12AM | CNN Newsroom 7/27/19 [FULL] | President Trump Breaking News Today July 27, 2019

12AM | CNN Newsroom 7/27/19 [FULL] | President Trump Breaking News Today July 27, 2019

funds CNN CNN Sara Westwood is at the White House with how the president is reacting to the decision Sara that's right Fred and president Trump is of course declaring victory after the Supreme Court decision yesterday he took to Twitter last night writing Wow big victory on the wall the united states supreme court overturns lower court injunction allows southern border wall to proceed big win for border security and the rule of lund this was a narrow five to four decision that split along ideological lines with the conservative majority writing that they didn't really believe that the challengers to the president's efforts to use the Pentagon money had the legal right to do so so that may give you some indication of how the Supreme Court will rule when this case ultimately comes back to it but keep in mind Fred that this could be a temporary win for president Trump because the Supreme Court's ruling only that President Trump can use that 2.5 billion dollars while this lawsuit continues to work its way through the lower courts not that the Trump administration is ultimately correct in its efforts to try to reprogram this military funding so the ultimate verdict fred is still to be seen but clearly a big win for this administration all right and then the president took time you know to tweet out a pretty nasty you know attack on a member of Congress on Twitter and this time it is he targeted the House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings writing this you know Cummings district is a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess if he spent more time in Baltimore maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous and filthy place and of course now Sarah congressman Elijah woods I mean Elijah Cummings has responded what's he saying that's right Fred the Democratic chairman of the House Oversight Committee hitting back at president Trump's attacked this morning writing on Twitter mr. president I go home to my district daily each morning I wake up and I go and fight for my neighbor's it is my constitutional duty to conduct oversight of the executive branch but it is my moral duty to fight for my constituents this could be rooted in the fact that Cummings as the chairman of the Oversight Committee last week grilled acting head of DHS Kevin McLean anon the conditions at camps along the southern border and right before the president sent this tweet on Fox & Friends the president's favorite morning program there was a segment about some of the dilapidated buildings in parts of Baltimore of course we should note that Cummings district very diverse it encompasses all kinds of locales urban ones rural ones affluent one so the president's attack not accurate and drawing a lot of criticism Fred for the racial notes in that attack all right that of course in Elijah Cummings has been vociferous you know in his pursuit to investigate the financial dealings of the President and this is clearly the president expressing he's not happy all right Sarah Westwood thank you so much appreciate that so as president Trump openly feuds with House Democrats there calls for his impeachment are growing louder and after a special counsel Robert Muller's testimony this week there are now 101 House Democrats on board for an impeachment inquiry CNN's Manu Raju is on Capitol Hill with how this divided among Democrats is playing out a major step forward for House Democrats as they decide whether to impeach President Donald Trump in a new lawsuit the House Judiciary Committee told a federal judge it needs secret grand jury information gathered by robert muller because articles of impeachment are under consideration as part of its investigation although no final determination has been made after weeks of intense democratic debate about next steps to fight the president chairman Jerry Nadler and members of his committee said their probe is essentially the same as a formal impeachment inquiry just saying there's no difference between what you're doing now in an impeachment inquiry correct in fact this is an impeachment investigation we're now crossing a threshold with the filing Nadler told reporters the only difference is that his committees investigation is broader than an impeachment inquiry but acknowledged the end result could be the same we are going to see what remedies we could recommend including the possibility of our we're not limited to that but that's very much the possibility as a result of what we're doing the development comes amid growing Democratic divide over how to move forward in the aftermath of Muller's appearance before the house in which he testified about alleged crimes committed by the president but failed to deliver the commanding performance that many Democrats were hoping for after the hearing Speaker Nancy Pelosi renewed her push to fight the white house in court but in what allies see is a shift she's sounding open to the possibility of impeachment some of your Democratic colleagues believe you're simply trying to run out the clock on impeachment option lock let's get sophisticated about this okay okay but how long fights will take we won't proceed when we have what we need to proceed not one day similar there advocacy for impeachment when it gives me leverage so I'm