20 reasons why Skripal nerve agent story is fake news – former BBC Salisbury reporter Tony Gosling

20 reasons why Skripal nerve agent story is fake news – former BBC Salisbury reporter Tony Gosling

Guardian: Sergei and Yulia Skripal have slim chance of survival, says niece: Viktoria Skripal not hopeful about former Russian spy and daughter in nerve agent attack Tony Gosling: Hospital leaks suggest both Sergei & Yulia Skripal have been ‘brain dead’ in intensive care for at least a week. Tony Gosling: MoD waiting until after religious Easter holiday sensitivities passed to announce Double Murder with WMD? Tony Gosling: precipitating more sanctions against Russia and almost definite boycott of the 2018 World Cup Mirror: Legal bid launched to stop Vladimir Putin’s Russia hosting World Cup as tensions mount over Salisbury nerve agent attack Mirror: Activists and campaigners warn it could be dangerous for travelling fans and fear Putin could exploit the event as part of his propaganda war against the West Repeat: hospital leaks suggest both Yulia and Sergei Skripal have been ‘brain dead’ for at least a week, being kept alive in I.C. on heart and lung machines Double murder ‘by Putin’ to be announced after Easter, to be followed by World Cup boycott by at least UK, Poland, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Australia and Japan


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  • ZEVITIC HERETICS instigated the British Parliamentarian Civil War. ZEVI were a heretic Jewish Rabbi of Turkish origin in Izmir who went all over Europe spreading his luciferian heretic ideas. Where ever he and his followers went the plague would follow and they were the beginnings of Freemasonry and are the British Establishment even to this day. After ZEVI died he was replaced by a Rabbi Franks as their new "messiah" and so the movement became known as Frankism. ZEVI were only their "messiah" so long as he were alive. They hold to the idea that their "messiah" has to be a living man. This is how modern day politics was instituted. They taught and still teach that there is no God and there is no spirit world. ZEVI basically instituted atheism. I recommend that everyone understand that modern Judaism is actually not Judaism at all. The Zionist movement is not Jewish at all. Zionism is actually founded by and having its roots in the atheistic heretic ideas of ZEVI. Hassidic "Hasidim" Jewish reject Zionism for that reason. This is why the six million Hassidic Jewish were persecuted and murdered in the WW2 "holocaust" by those of the atheistic ZEVITIC heresies. The heretical ideas of ZEVI are under pinning Marxism and the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. This is how we know that ZIONISM is essentially the same terrorism as was NAZISM. http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/NeilLove

  • Chamat Spray Art & Tunes says:

    Time our politicians grew some balls and pushed back on the Elites; failing this there will be a REVOLUTION of epic proportions…

  • Among my friends all highly intelligent, professional people who pride themselves on their 'scientific viewpoint' the majority are absolutely sure that Theresa May is right to accuse Putin of murder on English soil, which I find terrifying.

  • Michael Thomas says:

    EVERYONE knows Putin is a vicious dictator / assassin. Everyone knows he is responsible for this inept, incompetent assassination attempt. Everyone knows this because of his hideous track record of murder, corruption and abuse of power. Think Hitler, think Stalin, think Pol Pot, think Putin: a man who hates freedom and hates democracy.

  • Pierre Loubris says:

    Very sad but I have to strike off my list the UK/GBR as a truthful source of info.
    This was an already situation but I had hearsay etc.. but here thanks to Mrs May and Mr Boris Johnson, his stupid eminence.
    He really as a poodle of May and the uS made a total fool of himself. We all chuckle at the way these 2 parties really muddied their names by their action or in connivance with the USA.
    Now all of a sudden Mr Assad name appears again with the nth false flag from the US who have very little intelligence in Syria since the Russian booted them out.
    But the US with the initial loss of the petrodollar as a ruling business has now to bow to the Chinese for their incredible and successful foray in the petrol yuan with the income offer of a yearly 600 to 800 billion income.
    all this because the states are so corrupted and its economy is a war based economy. it needs a war to survive and finally, the state's infrastructures are really stuffed. Roads, bridges, dams and electricity distribution are all standing on 1 leg and with a little more time it will be shown as sabotage for the next 25 times until finally there will be a revolution where the big boys will be hunted down and the CIA closed and very probably the NSA also as corruptions is a norm.
    The USA you had everything in your hand but greed and the usage of "I", the use of I am the person, I am representing the USA.. of nothing. you have fucked it up in less than 100 years, at least the roman took 450 years before they fell.
    Sad bunch of idiots.

