11AM | America's Newsroom 7/26/19 | America's Newsroom Fox News  Today July 26, 2019

11AM | America's Newsroom 7/26/19 | America's Newsroom Fox News Today July 26, 2019

offsets is when it overwhelming offsets we have less than if half of what they wanted we made them on it more than that like Jenna it was them it was good because what we were what would Lou want to offset or investments that we make in people and we just weren't going to go to that place parody I'm always fighting for parody to the extent that you increase the defense budget you have to increase the domestic budget except this time we've got ten billion dollars more than parody our fight was to get more funding for our veterans that was a constant fight for us because the needs keep growing and also this time in a one-time situation for the census so that we can have as the Constitution requires an accurate account of who lives in America and of course one of the issues of interest to the secretary of the Treasury was lifting the debt ceiling well that's of interest to all of us the full faith of credit Full Faith and Credit of the United States of America so the number of issues to go through they've been a lot of action on Capitol Hill we are waiting for specific comments and our meeting with Acacio Cortes so when that happens we'll get you back Mike Emmanuel's watching all the stuff from his post there all of this from his post on the hill Mike good morning bill at least a good morning to you yes Peter Nancy Pelosi did tweet a photo of her meeting with congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortes writing today congresswoman rep AOC and I sat down to discuss working together to meet the needs of our districts in our country fairness in our economy and diversity in our country the speaker left the meeting after about 30 minutes this morning we expect to hear more from her as she takes questions from reporters she did tell some reporters she doesn't think she has that many differences with Ocasio Cortes after the meeting Pelosi's relations with members of the so called squad the poor freshman women have been tense in recent weeks the four freshmen Democrats Ocasio Cortes Ilhan Omar Rasheeda Talib and Ayana Presley were quite vocal about the 4.6 billion dollar humanitarian package since then Pelosi has blasted them saying if they have a problem they should go talk to her and not just tweet their gripes she's also downplayed their influence mocking their Twitter world and noting they are just for people with poor votes Ocasio cortez requested a one-on-one with speaker Pelosi last week setting the stage for this morning she did not say anything to reporters going into or out of the meeting I asked the House Republican leader for his take on the tension in the house Democratic caucus it's more of an internal fight this is not a family fight this is a war and a feud the socialist Democrats inside that party are taking the party over they have been successful they have defeated those in the bath defeated the number for Crowley they're beginning to win in the seats underneath them their primary others and motivating today's meeting may be an attempt by both sides to bury the hatchet as House lawmakers go on their six-week summer recess bill thank you Mike set the table for us nicely we want to bring in Chris Wallace anchor Fox News Sunday Chris we may be interrupted but I know you're you're okay with that morning to you sir Nancy Pelosi said going in I'm looking forward to at this meeting hear what comes of it do you think well you know you just heard Kevin McCarthy the Republican leader making the most of the split I can assure you that Nancy Pelosi when she's asked about it is gonna make the least of the split and you heard that in the run-up saying they're not that many divisions there are some considerable divisions and it's interesting because there's two different views of politics for Nancy Pelosi it's all about how many votes do you have in the house the old-fashioned way that's why the she's the speaker I think for members of the squad and AOC it's a lot more about how many Twitter followers you have what kind of public following do you have and they obviously have very different views about the agenda of the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi looking to hold on to her majority and her speakership in the 2020 election wants to make more incremental changes more mainstream changes AOC as a kind of leader on the far left of the Democratic Party talking about much more dramatic changes so so there's a very different view of politics very different view of the direction of the party but I think that both of them and certainly Pelosi believes you gotta if you're gonna have this fight have it inside the tent don't have it outside the tent where it splits the party and and weakens the party in its efforts you would free win in which elections you're seeing a majority in 2020 she apparently has said that before and it went nowhere and she basically said he got an issue come and talk to me about it don't go tweet about it and the tweets were flying immediately after that comment he's just but for those who believe it will simmer down perhaps it does for a while Chris but my feeling is over the next year it will not entirely at all no I think you're right I mean as I say there are two very different views of politics two very different views of the Democratic Party it got kind of nasty Nancy Pelosi did that interview with Maureen Dowd in which she basically say they're just four people with their Twitter whatever and then Alexandra Acacio Cortez came out and said you know I find it disrespectful to for women of color which seemed to some as if she were playing the race card although she denied it so it was getting pretty heated and I agree with you I I think that they will try to turn down