34 thoughts on “2016 WARNING Strange Weather Events World Wide 2016”

  • tornadoes in Alabama? oh wow that's CRAZY. that area NEVER gets tornadoes! and flooding, and RAIN? wow so unheard of. Earth is a big planet. things happen every day, chill out

  • juanita thomas says:

    the weather is going to get really bad when their is two full moons on the same day in a month means bad weather is coming and on june 20 was a full moon and coming up july 20th their will be another full moon so the weather is going to get worse so just be alert.

  • strange??? you always want to make it more epic than it is huh? its extreme weather events this shit was here since the start why theres a video coming out on every year about weather events and we react so surprised???
    like the volcanoes and shit why are you so surprised its a volcano its purpose on hes life time is to erupt so why the big awe?

  • Vic Stokes Photographer says:

    THE world wide weather is a bit wrong it was all in the states but i do know you guys do tend to fantasize a lot. So we will forget about that part.

  • Lot's of rain. Wow, big deal. The only real WARNING to observe is not to waste your time and watch this video.

  • I have been a research meteorologist  for 35 years and find this type of crap offence.  People always think they know the "truth."  The truth is climate change is causing more violent storms.  The end of the world is not coming, HAARP is a small research project which lost its funding in 2011.

  • Satanism is Cancer says:

    The weather, isn't enraged. This is just Jehovah cleaning his beautiful planet. Face it, people. We ruined, we're responsible for man made crap, like pollution. Jehovah wants to clean this filth, off his Earth. His wrath, will be towards us, more than to his planet.

  • Vic Stokes Photographer says:

    The bad weather is from all the ash and volcanic smoke not climate change and there will be worse storms as more and more volcano's erupt. So be prepared.

  • Cheryl Hudnell says:

    Here is the sad part, if this stuff happens on a broader scale and the places to retreat to are few will most people know how to survive. I doubt it not from the things I see with the people of today, to caught up in the celeb news and the newest fb post and the blaming of everything and anything on someone else. I've yet to see a problem solver come out of any of these so called elite schools. Most don't even know how to make a simple garden if we had to grow our own food over again for survival. It's time to get back to the basics and if your drinking bottled water i really feel for you. I hope everyone finds some peace in their life.

  • Something IS happening. I noticed years ago, the hurricanes were getting stronger year after year, the tornadoes were also getting bigger and stronger (a tornado 5miles wide crossed part of the US). Now strange sounds are coming from the sky at certain times in different places all around the world (That's the jet streams dipping into the atmosphere). We've caused an extra wobble of the earth's rotation. The tectonic plates are moving causing extra volcanic activity and earthquakes. We need to steel ourselves for what's coming. Gotta learn to deal with high winds and flooding.

  • you people need to stop fighting and love one another there's been angels seen Angel singing but yet you guys keep fighting the world's about to end the four horsemen are here and God is coming back the Antichrist is already here my name is Tammy I have a son and grand babies and a daughter-in-law who all died in 2014 in a major car accident one of my grandbabies made it out of the car and that's because God give her back she almost died what are guardian angels we're all around her I'm ready to go see Jesus how about you

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