  • Pierre Loubris says:

    USA you are not ready for a war unless it is a short war against the congo or nepal or an iland somewhere in the pacific, but the Russian with a 4th of the budget of theuS defence force and no cia or nsa will beat the shit out of you.
    Your tanks are antiquated, your missiles use 35 year old tech and the Russian can stop you with electronic pulse…remeber the best aegis destroyer who in 5 seconds was static in the med. or of course you do not want to remeber. but go to your end and thanks for all the movies

  • Nothing about this story adds up. Why has there been no media information about it other than what the government say?

    There's no pictures of the Skripals, no official statements, nothing. This is far from other stories of poisonings and bizarre murders that have happened in the past. Why was the Skripal's cousin denied an entry visa on the grounds of compassion? Why did the UK veto an investigation in the UN? Why will they not allow Russia access to its own citizens (even under the supervision of police/MI5)?

  • Porton Down is at the cente of every outbreak of "Foot & Mouth" disease in England. When this happens, they cordon off the area and send the army around the local farms. At the slightest sign of infectoin, they exterminate the entire herd on the farm. There's a panic, protests, nationwide scare, millions of animals culled. Every time.

    Here's the thing, which they never say on the news during these outbreaks:

    Foot & Mouth is not a deadly disease. It isn't. It's on a par with a cold. It has a marginal impact on meat quality, that's it. The disease is far more prevalent in Europe, due to land borders and varying national farming practices, and none of them exterminate millions of animals at the first sign of an ill cow. So the claim that we wipe out infected herds because it would impact meat exports is nonsense; any impact would be far out stripped by the cost of destroying so much livestock.

    Should be obvious what I'm driving at here: Every so often, something nasty leaks out of Porton Down. Foot & Mouth is just the cover story.

  • kim warburton says:

    i vouch that the area is heavily militarised
    i also vouch that there is a high-grade pharmacy lab (edited to add; nr salisbury) where they work on vaccines against some nasty viruses n chemicals that have been used in bio warfare (anthrax?) is one im thinking of
    An ex of mine worked as assistant at the lab n ive driven through the militarised area many times as i live 50-odd miles away

  • fight4freedom1000 says:

    Military grade Novochuck. A nerve agent that makes one extremely ill. Weapon of mass diarrhoea! Try Again.

  • The US/UK/France, but mainly the US, create rebellions inside "ennemy countries" for, at least, 70 years. The very well documented example is with iranian president Mohammad Mosaddegh in the fifties, with CIA creating rebellions in the country to overthrow him and they did. The same was done in Irak, Lybia and Syria, and in several other countries in the world. 9/11 is a big obvious example, among other false flag operations ("terrorists acts") inside America made by the FBI (and reported on TV!!! since FBI got caught!). And of course, one must not forget that, in the shadow, and in almost every US operations, Mossad (Israel) is behind (very clearly in the 9/11 event). Everybody in the world, with a modicum of international education, knows that, but the mainstream medias (especially Hollywood, which was controlled by the CIA since 1954, according to CIA itself), lapdogs of the US/UK/France, made their everlasting propaganda pro wars, banks, capitalism, and anti Arabs, Russia and North Corea. They think we are all idiots and they believe we swallow all the official information: they will regret it… dearly…

  • Campbell Morrison says:

    Ok interesting to say the least, I wait to see if this proves to be true but why do you head this as 20 reasons..  I didnt hear 20 reasons ?

