11AM | America's Newsroom 7/25/19 | Breaking Fox News July 25, 2019

11AM | America's Newsroom 7/25/19 | Breaking Fox News July 25, 2019

here Fremont Officer Jason Travis in ski jumping into action pulling the man to safety the driver was taken to a trauma center with non-life-threatening injuries officer Travis insky joins us now what was your first thought when you came upon that accident scene it was a little crazy when I got out of my patrol car people started yelling that somebody was trapped inside the vehicle and obviously I saw that it was on fire the whole engine compartment was up in flames so the first my first thought was just figuring out where he was and how do I get him out as quick as possible what was it like to try to get him out of there it was difficult there's a tree there's a tree pretty much halfway through the car and the passenger compartment and the car was flipped on its side so I couldn't really figure out where in the vehicle he was and there's so much smoke and fire but eventually I was able to see one of his hands and grabbed his hand and was able to pull him out from through the back of the the vehicle pretty lucky we're all lucky in that situation firefighters have bunker gear police officers generally do not I mean aren't you sitting there thinking wow this this whole thing could go up at any second if that gas tank exploded it was thought but there wasn't a lot of time to panic or think about that kind of stuff it was all my focus was just going on making sure not only that guy was safe but there's a lot of people around with cameras and trying to film the thing so I want to make sure everybody was safe I'm going like like I said we got lucky thank God for you and we're told that the driver of that vehicle that you pulled the safety is doing oh okay yeah it's a miracle he didn't have really any burns he had a couple like lacerations from the actual crash itself and but no serious injuries and from what I understand he's doing he's doing okay what are your fellow officers saying to you today oh well there first of all they're all making fun of me for doing interviews we don't we don't like spotlight and that's not what any of this is about but it's an opportunity to show people what police work was about yeah at the end of the day we're all just here now to help tear you're a credit to the badge Jason Travis insky thank you thank you thank you back to you learn now we're moments away from president Trump attending an Armed Forces full honors review we are going to take you there live as soon as it begins to see what might be in the middle listen to Jerrold Nadler here well the very next step I'm not going to talk longer-range the very next step either tomorrow or Friday is we're going into court to enforce to ask for the grand jury material and to enforce the subpoena against mr. McGann many analysts believe that any move toward impeaching the president was snuffed out yesterday but House Speaker Pelosi says where they go on that front depends on what they find out through further investigation listen here those obstruction of justice charges and as has been demonstrated today in the hearings are could be indictable offences by anybody else not the President of the United States and the president when he's no longer president but the American people I think that if we go down that path we shouldn't go in the strongest possible way and that's all I'm gonna say about the subject leave at the White House yesterday for West Virginia president Trump said it should be over following Muller's testimony but he expects it won't be listen here the Democrats had nothing and now they have less than nothing and I think they're going to lose the 20/20 election very big including congressional seats because of the path that they chose now who knows where it goes i from what I hear they're giving up but I just say I know them too well they'll never give up and it's likely that they are not going to give up the president though moving on to other things looking ahead to the budget vote later on today the president tweeting this morning House Republicans should support the two-year budget agreement which greatly helps our military and our vets I am totally with you but there are a number of conservatives who are not with the president they are putting out a lot of information this morning as to why this budget should not go through so that could be a little bit of a battle later on today on Capitol Hill another busy day at the White House John thank you thank you North Korea conducting new test launches firing two short-range missiles overnight into the Sea of Japan the first tests since President Trump and Kim jong-un met at the DMZ late last month let's bring in retired Army lieutenant colonel Daniel Davis senior fellow and military expert for defense priorities when I first heard about this test coming right after Robert Muller's testimony I wondered if in some way they were related whether Kim jong-un was trying to poke president Trump when he felt he was somehow distracted what do you think yeah I actually think it's just coincidental because there are a number of things that are going on in South Korea right now and certainly in regards to both the United States and North Korea since Trump's visit to the DMZ but I think we have to look at this in the in the bigger context and not just since the in the last three weeks but in the last several decades because this missile launch should have taken nobody by surprise we should never have expected that the negotiations we're going to be simple or straightforward and they've done this plenty of times they'll they'll make it look like they're going down one path that they're cooperative and all of a sudden they'll throw a monkey wrench into this the big thing for the Americans understand though is this does nothing to impact our security because our deterrence both military conventional ensure our continued safety no matter what happens here we spoke with Gordon Chang in the first hour of America's newsroom this this hour today he's noted expert on that part of the world here's what he had to say these tests although they're short range John they are violations of UN Security Council resolutions as were the missiles that were fired off in May by North Korea and and clearly North Korea thinks it can escalate without cost and until we start enforcing those resolutions North Korea will be right