the heat and get along more but there are some differences here and you can't you can't erase them forever and they'll come back up and particularly as we get into 2020 and the direction of the party and the both in terms of the presidential candidacy and also in terms of the house of the message it's sending out as it tries to Democrats hold on to the majority Chris hang with me a moment I know they're taking questions now let's just drop in here no one who's very liberal yet not fully using the gavel for some of the top liberal priorities starting with engagement and then some of the others what we saw on the homeland security bill what do you say to those who are critical of what has been done so far in the house well I as you probably are where a hunt Republicans had 137 thousand ads in their view criticizing me as a San Francisco liberal in my view that's not an appellation that I'm very proud to have I do I nothing is a bigger honor to me than to represent San Francisco in the Congress and I say and the honor my colleagues give me Speaker leader with whatever it has been overtime cannot match the privilege of walking on the floor of the house to speak for the people of San Francisco and that and I do that for them as Speaker I have to bring unity to our caucus and to do so with the boldest common denominator in our caucus I say to the members your job description and your job title are one in the same representative and I don't consider myself a weaver just at the loom just making all of those threads come together in the boldest possible way and that I very proud of being Speaker of the House and in doing so in the boldest private way and what we're advocating is a progressive agenda for our country no I'm not trying to run out the clock let's get sophisticated about this okay okay but how long would that be both will take we won't proceed when we have what we need to proceed not one day similar and everybody has the liberty and the luxury to spells their own position and to criticize me for trying to go down the path in the most determined positive way again their advocacy for impeachment only gives me leverage I have no complaint with what they are doing but I know Muller what present would keep calling up Special Counsel mother mr. Muller said the other day confirmed confirmed in the public mind that the president has obstructed justice you know what he said he could have the honor Agent P what a bitch didn't but he was not able to investigate the president's finances personal business or otherwise and that is what we are doing in the courts and so I'm willing to take whatever heat there is there to say when we when the decision will be made in a timely fashion this is an endless and when we have all the best strongest possible case and that's not endless either I mean it may be endless in terms of lis of violations of the law that the president is engaged in but that's what I say to you I don't think there was any hatchet well that's that's that's we're in that political arena let me just say this because I had some level of confidence and actually joy and seeing diversity in our caucus we are the Democratic Party ever since I came here we have been engaged in differences in a pent of opinion in our caucus and that is a good thing we are not a lockstep rubber-stamp representation of anything except representatives of our district and what that means so in our caucus we have our differences respect that instead of making a big issue of it respect that those are our differences and how we express ourselves as representatives of our district is our responsibility I've never seen actually late yesterday we had 219 votes for the bill if anybody asked any questions about that 219 a very unified very unified caucus in doing what we needed to do for the American people even though it was a compromise even though it was a compromise I certainly wanted more but it was a compromise when we win the White House and we win the United States Senate and we continue to win the House of Representatives and we'll have more leverage in that conversation but I don't think they're ever I would never even say that it was a hatchet but I do think that we we sat down today we had a good meeting and the congresswoman is a very gracious member of Congress so we've had a very positive conversation about our districts and how we represent them our country and how we need to meet the needs the diversity of America and the challenges we face in terms of issues and how immigration and people are respected again referenced Ronald Reagan as opposed to the current occupant of the White House so I feel I've always felt I again it's like your and a family and a family you have your differences but you're still family does I have your family your family always agree on everything you do have meetings in your family oh my goodness well you may be a model food and we just had a meeting to clear the air well I'm not going into that I just said what I'm gonna say when it was up to anything first coffee yeah let me see when I came to Congress the fight was on how we deal with what was happening at Central America are then who would become speaker eventually Jim right but but no no he was Speaker when I got here but he would then be the leader in the fight to stop the aid to the Contras Republicans went after him is rebut our caucus was divided on the second then as shortly thereafter it was NASA very big division in the caucus on method before your time very big division on NAFTA and then the war in Iraq differences of opinion as you know I was right we may not know a ranking member I was Adam Schiff at the time but he's chairman I was on the top Democrat we didn't have the majority and I said that the evident intelligence did not support the threat they said you're you're calling the president a liar some not call him