  • its a bullshit story to get everyone to hate ussr so they can now after a cem fake attack again so they can go fight assad you do not walk out of hospital after a ussr attack

  • Every time I have criticized Israel or Zionists have resulted in me getting my account banned or shadow banned. All I did was inform people that Israel has teams of doctors and nurses waiting on various beaches in Europe to help immigrants land safely and instruct them on where to find the benefits office etc. Israel wants us to take in masses of Muslims that are not compatible with western values but Israel don't allow any into Israel. They have even airlifted thousands of their illegal immigrants directly to Sweden rather than their homelands. It's the Zionists that have the high opinion of themselves and rate everyone else as cattle who will be killed when they are ready according to the Protocols of the Learned elders of Zion.

  • Quite clearly, this morning, our local (Kent) radio has been asking for pro-war-in-Syria support for America to be phoned in to show public sentiment – which is not there! It's difficult to separate the two scares.

  • It is becoming increasingly obvious that we live in a pantomime put on by inbred idiots who are really not up to the job of making a convincing job of it. Psy-ops just aren't what they used to be these days.

  • If Theresa May and her government are capable of such a false flag event then surely it is time to get rid of them along with the liberals and Labour Party.
    So much corruption and too much power in the hands of parliament.

  • Update: A Swiss lab says it was a BZ agent, made by America. It isn't a deadly agent but incapacitates, more in line with the symptoms observed. I thought if it was a military nerve agent, there should have been many deaths……….

  • im dont with this anti russia, anti china anti korea anti middle east anti anything not white british and royal- propaganda

  • it's just ballshiters as usual trying to get us in to a war . with Russian. but some of us aren't that stupid to believe it .Tony u.k and fuck all you lot in g c h q.

  • Michael Rodney Weddle says:


  • Andrei Moutchkine says:

    That A-234 stuff is supposed to be acting near instantaneously, 30 sec – 2 min. The Skripals spent 1:45 in caffeehouse alone before that bench. Then the policeman is knocked out near instantaneously again? (dunno, you don't hear about him much)

    It was applied to doorknob? Have anyone seen two people unlocking the door / working the doorknob simultaneously? Yet, the two obviously got very similar doses, with symptoms kicking in at the same time and recovering in within a few days (with difference likely due to age difference) There is only one case of sublethal poisoning from Russia (of one of the researchers working on it) and the guy was crippled for life, dying in five years anyway from liver failure. There is supposed to be no recovery even if you live and even more so when given generic remedies like atropine.

  • Truth Matters says:

    After we know that the white helmet was the fake and British prime minister supported that fake story, everybody now believe British faked this incident, too. Such a liar.

  • For anyone who doubts RT active involvement in global events, you haven't been paying attention. Spainbuca proved Russian and RT prior knowledge of MH17 . …at a minimum. Do not doubt that they have staged other agents in critical positions years in advance.

    I view the hosts as unwitting stooges and the crew doing reconnaissance.

    That said, the CIA would have had the novachok from the US decommissioning in Uzbekistan. Dr David Kelley should not be forgotten – he could have blown the whistle on the Ames strain used to scare the bejeezus out of Congress to get the Patriot Act passed. He wasn't just bumped off for whistleblowing on wildly exaggerated wmd "intelligence"!

    When these events occur, what happens is exactly what was supposed to happen. There's some little nerd with all the possible outcome probabilities and his little "game theory" software deciding how next to shape public opinion.

  • Николай Казанский says:

    My hat off to Tony Gosling and his host. It is sad such persons are that few. And, oh, I had never heard the "Wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am" in the context of a military attack, it's good to have learned more English in use