North Korea likes to test these missiles hoping for some kinds of concessions from the US and from the West what would you advocate well what we need to do is just keep on going down the path that the president has already set out and I mean after the DMZ visit he's john bolton over there and several others that said hey we're ready to start talking any time because these sanctions are continuing to biked they hurt north korea and they're not going to be relieved until we start moving down the throats of negotiations in process now they want to go step by step and i think that's a great path to go down but those steps mean they have to give steps as well and these fire these missiles is just not helping they're also been personally insulting john bolton the man that you say you know the president sent over there that's not exactly diplomacy at its finest right yeah and of course no one's gonna accuse North Korea's being you know good negotiators and good diplomats but they're trying to press for their issues and on their sides and so as long as we keep moving down that path because we need to do that because anything we can do to lower tensions is good for our allies in the region it's good for our own security we need to keep going down that path but we need to understand we're still in the dominant position gordon chang noted that those missiles although they are considered short-range they are also considered first strike missiles and capable of carrying nuclear weapons that has to catch the attention of the people of the pentagon well i mean there's nothing new about them though i mean they've had these missiles for a long time they've had the ability to launch missiles probably since at least 2006 we knew they had nuclear capabilities so this doesn't represent anything new and it shouldn't alarm us and and we as long as we maintain our normal military posture where we're deterring what's going on over there we really have nothing else to worry about so i don't put that much stock in this they want it to have stock i just don't think that it's that because it doesn't represent anything new real quickly before we go on to take a look at the results of a Fox News poll that asked about president Trump's handling of the North Korean situation 39% of Americans approve 49% say they disapprove do those numbers surprise you actually they do a little bit I'm not sure I'd like to look further into the poll and see what the reason for the the disapproval is but if President Trump is moving towards diplomatic negotiations and talks and he's keeping us safe all the time that he's doing that I mean I think that's a big win for America and that handshake at the DNC back in late June DMZ was was a pretty incredible moment yeah he's doing his best to make this work thanks very much Curly's my pleasure thank you a federal judge blocking president Trump's new restrictions on asylum seekers hours after a district judge in Washington ruled in favor of the administration's new policy william la jeunesse is live in los angeles with more on that Williams well Sandra there is definitely a conflict here but for now the injunction stands meaning no matter how many countries a migrant passes through before reaching the u.s. tens of thousands can still claim asylum here as the only safe place for them to live this is the second ruling from the same judge in San Francisco that stops the administration from imposing rules designed to stop Asylum fraud and to scourge so-called asylum or country shopping by requiring migrants to claim and be denied asylum in other countries before they reached the u.s. appointed by President Obama months ago Judge John tigar said the US could not deny asylum to those who cross the border illegally the Supreme Court upheld that ruling 5-4 yesterday the ACLU praised his latest injunction Congress made clear that even with a formal agreement it's not valid to deny someone asylum unless that other country is a safe place to apply for asylum and will provide a fair and full procedure we don't think that Mexico and Guatemala could handle that Tigers ruling came just hours after another federal judge this one in Washington DC appointed by President Trump came to the opposite conclusion which let the policy stand pending appeal in a statement at the time the administration called it a victory for Americans concerned about the crisis at our southern border the court properly rejected the attempt of a few special interest groups to block a rule that discourages abuse of our Asylum system so the bottom line Sandra the injunction means the u.s. must still consider asylum claims from anyone regardless of how many countries they travel through to get here and regardless of how they cross the border the cases will likely be appealed and the Supreme Court could be asked to decide any conflict back to you William la jeunesse thank you now a Fox News Alert the Pentagon honoring the new defense secretary we are moments away from that and remarks from President Trump plus a dire prediction from the father of one teenager wanted in the murders of three people including a young woman from North Carolina and her boyfriend how the suspects father says that manhunt could end I'm going to a place in my mind I haven't been before yeah I have not in my mind I haven't thought about what's going to happen when I see the face of the person that did this any minute now we expect the president to be arriving at the Pentagon to welcome his new defense secretary who was confirmed on a 92 eight vote in the Senate Mark Esper we are going to listen to a little bit of the ceremony going on there yeah sounds like ceremonial all right so the the Pentagon brass and well all the services there are awaiting the announcement of a new boss and president Trump will be there he'll be making some remarks we will take you there live when that gets underway it is now in the books Republicans downplaying the hours of testimony as nothing new while some Democrats still pushing impeachment is the next possible step for more on all this let's bring in Bret Baier anchor of special report great coverage yesterday Bret of all of this now this morning what are folks saying on Capitol Hill well I think there are they're doing some assessment Democrats are trying to see the way forward we saw this interesting split with the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi is essentially where she was and that