10AM | America's Newsroom 7/29/19 | Fox News  Today July 29, 2019

10AM | America's Newsroom 7/29/19 | Fox News Today July 29, 2019

go now Fox News contributor dr. mark Segal writes in a USA Today hotbed that it is risky for Democratic presidential candidates to make similar promises dr. Siegel who's also professor at NYU Langone Medical Center joins me now good morning dr. Siegel what's the risk in that promise well with him the risk was that he would win the lie of the Year PolitiFact's 2013 for saying you get to keep your plan the risk for politicians now is that patients out there know that this isn't true because they all go through it you're in an even an employer-based system I lose patients every week who are no longer part of a plan my practice accepts and sometimes I say goodbye to patients I love last week I got a patient from someone one of my mentors a teacher who I really look up to and admire but he was no longer in the plan that his patient took so he switched to me and I was honored by it but the point is the system is in flux employer-based health care system plans are always changing doctors are always changing Medicare and Medicaid many doctors are not taking it anymore so you end up scrambling around trying example of some of the promises that are out there if you like your employer based plan you can keep it if you have private insurance you can keep it that's former Vice President Joe Biden in Iowa last month a few days later senator Carla Harris said that with Medicare for all you can keep your doctor so these promises are being made you say that's not possible well I'd like to keep the employer based health care system by the way but in terms of Vice President Biden's statement that's absolutely untrue because as I just said the plans are changing the tiers are changing the networks are narrowing they're widening I get added to plans all the time I wasn't on before I get dropped from plans I like that causes you to lose your doctor and to lose your plan if you're trying to get your plan extended another year you may have to change in terms of what Kamel O'Hara says let me tell you something Medicare for all in countries like Canada or Australia here's what it looks like you might get to keep your primary care doctor but there's a doctor shortage and you may be in a clinic where there's rotating doctors and then when you try to get a specialist you're waiting weeks and weeks and weeks to get the specialist you want if you even get a specialist it's very inspiring a winning message for these candidates to say let's try to keep the healthcare system intact let's keep what works let's try to build on it let's try to fix it and plug the holes and get everybody at least basic coverage but talking about keeping your doctor is in genuine it's political rhetoric it's not happening now and it's not gonna happen no matter what plan we see so patients hear it they don't believe it very important and very interesting stuff doctor mark Segal thank you thank you thank you doc in a moment here live in the White House this is a significant day in the Rose Garden President Trump about to sign the 911 victim compensation bill in law he will be surrounded by first responders there that will get started any moment and we will take you there live also today police searching for a possible second suspect after a deadly shooting in California what police are already telling us this morning that's coming up next this is one of those press conferences you never would have to give in your community and it's sort of a nightmare that you hope you never have to live in a reality but unfortunately we find ourselves in these circumstances where we have to live this today we are just moments away from President Trump signing the bill to extend the 9/11 victim compensation fund welcome to a brand new hour of America's newsroom Monday morning I'm Sandra Sunday – have a great weekend right I'm bill hamberg good morning he will be joined by more than two hundred survivors first responders and victim's family members of the attacks of 2001 the bill will reauthorize medical funding through the year 2000 and 92 for those sick and due to exposure to dust and smoke at Ground Zero – the Rose Garden on a beautiful day at the White House in Washington let's begin this hour with John Roberts John good morning bill good morning to you we expect the president out here very shortly we hear that the event is running on time scheduled for 10:00 o'clock these things typically go about five to ten minutes sometimes a little bit longer late but a really heartfelt day here in the Rose Garden for this reauthorization of the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund which is now known as they never forget the heroes fund also named for three first responders who have died from illnesses that they contracted from working on the pile long ago initially James Zadroga who was an NYPD detective as well Raymond Pfeiffer who was a New York City firefighter who died in May of 2017 and and most recently Luis Alvarez who gave such compelling testimony before Congress in the last couple of months he died from cancer during the month of June what's also really interesting about this and Bill this is a long history to get to where we are today this this bill needed reauthorization every few years or so it was initially enacted in the months after 9/11 but would need congressional reauthorization and then they started to pare money from it there were caps that were put in place John Stewart the former daily show hosting committee was so outraged by it that he came down with Luis Alvarez and many other first responders and literally lamb basted members of Congress