2018 CrossFit Games FINAL EVENT 14 + WINNER Mat Fraser

2018 CrossFit Games FINAL EVENT 14 + WINNER Mat Fraser

aeneas was a demigod who carried his mortal father out from the ruins of a burning city of Troy Matt Fraser is a full human on the precipice of his third consecutive CrossFit Games title thank you Mike and Matt Fraser being a full human is actually up for debate as his peppered here has been superhuman he will be in the middle of the before the two men who are right now on the podium will be right next to him Lucas Hobart and Patrick bellman and I honestly thought that we were going to have a race this weekend I'll tell you what we just didn't we just did me we wondered who was going to really be pushed and then bail nur was the man and even though there were issues constantly every single day that Pat had to deal with he overcame in his sitting in that number two position but my goodness I thought there was gonna be a race I get like you said John we thought he was gonna be human we thought we would see some sort of issue and we didn't and once he got his momentum he was he was gone absolutely gone that phrase are looking to wrap up his third straight title of fittest man on earth Lukas Hobart meanwhile trying to finish on the podium at the CrossFit Games for the first time in his career you know what I've been what I've loved seeing about Lucas this entire weekend is his face he has been attacking and fighting and pushing who saw a couple scuffles even when they're running he would not let anything go never has fallen out of that top three position and you know what we got one last one last deal to go here let's see what he can do who will join Matt Fraser on the podium right now it's Pat valor in Lucas Harbor but Brent fikowski has a chance to work himself back into a top three spot as we open with five trips up and down the pegboard and the thing Shawn if you haven't mastered this skill yet that you have an issue this is the third time then we've seen the pegboard so am I in this so keen on this it's going to be you must beat the board this should not be an issue where the athletes that expect to do well here but this is not the race the race is on the yoke carry and to carry that much weight on your shoulder you must have a steel core and I'll tell you what the guys that have had experience with not just yoke carry work but heavy yoke carry work are going to have tons of experience and it's definitely to pay a play to their favor Matt Fraser is sprinting up and down this thing the time to beat belongs in forever videos for forty seven point three two seconds so all these outfits to do is get their pads below that line so that freezer has been non-stop unbroken so far pets but underneath that red line and they're both up on the top I haven't seen a touch the mat since we started grounds done look at that for the third straight year the final event is just a victory lap for Matt Fraser what is so insanely incredible is that you can have an event that really doesn't matter and you can seriously look at everyone improve suited with a smile on your face how do you do that Matt Bellmer has joined ladies are on the thrusters as have Paul Sager and Kobe Anderson so Fraser it has just really taking some practice swings here Patrick filters is ahead of the two men right behind that's Lucas but for cows to be on the light listen the last time that Herbert was in the games and there was a ped board the vent he had a rough time he finished the bottle around 34 30th place this isn't not what he wants and he knew what he was on these red numbers like 34 points behind velvet in a 34 point above the town specifically half that pegboard I would say the prowess he went through there no problem but I want to see how great the end of that handle the weight on the Shelton again zone Lucas hopper needs to just real inbred fikowski to do some damage control and keep fikowski from leapfrogging him under the podium is Matt Fraser continues to crank away on his thrusters once he hits that 45 number he would move on to the yoke the first one weighing 425 pounds and I have a sneaky suspicion that that will not be a problem you know another dress is really nice these are your standings as a final two spots of the podium same contention and here goes Matt Fraser on his first geo carry call Sager at the top of the screen he's really not in contention responding the party but would love to be Fraser here now Fraser reloads the yo 565 Lucas own burgers onto the thrushes he's got to try to reel in you are guaranteed squadala polio but the Kowski is now done in Hilgers of the yoke as Frasor is done with his second of three yo carries – 665 she's moving smoothly jokes [Applause] he throws the weight on clothes he goes that's now that Fraser will take a moment okay for that reason once again Madtown yes [Applause] and he seals it with his night career and the savior of the clock to finish line when fikowski is on his final Yossarian is well at Lucca sofas no else in his hand that's the Koski trying to jump to the farthest one [Applause] Bukowski is here great shot by pronoun was wondering with his height that that would be issued and that was not a problem at all velder across the Kowski has finished fourth in the events available for the seventh has scored 84 points Lukas hoper was only by 34 soap opera has got a hurry and remembers we have times from prior heats that are starting a factory over on his final yoke Carrie rumensin came in he finished well and now Holbrook is across Coker and unofficially they take 15th [Applause] that is 34 points less been fikowski while officially unofficially