10AM | America's Newsroom 7/25/19 | Fox News  Today July 25, 2019

10AM | America's Newsroom 7/25/19 | Fox News Today July 25, 2019

by the president welcome to a brand-new hour of America's newsroom I'm Sandra Smith I'm John Scott in for Bill Hemmer president Trump is taking a victory lap and calling Muller's hearing a quote devastating day for the Democrats this after a seven-hour grilling session of the former special counsel fell short of the bombshell testimony some Democrats might have expected but the party is still not ready to rule out an impeachment possibility most of the country knows the truth which is there is no basis for impeachment after yesterday's hearing I bet more people in the country feel like there is no basis for impeachment but that's not going to stop the Democrats because all they care about is stopping the president I'm begging American people to pay attention to what is going on because if you want to have a democracy intact for your children and your children's children and generations yet unborn we have got to guard this moment chief intelligence correspondent Katherine Harris has been following all this live from Washington for us what a day yesterday and morning Catherine and good morning to you right out of the gate Robert Muller seems have got the Republicans ambitions saying he would not address the origins of the FBI Russia probe in the summer of 2016 so one Republican got key details on the table by reading them into the congressional record that the FBI probe he said began with a lead from an obscure diplomat not an official intelligence product from the so called five eyes that's the intelligence network that includes the US Canada Australia New Zealand and the UK the entire investigation was open based not on five eyes intelligence but on a tip from a foreign politician he's a Maltese diplomat who's widely portrayed as a Russian agent but seems to have far more connections with Western governments including our own FBI and our own State Department than with Russia Democrats yesterday highlighted the president's orders to former White House Counsel Don began to fire Muller for alleged conflicts though Muller again offered differing testimony on whether his two-year probe was impeded at any time with the investigation was your investigation kakarotto curtailed or stopped or hindered no lies by Trump campaign officials and administration officials impede at your investigation I would generally agree with that Mahler's mandated special counsel was to investigate Russian election interference in the 2016 elections but more testified in his view it did not extend to the opposition research paid for by Democrats and used to secure a surveillance warrant for Trump campaign aide can you state with confidence that the steal dossier was not part of Russia's disinformation campaign no I said in my opening statement that part of the building of the case was predated me by at least 10 months my intelligence contacts report that it is standard for the Russians or any foreign intelligence service to collect information about both parties so investigating the source of the steal dossier they said is like counterintelligence 101 and therefore a major gap exists in the Moller report Sandra catherine herridge thank you you're welcome let's bring in our headliner former congressman trey Gowdy is a Fox News contributor Trey good morning to you appreciate your time this morning first of all characterize yesterday for us how did you see it a train wreck an unmitigated disaster you know expectations always outpaced the reality with congressional hearings but the disparity yesterday was pretty stark in Xandra been part of some dud congressional hearings myself yesterday was just a disaster I missed seeing you in that Committee hearing yesterday you're a former prosecutor and you always ask very pointed questions is there a question you would have asked that did not get asked yesterday oh gosh I hate it when people did that to me I mean I left so I thought Radcliffe did a fantastic job Devan Mike Turner the only thing I probably would have done is follow-up you know when Muller's says well that was out of my view why me how in the world can a meeting that took place the day before Trump Tower and the day after Trump Tower how can those meetings be outside your purview but Trump Tower be in your purview and I thought Johnny did a great job on the exoneration so did my return but I would have beaten the hell out of that exoneration there's no prosecutor in the country that's ever set out to exonerate someone else so I follow up but in terms of the original questions I thought the Republicans were really well prepared we are looking live in Washington right now Nancy Pelosi is set to speak to reporters Trey as we now know Democrats have to decide what is the future what course will they take she's expected to talk about the first 200 days of the new Congress obviously Robert Moeller and yesterday's hearings could come up we'll be listening for that but how do you Democrats proceed track well they have an interesting battle going on just like Republicans did when I was there they've got the progressives and their base that really wants something done to this president because they didn't want him to win in the first place and then you got Pelosi that I think politically understands the dumbest thing they can do going into 2020 is waste more time on an investigation that most Americans think is unwarranted so she's got a leadership crisis I will