a liar I'm stating a fact the intelligence does not support threat that this administration is using as a justification but more people said to me then and I had been in Congress over ten years by then you're never going anyplace in this party unless you vote for this war well I didn't vote for it and a majority of our Democrats didn't vote for it and senator senator Graham didn't vote for to us it was Democrat in the Senate a leader on the Intelligence Committee in the house our members by and large voted against the war in the Senate they voted for so it's a big division among Democrats on that seventy that list goes on and on these are some personality issues in the rest they're minor we have a big schism in our country between what has happening could happen in this Congress and what is happening in the White House everybody knows we have to keep our eye on the ball yes thank you some of your colleagues thank the leaving impeachment on the table heading into the August recess some of them have said it looks indecisive and I think they think it overshadows the agenda do you think there's a drop that point with which the caucus has to make a decision on this I did not make I don't agree with your what they say I think I've spoken to but I think we need to have on this subject before we we go forward but again I respect where they are on it with their the breadth of knowledge that they have on the subject and I respect where I am on it with the breadth of knowledge that I have on the subject do you think she better understands the challenges of your job to unify the Democratic caucus after this meeting today you should have to ask her yes sir thank you have pretty significant GDP revisions out earlier say we could not hit 3% with the way that many people had expected we would and perhaps and the president bag that we would yes I would love a bit more of your response to that and specifically are there any underlying economic factors that most concern you is there anything there in the data that gives you pause well I haven't seen all of the data yet except the figure that it's what 2.1 2.1 closer to two and a half and the President had set used 3% as the as the standard I I do think that our GDP will rise when we have when we raise the minimum wage and people have more purchasing power because these are people who will spend inject demand into the economy and and therefore our our GDP will rise I think it will if we had comprehensive immigration reform where everybody is brought into the system in the way that is most productive economists tell me you want to grow the economy have comprehensive immigration reform so it and how we not just have trickled down to grow our economy but how we have bubbled up and that is a difference of opinion between our two parties I think what you saw was that the tax scam that the but out there has not produced the growth that the president was boasting what happened and that it hasn't produced the revenue hence we've had to lift the debt ceiling earlier than maybe people had expected so that didn't work it didn't pay for itself and it isn't growing the economy to the extent that the president said it would and so I think we have to instead of giving tax breaks to the top 1% 83% of the benefits to the top 1% or we should have a more compassionate free-market system which will rewards work and brings many more people into the prosperity of our country that consumer confidence that spending that injecting demand I think will accelerate the growth of our GDP thank you all very much there you have Nancy Pelosi she said a lot she said as Speaker I have to bring unity remember this is about two hours after she had a 30-minute meeting with congressman Acacio Cortes she said we are advocating and progressive agenda referred to the meeting as a very positive relationship and a positive conversation in a family you have differences we are a family with regard to impeachment she said we will proceed when we proceed I'll take whatever heat there is to take suggesting that a lot of her members would like to proceed immediately and she seems to be holding the line for the moment back to Chris Wallace I think the other comment from there Chris was I look at myself as a weaver at the loom which gives you a bit of an imagery for how she sees her current job as House Speaker trying to corral this job your reaction on how she she wraps up this well this session before the summer break of August I thought that was a master class by a legislative leader you can agree with Nancy Pelosi you can disagree with her in terms of policies but that was a master class in terms of a woman who was in charge of the caucus who's trying to deal with a lot of diverse elements in cats if you will and showing real confidence and competence I mean she's a heck of a politician remember after the midterm election there were a lot of people who did not want to see Nancy Pelosi who's now I believe 79 years old returned as the speaker she snuffed that out without any kind of real opposition and you saw today how she was kind of handling the the split with the the so-called squad now Alexandria Castillo Cortes the line she used bill that I thought was very interesting she said I am pushing the boldest common denominator because obviously the left feels she's not moving far enough fast enough and but what she remembers is I got I need 218 votes a majority of the house to pass anything so I could be out there you know with with with people further on the left but I'm not gonna have a majority and and we always have to remember for all the attention that the squad has gotten the reason that the Democrats took back the house was because of the moderates the people the Democrats who won in districts that Donald Trump won in 2018 so she's saying I want the boldest common denominator I want to go as far as