they could be tied in poison will come down to best event finish now remember Holborn earlier that's right one of the vents that's right those two guys battling [Applause] the caste his best finish was second in the same events that Hauberg London this is all unofficial that comes in two Italian points both work should and I want to emphasize this should beat sakowski because of that event win [Applause] meanwhile Willie's yours the first man from France to represent his country at the CrossFit Games is on his first job carryin this kid has been impressive as well no I love her we have new faces that don't just come to the dead but show themselves in the games and the fact that we've been able to see where these doors do this thing and yesterday with those two wins unbelievable job and new people just just come here he showed up and man made a name for himself here at the 2018 is our private game George know we're coming into this event so change in the car company I'm sure plentiful Kowski is as well we're gonna talk a bit for one or two last night beat Matt Fraser litchi events this kid is a study really George 13:18 Reebok CrossFit Games have come to a close [Applause] [Applause] for the third consecutive year your classmate games champion is [Applause] [Applause] and without that burger as well one step closer to those four straight title for my rich voting for 2011 to 2014 that became his orders one two [Applause] they send it down to Mike Arsenault who is with your three-time prosecution here Matt congratulations I want to know what was going through your mind during that last event you were able to do it last year as well you're looking after the crowd you're soaking up the atmosphere what's running through your head at that moment you know going in you know there's no minimum work requirement so so you know I wasn't worried about no twisting an ankle and not being able to fulfill that so you know I just wanted to send it and go out on a good note you won the final CrossFit Games title in California and you just put together the two most dominating performances we've seen in CrossFit Games history here in Madison in your estimation where do you rank in the list of all-time great athletes in this sport ah you know I'm not trying to compare myself to other people you know you mentioned in your road to the games episode that your competition persona is a little bit different from your regular persona almost a little bit aloof just a laser-focused in competition why was it important for you to make that distinction you know it's just I know that's probably how will we remember being very stern being very serious not joking very much but you know my family loved ones I've spent time with me outside of the gym they get to see that and I hope I hope with through some footage that everyone else gets to see that a little bit too when Dave announced you as the fittest man on earth and then you approached your family and embraced your girlfriend you're wiping your eyes a little bit you're getting emotional what were you thinking about in that moment oh you know this this whole journey you know training it's not it's not just me you know I have my team in my corner they take everything off my plate that they can so I can wake up train and that's it I I concern myself with nothing else during the day and so you know it means a lot to me to have them here and to share this moment and it paid off Matt congratulate thank you Matt Fraser is your leader now we need to find out if Pat melaleucas hopefully good enough keep themselves on the pony but if you're asking yourself who's the man who I didn't stop Matt Fraser maybe maybe it's had heard Ellis I think in I would love to see what Patrick Villiers 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games would have looked like if we would have taken some of those little issues out grace erased some of those you changed the points a little bit you know does he did he sit up those now I can't say that yet I don't think that he can Mountain is just so dominating but I was very impressed by Pat I mean he's right there he's knocking on the door same thing with homework again we didn't see him last year he didn't even qualify out of regional he wasn't sure what this year was gonna look like and the fact that he was so strong all the way through I mean get this kid to finish you know and be able to master some of the pegboard ascent and I think he's gonna be pretty dangerous as well Matt Fraser for the third straight year had this thing wrapped up heading in to the final event and as he always does we heard him say in the interview decided to send it and go out in style and he comes up with his ninth career event win but Patrick Gunnar and you mentioned it look like he's closing the gap a little bit you take away some of those mishaps and maybe he can be Fraser but it's looking like he will finish in second place here but just think about what we you know what he had to go through to get to this particular position we know he had issues with his gearing and his chain coming off his bike in the crib he saw as everyone has seen on social media that fall from grace on the on the cargo net in that massive fall having to go to the hospital have an easy go time just a very rough start but a bear and man testament to how strong this kid is meanwhile we talked about it at the top nobody predicted him on the podium no absolutely not and that's not taking anything away from the Lucas but when you don't qualify one year you can't expect to see someone in the third place position basically the entire competition like it's not even a normal position