give this to the Democrats they usually squabble more in private whereas Republicans like to fight in public but but this internecine battle is spilling out into the public and she's got a problem on her hands one of the bedrock principles of the American legal system is that you are innocent until proven guilty and this whole question about Robert Moore saying he was unable to exonerate the president that was not his mission was it did the president like every other American is considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt yes and when I was in a courtroom the judge would tell the jury that defendant is clothed cloaked with a robe of righteousness and that cloak will only be removed if the government proves every element of the offense beyond a reasonable out there you are presumed innocent unless something else happened you have no duty to prove your own innocence in fact you can't prove your own innocence and then you you factor into this John that sixty Democrats wanted to impeach President Trump before Muller set a single solitary word in his report how would you react if you were accused of a crime for which you could be hanged what would your reaction be I mean I think your defense would be pretty vigorous so where the line between vigorously defending yourself against a capital crime in a political environment and obstruction is I think most Americans would say you know what I'd fight pretty hard to if someone was trying to delegitimize my presidency and accuse me of of Quran from which I could be hanged well the president spoke as he was leaving the White House yesterday and characterized this as a win for him and his presidency a win for the country but he had this forecast for Democrats in 2020 after those hearings history here's the president the performance was obviously not very good he had a lot of problems but what he showed more than anything else is that this whole thing has been three years of embarrassment and waste of time for our country and you know what the Democrats thought they could win an election like this I think they hurt themselves very badly for 2020 what does it mean for 2020 you think well I would ask my fellow citizens what did you expect when you gave the gavel of the House Intelligence Committee to Adam Schiff did you want him to focus on North Korea in Iran or did you want him to give an ethics or morality and government tutorial like he tried to do yesterday when you gave the gavel to Jerry Nadler the Democrat from New York had judiciary did you want to pursue justice reform did you want to pursue a decriminalization of our closer or did you want him to spend four years investigating this president look I love my fellow citizens but what did they expect when they gave Nadler Cummings and shift gavels I could have told you this is how they were going to spend their time and they have not disappointed me so much of this began with the fuse fusion GPS you know opposition research that was funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee congressman Chabot had an interesting exchange on that was Robert Mulder yesterday I want to replay that for you now when you talk about the the firm that produced the steel reporting the name of the firm that produced that was fusion GPS is that correct I'm not familiar with that it's not a trick question it was fusion GPS fusion GPS I mean that has been in the news one would expect robert muller would know instantly what that was all about it's sad you know I mean I I guess I couldn't understand forgetting who made you the US Attorney they sometimes I forget my kids name so I I can get that what I don't get is you believe your mission was to investigate a foreign adversaries attempts to undermine our election and you did all that with the Trump campaign but here you have the DNC actually paying Russians for dirt on Donald Trump and you either don't know the name of the company that the money was laundered through and you don't know anything about Nellie or and her husband being in the chain of custody who even though he's a DOJ official that was one that and and struggling to find the word conspiracy were two of the most troubling parts of yesterday in ace in a way they see of troubling moments those to study were time to Jim Jordan earlier and he yeah he actually suggested well maybe he didn't really understand the question but the question was clarified for for the former special counsel and then he responded with beyond his behind a steel dossier you are referencing back to another moments that shocked many when he couldn't quite recall who appointed him in Massachusetts he answered that it was George HW Bush but a lawmaker quickly corrected him that it was Ronald Reagan there were several moments like that yesterday I just wonder what what moment stood out to you the most yesterday as this was such a long anticipated day those stood out obviously fuschia GPS Christopher steel his inability to handle the exoneration questions is in a bill to explain how this can be in my purview but this is not even though to most Americans this is the exact same fact pattern whether or not Russia tried to interfere with our election center the reason I think it's important is Eiling anybody in the world thinks Bob Muller interviewed those witnesses and howling anybody thinks he wrote the report so the question then becomes well who did and that involves the bias narrative I didn't hear a ton of questions about bias yesterday but some you got rid of Peter struck because of what