willing to take whatever heat there is there to say when we run the decision will be made in a timely fashion this isn't endless Democrats have increasingly voiced concerns that the window is closing on launching an impeachment proceeding I would certainly like to see us move more expeditiously the House Judiciary Committee said it also may file a lawsuit as soon as next week to try and force former White House Counsel Don Magan to cooperate with its probe into potential obstruction of justice after President Trump instructing Magan not to comply with its subpoena for weeks sources say Navarez privately argued to Pelosi their hand in court would be strengthened if they launched a formal impeachment probe but publicly he stood by her side could there be a point though mr. chairman where you break from the speaker and you announce publicly your support for impeachment we may decide to recommend the articles of impeachment at some point we may not it remains to be seen and there's no point speculating on whether the speak or anybody else will agree with our decision at that point now one thing that speaker has not been staying in recent days as that is essentially for the democratic-led house to move forward and Pietschmann proceedings because if they were to approve of it it would die in the republican-led Senate she likes you've been saying that for weeks but it simply has dropped that message in the last several days also I am told that new language in the lawsuit saying the House Judiciary Committee is considering moving forward with articles of impeachment I'm told the speaker signed off on that language Manu Raju CNN Capitol Hill alright Congress now in August session back September 9th but still there's a lot to talk about and there still could be lots of action even in those more than 40 days so with me now a White House correspondent for the Atlantic Elena plot and Julian Zelizer a historian at Princeton University and CNN political analysts good to see you both all right so in this very long you know recess you know the pressure that many of these members of Congress will feel will be palpable and you know I'm Julian what do you mean you know when you write that they will be getting an earful from people and the decision about whether to impeach or not really could be changed based on what they hear from their constituents well there's a lot of talk about what investigation will entail and can the public be educated from congressional hearings but a lot of what also happens is still back in the district and members are now going back to their districts and I think speaker Pelosi is watching what happens they are watching what happens and if moderate Republic rats or Democrats were not yet openly for impeachment here a lot of feedback from activists from constituents that could actually have an impact that statements from Washington can't have and if there's silence I still think come September you'll have more investigation but we'll be a long way from impeachment so so Elena's speaker Pelosi says you know getting more information is vital you know despite this growing number of dams on board with impeachment you know does the the caucus still seem in step however with her caution they really don't have a choice Fred but what you hear from sources in the Democratic caucus is they don't feel that speaker Pelosi can continue squaring this idea that you know president Trump is a threat to the fabric of American democracy he has committed multiple crimes and yet we're not going to impeach so at a certain point there's frustration building within the caucus that she has to choose one or the other and I think what you're going to see over August recess is exactly as Julian pointed out you're going to have constituents pressuring their members to say you've got to choose one and how are we going to move forward yes so Julian how long can these you know two very different states you know of being continued well there's no timetable I mean even discussions of that is somewhat artificial it's more just a political calculation and so the big calendar issue that's hanging over this is the election and the deeper we get into the debates and and more importantly the caucuses and primaries more Democrats will be less willing to invest in this anymore and they'll want to turn their attention to other issues ultimately it's about the speaker's decision here if she does not put her force behind this and use the impeachment word with certainty I don't think it's going to happen regardless of let congressman Nadler sane and so that's what the timetable is it's about politics and so Elena is the president kind of using this you know uncertainty if you want to call it that you know to his advantage particularly on the campaign trail well of course he is because the problem that Democrats made in their calculation with bringing on Moeller is that to testify would have to suggest that what was in his report already wasn't enough to indict the president in a sense that they actually needed yeah except those Dems argued that it's not that they necessarily wanted him to say more it's just that the general you know consensus was Americans were not reading the report and they needed to hear the report as opposed to counting on Americans to read it but and and and unfortunately that just didn't happen as Muller told them ahead of the hearing I'm not going to read straight from this report I'm not