15 Talkback Navigation Gestures / Low Vision Assistive Tech Tips


11 thoughts on “15 Talkback Navigation Gestures / Low Vision Assistive Tech Tips”

  • blindman cybercave says:

    hi chickie your videos are very cool love your voice as well keep it up please from johnny blindman cybercave goto that on facebook also johnny plays the keys injoy need more blind people like us for sure thanks again {lacyia win10-5}

  • Gerald Carter says:

    I am new to this video broadcast. I am glad I finally found someone who can teach and show blind users how to use accessible programs. I hope you can show and tell about other accessible apps for Android users. I am a new Android user and am looking for apps I can put on my phone that would be useful to me.

  • Matt92 Machine says:

    I'm an apple user, and I've been curious on how talk back works on Android. I've not used it since 2011, and it was awful. Seems to have improved a lot since then. I'm happy with voiceover on iPhone, but it's good to see that blind android users aren't being left behind.

  • MS. Chill Type says:

    Hi, would you happen to have any knowledge of the LGV 20? I'm trying to use the keyboard and the keypad as a low vision user. Would you know anything about that or any suggestions on how to customize the keyboard and the keypad? Thank you

  • Janelle Ramdass says:

    hi I was wondering if TalkBack now tells u if your recipient on whatsapp has read your msg like it does on iOS?

  • Waqas Ramzan says:

    You are the best youtube channel manager for blind and VIPs out there! Keep up the good work and stay blessed!

  • thank you so very much it's amazing how little of this information is actually available. keep up the great work! ☺ will be sharing with no question!!!

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