2 Transfers This Week! Man Utd Transfer News

2 Transfers This Week! Man Utd Transfer News

hello everybody and welcome to the United stand this is your latest Manchester United transfer news where we talk about all the latest United news and give it that real fan opinion and it's a big week it's a big week I like the Monday morning transfer show because it's the start of the new week it's a new page two weeks ago I said I didn't feel like United we're gonna make a signing and we didn't lit this time last week I said I think we will make one and we did this week I'm gonna really stretch my neck out like a giraffe and say I think we're gonna make two signings this week so that is quite a big statement but I have a feeling I have a feeling we will the hotter meters back we've got certain players want to talk about but this is a big week for Manchester United they're back in training today not all the players but most of them are and we're going on tour in what six seven days time so we want new signings to be on that plane we know that Daniel James is on it we know that are on one pisacas on it but that's just a drop in the ocean really we still haven't got ascends back we still haven't got two midfielders and we still haven't got a right wing solution so what will we do at any of those deals this week I think that we will do we'll talk about some of them in field options in a moment but let's start off with the hata meter on the right as you can see the way that works we've had it throughout the transfer window so far each player well the top seven players I personally think we're gonna sign ranked out of 10 or a percentage so Bruno Fernandez he's currently number one he's been on the hotter meter all transfer window since May the 1st he's been there he's now up to 80% chance 8 out of 10 you've got Shaun Longstaff I really do think the rumors are true about him I whether I want him or not whether he's a risk or not I think there's too much smoke around and Shaun Longstaff and I think Manchester United are that smoke so 80% chance for him as well then you move on to the center back situations we will sign a centre back but who will it be Harry Maguire I put slightly ahead of Coulibaly Coulibaly is really and clearly Polly's in there because he's a it's not an agenda that's not the word it's a theory I have about Coolibar Lee he's got to push the move if he doesn't push the move napoli don't want to sell but you know I do want kuta bali I just think they maybe they think they can't get him but if Coolibar Lee pushes the move he's got to be the number one centre back choice so he's on there Harry Maguire I think he's going to move easy going to Man City as many people think or have Manchester United got a shout out getting him so that the Harry Maguire 50/50 chance for him as well then you move into the thirty seven thirty percent players Tillman's I think all of us here watching today would take Yuri telemon's one or all of us is always going to be people who wouldn't but Yuri telemon's twenty two shown that he's Premier League proven can do the defensive work but also he's got the creativity the goals the drive the tenacity it's a big word that for me and the Manchester Knight midfield that we miss yes I would like telemon's but he's down thirty percent and I think telemon's would like the move to Manchester United but just feels like it's a popper dependent move for telemon's I think that the two midfielders were looking at a long staff and Fernandez and I don't think we'll bring in three if pogba stays big big week for Pogba of course Gareth Bale I Gareth Bale has been in at 30% the whole of the transfer we know and I refused to move him till August the 8th regardless of what happens because I just feel that if we need a right wing option Edward would would love Gareth Bale if Gareth Bale you know I don't necessarily want it to happen as I said on Saturday night if it's him or nobody then I would take him but I keep him in there 30% and then Ben Yoda a new entry we spoke about him last night more talked about him over the weekend that he could be a target for United especially for the cargoes so Ben yeda makes an entry at number seven thirty percent chance maybe some people think it's a higher chance with Ben yellow but for me I don't know I just don't trust that news story to be honest with you yeah but maybe it can grow into something so we get him in there and see how he goes but let's talk about today's players that are on the bottom gonna start off with Christian Eriksen over the weekend more talk that Manchester United would move for Christian Eriksen if Paul Pogba left Manchester United now look I think if Paul Pogba was to leave Manchester United you'd be looking at two players on the screen there I don't think you replace pogba with one player that's not how it's going to work he is whether we like it or not is that supposed to be the star player of our team he got a lot of goals and assists last year I think to replace pogba with one player would be a mistake for United Papa carries that midfield in many ways and I think it would take two players to replace him so if we bought Bruno Fernandez and Longstaff in if pogba staying Papa goes I think you need another two as well so I would be bringing maybe Eriksson and telemon's in but you know we know United the problem he wouldn't do that would a welcome Christine Erickson at Manchester United no 27 years of age he's banging his prime if you're talking about assists and goals he's got that in him he's a brilliant set peace taker can score free kicks he can take corners so of court and his Premier League proven so of course Christian Eriksen at Manchester United would be a very very welcome addition there is no escaping that fact I think the issue with Christian Eriksen is one whether when he's saying or we hear that he's saying that he wants a new challenge we've heard that before and whether his new challenge would be leaving Tottenham Hotspur Champions League finalists and to come to Manchester United is that about a new challenge or is that about the money um I think Eric's who's probably thinking he's better than a Spurs option and maybe thinking round Madrid or a PSG or something like that I don't think he's thinking man chest you know it so that's the first hurdle but if he is thinking about Manchester United great he's a good player the second hurdle there and it's a considerable hurdle is Spurs dealing with Manchester United I think over the years we haven't really dealt with him that much recently and Berbatov I think was the last one Michael Carrick as well comes to mind but they Daniel Levy drives a hard bargain at Spurs and selling to a Premier League rival he's never gonna go down well I've put a fee of 60 million there because I think that's a fair price because Kristine Erickson's got one year left on his contract however I think United would get quoted silly money like 80 million or 90 million which he's probably worth if he's got three or four years left on his contract but a player who's got one year left on his contract and he's refusing to sign a contract I think that that would you know 60 millions the limit for him would Spurs do business with Manchester United I don't think so I don't think so having said that I think Ericsson may well leave Spurs if you've got a player who won't sign a contract and in January he's going to be free to talk to anybody wants it in Europe and you know he's only gonna be 28 in January he is a player that in the market I can say with three years left on his contract he's probably worth 80 million is me so Spurs