I can where I can still command 218 votes a majority of the house and that's really what it was all about today I thought the telling question was does Acacio Cortes now better understand the role you have to play here and she she deflected she said you'd have to ask her so relative to what we were talking about before we took those comments this is gonna go on yeah it'll go on but but you know again as I said McCarthy before him was putting the worst face on it she was putting the best face on it and saying I understand there is diversity there's a difference of opinions there are you know people there as she said the highest compliment running representatives and they're very different districts their representatives democratic representatives from moderate even perhaps conservative Midwestern states and then there's somebody like AOC who represents a very liberal district in Queens and the Bronx and she Nancy Pelosi has to kind of ride herd on all of that diversity and all of their of their political views and more importantly all of their political interests because what will help Alexandria Castillo Cortes with her voters in Queens is not what's going to a more moderate democrat a moderate this very interesting political story truth and a lot not a lot of folks in the national level are talking about this weekend I know you got Mick Mulvaney coming up in Fox News Sunday we'll watch for that it airs here in the channel two o'clock and seven o'clock and you have been nominated for an Emmy fox's not usually participate in these but I think the decision has been decided if they ask me you get my vote my man okay you win Chris well thank you it was for our interview with Vladimir Putin and you know I was thinking if I win if I were to win I don't know that I could show Putin the Emmy because he might do to me what he did to Robert Kraft with a Super Bowl ring and just take it and walk off with it so I've got to think about this good you know you got some time thank you Chris we'll see you so after win it was like chris wallace and sunday thank you thank you president Trump slamming Robert Muller's testimony as a poor performance as Democrats coming in here's the headline from Mike Huckabee Trump and Muller imagined what could have been if the cloud hadn't been over White House the former governor of Arkansas joins us now governor thank you so much good to see you on this Friday Thank You Alicia great to be with you thank you so much I want to start with this quote a quote from your piece and folks to check it out it reads the Trump administration could have been the start of a new era of political comedy and bipartisan progress for America but Democrats turned it into an era of bitter partisanship with the collusion witch-hunt all we can do now is wonder what might have been as we watch democrats make yet another ridiculous attempt at a coup against the president and in reading your piece you really go down this checklist of things that haven't been done because of all of the investigating that's been going that's been going on your thoughts well that's that that's right I mean infrastructure was something that everybody agreed we needed to do and we still do but we haven't done it and why because so many of the Democrats are saying Russia Russia Russia like a bad scene from The Brady Bunch and then dhaka the president put more on the table than the Democrats even wanted and when he did they walked away from it border security this is something that the Democrats are on video you can watch dozen of pieces of tape from Schumer Pelosi named a Democrat from five ten years ago Biden included and they all talked about how we need to secure our borders we shouldn't have illegal immigration we've got to get it under control now that Donald Trump is president they have no interest in getting it under control and the list goes on and on it's it's a real real wasted opportunity but it's not just wasted for the Democrats it's wasted for the country we as a country could be doing better I'm amazed that this president is getting done what he is getting done wearing as many anchors around his neck as has been placed there by the Democrats but of course Democrats feel like they have a responsibility to hold the president's feet to the fire and his administration and I want to play the sound byte for you and get your reaction at the end from Massachusetts senator ed markey the president has engaged in stonewalling that shows an unprecedented disregard and contempt for a co-equal branch of government under our Constitution disregard and contempt that would make Richard Nixon blush with envy make Richard Nixon blush with envy irresponsible it's laughable in the entire mulher and let's use the term witch-hunt you won't I will all of these witnesses that were allowed to go and testify for hours including the president's family Donald Trump jr. testified for 30 hours all of the president's staff were freely given the opportunity to go and they did there was no obstruction because every single person that the Muller team which by the way was filled with a bunch of hard-charging Democrat partisans most of whom had given money to Hillary Clinton the chief investigator Weissman actually showed up at what was supposed to be her victory party they went after every one of the administration and the administration made themselves available that's not obstruction I mean good heavens when I hear marquise say that that's why I laughed out loud I'm thinking these guys just make it up as they go but the lyrics aren't matching the song but back to the point of your piece that there is just so much that needs to get done but is it a distraction if the president is also calling for an investigation of the investigators I think that's a matter of necessity I don't think it's something we want to do but if people at the highest