going to be a prop in any way so even at a performance level it just wasn't what they were hoping for so if to the extent that Donald Trump can go on the trail and say this was supposed to be the clarion call for an impeachment translated by robert muller that just didn't happen yeah okay and then now you've got the Supreme Court ruling very favorable to the president even though it isn't you know complete but it does open up the window for the president you know to use military money to help begin you know on building a wall and Julian this certainly is going to revive you know his mantra that was very familiar 2016 he can now say it with different kind of certainty on the 20/20 trail that's true it's a temporary victory but it's it's one that will matter he is a president who loves and relishes symbols that's that's how he sends his message out there often about race but they're sometimes about walls and so now he can move forward he can say he's building it he'll claim the Supreme Court has basically sided with him and Democrats were wrong it's also a loss if this will stick for congressional power because this is a real big power reach for the executive branch and at least right now the courts have said move forward yeah all right Julian Zelizer Elena plot thanks so much to both of you good to see you thank you all right still ahead of Robert Muller gave a dire warning about threats to the US election system Robert says all 50 states were the target of cyber attacks in the 2016 elections and it is warning the same thing is going to happen in 2020 that bipartisan reports show follows this exchange during Robert Muller's testimony this week do you find evidence to suggest they'll try to do this again oh it wasn't a single attempt they're doing it as we sit here and they expect to do it during the next campaign the heavily redacted report says states should have backup paper ballots in 2020 and there should be better communication with the Department of Homeland Security juliette km is for more assistance gerri of the Department of Homeland Security in the Obama administration Anthony Ferrante is a former FBI special agent and he also served as director for cyber incident response to the National Security Council from 2015 until 2017 are you good to see you both so the Senate just blocked two separate bills that would have ramped up election security so Juliet is this not a five-alarm fire that is burning and needs attention absolutely it is it's quite remarkable what Senate Majority Leader McConnell is doing if you actually look at the statutes most of the language is pretty aspirational at urges states to share information share information with the Department of Homeland Security provides training and resources the one piece of it that clearly is what McConnell is worried about is that it requires anyone who's part of a campaign if they are approached or share information with it with a foreign entity they have to disclose that to federal authorities so in other words if like what happened in 2016 the Russians approached the campaign you're supposed to tell the FBI McConnell clearly doesn't look that and look I said I believe at this stage the only reason why McConnell is doing this is because he believes that Trump cannot win without the Russians help there's just there's no rational explanation except for in 2020 he believes Trump will be stronger with the Russians help mm-hmm and that seems to be the kind of conventional wisdom but Anthony you're shaking your head no yeah it's just baffling to me I mean this is just a great example of our government leaders not having an imagination not having not fully appreciating the threat that we're facing to deny these states this funding it's just laughable to me I mean what we're telling them is you are okay you were well-funded well-positioned to defend yourself from the Russian government which is just laughable to me I've spent the last two-and-a-half years meeting with dozens of state officials talking about this very issue in every single state that I meet with says to me we need help we're not getting the help we need from the federal government we need we need financial resources and technical resources to shore up our systems and and this is just laughable yeah more than laughable it's frightening juliette so what are states to do when they hear that they may not be able to rely on you know federal assistance well let me give a little bit of the half glass full day lots of states have been fully aware of their vulnerabilities have been trying to close them the second they've been looking at redundancies like paper so if you're on electronic system you would also have paper they're doing training and incident response so if something does happen the day of they they would be well of it well aware of it and disclose it but you know just Anthony's point this is this is like telling states that you're under physical threat from the Russians the Russians are going to attack you literally physically attack you and you're fine on your own right we would never do that and but because the Republicans are not viewing this as a national security threat but as a political issue honestly that's how they view it they are not helping the states so anything what kind of recourse will states have I mean you know this is this is a colossal undertaking you know especially since so many have eliminated the whole paper ballot they