  • Eugenius Williams says:

    excellent analysis by Mr. Gosling. The sooner people in the west come to the true understanding of how their govts, courts, military have been brought under the control of the international private banking cartel based in London, and have never been so controlled as now, and this cartel OWNS and manipulates our western media:, the sooner something may be done to stop these criminals from further destroying our world. Not only a money greedy cabal, but one dominated by an elitist bigoted religious core of warped men, who have used religion for their insane criminal game for ages now. Only by understanding this cult of bankster gangsters can we progress, and stop this insane descent into mass deception which has infested our world.Political correctness is a tool to keep people ignorant, as it stops people asking the essential questions and coming to a correct understanding. Yes we are indeed living in a gangster state. The politicians are all under blackmail to their elite banking masters,who use the intelligence agencies and their foundation think tanks to run their criminal empire.There is so much treason in the top layers of authority! Rather than freemasonry, one should seek in the Sabbatean jewish cult now known as zionism, for the deeper roots. Masonry in certain areas was entirely taken over for the jewish cause of revenge against the whole christian world. This enabled access to the highest ranks of the nobility and royalty, just what this jewish cult, which Christ Himself called the Synagogue of Satan, desired for its plan. In the west we must comprehend all this.!!Fear not the feeble curses of 'anti semite", etc for to be an anti semite in our age is to be anti arab, who are the vast majority of semitic peoples. A meaningless barb when directed at opponents of bigoted zionism, which is the most corrupted form of the jewish religion, and themselves the greatest preachers of arab /moslem hatred! Political Correctness is the greatest corruption in our society, and should be totally ignored so that the truth may be cited.

  • My husband did 24 years in the Army and he was offered to go to Porton Down as a new recruit he said no.

  • What a brilliant interview.I just hope people have woken up as much as you suggest.On the doorsteps people still quote the Murdock lies.I watch everything as I know I need to debate it when campaigning.

  • An ex director of the OPCW has said Porton Down couldn't have analyse Novichok in 24 hours.1 drop would kill dozens of people.

  • Tchinablue Khurvinus says:

    This is the most Stupid act of Theresa May, that has gone crazy world wide ,totally full of lies ,the effect on this Scripal case ,could be very scary and really dangerous ,
    Theresa May ,has totally gone mad and psychotic ,she has no Conscience at all ,selfish and totally stupid and a liar ,,doesn't even thought the dangers she has put her country😁😜😝😛😱👹 stupid lady prime minister ,

  • Tchinablue Khurvinus says:

    America ,UK and allies will drag all her nation's to their doom , for being so Stupid and Greedy and a liar ,stupid countries 😱👹😵😛😜😝😛😜😝😛😁

  • Tchinablue Khurvinus says:

    These False flags that ,the Western and UK has for decades ,been mastering ,will soon go back to them , with total miseries and weeping ,for all the lies and deaths they have created
    to mankind 😁😜😛😝😛😜😝😱👹

  • Glenda Kirby says:

    An excellent expose, and much needed.The Americans are ahead of us in waking up to the fact that the world is run by NWO elites.Big Bankers and Corporations,and the elite classes through their secret societies,the illuminati,are in fact a mega crime syndicate.They have probably engineered every war since the Napoleonic wars, for the wealth generated.They back both sides,weaponise both sides, asset strip what is left, and rebuild.The Rothschilds have banks in every country except Russia,China and Iran.Just one reason why those countries are seen as ripe for picking.Khazarian jews who follow the Talmud,are those who go in for human sacrifice of infants,and sexual depravity.In short we all have swamps,we probably have the biggest of all,and certainly the oldest.It is long overdue for dredging,but is probably too big and too bad to bring down,which bodes badly for us all as it means we are completely at their mercy.Trump,no matter how we rate him,is the only one trying to clear his swamp.It is so corrupt that he will have to clear out his entire justice dept,judiciary,CIA,FBI and Police upper echelons in order to be able to bring criminals to justice.Leaders and politicians who have been committing big bucks crimes and ripping off the people for decades.WAKE UP, and ask your politicians, 'JUST WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?'