you believe to be a perception of bias but yet you kept people who showed up at a victory party for Hillary Clinton and otherwise donated to her campaign how much bias is okay when you're investigating the leader of the free world I mean struck was a bridge too far but Wiseman and the others apparently he was okay with that that's that was my question there were you know the preponderance of the attorneys that worked for him had Democrat donated to Democratic campaigns and causes and yet he defended their integrity can you can you be both well I mean it is possible I I've got Democrat friends that I would not hesitate to let judge me but but this has always been more of a political investigation than a real Criminal Justice investigation and the reason you know that is 60 Democrats have imposed the political death penalty on Donald Trump before Bob Mahler said a single solitary word how would you like them to be on your jury I mean the case that need been called yet the evidence hasn't been presented and yet you have already concluded that that he should get what is tantamount to the political death penalty which is impeachment so this has always been more about politics than the criminal justice so we know that Republicans went into these hearings yesterday with the goal of digging deeper into the origins of this investigation and how it began in the first place tre we were just talking to Jim Jordan and he's just retweeted this piece in the hill that bill Barr and John Durham's investigation is already looking into Joseph Mifsud he's they are going to get to the truth manage our expectations did they get answers look I love Jimmy Jimmy did a great job yesterday Republicans usually set the bar so high that when we don't meet it the media narrative then becomes you know Republicans don't deliver on their promises just promise a fair investigation that goes wherever the facts take us confidence in their own confidence and Horowitz but don't predict what they're gonna find I mean that's what we got upset with Comey about right I mean Comey made up his mind before he even interviewed Hillary Clinton Republicans don't need to do the same thing let these two folks do their job and then let's kind of process what they find but let's don't predict what they're going to find because I don't know trey gowdy great to have you on this morning thank you yes ma'am thank you a brand new provocation now by North Korea that rogue nation firing two short-range missiles testing new doubts on efforts to restart the nuclear talks as the u.s. and South Korea prepare for routine military drills our senior foreign affairs correspondent Greg Powell has more on these latest tensions Greg hi John yeah North Korea is at it again launching early this morning on North Korea time to new-style nuclear capable short-range ballistic missiles from a site on the east coast of the Korean Peninsula these missiles are similar to those launched in May but Fox News has learned they are more powerful reaching a distance of some 430 miles into the Sea of Japan and this comes after North Korean leader Kim jong-un was seen also this week with what is claimed to be a new North Korean submarine from which ballistic missiles could be launched North Korea does have submarines but they're only able to launch torpedoes our key regional security expert tells us this is a very dangerous development it also comes after a visit this week by national security adviser Tom Bolton to Seoul with officials there in the past North Korea's blast of Bolton as a warmonger and yes in advance of those plan u.s. South Korean military drills they are low-key but North Korea has described them as a rehearsal for an invasion most importantly John it comes after and it is the first launch since the meeting last month between President Trump and Kim jong-un at the DMZ it was hoped that could start restart stalled nuclear talks in fact the talk coming from Jung yang has been pretty warlike and the latest report we're seeing John as that a planned I hoped for meeting between secretary Pompeo and his North Korean counterpart at an Asian security conference next week now appears to be off apparently the pyongyang diplomat is going to be a no-show back to you all right Gregg palca reporting live Gregg thank you the Pentagon where President Trump is set to take part in a ceremony marking the beginning of mark Esper's tenure as defense secretary we're gonna take you there live when that begins also the search is on for two teenagers suspected of killing a North Carolina woman and her Australian boyfriend details on why the manhunt is now expanding and caught on camera an officer risking his life to pull a driver to safety from a burning vehicle he will share his heroic story with us live later this hour all I could see was his hand sticking up so I was able to grab his hand and I got him from there then I got his arm and was able to get his shoulders and mouth firing two short-range missiles the first such launch since President Trump and Kim jong-un's historic meeting at the DMZ last month the test coming ahead of routine military drills between the u.s. and South Korea and is seen as a tactic to pressure Washington to get nuclear talks back on track we'll have more on this just ahead under this Fox News Alert President Trump and Republicans declaring victory after Robert Mueller's testimony yesterday as Democrats pledged to push ahead with their investigations good morning everyone welcome to America's newsroom it is Thursday