saying that was unconscionable that they would not fund this Victims Compensation Fund so Congress they would not buy the house and then the Senate passed by overwhelming majorities authorized payments to these victims of 9/11 the first responders through as you mentioned 2092 just to give you an idea of how much money is involved here ten point three billion dollars authorized over the next ten years and what we've got now with so many thousands of people who were working on the pile in the weeks after in the months after 9/11 some 22,000 500 people are involved here so the this money is going to go a long way to helping those who are suffering so horribly from the maladies everything from lung diseases to cancer will be compensation for the families as well but you know nothing ever replaces a loved one so for for many of these people it's going to be bittersweet but and James Peele who was also involved with John Stewart he is a demolition expert who worked on the pile for a long long time came down here with Jon Stewart and it was was part of that that group that was pressuring Congress into passing money to fully fund the Victims Compensation Fund he says that even now even though they've got the money there's a real bittersweet taste in his mouth because this should have been handled a long time ago and these people cannot figure out why Congress ever let this whole thing lapse bill so so while there is thankfulness here today that that this is getting funded and that people who are suffering so horribly and their families will be compensated the fact that it took what it took to get to where we are today still has left them somewhat unsatisfied bill John thank you we're watching it from here John Roberts from the Rose Garden back to you shortly thank you John president while making a big change to his national security team Director of National Intelligence dan coats submitting his resignation that's effective August 15th president Trump nominating Texas Congressman John Ratcliffe to replace him let's bring in the America's newsroom a team Maryanne Marsh a former senior adviser to John Kerry Lauren clappy a former deputy assistant secretary for public affairs at Homeland Security and Bill McKern a columnist for The Wall Street Journal former chief speechwriter for President George W Bush and Fox News contributor bill I'll start with you first and good morning to everyone bill what does this changeup mean for the trumpet mission well he's had his difficulties with the intelligence community I mean John Radcliffe is a perfectly capable man former US Attorney so you know I already anticipate big changes especially given the job of what the DNI does you know it's more more administrative more yeah you know I think John Radcliffe is he's he comes from a conservative district and so he's receiving a lot of criticism right now that he may be too Pro Trump or anti Intel and those types of things but speaking to some of his colleagues on the hill this morning I mean everyone has amazing things to say about John and the work that he's done and especially the role that he's taken on the Homeland Security Committee and also his previous role as a US Attorney who worked on counterterrorism cases so this isn't a space that he's unfamiliar with and you know like bill said it is an administrative role that's mostly collecting and consolidating intelligence reports from the different agencies and so he'll be able to lend a prosecutor's eye I think to the efficiencies that they're needed to improve that department so much of this cannot escape politics yeah time and time again Elizabeth Warren says about Radcliffe from day one Trump has made us disdain for the intelligence community clear our Director of National Intelligence should be about partisan politics speak truth to power and resist Trump's abuses of authority Johnna rock cliff doesn't fit that bill Radcliffe said this late last night I'm deeply grateful the president for the opportunity to lead our nation's intelligence community and work on behalf of all the public servants who are tirelessly devoted to defending the security and safety of the United States one last comment on this Marianne John Radcliffe has been on the leading edge of looking at the origins of the investigation of the Trump campaign from the very beginning he fits this job for the president clearly it's more about protecting Trump than America and here's why that's investigating how it all began well here's the connection right John Radcliffe has been all over the investigate the investigators who's doing that right now bill Barr so Donald Trump has consolidated his control over the intelligence committees at a time when he's given bill bark unprecedented access and control over all the intelligence information which we've never seen by an attorney general before now he adds Ratcliffe so this is Trump locking down the intelligence community for his purposes not national security purposes right just when I lurches we're watching this in the left hand the bottom right of your screen there the rose-garden we're told the vice president has just walked out we're waiting on the President to sign this 9/11 Compensation Fund bill meanwhile bill respond to Marianne and take that one on because John Ratcliffe last week as we saw he was given an opportunity and that Moeller hearing and he took it to show his legal chops in defending the president I think he made a good point look it's not clear what are you protecting the president from in terms of intelligence the committee found that there was no collusion and so forth so what what if you're going at the Intel what are you protecting them from there's no threat to president what