  • If you keep repeating a lie often enough it becomes the truth !!! Mass media – tv, newspapers, radio – all owned by the few elite that pump out lies and keep repeating them and the public around the world believe it's the truth. You have no idea of the destruction and anarchy that's about to hit our world soon on a scale that will make all wars throughout history look like a fist fight between two men !!! Look at history, Napoleon – French – trying to conquer Russia, Axis who tried to conquer Russia 100 years later in WW2, do you see now the bigger picture ??? It's Russia again, why ? because Russia holds 70% of the world's oil and gas ! The US / Jews / bankers are going to pull us into our first ever nuclear world war which is going to destroy all of Europe into rubble with every woman and child buried underneath it ! Only civilians die in the wars that politicians, generals + presidents never get to fight in, wars are a money making machine. May God have mercy on you all for letting these elite away with it because you kept quite and closed your eyes out of fear, hell awaits you all for letting hundreds of thousands of woman and defenceless children die because these are the most vulnerable in all wars throughout history. The Valley of Megido is where it's going to start very soon, Napoleon once past through it and said famously that " one day in the future a great world war will be fought here, " Armegedon is derived from " Megido." Our Father who art in heaven…….

  • What I find interesting are whispers that Skripal was involved in the creation of the Trump/Russia/Clinton dossier & it's been suggested Skripal realised its impact & wanted more £££. MI6 involvement & coverup fail then a 'D' notice? What a mess!!!

  • Gerard Vaughan says:


  • Cismale Scumbag70 says:

    As a silly aside to this one of those bunkers in Chilmark Was recently found to be filled with Cannabis after some kind of private sale.

  • Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive .. I'm an intelligent, well researched, discerning born again Christian. Nothing surprises me anymore! I never believe the official narrative, I don't watch TV or read any MSM. The depth of perversion and corruption in government and many sectors is a rotting sewer! I praise God that soon He will return in righteousness and wrath, to destroy every wicked person! He sees EVERYTHING! You can run, but you won't be able to hide – from Almighty God. These elite can hide in their bunkers they've built, but these will collapse around them. No amount of money, your status on earth or worldly power will save you! Many people see right through the evil plans and lies of these so called illuminati..they just think they are enlightened. But they're spiritually dead, lost and in the depths of darkness. Every single person on earth will bow before Jesus Christ when he returns after the Tribulation. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

  • Freemasonry is Luciferian worship. Don't be fooled. The men at the bottom tiers have no clue what goes on in the higher degrees.

  • 6:28 … the evidence is overwhelming… I was the strongest ctnic about this but NOW, Mrs may has totally convinced !!!

    Bog blagoslovit Rossiyu …

  • Isabella Jones says:

    Lots of good stuff but lots of gossip and supposition. The story about Putin and B'sky planning and blowing up an apartment has been pushed by Putin's enemies for years. Not only no evidence but everything about Putin shows a decent compassionate man who loves his people. No way is he a cold blooded murderer of innocent Russians. Gosling should know better than to repeat such crap gossip. Also, he might not know, but Russians dont like foreigners criticising their President. RT may have removed that bit to keep his credit with Russians, believe it or not.

  • bouncer dogsly says:

    I am a social worker and work in hospital discharge. This Skripal case just doesn't add up in term of the hospital admission process. I'll give you an example. Recently we had a man and daughter who were found in the street totally out cold and brought to hospital. They turned out to be street drinkers and drug addicts. Now to treat them it took around 24 hours for medical assessments, all the routine tests. As a matter of routine Police were informed the hospital had no idea who these people were. There was no great rush from Police. The were admitted to a medical bed and after about two days brought round and recovered and they left the hospital. No doubt to go back to streets drinking.
    Now at the Skripal time line. two people found unconscious and taken to hospital. Yes they had ID likely, but why immediately and within hours were they splashed across the news. It was all too fast. It was totally planned. Hospital admission doesn't work like that.
    Then we suddenly hear that the BBC's mark Urban was visiting the Skripals two weeks before the incident, and that Mark Urban's best friend was Mr Skripal's MI6 handler.
    Come on people. This is a false flag operation to demonise Russia.

  • It was reported at the time that Skripal was making amends with Putin and planning a return to Russia. This is MI6/CIA a botched operation by amateurs. If Putin wanted Skripal dead HE WOULD BE DEAD! Does anyone think Russia would botch a simple poisoning? Not a rush to judgement .. an absolute stitch up.