is not wanting to move forward with an impeachment process at least not yet and there are Democrats chomping at the bit am I still in frame here there we go chomping at the bit to really do that especially in the progressive side of the the caucus I think yesterday you know for all of the folks who said you know you shouldn't make such a big deal about that presentation you know it's about the substance well I mean for days and days and days we heard about how this was the movie and this was animating the report and this was going to really show the American people with sound bites from robert muller how this all is laid out that was not accomplished that was a failure if they wanted people to watch that movie i think that there are democrats who say there are serious serious things inside this report there are Republicans who look at the Russia side and say we have to do something to protect our election system but overall there was not this aha moment yesterday Chris Coons a Democrat came on this program earlier this morning Brett and here is how he characterized the Moller hearings yesterday I do think an important part of Muller's testimony was that he detailed a number of ways in which the president and his senior team attempted to interfere with the investigation I don't believe it was a hoax or I think it was an important and appropriate investigation and I think the fact that Special Counsel Muller was able to complete his investigation is something we all should be proud of which still puts into question how Democrats plan to proceed in the wake of those hearings yesterday here's the headline in the Washington Post on Democrat it's Democrats focus for 2020 Bret this morning Democrats are now left with one option and Trump's presidency the 2020 election I think that was true before yesterday but I think it's exponentially more true today after that those two hearings it just it just did not go I think as they planned remember Democrats had mock hearings they had people standing in for Bob Muller doing questions and answers they had somebody making believe that they were Jim Jordan I mean there was all kinds of practice and and getting ready for this moment it turned out to not be the moment I think that Democrats really wanted to see you Jim Jordan agreed with that he was on a bit earlier with us and said there's no doubt that Democrats will continue with their impeachment bush here's the congressman this morning they're gonna keep going in fact today in the Oversight Committee in in less than an hour we're going to start and they're gonna they're going to issue subpoenas for Jared Kushner to vodka Trump's emails I mean they're never gonna stop going after the president in the first family and anything associated with the Trump administration so we know that's going to happen but remember this most of the country knows the truth which is there is no basis for impeachment a big star from that hearing yesterday Brett you'll remember with some of the exchanges with John Ratcliffe and the former special counsel he just tweeted this out and I wanted to run this by you sometimes the book is better than the movie write to the congressman Democrats paid a heavy price for dragging a reluctant Robert Moeller who was not familiar with the terms of his own report to center stage this was on display very clearly and at times very painfully before the American people you know you know you heard that from not just those on the right you heard that from the left as well shockingly out Axelrod David Axelrod tweeted during the hearings that it was painful to watch he was yeah that's right Lawrence tribe Harvard Law Professor very disappointed dejected Michael Moore the president retweeted Michael Moore's assessment of the hearing yes it was across the board and and while there are some on the Left who tried to prop it up and say it was the substance and it was never about the presentation well that's not what they were sold going in you know as far as the purpose of animating this congressman Radcliffe was on special report last night and his real big star moment was pointing out that the standard by which Muller says on obstruction of justice that you can't on the exoneration doesn't exist and he went down that road pretty effectively at the hearing absolutely want to finish with this because there's some new Fox News polling out Brett shines a bright light on presidents Trump's handling of the economy and how Americans are pleased with that but will not also show this when those polled were asked about feelings over president Trump's tweets about for democratic congresswoman whether he crossed the line 63% said yes and 27% said it was an acceptable acceptable political attack and this is just ahead of Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio Cortes they're gonna be meeting face to face but very interesting to see that response in that latest Fox News polling to some of the president's recent tweeting on the so-called squad you know that poll and that question tracks other questions like it in other polls and it is upside down that's not the particular question that the president seems to focus on in this Fox News poll he's more into the economy and the overall approval at 52% which he says should be a hundred percent with the way the economy is going but that question clearly the tweets and how he talks about different things especially those for Congress women it doesn't sit well with with people polled very interesting I'm sure we'll hear a lot more on special report tonight with you bret baier thank you thanks senator all right desperate manhunt underway in Canada for two teenage boys suspected of killing now three people including a young woman from North Carolina traveling there with her boyfriend what is troubling law enforcement about this case suspect should not be approached and if you do see them to call 911 you learn now in the manhunt for two teenagers wanted for killing three people in Canada including a North Carolina woman and her Australian boyfriend the father of one suspect says he thinks his son will quote go out in a blaze of glory as a search for the teenagers intensifies joining us now sergeant Janelle Schuette with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police sergeant thank you for your time this morning arrests arrest warrants have been issued for these two teenagers what more can you tell us about the suspects yeah