thought electronics was more economical and now to you know have that as a backup what are the recommendations I mean it's it's a tough it's a tough topic really because the way these elections are run is each state is going to do them differently how they see fit right States states are very adamant I know what our voters want and so we're going we're going to give them what our voters want and that's great as they should the issue we have is that this threat is ongoing as Special Counsel Mahler said during his testimony the Russians are probing our systems at this very moment right now they're doing it you're talking about defending ourselves from a nation-state and in what's more is now that the Russians have proven that it can be done now that we're going to be many other nation states that try to do the exact same thing it cannot underestimate this threat Julia where do you see this going so I I mean I think that there's going to be a shaming aspect to this I mean I I know whatever the political discussion is about Muller I thought he was quite effective in laying out what vol.1 said about the Trump campaign and the Russians I mean he essentially said it was beyond disturbing the connections with WikiLeaks in the Trump campaign you follow the one-two punch the next day of course being the Senate Intel report and I think that in some ways that there's going to just have to be a very strong discussion by Democrats that essentially just gets to do you think right talking to the Russians is okay I think that that's the only salvage that they have right now given that McConnell is sort of you know intent on having the Russians assist or at least be having the states be vulnerable for Trump in 2020 so so so Anthony do you see that you know Russia or even other countries have the ability you know to hack into to actually change vote counts absolutely they've already demonstrated it I mean the report highlights what what took place in the state of Illinois systems the report specifically walks through about how the the voter registration rolls war were were exfiltrated were pulled from the state systems if they were exfiltrated that means they could be manipulated okay so so and that's just one piece of the of the whole election election ecosystem from from from voters registering to vote to cashing their vote on Election Day to actually reporting votes and that's exactly what the report said that these adversaries they exploited the scenes of the of this ecosystem and in how these systems work together and so we're absolutely vulnerable to these threats Anthony Ferrante Juliet kam thanks to both of you appreciate it you hot in the middle here as Canadian police continue to aggressively pursue these two individuals that were last seen in and around this this tiny town here which would have been on Monday when their vehicle was discovered and this search continues to intensify all weekend long police will be going door-to-door in that community not only as a way to reassure those residents but also to try to track down any leads since they haven't turned any significant ones so there's that meanwhile the terrain in and around the area Fred this is almost as north as you can go here it's extremely remote extremely rural you walk out of any building according to what we've heard from residents and you're surrounded by their woods or or wetlands or both so as you're about to hear from one of the members of the community here in his opinion it would certainly take an incredible amount of experience and equipment to try to survive the elements alone it's nasty I worked out there I did some diamond drilling there 2530 years ago and you know if the Bears don't get them the bugs will they're gonna be wet and cold now probably a little bit desperate if they're still alive if they're still live that certainly is also a question that authorities are asking themselves right now we should mention that authorities during their most late late latest release of information not only released this brand-new surveillance video that was shot apparently about six days ago but they also are saying that they believe that a resident in gilliam may have unknowingly assisted these two at some point in the last few days not knowing who they were that they were wanted this could have potentially been some assistance on the side of the road so they are releasing this video hoping that someone somewhere may have recognized them and could step forward to provide the crucial clue because in the meantime Fred the residents of this tiny community are basically not only afraid according to what we've heard from one of the officials there but it's also the not knowing whether or not they're still in the town that continues to to concern to worry them right all right Pollos end of all thank you so much thanks eight people are dead this morning after back-to-back earthquakes hitting the northern Philippines the US Geological Survey says a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck in Bhutan's province then about 20 minutes later a second earthquake hit the same area some homes were reduced to rubble and a church sustained damage to its facade and steeple no tsunami warnings have been issued and new video of the San Diego Coast Guard chasing down suspected drug smugglers in the video the suspects were seen throwing large bags from their high-speed boat the Coast Guard says in all 2,300 pounds of cocaine