morning I'm Sandra Smith and I'm John Scott in for Bill Hemmer today lawmakers on two House committees grilling the former Special Counsel for seven hours yesterday President Trump says the Democrats lost a big and his supporters say it is time to close the book on the Russia investigation but top Democrats are not ready to take impeachment off the table there was no defense to this ridiculous hopes they should be ashamed of themselves absolutely ashamed and you know who knew it was a phony cloud more than anyone else's shift and Nadler and Schumer and Pelosi every one of them if we have a case for impeachment that's the place who will have to go the stronger our case is the worse the Senate will look for just letting the president off the hook it was a historical day because the day is the day that we closed the book on this investigation it is time that America turns the page Doug mackelway is live in Washington with more Doug good morning John and what are the dangerous signs of these divided political times is that one party as you just heard there is looking at the sky and sing daytime the other party is looking at the sky and saying nighttime in the aftermath of the Muellers testimony yesterday in which the former special counsel demonstrated apparent signs of confusion and a failure to grasp the very details of the report that he supervised the Democrats vowed to press on well the very next step I'm not going to talk longer range the very next step either tomorrow or Friday is we're going into court to enforce to ask for the grand jury material and to enforce the subpoena against mr. McGann on the other hand Republicans and the White House say Muller's has struggles as a sign saw his struggles as a sign that his investigation was run by the handful of Democratic underlings in his office with political motivations and that his testimony was the nail in the coffin of the Muller investigation I think he watched the hearings today and he watched both the Intel and G district and we discussed this issue of exoneration where that legal theory that he would even come out was a very novel theory because never been used before it was not something for him to exonerate which is also a flipside to say there was not enough there to find Gill so as we move forward again how if I was the Democrats and just as they just got through talking about in their own press con I would be frustrated too because they have promised and promised him promise that Moeller investigation was the gold standard Republicans were nevertheless frustrated by mullahs refusal which was stipulated in advance not to testify outside the bounds of the written report three times he lied to the FBI yet you didn't charge him with the crime excuse me I'm sorry did you say 193 Volume one 193 he lied three times he pointed out in the report why didn't you charge him with the crime I can't get into internal deliberations with regard who would or would not be orange a lot of other people from make up false tape and still to come regardless of whatever the Democrats choose to do in the future are the findings of two more investigations the inspector general's report which is set to be due out sometime around Labor Day we're short ly thereafter and then the Department of Justice investigation which attorney general Bob Barr is heading up no timeframe for the completion of that investigation John Doug mackelway in Washington where things are still boiling thank you for more on all this is bringing Guy Lewis former US attorney who served with attorney general Barr during the George HW Bush administration guy good morning to you so what moment stood out to you the most yesterday well it was interesting because there were times that Bob seemed to be sort of off his game that he had to look to his deputy that he seemed to be sort of flustered and not aware of some of the details of his report but Sandra you got to remember that those in the media mainly who didn't who don't know Bob Muller and expected some kind of John the Baptist preacher to come out and be this great orator I mean that's just not who he is and that's not what was going to happen well Democrats certainly went into all of this guy with the goal of having Robert molar revealed damning evidence against the president did they find any I don't think they did I think they I think the hearing came out very flat I mean if you went in believing that the Muller investigation was a witch-hunt I think you walked away with the same kind of cinamon if you came in thinking that the president was guilty it's over with let's let's convict him and send him to jail you probably thought the same thing and that seems to be where the Democrats are going but I don't think that's the road frankly that I'd want to travel based on the facts and the law if I as I've seen well the president's lawyer Jay Sekulow an outspoken critic of this investigation from the beginning he's been all over the place he penned an op-ed published on Fox news.com he went on Fox News at night with Shannon last night he is making the case that it is time to move on here's Jay Sekulow this was gonna be the game-changing moment and what was it it was a game-changing moment all right that this is done I've been saying case closed I think this just reiterates case closed but if you see a reaction from some Democrats in recent hours since those hearings concluded there are some still making the case for impeachment we'll hear a lot more as we go throughout the day Chris Coons the Democrats are