  • When the world is supposedly getting rid of chemical weapons, why is it that Porton Down are expanding their facilities? Apparently they've added more buildings. Not bad considering the global plan to REDUCE this stuff.

  • Ok even my 10 years old daughter know the poisoning is fake ,she even ask me why they are alive ,they suppose to be dead after this kind of poisoning

  • SeekTruthinLight says:

    58:10 is spot on… cowards and control freaks in power. We see their cynical way of accusing people without real proof of guilt. But those who are in error in their way of spirit are the most dangerous because error in the way of spirit is the way of the spirit of death, leading to suffering and death on a mass scale.

  • John Laccohee-Joslin says:

    I am to say the least both feed up and more than anoyed at Gt.Britons stupidity over the farse.
    For all the people who are unaware of the facts that the Government of Gt. Briton are truly very much aware of, but keep the lies going.
    As an ex serviceman may I explain why this is a witch hunt of the sickest kind, which is also making a laughing stock of the country concerned.
    Nerve gas for a start would not be used fron a perfume spray bottle for a very good reason, that being, who ever sprayed it would also get a dose themselves, more than enough to kill.
    It was stated that in the begining these people were found sitting on a park bench, i.e. out in the open where if used as described would have effected a lot of people not just two people, plus of course the person delivering the blow.
    Every serviceman has in his resperator a small package with an injection that one gives oneself if you feel the onset of being contaminated. You do not fuss about, you stick it in anywhere leg arm,anywhere to get tbe antidote I believe its name is Atropean ( the spelling may be incorrect)
    What makes this so stupid is the fact that they really want the public as a whole, to believe that the ecery day medical services also carry this.
    The fact that had it been as described those concerned would have been dead and secondly, it would be very doubtful if the medical services would know they were dealing with nerve gas, and most definitly would not have the antidote in their tool kit.
    Secondly, if sprayed it would have effected a lot more people.
    As said, only a total fool would even contemplate carrying this in a glass bottle, after all, you only need to break it once, so subjecting it to a ride on a plane, who these days are very strick as to what you can have, and this would have been spotted straight away.
    There are enough holes in this farse being played out by an ignorant bunch of old " REDS UNDER THE BED BRIGADE" Despite the fact that Russia is not the big bad boogy man that they are trying so hard to hang on this country, holes big enough to drive a London double decker through, and to keep it up, when in truth what ever was supposed to be used would have long gone by now due to evaporation, rain, wind.
    So why is it the the Government have decided to keep finding new things.
    The two men would if any of this fairy tale were at all true, had hot legged it out of the place, NOT GO BLOODY SHOPPING AFTERWARD,S.
    The fact that there was a fictional film on the subject, so what has the U.K, government done, they have found two men that look just like the men in the film, honestly how stupid.
    The rest of the world is having a quite laugh at all this and I would suspect wondering when America is going to instruct them to drop the subject.
    I would have thought that by now the U.K. would have been aware that they are refered to as Americas lap dog, the first to start barking when told by the master, because that is what all this is about,, its to show the world that despite being a spent force i.e. no longer the british empire, but by being Americas lap dog theey for some reason feel important, its a question of look at us, we are really good friend and best mates with America,and right now that in fact is not the best idea to be that closely involved with the most conflict bent nation in the world.
    Remember, it is America who is the agressor 2000 bases all over the world in someone elses back yard, making themselve a target that like it or not, in the case of a nulcear war those bases have to be the first thing to hit if a country like the Federation of Russia wishes to stand a small chance of serviving, as i said , not by choice, because Russia has NOT occupied someone elses back yard, in fact they have one base outside their own country.
    Its not Russia that has started all the conflict in tbe middle east, and its not the middle eastern countries that have attacked America, so lets put that to bed, its America creating ALL of the conflict, backed by its lap dog and anyone else who is ordered to do so by the U.S. or NATO which in reality is now only a mouthpiece for American propaganda, and quite incapable of acting on its own as in fact it should be doing according to the Yelta agreement where it says something about member states NOT EXPANDING ONE INCH FROM PRESENT POSITIONS, that was at the end of the last war when American boarders were the two great ocean of the world, so if Russia has NOT INCREASED ITS BOARDER and America has to the p I nt of having a base in just about every country in the world, who in honesty is the agressor, with America if anyone tried moving a single unit onto American soil, there would be all hell broke loose , but how many american troops are at the moment in Poland, Hungry, Germany.
    the answer is far too many.
    Great Briton needs to grow up and stop playing silly games which as they have shown thus far they are not at all good at doing, because they cannot remember what they said five minutes ago, and are not very good at getting their fact correct on the subject in hand.
    Anyone who thinks im from Russia is very much out of order, I am from the U.K. but I am dead against liers and trouble makers, we have enough problems in this world without the U.K inventing fairy stories.
    To finish, does nobody find it strage that the two people concerned have not been allowed to say one word even though they are both well and truly alive and well , perhaps its because they may just say something that contradicts the lie the that Gt. BRITON is perpetually telling?