seized in this chase the hall made up part of the 26 thousand pounds of drugs the Coast Guard Cutter steadfast offloaded yesterday the Coast Guard says an estimated 350 million dollars worth of cocaine was seized between late June and mid-july off the coast of Mexico and Central and South America alright coming up with just days ago before the CNN debates candidates are not slowing down on the campaign trail a u.s. teen has been released after about three weeks in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody CNN's Nick Valencia talked to him about his harrowing experience but on Cisco Galicia is home at last but the reminders of his detention are never far away sitting in his South Texas home the 18 year old American says what he went through should never have happened even if immigration officials allege he's partly to blame immigration officials say that there was confusion about your status because there was conflicting documents do you think that this was about the documents or do you think that this was about something else they thought they were superior I think it was like a certain type of racism deployed on him for three weeks he slept on the concrete with nearly 70 others who were doing the same they didn't even treat you like human beings he survived off bologna sandwiches and says every three to four days he was given a wet wipe to clean himself you didn't shower I don't know I loved for 23 days you didn't shower for 23 days for the winter today yes for 23 days it's a bad diet I lost 30 pounds in his 27 days in custody Galicia said no one ever believed he was American at one point tired of trying to explain himself he considered self deported to Mexico they just messed with your mind see how explain a letter that I'm in a sandal me the truth threatening me that they were gonna press charges charges for falsifying documents the whole time insulting me that how could I not know where I was from this all started on June 27th when Galicia along with his brother and two friends left their home in Edinburgh and headed north they were stopped at a checkpoint in Falfurrias about a hundred miles north of the border while on their way to Ranger College in Central Texas for a soccer camp Alicia who was born in the US but grew up in Mexico was carrying documents proving he was an American but he also carried a tourist visa that mistakenly listed his birth country as MEC ago this individual provided conflicting reports regarding status of citizenship after being apprehended situations including conflicting reports from the individual and multiple birth certificates can and should take more time to verify CBP and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a joint statement Wednesday galicia thinks border agents would have believed he was american if not for his broken English there are gonna be people that watch this interview and say that you live in the United States you're an American you should be speaking English what do you you smile what do you say to those people I don't speak English but I'm gonna learn it and I'll speak it later is this a more of a reason to learn English now yeah I have to learn it to talk to everyone and everyone so that the next time this happens they'll believe me acaba see I'm a Koran somehow he's able to laugh about his time in custody which he said ended after media picked up his story but just a few days removed from detention he spends a lot of time thinking about those who aren't as lucky our president talks about how there's a lot of bad actors a lot of a lot of people that are here to do harm among those that are coming to this country but you're telling me you felt more scared being in the presence of the isis officials and the officials immigration officials than you did with the migrants when you were when you were there how many of the migrants would you say we're here to do harm to the United States we know and Nan wanted to come to do harm it all came in search for a better future after being locked up with them he now considers some of them friends he keeps a handful of phone numbers on tiny pieces of paper he received from those friends while in the facility he's calling families in Central America to tell them their loved ones are still alive to see the suffering of other people it made me understand many things one can live his life here in a certain way others so friend you speak for them now to say oh yes I mean I try to because they can't I'm like their eyes and ears from their inside walking outside Galicia says the air to him smells fresher than before things look and feel different too and so does he though he lives on the border prior to his detention he never paid attention to the migrant crisis now he's lived in and that was Nick Valencia reporting from McAllen Texas all right still ahead amazon's bid for a ten billion dollar government contract may have hit a speed bump his president Trump playing favorites with national security implications on the line all right we may now know why President Trump seems willing to weigh in on Amazon's chances at winning a ten billion dollar government contract and his longtime personal rival with the company's founder Jeff Bezos may have something to do with it CNN's Michael Warren joins me now with this exclusive reporting so break it down for us Michael what's at issue here that's right there's a CNN is reporting that the president in recent days has seen