gonna be joining us in just a bit but will Democrats choose to continue with their push to impeach the president you better bet the house yes they're going to work this thing until the cows come home they are gonna continue in court they're gonna continue issuing subpoenas they're gonna continue looking for documents they're gonna continue to hold hearings I mean this is their lead-up to the next to the next election so you better bet bet that this is going to continue full blast guy before I let you go a lot of people are talking about in this exchange with the former special counsel and John Ratcliffe the Republican from Texas in that hearing room yesterday can you give me the example other than Donald Trump where the Justice Department determined that an investigated person was not exonerated because their innocence was not conclusively determined I cannot but this is unique okay well you can't time is short I've got five minutes let's just leave it it you can't find it because I'll tell you why it doesn't exist it was an intense moment yesterday guy I know you were watching that but the Congress was making the case that he broke the rules by writing about decisions that were not reached final thoughts on that so Sandra I've never been a fan of the special prosecution law exactly how Judge Starr and and Bob Muller and others both sides both administrations have been appointed it places the prosecutor in an untenable position and listen give Bob Muller credit he's a Vietnam veteran he's a good man he's he's a he's a prosecutors prosecutor but prosecution and politics don't mix what we saw yesterday and it doesn't work it was really something guy we appreciate your reaction this morning was a heck of a lot more coming up on all of that thank you guy well as we just mentioned Democratic Senator Chris Coons will be joining us in just a few moments Republican Congressman Jim Jordan who questioned Moeller at yesterday's hearing will also join us that's about 20 minutes from now and next hour former congressman and prosecutor trey Gowdy will be our headliner so lots more reaction coming up now this Fox News Alert from Puerto Rico where celebrations have replaced protests after Governor Ricardo rules hello announced his resignation this comes after weeks of demonstrations that demanded he stepped down Brian Dennis is live in San Juan with more right John good morning Puerto Rico exhales after two weeks of tension ricardo rosado resigning becoming the first governor to do so in Puerto Rico's history but it wasn't without drama there was a 5:00 p.m. press conference that was abruptly canceled and then six and a half hours later Rocio comes out with the facebook video resigning effective August 2nd expressed the right to freedom of expression everything that you have said and I have heard you allowed thousands taken to the streets of Old San Juan celebrating fireworks going off in the streets music playing pots and pans being banged on we were there last night and spoke to some of these young protesters but there are questions as to whether or not she's going to last allegations of corruption and people already calling on her to resign this is all a culmination of 12 straight days of protests people upset with corruption and mismanagement House representatives meeting today as to whether or not they're gonna move forward with impeachment proceedings John all right Brian Janos in Puerto Rico Brian thank you Fox News Alert now the federal court raiding the Trump administration a defeat on immigration the judge blocking new restrictions on migrants seeking asylum as another judge ruled for the new policy hours before a live report on what happens next with all that Plus this the fact of the matter is this is not a continuation of Barack sittin in our administration I'm very proud to have served with him I doubt whether he would have picked me if there's accusations about my being wrong on civil rights correct Joe Biden still talking about attacks on his record from senators Booker and Harris now he has a new warning for his rivals ahead of the next Democratic debates plus new surveillance video showing a college student just before she was murdered in Mississippi as well as new details on the suspect now accused of killing her we'll have the details just ahead I've seen them at the bars before yeah he's always out all the time on the square definitely shocking cuz he never seemed like he did he didn't look like the kid who would do something like that everybody knew it was a hoax especially the Democrats I wish we could be a fly in the wall in those rooms when the Democrats would go in and talk before and after meetings and they'd be laughing and smiling and say can you believe that we're getting away with this that's president Trump reacting to Robert Miller's House testimony yesterday saying it was a bad day for Democrats Republican lawmakers claim his testimony debunked the Democrats theories of obstruction and collusion joining us now Democratic Senator Chris Coons who serves on that chambers Judiciary and Foreign Relations committees senator I I know you were busy with other things yesterday but it give us your take away from Robert Muller's testimony does it advance the case against the president in your view well what I think was most important about special counsel Muller repeating the details of his report yesterday was his emphasis on how Russia strongly attempted to interfere interfered in our 2016 election our 2018 election in response to a question from