now everything looks pretty decent he's good enough just to like get the first ad posting usually I would add like more content and stuff to the page such as um like blog articles YouTube videos that are just directed at people that are interested in woodworking okay let me just refresh these two pages I'm alone and slow alright guess it's because I'm recording the screen or something like that I'm not sure but alright that's about all I got for making the actual page so you can see how simple that is so what we need to go ahead and do is find some ads it's fine an ad to post on this page so we can run it on Facebook so let's just get right into that all right so I'm gonna show you guys how simple and easy it is to find your actual ads that you can post for Facebook on actual Facebook so you don't really have to have like this huge outside source safai ads to post because Facebook has a huge collection of pictures and videos already so in this case I sorta find some simple pictures of course the niches will work or so let's just look for some woodworker pictures so let's say just say woodworking and you see what pops up in the photos and then let's see see what we got here so I do see all photos and I'll just look for something that kind of stands out or you can kind of well my method usually as a photo that's already gotten a lot of engagement this is has gotten a lot of engagement but it seems that it's a like meaning type picture so I would stay away from like means and stuff as an addict so I'll just look for something that that gets a lot of like something like this but that isn't say my woodworking circle seems like a nice house that everybody's interested in so we can just keep looking if I don't usually see nothing on like this first few scrolls actually like this picture me doesn't have a lot of engagement but I like it so I'll save this in just in case I'm not able to find nothing else but this is kind of what I'm looking for because with the copy that I may use looks like they we're doing the same thing they probably struggle with ads and stuff like that so I'm not sure what happened but let's see they were running the same campaign so let's do a woodworking ideas and see what pops up me see all the adore I was tabled but so it seemed like these are all really good I did see like this chair is a really popular so seems like there's got a lot of engagement and um let's just use this one and we cannot play off this play a copy off of that picture so now do we have a photo let's see if we can find a video and then we'll post it on the page so see what we got here like we got a video with three million woodworking tricks five million check these out look like it's a woodworking tricks video you can see what everybody is saying so it looks like it got a lot of engagement because it's kind of pointing off on people's intelligence but uh may seem like it's it gets a lot of engagement so what I'm gonna go ahead and do is just copy this URL and then I'm gonna say from okay so this I just call savefrom.net and on this site you can download videos or Facebook so I'll just go here into that there I'll download this video right here it's just a pop and save video as and then I'll just I made a specific folder phrase creative so put it in here and say woodworkers club good I'll save that and then I saw that it actually has some thing at the end right here oops exit out that so I'll see you guys like this at the end shouting out the page so what I'm gonna go ahead and do is I want to show this in the finder and I want to open this up with QuickTime and what I'm able to do with QuickTime as I'm able to trim it so what I want to do is so small it's actually saved quite small not sure how this is gonna work but I just want to trim off this part cuz it's not my facebook page so we're gonna trim it right there it should be gone save it then save that all right so let's post these on the actual page okay so here we are on the page so what I want to go ahead and do is just photo photo okay so I got this pulled up so I'm gonna first at the chair and then let's come up with some copy now what I like to do with coffee is I like to just keep it simple because I just want to drive a specific action and that's just then clicking on the link to get to the landing page so they can go through to the author so that's all I'm really concerned about I mean of course long copy can work and things like that but my preference is I just like to keep it short simple so they see the picture they like it if they're interested in what I have to offer they'll just click so that just works best for me so let's just say um I'll start with like a question cuz questions work really good like this like this chair idea check out more woodworking plans here and I'll just drop the link instead of that I actually use emoji so let's pull up my moji let's go to symbols and I usually use this one alright so not actually make this catch so like this cheer idea so you see is really plain and simple see there they're gonna say yes or no to this question and read along and that's how I like to keep it so we'll just publish that okay it will also upload the video as well so we have the final trimmed off like 20 seconds or so I'll just open that up okay okay working tips tricks we'll try to keep this simple as well so check out I'm just trying to drive them to the actual page I try to keep it simple like one line copy just it is get them to go to the link that's all I really want we'll just paste the link right there and everything else we don't need really any captions or anything it's nobody talking and that's all you really need to do got the thumbnail we can change that maybe that one huh okay so we got to add a title so I'll just make it the same thing yikes all right so I'll just post that right there okay so looks like we actually have this posting