South Korea’s presidential office says it
was Japan who breached international law by slamming export restrictions against Seoul. It also rejects Tokyo’s claim that Seoul is
violating a 1965 treaty on historical disputes. Japan’s foreign minister summons South Korea’s
ambassador after Seoul dismissed Tokyo’s request to have a third party arbitrate the historical
disputes. Seoul’s Nam Gwan-pyo calls for a diplomatic
solution, saying Japan’s unilateral measures are shaking the core of bilateral relations. North Korea’s total trade volume plummets,
as international sanctions continue to take their toll. The figure fell by almost half in 2018 compared
to the previous year. And,..One of the most beloved summer festivals
in Korea, the Boryeong Mud Festival, is back, with many concerts and other events lined


One thought on “2019.07.19 NEWSCENTER HEADLINES”

  • At one point, a large number of orders for fluorine-related products were placed in a hurry, and after that, a Korean company went missing. The fluorine related chemicals can be used to produce toxic gases and chemical weapons. The destination is "North Korea"

    There is surprising information to support this. Please listen carefully. The following information was obtained from Japanese and U.S. intelligence officials.

    "The U.S., led by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), has been thoroughly scouring North Korea and Iran for sources of strategic materials needed to develop nuclear and biochemical weapons. the White House is enraged by the emergence of South Korea"


    ▶South Korea is suspected of bartering Japanese hydrogen fluoride with Iranian crude oil.

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