the threat is now is Marion brightly put it is the investigators and whether they corrupted the process there are a lot of questions about it and the answers may look very different when we get the IG report probably in the autumn and the IG report is going to be written by an Obama appointee mr. Horowitz so it's not going to be someone protecting the president let's move on to the news of the day from Fox News Sunday here's Mick Mulvaney talking about the impeachment charge led on behalf of House Democrats that number went up over the weekend by the way here's Mulvaney Nadler actually told people he has begun an impeachment inquiry he is falling over himself to become more and more progressive in order to try and keep job and not lose to the next AOC know though this is not over in their minds which is just bizarre given what happened this week Muller answered the single one outstanding question he said what they asked him would you have indicted the president if he were not the president and and Muller said absolutely not he would not do that so to Mary Ann you're at 107 so you're 11 short of a simple majority among House Democrats the point he's making is that people like Jerry Nadler are facing a primary battle in deep blue districts around New York City and now there's responding to that pressure on B I think her name is Laura Boylan she's from the Upper West Side here in Manhattan how much of that is influencing Nadler x' pursuit I don't think it's influencing his personal pursuit as the chairman of this committee this is about getting the evidence and information that this committee and others still don't know oh ye so that was very personal he says and this is about developing evidence here's Jerry Nadler himself on that my personal view is that he richly deserves impeachment he has done many impeachable offenses he's violated the law six ways from Sunday but that's not the question the question is can we develop enough evidence to put before the American people so obviously a couple things stood out there my personal view and can we develop enough evidence versus as chairman and verses Pelosi so what is he looking for two things he's looking for the grand jury testimony that Muller has that they have not seen hold on one more thing they're looking for unsealed indictments the only way you get them is a bill Barr releases them or you start this process and if that evidence comes out we're off to the races stop this is such a dead horse I mean or do we just keep beating it and beating it I mean it's done the American people besides very far left people are done seeing this they've made up their decisions and I think that's why you have Pelosi constantly saying like we need to take this carefully we need to focus the house investigations on other aspects of trumps business finances under other things because she knows that they won the House Majority on the backs of moderates swing districts Trump's districts that maybe Trump won and then there was a flip because of independent voters an increase in upend at voters in some of those districts so she's looking at that and maintaining the majority not necessarily appeasing the far left of her party and it's also giving Trump and the Republicans much more ammunition against painting the party as out of touch with everyone cause you're right they're only because the seeing the president come to a podium rose-garden we go now well thank you very much everybody please sit down very important day and we're gathered this morning at the White House to honor our solemn duty to America's best bravest and finest who I know so well in a few moments I will sign a bar bipartisan bill to fully reauthorize the nine elected 11 victim's compensation fund so the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund is something you've all worked on very hard and the day has come today we come together as one nation to support our September 11th heroes to care for their families and to renew our eternal vow never ever for before I go further this morning we express our deepest sadness and sorrow for the families who lost a precious loved one in the horrific shooting last night in Gilroy California while families were spending time together at a local festival a wicked murderer opened fire and killed three innocent citizens including a young child we grieve for their families that we ask that God will comfort them with his overflowing mercy and grace we're praying for those who are recovering right now in the hospital some very very serious injuries we thank the brave members of law enforcement they never let us down who swiftly killed the shooter we reaffirm our national will to answer violence with the courage determination or resolve of one American family we will continue to work together as communities and the citizens to stop evil prevent violence and protect the safety of all Americans we're joined for today's ceremony by our wonderful vice president Mike Pence thank you Mike very much thank you along with many distinguished guests I want to begin by recognizing a leader many of you know very well on September 11th he declared the city of New York and the United States of America is much stronger than any group of barbaric terrorists our strength and our willingness to defend ourselves will ultimately prevail and he was right a great mayor of the city of New York our greatest mayor in my opinion now what do I know Rudy Giuliani stand up Rudy great job Rudy great job Rudy's got a lot of guts thanks also to Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen for being here thank you Jeff thank you very much along with senator Deb Fischer and representatives Michael Burgess Chris Collins Brian