on the page that's actually preparing and when we have that there let's refresh this okay so I can see that this actually messed up on the chair idea so what I need to go ahead and do is edit this and just add an actual space right there so it's clickable like that and make sure this works yes it looks like the same thing happened there and sometimes I just mess up with between mark emojis you just got to add a space so that's where we go so people will see this video cool we're working tips and tricks check out more we're working plants here there click that and they'll be taken to the page that we created and you can click begin their expert their beginner they'll go here and then boom they're talking to the actual offer so this is how simple it is to actually add get ads ready on your actual page that's how you get ads so let's post the ads and show you guys the process on that alright so first things first is once you are in your ad account what you want to go ahead and do is actually grab the pixel and put it on the page because this is a very important step because one of the things you're gonna do when you start traffic and start collecting data and people that watch your video people that actually land on your actual website and you want to make look like audiences from that and that's a you know another video I'll do on crane look-alikes and things like that you can also check out my channel I have some videos on that also as well but just first things first let's just set up a pixels to put on that actual landing page so not over here so let's just go into setup pixel and how I got here is basically I like going to the main menu in your Facebook ad settings and then going to Axel's right here and this will bring the screen up and you want to just go to set up and manually install to code yourself and this part number two right here you want to grab that and then you want to go into your settings on clickfunnels and go to tracking code you just want to drop that right there in that header and just click Save and then you can just preview and then you can actually see right here that it's reading actual pixel information and this is called Facebook pixel helpers so what you can do is install this on your Chrome browser so that when you add your pixel you can just confirm that it's actually working and it's actually detected so that's working right there all right so now we got the pixel installed let's go ahead and start creating the ads so let's go to ads manager okay so we got the pixel at it let's just get right into making it so what I want to do is just go ahead and go into create ad and we need to make two different type of campaigns because we have a picture in a video and for those I use two separate objectives so I switch to guided creation so just keep it simple so when it comes to pictures I use engagement videos video views but let's just go through engagement right here to just set up the photo of the chair first so let's do woodworking PPE for page post engagement and we'll continue and what we can also do is we can okay so once we're in there what we want to go ahead and do is just add all the locations that we want to target so right here we have United States but there were a few locations that were in web that we could see so let me just go to the offer real quick okay now the offers pulled up and I told you about the similar web plug-in that's all I'm using here and I just want to click on GL just to see what top countries are working for this actual offer so we can see some United Kingdom Brazil Canada Mexico are getting a lot of traffic from those places so let's just go ahead and add those in there as well so we have United States United Kingdom and I think the other one was Mexico that alright so we have those countries at it so what we can also do is we can change the age targeting so with this offer I want to say I wanna target first let's target men cuz I'm not sure how many women are interested in woodworking it seems like a male-dominated niche and I would do more research but just for time-saving purposes I just want to go ahead and just select men cuz it just seems to me that they would be more interested I don't think I see a lot of women interested in woodworking and I saw with target older men because it seems like an older niche so you know I'm not really really sure like I said I would do more research and bring up audience insights and things like that but just for time purposes just go ahead and just select that also we target in many countries so we just want to make sure we're putting English because this is an English offer and we could just get right into the targeting so what we can go ahead and do is just start off with a broad interests such as woodworking we see there's a lot of woodworking interests right here so we can see that makes it about 9 million and what I want to go ahead and do first is just give my placements right because I'm it's just a picture edge and I only want to target the newsfeed so it's not a video so suggested videos in stream videos instead articles like it's not gonna show up there so I just want to show it on the feet and what that does is it gives me a better estimate on the potential reach as I'm entering in my placements I mean as I'm entering in my interest so let's see so also what I want to go ahead and do since it is so broad like seven million I just want to make it more targeted so how I do that is by stacking my audiences and you can stack your artists things by hitting narrow and what this does is just creates a and statement so you can see the person has to be interested in woodworking and they must also be interested in something else so we can just pull up something else so let's say wood carving okay we have wood carving and that makes it more targeted so you can see three hundred and ten thousand people are interested