levels of law enforcement and intelligence in our own government that we pay for but who were elected by nobody if they in fact were engaged in a conspiracy a cover-up and an attempted coup d'etat against an elected president then I don't care what party affiliation an American has they better want to make sure that when not only do we get the bottom of it but this never ever happens again this this is a frightening thing far greater than a Russian threat or a Chinese threat is the threat within our own system in which people who are employed by our government paid by tax dollars think they have a right to overthrow the elected government that is scary governor Mike Huckabee thank you so much happy Friday and have a good weekend you too Alicia thank you so we've got a Fox's alert now what next in the streets of San Juan Puerto Rico so they've been in the streets celebrating the resignation of the governor new questions are raised about a successor who and when do they get a leader next live to Puerto Rico in a moment next we're in Spanish Harlem here today a lot of the Latin Puerto Ricans are generated from and we're very happy that we got our message across protests are celebrating the resignation of Puerto Rico's governor Ricardo Rocio as his expected successor is already drawing criticism Brian Denis is live in San Juan Puerto Rico hi Brian hi ELISA well governor Ricardo say yo officially submitted his resignation letter yesterday he'll be out of office on August 2nd and business here in San Juan is going back to normal but fat frankly the damage has already been done particularly with Puerto Rico's relationship with the US mainland FEMA now announcing new oversight measures strict measures into how disaster aid funds are going to be distributed throughout the US territory as a result of all of these allegations of corruption in a statement FEMA saying quote given the ongoing leadership changes within the Puerto Rican government combined with continued concern over Puerto Rico's history of fiscal regularities and mismanagement FEMA decided it is prudent to take additional steps to protect its share the federal investment by reinstating the Manuel drawdown process the government of Puerto Rico which is bankrupt will now have to officially submit every one of their requests for FEMA money with more documentation to show that taxpayer money is being spent correctly this after President Trump called Puerto Rico's government terrible and corrupt earlier this week former governor Luis Fortuno of Puerto Rico tells FOX News even though there hasn't been any evidence of the government stealing specifically hurricane funds it doesn't matter it is enough for people to be concerned that those funds will not go in the right direction and there's you know again in its tens of billions of dollars that will be invested in the next few years and people demand accountability demand that the funds be used properly and Lieb and full transparency as well yesterday thousands celebrate a row CEOs resignation but they also continue to protest against corruption they want a clean house everyone associated with the rocío administration including the island's Attorney General Wanda Vasquez who is set to become the next governor according to the Constitution puerto rico's office of ethics tells Fox News that they are evaluating whether to open up in an ethics investigation into her over screenshots of text messages that alleged allegedly show an unwillingness on her part to investigate irregularities on how a disaster aid and supplies are being shipped throughout the island here and the days after Hurricane Maria bottom line is that there are some big questions about who's going to leave this island there is a scenario Rwanda Vasquez takes office as governor and then appoints a Secretary of State and in that Secretary of State becomes the Governor of Puerto Rico lots of questions still left here Alicia Brian Ennis and Puerto Rico thank you so much they don't know where to go they've had a house hearing a Senate hearing the Muller hearing countless investigations through the committee's that they now control in the house and they've turned up nothing this is seriously getting tired and I think the problem is is that they recognize that the American people have said wait a second we gave these folks the majority and look at what they've done so that's Sean Spicer but earlier today here on our show we just heard from speaker Pelosi after meeting with congressman Acacio Cortez went to bring in Molly Hemingway's senior editor the Federalist Fox News contributor Molly how you doing also co-author of the book Justice on trial the cabinet on confirmation in the future of the US Supreme Court motley welcome back here and good morning to you just great Kelly anecdotally I play a little speaker Pelosi sound in a moment here just anecdotally I was in Memphis Tennessee during the mother hearing this past weekend I was trying to pay as much attention as could on the phone what struck me is how little attention the people I was around throughout the entire day were paying attention to the hearing itself and then you observe the TV ratings that came out and I would suggest they were underwhelming I think that's how you would characterize them even though they're on the broadcast networks and the cable networks I'm just anecdotally trying to put these together and I'm wondering whether or not we need to pay a little attention to this observation modeling well there was a lot of tolerance for the special counsel based on the idea that there might be treasonous collusion with Russia to steal the election as soon as it came out that that wasn't true I do think a lot of people moved on you have people trying to say oh but there was an attempt at obstruction that's not going to fly for a lot of people that the guy getting upset about