can dig their feet in as much as they'd like but if Ericsson won't sign a contract they're gonna have to do a deal with somebody Spurs looking to bring in Lashelle so and then ballet themselves so you know they've got their replacements lined up Ericsson could be available I would take him it United but I wouldn't take him over at Bruno Fernandez that's for sure I'd bring him in if Pablo was going to go maybe he's an option get your comments in below another play that we've been linked to is even racket itch and a serious over the weekend apparently a serious serious offer has come in from Manchester United this is coming from sport in who are a Spanish outlet they're quite good to be fair I I look we have been rut linked to racket each quite a lot over the last few months and it worries me slightly because this is not what man just you know it are meant to be all about anyway even if you look at the leaked email from Ed Wood Wood of the weekends it's meant to be about exciting players to come as Manchester United and I think by exciting they're talking about up-and-coming players which we're going to talk about last and in a minute and so I don't see racket itch fitting into that when he's 31 racket each is a good player but he doesn't really he doesn't appetize me for Manchester United have got to be honest I think that even if he came in and pulled up trees he's only gonna do it for one maybe two years and then he's gonna decline rapidly I don't think we need a 31 year old midfielder in the Premier League we did this which wine Steiger and Schweinsteiger did come to United with a good reputation but couldn't live up to the league and racket itch I fear would be the same we got a glimpse of that in the game and field where he got absolutely dominated by the speed and pet and press of Liverpool it's not the sort of signing you know it needs to be making it's a short-term fix fix it's a band-aid it's a plaster on major surgery it's not gonna do the job in the long term I would rather that we went and got a long staff than a racket ish so for me I don't I don't want racket I don't know what you think but we have to mention it because it's being mentioned that the serious offer has been made by Manchester United but where the racket each fancies Manchester United himself if he's got his head screwed on he'd probably think wow Manchester on is a very tough job do I want to be going there in that midfield in the Premier League 3103 hundred round a week you said sign me up so we'll see we'll see what happens with that and the next play want to talk about is Jacob Bruin Larson I must admit I don't know loads about him I have heard of him obviously he's a sort of up-and-coming player 20 years of age um for Borussia Dortmund I mean the one I want Jaden Sancho but he's interesting he's interesting he's quick he's skillful he's six foot you know I had mentioned in relation to him over the weekend what he would bring to Manchester Night is difficult I mean he's right footed but predominantly has played either off the bench for Dortmund or on the left-hand side of their midfield so again left-sided but could play right-sided and he does fit he does fit with what Manchester United apparently are trying to do which is up-and-coming players who could become star players of the future and I think Dortmund are brilliance of this aren't they they are absolutely brilliant acquiring these sort of players and do I think United are in for him no would I be excited if you know I'd ring for him I think look I think if you can grab a young player from Dortmund like that they are very very good very very good developing players so look he'd be very very interesting for you now and I've put a price of 40 million there but I don't really think there's anything in that story if I'm totally honest with you but he's certainly an exciting young player and he's certainly a player that I think Manchester United and it wouldn't surprise me if we went and did that sort of deal but I don't think we will be I really don't so give us your thoughts on him in relation to that but look I think with regards to this week for Manchester United as we were speaking about last night it's a very very interesting week ahead I think the midfield is a priority I think if you look at Sean Longstaff and Bruno Fernandez if they were the only midfielders we brought in are we in a better position than we were last season because Herrera and Fellini left if you had long staff at Bruno Fernandez are we in a better position I would say that we are and I'm going to be positive on that I think with Bruno Fernandez if we can get this thing done he brings so much he brings a lot of creativity we didn't have that last season if you look at the midfield for United's last season we didn't have creativity it was Paul Pogba and that was it Fred didn't deliver Herrera is not really was not really an attacking player as much I liked him matam knee the same Matich know Pereira is he good enough so Bruno Fernandez if he plays up to even half of his potential will bring goals creativity and set peace delivery which is great so if you had popper on the left-hand side of the midfield a through no Fernandes on the right-hand side of midfield and Matic I won't bring the midfield that is still I think a better midfield than last year you added in Sean Longstaff unknown quantity what can he bring depth hopefully well scouted talent and I do think you you know I think I think it I think brilliant Fernandes and Sean Longstaff are an upgrade on Herrera and fellaini I do think that because of what they bring won the potential to be really good the young player Longstaff and Bruno Fernandez just to take to give us something else from that midfield because everything's on papa of course if Papa goes if Papa goes you've got to bring somebody in and for me I think the Ericsson delist is interesting I just don't know whether we could do it Yuri telemon's is would be great as well what we do know is that end em ballet is going to Spurs we know that Rabi O's gone to your Ventus so options are thinning out and that for me is why you know it are probably gonna have to try and strike an agreement with pogba this week to stay for a year no don't give him a new contract I don't think I would be appalled I don't know about you I would be appalled if you know it give pulper a new contract because he's only here for the money then he doesn't really want to be here and he wants a new challenge and if you're just giving him in a ridiculous way just to stay I don't think that's right I think he should be allowed his move but giving him in a year and try and get another year out of him here at United whilst we plan for replacing him next year because I really do think you know we speak about pogba in like well you know he needs better players around him I do think that if we did add Bruno Fernandez since that midfield with him a creative player it would really really help anyway we will be live today if there's any developments of course we're back again at 8 o'clock tonight it's the return of the discord show so I'll drop the link in the video an invite to discord so you can get yourselves in there ready and tonight at 8 o'clock we will be taking your calls really looking forward to that smash a like on the video everyone subscribe if you are new and get your comments in below do you believe like me that we will sign two players this week if so who and what do you think about the players that we mentioned on the show I'll speak to you soon thanks for watching


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