to be in so we're what he has done the work he put in the the ability to in his training whatever he's doing it's working he need to continue that Matt Fraser was just pain somebody with some swag let's head it down to my guards now he's with that goal thank you very much Sean I'm here with Patrick Bell near Patrick this is your second consecutive appearance on the podium how does it feel to enjoy this moment of being on the podium here in the competition floor it's definitely better than the last time like the way things happened last year this certainly feels a lot sweeter to earn it here at the time I'll say I'm happy I need to shore up a couple things and I set a goal this year to try to tighten up that gap between Mountain rested feel then we didn't quite get there this year but it's a work in progress and hopefully next year runs a little smoother how were you able to maintain your focus throughout the week here at the CrossFit Games you have the issue and event number one you had the fall on the cargo net you had to go go off-site get checked out by the medical staff how do you maintain that focus I think my background in sports really lends itself to that and I'm a experienced competitor and lots of different things and I understand things are not won and lost in one go or one event or one try a thing so it's important that when those things happen you should try to I mean assess it I'll try to understand what happened and why and let it make you better but don't hang on that and let it affect you for too long because I mean we've shown in this sport a particular lots and lots of times that there's a lot of points to be earned over the course of a weekend and just because you have one hick out there doesn't mean that weekend's over I know you like two things pretty close to the vest in terms of how you're feeling during competition but now that the competition is over what type of pain were you in after that fall and how are you feeling right now yeah pretty high pretty bad but I'm you know at the time I would I still had some work to do and I figured I could feel sorry for myself once I hit the white finish line and I mean you feel it I told everybody anybody anyway that's ever played contact sports I just feel like I got a really really bad hit I got my bell rung really hard and I woke up the next day feeling sore and that's about all there is to it everything got checked through with medical and there was they let me compete and that's the end of the story as far as I'm concerned well it was worth worth it for the silver medal Patrick congratulations thank you very much three years at the CrossFit Games and three years on the podium for Pat Zeller now the question is which one of these two men will finish in third place Lucas Horford started the event there but will he finish there for the announcement here's Dave Castro so the final results are in and in third place we have a time let's do it a second give Patrick Bellmer a big round of applause for second place by for third place is Lucas Hubbard we're not done don't celebrate too soon you're not getting high is bread for cows key [Applause] [Applause] in Costa and I scoring system we have a tie-break system for the story and if the scores are tied we go to the highest placing finish in any single event therefore by that rule actually I wish we hadn't been Fran as a tiebreaker that would have been better should we do that instead we gotta follow the little book we gotta follow the rule book by that rule we go to the event from earlier this morning two stroke pulls and Lukas Homburg want it therefore he is your third place finisher cross again now you kiss honker can celebrate as he finishes on the podium for the first time and this career and I was at the Meridian regional of 2017 when he failed to qualify and he was devastated I could not be happier for Lucas oh yeah he sprinted from that arena just trying to get out there and contain himself what an amazing finish by Lucas real impressive now Lucas Hobart can also do his post Games interview with my Garson Lucas what a story of redemption after not qualifying for the CrossFit Games last year you're on the podium here in 2018 how does that feel it's the best feeling I've ever felt in my life it's amazing so thank you guys for being here I can't explain it's like the best feeling ever how did you stay motivated after not qualifying last year and continuing to push over the 12 months so you can ensure they'd be back here at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games well I didn't know that I was good enough to be a good at games athlete and just I wanted it so bad so I just been keep on pushing it really really hard well you're more than good enough to be a Games athlete what does the celebration look look like for Lucas Oberg and the rest of his team tonight I'll just go through the hotel eat some cinnamon buns and just go to sleep I guess we'll enjoy that congratulations Luca thank you so much cruciate it final results after four days of competition and 14 events Matt Fraser his third title of fittest man on earth Patrick Fowler for the third straight time as on the podium and Lucas home for courtesy up at the tiebreak finishes third I'll tell you what I'm really I'm really happy to see that large mass of guys that are hunting Matt down so I like the fact that they haven't let him go he's having his time but they're still in the hunt who's gonna make for a great 2019 Matt Fraser the three-time fittest man on earth thanks for being here with us everybody we will see you in 2019 [Applause]


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