28 thoughts on “2018 Midterm Election Results | Fox News”

  • Randy Fiedler says:

    Why does Don Lemon of Msnbc think Kamilla Harris is not BLACK enough to be president of the united states

  • 24hours church dot com says:

    ​go to google image and type the word IDIOT…tell me the face you see on google image😉😉😉

  • DarkChocolate33 says:

    Republicans in a year that they had a good Senate map treat it as a major win, but shrug off a 40 House seat loss as a fluke. What happened to those popular tax cuts? Protecting us from the migrant caravan? The Kavanaugh vote? Also it's hilarious you're still finding ways to complain about illegals and foreigners(which there is nothing wrong with) voting in State/Federal elections. Also shout out to the person that called the Dems sheep. Republicans are literally voting for people who have a history of bankrupting the country and passing it on to the next generation while blaming someone like millennial for eating avocado toast.

  • Democrats Unite! says:

    Virginia > solid blue state. Republicans haven’t won a statewide race since 2009.
    Southwest (Arizona/Colorado/New Mexico/Nevada) becoming more blue.
    Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania Democrats gaining strength.
    Georgia and Texas now in play for the Democrats.


    you conservative people are all like oh yeah the senate has been called 4 the republicans, but the house has dem control. you ignorant people dont know what this means. WITH THIS WE CAN IMPEACH TRUMP!!!

  • As long as white racist faces control the government of a mixed nation it will fail every race needs to be represented equally in government

  • Annie Tsosie says:

    Terry Reyes, Thanks Alot for your compliment..Some of my people are still working by going to work long distance..Some of them are self employed by making lnd rugs and jeweleries also selling woods.But for Mexican people their not all really hard workers.A bunch of them are getting food stamps.Were all the same lazy people.We are not perfect people.Holy people are the greatest perfect in heaven.

  • LOL……..The backing of former President Barack Obama was a far more valuable commodity to a midterm candidate this year when compared to the endorsement of current commander-in-chief Donald Trump.

    Obama endorsed 74 candidates in House and Senate races around the country ahead of Tuesday’s midterms and 39 of them, or 52.7 percent, won their respective races. In contrast, only 21 of the 75 candidates endorsed by Trump claimed victory, according to an analysis by The Brookings Institution.

  • Truth Rainer says:

    We need to secure votes abd have them checked by government!!! The drms ubder investigation. Their chevking florida why jot check own government

  • ItsMyDank747 says:

    Loving this comment section of Conservatives claiming every issue is caused by liberals and Jews. Anyone want some popcorn?

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