Republican congressman Hurd of Texas said they are continuing to do it even today here in the Senate we had a hearing on the Judiciary Committee earlier this week where Chris Rae the FBI director president Trump's personally chosen FBI director repeated that same message that we need to be working on securing our 2020 elections tomorrow I'll be at the Delaware State Fair where I'll get to see our new election machinery in Delaware we were one of five states that had no paper trail to audit the outcomes of our elections we've just purchased new election machinery with the grant funding that was made available two years ago to States I think that is something we should be working on and I think that was one important takeaway from the Muller investigation was the depth and breadth of Russian interference in our 2016 election a guy Lewis a former federal prosecutors was just on with us he said that in his view the the special counsel or special prosecutor law doesn't work he called it a mix of prosecution and politics that just doesn't work what do you think about that well as you know I had a bipartisan bill in the last Congress and in this Congress that would strengthen the Special Counsel make it harder for him to be abruptly fired for no reason there are regulations in the Department of Justice today that prevent that but I think it should be in statute I do think an important part of Muller's testimony was that he detailed a number of ways in which the president and his senior team attempted to interfere with the investigation you just played a clip of him calling it a hoax and a witch-hunt I don't believe it was a hoax or witch-hunt I think it was an important and appropriate investigation and I think the fact that Special Counsel Muller was able to complete his investigation is something we all should be proud of there's other countries around the world where presidents are above the law aren't challenged aren't questioned I think it's important that Special Counsel Muller was able to finish his investigation but the White House would make the point that he was able to finish the investigation with the essential cooperation of the White House that they didn't block anything that he wanted that he asked for I agree and I think that's important it's all right there are some other things we want to talk about here on the Senate Relations Committee Iran is a boiling hot issue right metal and you were talking about that while most of the nation's attention was riveted on the Muller investigation in his testimony yes thank you yesterday we had the acting legal adviser from the State Department and one of the senior members of the State Department testify in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about what's the legal authority on which the president might rely if he chose to begin war with Iran I think it's clear that if Iran attacks American troops kills American troops in the region the president has the authority under the Constitution to defend our armed forces in his role as commander-in-chief but what we were debating was the 2001 authorization for the use of military force not one of the currently serving senators on our committee voted for that authorization in the Senate a few did in the house but you know there are I think 80 of us now serving in the Senate who were not here and did not vote for the o1 AUMF because frankly it was 19 years ago what we are trying to do is to come up with a modernized relevant current authorization for force and I think it was a vigorous and important discussion about what kinds of authorities the president and the executive branch needs to detain folks here or overseas and what sort of authority there needs to be for our ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan in Iraq and Syria and elsewhere and then what limits there are I don't believe the ona OMF authorizes the President to start a war with Iran we think it's important that we have that discussion we've already seen Iran shoot down a 40 million dollar American drill and what if they were to seize an American tanker as they did with the British I think that would be another important step by Iran to demonstrate their aggression I think Iran is a dangerous state that is a sponsor of terrorism that is a destabilizing force in the region the question is at what point should we take either diplomatic action or military action against Iran I think it's important that there be lines of communication open between us and the Iranians so that some rogue element of the IRGC doesn't draw us into a hot war that were not fully prepared for and frankly we've been asking for the administration to send someone to brief us on the strategy that they're intending to follow in the event there's an escalation like the one you referenced the seizure of an American flag tanker Senator Chris Coons Democrat who serves on the judiciary and Foreign Relations Committee senator thank you thank you well a frightening incident involving a toddler at the world's busiest airport how this little boy ended up on that conveyor belt and how that ride ended coming up plus we brought you the story of a hero police officer who saved their driver trapped in a burning vehicle that brave officer will be our guest live it became pretty clear that was gonna have to get inside the car and dragged a guy out all I could see was his hand sticking up so I was able to grab his hand and I got him from there then I got his arm and was able to get his shoulders and pull him out the court