Contrary to expectations… South Korea decides to withdraw from its military
intelligence sharing pact with Japan. As Seoul scraps the pact, GSOMIA will expire
on August 24th. South Korea says it will scrap GSOMIA as Japan
has caused changes to the security cooperation environment between the two sides by imposing
trade restrictions. We take a look at the implications and the
impact of the decision. Top U.S. nuclear envoy Stephen Biegun wraps
up his visit to South Korea following a meeting with Deputy National Security Advisor Kim
Hyun-chong. Kim says North Korea-U.S. nuclear talks will
likely resume. The household income gap between the rich
and the poor in South Korea… widens to the worst level in over a decade in the second
quarter. We tell you why.


2 thoughts on “2019.08.22 NEWSCENTER HEADLINES”

  • South Korea relied on Japan for military satellite information. The information on the Korean side is only information along the border with North Korea and information from North Korean defectors. South Korea is suspected was sending US military information and western side information to North Korea. With GSOMIA destruction, the amount of information in Korea will be greatly reduced. Moon jae-in with dementia is idioto because he cannot understand GSOMIA. Is Moon jae-in a natural action because he wants to unification with North Korea? South Korea army fired fire control radar on Japanese patrol planes monitoring ocean muggling with North Korea. There is no need to provide military information to Korea, which is hostile to Japan.

  • South Korea has destroyed GSOMIA because Moon Jae-in government is the North Korean puppet government. Moon jae-in is an idiot who doesn't understand what is wrong with destroying GSOMIS. Moon jae-in says he couldn't ignore national sentiment. South Korea is a national sentiment that prioritizes three sectors (legislative, judicial, administrative), and stupid national sentiment is the top priority.

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