  • The theory you have about Berezovsky having dirt on Putin is wrong. Putin does not play well with oligarchs, they hate his guts, and they also put a bounty on his head with the Bratva. Whenever you hear some bell-end, so called "expert" on Russia in the Western media say Putin is in bed with oligarchs, you know this person doesn't know the first thing about Russia. He would also never agree to any false flag nonsense, certainly not to start the Chechen war, which was started by the US by funnelling Wahhabi jihadists into Chechnia to keep the Russians preoccupied. When Putin came to power the country was on the brink of a second collapse and was beginning to tear at the seams, yet again, not 10 years after it had happened previously already. Some regions even began to print their own currency already. The country was in terrible shape, every government institution was corrupt to the core, lawlessness and criminality ran amok, Russia was in no shape to start any war, they barely handled the first Chechen war, the second they were losing until Putin turned it around with the help of Kadyrov.

    When he came to power, the position of the president was so pathetically weak, he could not stand up to the corrupt oligarchs. Remember who these people are, they came to power during a time of what could comfortably be described as anarchy. During anarchy, the survival of the fittest rules apply, these guys rose to the top, cheating, thieving and murdering their way up, they are no joke. So he couldn't restore the state by going after them. So he told them, you stay out of my way, I will stay out of yours, you start meddling in politics and you are fair game to me, which is exactly what happened to Berezovsky and later Khodorkovsky. The latter was described as one of the most dangerous people in not just Russia, but Europe, that is, before Putin went after him, after which he was hailed as a beacon of liberal reform inside Russia, being prosecuted because he is political opposition to Putin, which is a load of horsecrap. The biggest enemies Putin has are still within his own government, after 18 years of wrestling with them, he barely got control of 50-60% of the country, the rest is in the hands of the 5th columnists, who still think Russias future is in the West. Check out the Saker, he is an ex military analyst who has his finger on the pulse on inter Russian politics.

    Berezovsky was killed in Britain, Litvinenko was killed in Britain, Skripal was "almost" killed in Britain, Russia is not responsible for any of this. The British elites have traditionally been even more Russophobic than the American ones, they do not need convincing to throw dirt at Russia. Theresa May has her hands full with Brexit, which is turning into an absolute disaster thanks to her incompetence, what better way to take the countries mind off of it, and eyes off of her, by producing an external enemy? "Oh hey, the Russians are hated by the Americans, whose backside we desperately need to stay in so we crawl even deeper inside it by throwing our own accusations at them." Litvinenko probably ran out of fumes after years of drip feeding the MI6 with information, so he decided to prove his usefulness once more by stealing Polonium 210 from Russia and poisoned himself in the attempt, which is only available in Russia, just FYI, again, "Russia must be responsible because the poison is theirs," horsecrap. Then he got an offer which he gladly accepted, your family will be compensated after you're gone, if you use what little time you have left to point the finger eastwards, which he did without hesitation. Like you said before, if Russia wanted him dead, he'd be dead, not exposed to TV cameras world wide 24 hours a day, telling tales of how Putin killed him. As good a theory as any of the ridiculous stuff the Brits presented.