properly rejected the attempt of a few special interest groups to block a rule that discourages abuse of our Asylum system so the bottom line is the injunction means the u.s. must still consider asylum claims from anyone regardless of how many countries they travel through before they get here both ruling Sandra will likely be appealed in the Supreme Court would again be asked to reconcile any conflict affect to you all right really much we'll dig into the numbers next Plus this you charged Rick gates for false statements you charged Paul Manafort you charged Michael : he charged Michael Flynn the guy who puts the country through this whole saga starts it all for three years we've lived this now he lies and you guys don't charge him it was a tense exchange yesterday between congressman Jim Jordan and Robert Moeller on the origins of the Russia investigation so where does all this go next the Ohio Republican will join us live next when people who supported Trump lied he threw the book at him when people like Christopher Steele who hated Trump la door when Glenn Simpson was engaging in Russians Robert Mahler was here no evil see no evil speak no evil brand new Fox polls showing high ratings for the economy 51% of those polled calling the US economy excellent or good the highest number in nearly 20 years and with that here's a quick look at the markets this morning the Dow Jones Industrials down just a few points yesterday was a pretty good day except for the day I couldn't braking back yeah yeah he has that fresh record highs this is going to set up 2020s me very interesting to see how both parties handle the economy most voters vote their pocketbooks and right now the economy is booming so we'll see what happens come 22 well indeed the FBI interviewed Joseph Masood on February 10th 2017 he lied three times you pointed out in the report why didn't you charge him with the crime I can't get into internal deliberations with regard who would or would not be God who puts the country through this whole saga starts it all for three years we've lived this now he lies and you guys don't charge you and I'm curious as to why well I can't get into it maybe a better course of action is to figure out how the false accusation started maybe it's to go back and actually figure out why Joseph nipson was lying to the FBI Congressman Jim Jordan they're grilling Robert molar about the origins of the of the FBI's Russia investigation which led to his appointment as special counsel but Muller did as you noticed dodges questions a bit citing an ongoing Justice Department review congressman Jordan joining us now with his reaction to Millar's testimony congressman good morning to you word to say he was dodging your questions there you chose to dig into the origins of the investigation it was your goal heading into this you have been a critic of this investigation all along did you get any answers no but this underscores why it's so important what bill bars doing the investigation he has tasked John Durham the US Attorney from Connecticut to lead to find out how this whole thing started because remember in 2016 as I said yesterday the FBI did something they probably hadn't done before they spied on two American citizens associated with the presidential campaign Carter Page and George papadopolis who are working for president Trump's campaign were spied on two Americans spied on by our government and as it turns out this whole this whole conspiracy theory was completely false so that's why it's important to get to the bottom of this and that's exactly what Bill Barr the Attorney General is doing I want to know what from you what you think this means for Democrats after what we saw play out both of those hearings yesterday what it means for their push for impeachment I'll new tweet from Al Green the Democrat from Texas he just tweeted out yesterday's testimony was evidence of analysis paralysis we waited two years for the mole report and three months from mr. Moya to testify there was no aha moment because we've had the report and watched her discuss the president's impeachable actions ad nauseam hashtag impeach now what does that tell you about how they plan to proceed with the push for impeachment yeah they're gonna keep going in fact today in the Oversight Committee in in less than an hour we're going to start and they're gonna they're going to issue subpoenas for Jared Kushner Ivanka Trump's emails I mean they're never going to stop going after the president in the first family and anything associated with the Trump administration so we know that's going to happen but remember this most of the country knows the truth which is there is no basis for impeachment after yesterday's hearing I bet more people in the country feel like there is no basis for impeachment but that's not gonna stop the Democrats because all they care about is stopping the president instead of focusing on actually doing things that would help the country in that heated exchange with Robert Mueller yesterday congressman you asked him specifically if he interviewed himself certain witnesses that you were bringing up he responded I can't get into that I believe it was about Mifsud yes he was he was asked at one point during that hearing yesterday how many of the five hundred plus interviews he actually sat it on to which he responded very few did that surprise you no not really but I would be curious as to which few he actually sat in on I mean I know they didn't go


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