falsely being accused of being a traitor you know was upset about it that so there is a move on aspect but I don't think that's why these hearings were held they were held to create a tsunami effect among Democrats that it would be so devastating and this is why you know it was covered by all the networks and all the cable outlets that there would be this huge increase in support for impeachment that is not what happened as people saw that robert muller who was basically the reason why people trusted the special counsel appeared to have very little knowledge of his rapport or understanding of what had happened it was a deeply alarming thing for a lot of people who watched because they had felt that the special counsel could be trusted because robert muller was in charge so what we're trying to figure out is whether or not America has moved on and many in America have now just hold on to that thought about impeachment because Nancy Pelosi was asked about it here was her comment just a moment ago we won't proceed when we have what we need to proceed not one day similar and everybody has the liberty and the luxury to espouse their own position and to criticize me for trying to go down the path in the most determined positive way as Speaker I have to bring unity to our caucus and to do so with the boldest common denominator in our caucus I say to the members your job description and your job title are one in the same representative and I if you don't consider myself a weaver just at the loom just making all of those threads come together in the boldest possible way your reaction on all that then it's it's such a great analogy for her to speak of herself as a weaver she's obviously a very effective speaker it also speaks to the challenge that she has though when you're trying to bring in these different fabrics to make a beautiful blanket some of those materials that you're working with are something that a lot of people find obnoxious and they might not want to bring into their home and so she has a challenge by trying to bring in all these disparate groups but I'm so glad she acknowledges that she's for impeachment for a while people in the media we're trying to pretend like she's not for it she absolutely is for it she said she wants to increase the accountability investigations which is the focus-grouped term for impeachment and chair she acknowledges that this is just her method of getting there it makes sense seventy percent of Democrats are for impeachment basically for the crime of being elected in 2016 so it might change from Russia to obstruction to concern about Donald Trump's tweets but the effect the important thing that they're going for is just to get to impeachment by the end of the day might cause them problems in 2020 but their base is very structured behind this ninety three at last count right ninety three Democrats and it's not going to go down it'll only go up from there so people people might find it tough as they are running for office and people want them to do things that are other than impeachment but the base is really going to have a strong effect here Molly thanks great to have you back Molly Hemingway and by the way the folks at st. Jude's Children's Research Center are phenomenal by the way I would just shout that out to Memphis Tennessee Thank You Molly for coming back thank you see you soon Alicia police in Canada closing in on two teenagers suspected of killing three people including a North Carolina woman now acknowledging terrain its vast dense so obviously I think a lot of challenges which is why we have deployed so many resources you know including the emergency response team the police officers that are up there are trained for these types of situations police in Canada say they believe they're closing in on two teenagers suspected of killing three people including 24-year old China DS from North Carolina and her Australian boyfriend who were travelling in northern Canada joining us now is China's brother British DS and her cousin Christian Castle thank you both for being here I know this is unimaginably difficult and we appreciate your time thank you thank you first I'd like to talk to you British about one thing because earlier this week your mom talked to us about how she thought she would respond once she knew who the suspects were and we'll play that for you and we can talk about that afterwards I'm going to a place in my mind I haven't been before I have not in my mind I haven't thought about what's gonna happen when I see the face of the person that did this British I have to ask what is your mother saying now that she has seen the faces of the suspects we're still honestly just in shock but for me personally you know we thought the two missing persons could also be a victim of the same sort of a crime with my sister and Lucas so you know there they were in my prayers and I was hoping that they would get found and be okay and then you know a day later they're now their status is now as suspects so not you know we're still trying to process a lot of this there's a lot of new feelings and I'm not sure how we feel about the anger stage of grieving over this but I can we really just hope it doesn't happen to anyone else and hope they get found and if anybody has any information of the whereabouts of those two young guys please tell any your local authorities or anything because there's a large manhunt in Canada right now and on that manhunt what exactly are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police telling you and your family as to where things are in the investigation there's this manhunt that's going on it sounds like the terrain is terribly difficult the conditions as well but are they sharing anything with you that leads you to believe that they're getting somewhere on this


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