yesterday we have secured arrest warrants for Breyer and cam who were last known to be seen in the northern part of Manitoba and that was now on Monday night so that would have been July 22nd and we here in Canada along with you know the beer scene here in Canada along with all of our policing partners and we're asking Canadians right now to help us locate them recognizing that as the days go by you know that becomes a little more difficult but we are doing our best and we're asking Canadians and Americans alike to keep their eyes peeled for cam and Brier with a hope for a successful resolution soon what are we know sergeant about this third victim now we have spoken to the American woman her Australian boyfriend we have spoken to the American family the brother and the mother were on this program a couple days ago but this man Leonard Leonard dick 64 years old a resident of Vancouver what more can you tell us about this for a third victim he was a an occasional professor at a university here in Vancouver the University of British Columbia and a known botanist we believe he was travelling in the area in the north when the details around which are still under investigation and you know we need to speak to Cameron Breyer in order to determine why this has happened to mr. dick and his family now I know that you're welcoming anyone who has seen or heard anything to please speak up that is how you can advance this investigation the family of mr. dicks saying obviously they're truly heartbroken by the sudden and tragic loss tie this all together for us because these are rather unusual circumstances and of course in the case of the net North Carolina woman and her boyfriend they were traveling thousands of miles away from home that's right I mean and highly unusual here in British Columbia for us to have two young men who were from the West Coast the very West Coast and were unknown to us until such time that they were reported missing to us and that was on the latter part of so around the 15th of July they were reported missing as they hadn't been in contact with their family reported missing to us and then the Monday or that previous Monday we had received their the the saddening news about China and Lucas's death and then the following Friday which would have been I think the 19th of July we discovered mr. Leonard dicks body about 50 kilometers south of a very northern community called Dee's Lake here in British Columbia and a burned-out camper and truck that cam and and Brier had been known to be traveling in which initially we thought that they were they were missing and it wasn't until earlier this week that we discovered that there is that they were in fact alive and in and had been seen in a northern community in Saskatchewan on Sunday night and then Monday night their vehicle found in northern Manitoba so now the we are seeking everyone's assistance not to approach them because we do certainly believe that they are dangerous but if they do have information or have seen cam or Brier now knowing that they're not traveling there the pictures they were there pictures are on the screen right now they are consent armed and dangerous as we know that you have put out their final thoughts I only have a few seconds left yeah I just everybody do not approach call my mom one or your police in your jurisdiction if you do see cam or Breyer we will continue to fall all of this sergeant appreciate your time this morning my pleasure thank you so much for having me well candidate Joe Biden has a warning for his Democratic rivals what the former vice president has to say about the next democratic debate Howard Kurtz breaks it all down for us plus students at the University of Mississippi mourning the loss of a classmate new details on the final hours of Ali coscos life as people who knew the suspect in her murder speak out definitely shocking cuz he never seemed like he did he didn't look like the kid who would do something like that [Applause] Oh ladies and gentlemen please remain standing for the singing of the national anthem by the United States Navy Sea chanters and the United States new [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] yeah [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh cold step oh wait good morning it's a great day for a prayer it's a great day for our nation and we thank the Lord for the opportunity to be here in this great weather in Washington DC so let's pray with me today Lord we come to you in this moment and we seek your blessings upon this ceremony defense secretary Esper and the United States of America thank you for your presence with us today and thank you for your presence with those of our forces and their families wherever they are around the world or just in your spirit let them know that we're praying for them today and lift them up give them encouragement bring them home safely Lord has lovers of peace we come to this place today where we need to pray when times require peacekeepers and peace makers therefore grant president Trump and vice president Pence defense secretary Esper and the Joint Chiefs of Staff your divine wisdom your divine strength and your divine knowledge that leads to increased power in brings increased peace as these leaders work together with our allies bless their efforts to support national interest and the good of mankind as defense secretary yes / officially enters this new role may he and Lee served with honor and integrity and a newfound love and admiration for one another now king eternal as you continue to bless the United States of America and the Department of Defense we continue to trust in you in your power for your glory now and forever amen ladies and gentlemen please be seated [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] just outside the Pentagon the full honors review as the president the vice president and other dignitaries are gathered to welcome mark Esper the new Secretary of Defense just confirmed yesterday in a 92 eight vote by the US Senate after the inspection of the troops we are told that mark Esper will be giving remarks for several minutes followed by the vice president Mike Pence as you can see seated on the stage there on the left-hand side of your screen and then we will hear from the President himself we'll continue to watch the ceremony here we'll be right back with the president's remarks stay tuned


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