in woodworking and wood carving and I could probably get it a little more targeted see do-it-yourself see whatever takes us so about two hundred and fifty thousand people and to me that's pretty good because um let's go ahead and like set the budget because once we set the budget you can see that you're only gonna reach about eight hundred to three thousand people and when I'm starting off my assets like brand-new campaigns I have no data I'm only gonna spend about five bucks per exit just to you know make sure that the audience is working and is engaged with my actual ad so after five bucks if I'm not getting no engagement you know clicks to the actual website I will go ahead and switch up my targeting you know there's a lot of different targets we can test as you can see there's tons of targets we can test so I would definitely switch that up and I would say I would like to stay when I'm doing these five dollar assets and just testing my audience I like this keep it between five hundred thousand you know hundred thousand and that just works really good for me because like I'm not gonna reach a lot of people anyway with just that five dollar budget but say this are it was getting like you know a lot of engagement tons of clicks what I would go ahead and do is create more edge that's where I'm targeting maybe these individually and you know stacking them different with different interests and things like that and expanding on this so this is just like how I start off I start off a five bucks budget and I also you know stack my interest so that it's really really targeted like say two hundred fifty thousand people or just under five hundred thousand really and we already have our placement selected so let's just go ahead five dollar budget so that's all we need for that and click continue okay so it actually looks like something Facebook is actually messed up right now but in this case you know this is a really really simple part you would just select your actual creative that or you'll actually use existing posts a new post still show up right here in this drop down box and I could just select the picture of the chair and it'll be my actual app but um let's just close that I'm not sure what's going on we'll save it as a draft and we'll probably check back later and see okay so let's just go ahead and create the video ad as well and we'll just use the same target so what we could go ahead and do is just create a campaign just create another one and this one instead of engagement will do video views so we'll do woodworking video view and we'll just do the same exact thing now if it were the same type of campaign objectives such as page post engagement all we would have to do is just duplicate and um you know change the ad but because this is a video we have to change the campaign objector to video views so that's why I'm making a whole nother campaign so let's just go ahead and enter in the country so it's United Kingdom Canada Brazil Mexico okay all right and then on the last one he said we're gonna do 30 plus men only that actually speak English and then Atari damn we said woodworking then we narrowed that and we narrow that and we did DIY do-it-yourself okay and as you can see like if I didn't have the placements selected it would say a potential reach of it's up since I do have the placements still selected it says 1.2 million people but you can see once we edit the placements that that will drop so we'll take our Instagram we'll take our audience Network stories marketplace suggested videos interesting videos instant articles so this is just gonna show on the actual feed so you can see we're back at our potential reach of 250,000 people and let's see here we'll just change the budget to about five bucks as we're just testing and dumb you know also let me just go ahead and say how I'm just setting up these two like I wouldn't be done with this I'm just showing for example purposes but for the picture I'll probably set up about three assets if for the video i'll set about three assets and i'll just you know change this up so instead of just woodworking right here i'll probably try a carpentry right here and then you know i would take out maybe wood carving and put in wood craft and you know that gives us a whole nother demographic right there and you know that'll be another ad set then I'll come in duplicate the ad set and you know just change these up so um that's how I would do it but we'll just keep it like this just to save some time but you can see that's all you really need to do for this one for videos I just keep it at 10 second video use impressions and don't continue and I think Facebook is still trippin but if it wasn't we'll just say use existing posts and we'll just select the video from this drop down and we'll actually confirm and publish it but we'll just save that as a drive and that's all you have to do when it comes to making ads on Facebook so alright so guys now you see how to actually create ads on Facebook for cpa marketing and you can see how simple it is to run affiliate offers on facebook how easy to set up so I advise you to take action you can take this offer you can go back on Clickbank and check out more offers this is actually good offer though you can see it's getting 700,000 visits every single most so just use these strategies I outlined in this video and guys just take action that's all that's really all the advice you know spend the money invest and stay tuned for more videos that I have coming out subscribe to this channel if you like these type of videos I'll make more also like this video and comment if you have any questions also just leave a comment you know just on your thoughts and if you think I missed anything whatever you want to say so guys thanks for watching this video Chanel Stevens here and I'm out


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