    Putin is not even 1/100th the villain he is being portrayed as, not saying he is an angel, but compared to the war criminals roaming the streets of London and Washington, he is a rainbow farting unicorn. Blood soaked mass murdering terrorists like Bush, Blair, Obama, Rumsfeld, Cameron, Clinton and many, many, many more come to mind.

  • christopher briscoe says:

    Excuse me, I agree with everything you are saying, except one thing: that Geezer who compiled that dossier is Christopher Steele not Jonathan.

  • Bellingcat is as credible as Beckhams new hair they take info from armchair detectives or some bloke in the pub said so it must be true and why has no one picked up on the cctv footage from inside the collectors shop that they stopped to look at the coin display, The CCTV video is in the on line Daily Mail not even they have mentioned that the direction they are walking is from the Cathedral toward the train station which contradicts the narrative from Theresa May every map produced of their movements and CCTV locations that recorded them have neglected to include the location of the shop that is the opposite side of town would the location and recorded time contradict the official story that they never visited the cathedral that is approximately 200 meters in the direction they walked from and at what time was the footage taken as there is no time date stamp on the footage none of the official maps drawn up showing where they were and time neglect to show the shop they were filmed outside of WHY. LINK https://youtu.be/dgzG4hYatTE


  • Only one reason its a FAKE.
    It was invented by a bunch of bungling oafs. As the narrative deepens the foundations collapse.
    Pathetic May !!

  • i'm now wondering how much one can talk about the ruling class without mentioning the words class or bourgeoisie, instead he says cult several times and gives a reference to freemasonry.

    Which begs the question what f'ing planet are you on mate ?

  • Board: Alexander Downer (FusionGPS Report), Frank Giustra (Uranium One, top Clinton Foundation donor), General McRaven (Drone Strikes), George & Alex Soros (Jacob Rothschild co-investor in Helios Towers Africa with Madeleine Albright), Larry Summers (stand-in for David Rockefeller), Pickering (Trilateral Commission), General Wesley Clark, Carl Bildt.


  • RUSI, where the baroness Lynn Forester de Rothschild explains Madeleine Albright´s phrase "America, The Indispensable Nation".


    11 March 2013, 13:00

    A lecture by Lady Lynn Forrester de Rothschild, Chief Executive, E.L. Rothschild LLC. In her lecture, Lady de Rothschild will examine current political trends in the United States and how these may impact upon American foreign, defence and security policy over the next four years and beyond.

    With the beginning of the second term of the Obama administration and a new national security team taking power in Washington, Lady Lynn Forrester de Rothschild will reflect upon the concept of *the United States as the 'indispensable nation', a term coined by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

  • Cheryl Brandon says:

    Corporate Fake Media are hiding up all this information. Presstitutes= collaborators. the 4th Estate has become the 5th Columner

  • circumstantial evidence to support their own theory. masses will never know the truth. it is food for speculations . nothing else.

  • I saw a news story regarding this. The area was barriered off, men in full hazchem suits and what looks like 20 meters infront of them people sitting on a park table and seem to be eating their lunch. Also, how can you trust Shripal? He has already shown he is fine with selling out his country.

  • Gove , May , Boris, now say nothing about their glorious victory in Salisbury… their story was…'Yes we let in two known Russian agents, through Gatwick carrying 'Novichok', then we watched as they try to kill one of our assets, we then cured the asset with aspirin,of course we immediately new it was Putin and we gave him a jolly good telling off!'

  • the real crime is the media, that instead of ripping this nonsense to pieces they do everything they can to promote it.

  • GenerationOfTrueSeekers says:

    this conversation didnt convict me, knowing that russia spend 16 bil on propaganda. do you guys saw that gru agent interview? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwbY9O_zMe4

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