a document prepared by one of Amazon's rivals the tech company Oracle this document of the Cygnus essentially suggests say conspiracy theory at the Pentagon to grease the wheels for Amazon to get this 10 billion dollar ten-year cloud computing contract now we should note that there's so far been no evidence that suggests any conflicts of interest have affected this contract but the what's interesting is this document it's a sort of a flow chart that shows a lot of photographs of former Pentagon officials Amazon employees and even includes former defense secretary Jim mattis the president has seen this we do not know exactly how it got to the White House Oracle executives tell me that had not come directly from Oracle's office here in Washington DC the White House so far has not responded to requests for comment all right so politics is not supposed to interfere you know with any kind of government contracting you know process the president surely is not supposed to be directly involved so does this not present a new problem well it's not unusual for companies to try to lobby the decision makers in Washington it's sort of the way things go here but what is unusual is this direct appeal to the president using a flowchart a sort of a visual aid that really does appeal directly to the president's own way of taking in information now the president can't simply wave his hand and make this contract go away or delay it or somehow deny it to Amazon but this is putting a lot of pressure on the new Secretary of Defense who does have that decision-making process the president simply saying that he's going to take a look at it mark Esper the new Defense Secretary has also said he's going to take a look at it there's a lot of pressure going on here that's certainly unusual and and I guess what makes it unusual too is that the president has this you know relationship you know it says this nemesis you know relationship with the Amazon owner Jeff Bezos that's right and of course a lot of the folks who are trying to lobby the President and lauded the administration to reconsider this contract are using that to reach the president the president earlier this week tweeted out a Fox News video from a clip from the network of a story that referred to this as the B Zoe's bailout this is definitely an attempt by people who want to stop this contract from going through to use that sort of personal animosity of the president has for Bezos and for Amazon alright Michael Warren thank you so much appreciate it all right Steilacoom as vaping reaches new levels of use among teens in the US Congress is looking at how one company newly released documents revealed the e-cigarette company Jule spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund youth programming and to teens who testify before Congress say a dual representative told their ninth grade classroom the e-cigarette was totally safe CNN's chief medical correspondent dr. Sanjay Gupta has details we face an entire generation of kids addicted to nicotine who are human guinea pigs for the jewel experiment overall many of Jule's tactics seem to be right out of the big tobacco playbook we never wanted any non nicotine user and certainly nobody underaged to ever use jewelle products jewel hasn't provided we've seen passionate exchanges between tobacco opponents and jewel executives and members of Congress at a two-day congressional hearing on Jools role in the youth vaping epidemic but perhaps the most surprising exchange came from high schoolers who revealed that jewel had sent a representative to their classroom last year and that teachers were asked to leave the room did the presenter call jeweled quote-unquote totally safe more than once yes what impact did those quote-unquote totally safe comments have on your classmates some of whom may have already started vaping um for my classmates who are already vaping it was a sigh of relief because now they were able to vape without any concern we asked jewel about this and they said presentations to students were made as part of a short-lived educational and youth prevention program which was ended in September 2018 the company says its purpose which was to educate youth on the dangers of nicotine addiction was clearly misconstrued the company also said it has taken actions to prevent youth vaping like scaling back its social media accounts platforms that critics say had particular appeal among teenagers but according to one expert who testified that was too little too late you would have thought that hashtag posting would decline but in fact it surged surged in part because the hashtag itself gained a kind of social currency even after the brand had largely exited social media jackler and others say this video should scare anyone normalizing the use of these devices even in a young toddler we've seen lots of outrageous postings on hashtag Jewell it's remarkable the lack of boundaries many posters have for its part Jewell says it agrees these posts by other users are a serious problem and has gotten more than thirty thousand of them taken down but with more than half a million posts still tagged on Instagram alone jackler is new research shows that still hasn't stopped Jools online popularity dr. Sanjay Gupta CNN reporting coming up several Team USA athletes injured when a balcony collapses at a nightclub in South Korea details straight ahead


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