Fitzpatrick Peter King John Joyce mark Meadows and Dan Musick please stand up fellas please thank you thank you Peter in the wake of the September 11th attacks courageous Americans raced into smoke fire and debris in lower Manhattan the Pentagon and a field in Shanksville Pennsylvania the whole world witnessed the might and resilience of our nation in the extraordinary men and women of the New York Fire Department and the New York Police Department selfless Patriots of unmatched character and devotion I grew up with them so I can tell you that's absolutely true it's always nice to really know your subject I know that subject these are great people we also commemorate the heroes of the Port Authority police and I want to thank you all for being here tremendous people the first responders from across the country rushed to New York and worked endless days and sleepless nights they fought to rescue every person trapped in the rubble and then searched for months to find the remains of the Fallen the love and loyalty of our 911 responders knew no bounds today we are deeply honored to be in the presence of more than 60 of these exceptional heroes they answered Terah with the emotional strength of true American warriors would every 911 responder please stand up please all you first responders Wow okay thank you thank you fellas great-looking group of people you are great-looking group of people thank you very much you inspire all of humanity and you know that we're all so greatly moved to have with us families of our fallen heroes our nation owes each of you a profound debt that no words or deeds will ever repay but we can and we will keep our nation's promise to you in a few moments I will sign the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund this law makes permanent the financial support for families who lost precious loved ones as a result of September 11th attacks it also provides pensions for those who are suffering from cancer and other illnesses stemming from the toxic debris they were exposed to in the aftermath of the attacks many of those affected were firefighters police officers and other first responders and I was down there also but I'm not considering myself a first responder but I was down there I spent a lot of time down there with you since September 11th we have lost more than 2,000 first responders and survivors to 911 related cancers and illnesses currently thousands of men and women are battling cancer and other illnesses due to 9/11 we pledge to stand by the families of those affected today and every day we will stand with you I want to thank lawmakers in both parties for working with common purpose to pass this vital and critical legislation here with us for this signing ceremony are the three families whose loved ones are memorialized in the title of this bill New York Police Department detective James ed Grogan spent more than 450 hours serving at Ground Zero in 2006 James died from a lung disease to his father Joseph and his daughter Tyler and who join us detectives heh drogas heroism will uplift our nation forever won't be forgotten we will always remember what he did for us please stand up please also present today is the family of East Meadow volunteer firefighter ray Pfeiffer I know East Meadow very well great place great people for eight months ray worked constantly at Ground Zero in 2017 at the age of 59 he died from cancer here with us today is Ray's wife Karen his daughter Taylor and his son Terence now a New York City firefighter please stand up thank you and I know ray must be watching over you looking down right now from heaven on this beautiful rose garden very very proud of you thank you thank you very much the third namesake of the bill is New York City detective Luis Alvarez last month his powerful testimony in Congress touched the heart of our nation a few days later he passed from this life into eternity we are privileged to have with us detective Alvarez his brother Phillip and his wife Aileen and his sons Tyler and Ben please stand please please thank you thank you thank you very much thank you very much I want each of you to know that America is holding you in the arms of its wonderful wonderful heart and we're all grieving by your side our whole nation prays and pays tribute to the incredible life and legacy of detective Alvarez how hard he worked and how much he suffered and we really want to thank him he was really something people understood it very well it's really great thank you we have an obligation and it's a sacred obligation to the families and first responders of 9/11 here with us today is Chief John Joyce former fire chief of the midtown Manhattan firehouse when September 11th 15 of his men raced into the ashes of hell and gave their lives to this day chief joy still mentors many of their 28 children chief Joyce spent seven months working at Ground Zero in 2011 he was diagnosed with cancer he has also endorsed aveer 9/11 related illnesses but the chief is a fighter he is definitely a fighter as he says because of this bill he does not have to fear for the families of his firehouse whose loved ones made the ultimate sacrifice chief Joyce you have our everlasting gratitude please chief thank you thank you – thank you for being and say hello to everybody to every 911 hero you poured out your heart your sweat your soul and everything you had for your country you ran toward the records into a ball of flames like frankly nobody in this country had ever seen you searched for survivors you went back day after day and night after night to save lives and return the fallen to their families to rebuild and recover and to show the entire world that nothing will ever break America's spirit over the last two decades you have endured hardship with amazing grace an incredible grit through it all you care and you work and you love and you will always remember all of those great families you lift up our communities and you remind us all what it means to stand united as one nation under God for your entire lives you have gone far beyond your duty to us and today we strive to fulfill our sacred duty to you we love you we honor you and we thank you god bless you all thank you now I'm going to sign this bill into law and I don't know if this stage will hold it but if it doesn't we're not falling very far but I'd like to ask the families and I'd also like to ask the first responders to come up and we'll we'll give we'll give this stage a shot let's see how well built made in America let's see how well built it is okay come on up so normally we would see some of these individuals take the microphone which which might be the case so which is gonna stay with a shot for a moment and as you can see Sandra there are a lot of people have made the trip in Washington today an inspiration to all of us those first responders let's watch the president sign the bill Senate vote was 98 to two prior to that house voted 4 or 2 to 12 and with our panel just you know you're all New Yorkers at heart we could say bill as we watch this today right look I don't think I actually don't think there was a doubt that this was gonna be signed the American people want this I don't think there's a lot of political divisions and you know it's good it's good to see people coming together for this claims are expected to exceed 22,000 from emergency personnel lauren who worked at ground zero on and after 9/11 and many of them breathed in toxic fumes as the president referenced some who have passed even in recent days who fought for this yeah absolutely and i think it's money well spent i mean we have to take care of those who took care of us and risked everything and you know i don't think any american especially after watching what those two towers go down would ever think that this is the money that we shouldn't least and and the people that we should not take care of the rest of their lives and their families little passes by 98 to two anymore and it's nice to see that this particular bill passed by that margin we can never do enough to repay everyone who has lost their lives on 9/11 who've lost their lives since they never should have had to fight for this money but thank god they have it now they'll never have to worry about it again personal to him as well in new yorker for sure september 11th he was here yeah so we wanted to share that with you and thanks to our panel lauren and bill McGurn and Maryanne Marsh nice to see you guys there's the event from the White House and appropriate enough Sandra they get a sun-filled day in the Rose Garden some powerful words for those first responders the president saying nothing will ever break the American spirit these first responders inspire all of humanity said the president all right well that is now signed after a lot of contentious back and forth on that that and meanwhile we're gonna move on our a team thank you the search for two murder suspects in Canada intensifying after a possible sighting of the teens in the province of Manitoba now news that the pair may have changed their appearances what hurdles will this caused for investigators also Sandra president Trump trading fire with Smit Elijah Cummings there was an intense back-and-forth over the weekend hello Baba could affect the race for 2020 we'll get a reaction from that our headliner down to Brazil coming up shortly right here what this is about though is the president fighting back against what he saw as being illegitimate attacks about the border I think if the president is right to raise that it has absolutely zero to do with race 30 now in New York a brand new photograph now surfacing showing one of two American teenagers accused of brutally murdering a police officer in Rome Italy right near the Vatican here is that image now showing one of the teenagers illegally blindfolded during preliminary questioning it's a big story in Italy a big story in California Amy Kellogg's live in Milan with the details to fill us in now Amy what happened hey Bill well here in Italy the funeral for Mario Churchill Arreaga just took place it took place in the same church build where he was married only 43 days ago in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius and an autopsy report today found that he was stabbed bill not eight times but 11 times and an investigating judge on the case says that the knife that was used was not an ordinary knife but actually one that is typically used by the Marines now Churchill Arreaga was 35 years old he was a deputy Brigadier and the Carabinieri which is the military police he had only just returned from his honeymoon last Monday two American teens have according to police confessed to their role in his murder the early hours of Friday Chautala Rago was 35 and by all accounts a kind man who accompanied the sick to the shrine at Lourdes and helped to feed Rome's homeless each Tuesday night now this twist in the case which may cause the prosecution trouble comes from this leaked picture of one of the two suspects Gabriele Christian Natali yourthe blindfolded and handcuffed in the police station over the weekend the prime minister today said that blindfolding a suspect is illegal the police involved say they simply did not want Natali's orth to see some documents that would have been within his sight finally police release audio of the call made to them on the night


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