10 Rules Cruise Passengers Break Most Often !

10 Rules Cruise Passengers Break Most Often !

You’re about to discover the 10 cruise
rules that passengers break most often. I’m Gary Bembridge, and this is another of
my tips for travellers. I’ve done 66 cruises to date and try to pack all the
things that I’ve learned in every single video.There are quite a few rules that
cruise lines have for passengers, and I’ll take a look at the 10 that I’ve
observed being broken more than any of the others.
The first rule that gets broken is people lying on the health declaration
form when they check in. When you check into a cruise, there is a form
that you normally have to fill in to confirm that you haven’t been suffering
from stomach upsets, diarrhoea or vomiting in the last 24 or 48 hours. People who
are suffering often say they haven’t, because they’re worried
about the consequences. Will they be allowed on the cruise? Will they be
confined to their cabin? There is a risk for other passengers, because if you’re
suffering from those, you could be bringing on board the virus which will
cause norovirus. This can spread quickly through a ship and take a
lot of people down with it. So, that is one rule that you often see people lying
about, because they worried about the consequences to their particular cruise and are
not always thinking about the consequences for the whole ship and
other passengers on board. The next rule is sneaking alcohol on board. Most cruise
lines have restrictions and regulations around how much alcohol you can bring on
board. That is both for when you board, but also during the course of the
cruise. They’ll take excess alcohol away from you and hold it
until the end of the cruise – even if you buy duty-free alcohol on board. A lot of passengers break that rule and find ways of bringing it on board,
either by trying to smuggle it on, with innovative and clever ways, or just ignoring the rule and chancing their arm. Buying drinks on board can be
quite expensive, and so that’s a rule you’ll often hear people talking about breaking
and you’ll find on many of the cruise forums there are lots of tips and
advice about how to sneak alcohol onto ships. It’s a very popular rule to
break. The third rule, which is actually now quite difficult to break, is not
attending the muster drill or the safety briefing. In recent years, the rules
around attending that has increased significantly, and that’s particularly
after some incidents and accidents. Most cruise
lines will either take a register or scan your cruise card
to make sure that you’ve gone. If you don’t attend a muster station, you’re likely to find that you are refused to go on the cruise or you have
to go to a separate briefing event. It used to be quite popular for people to try and skip it and still you’ll find
when you’re on a cruise they’re often calling people’s names because they
haven’t gone to the muster drill. The next one is around dress codes. Some
cruise lines have very strict rules around dress code, for example, if you
go on a Cunard cruise they have very strict formal nights or gala nights
where gentleman have to wear a black suit and tie or a
tuxedo and ladies wear equivalent like glamorous gowns or
cocktail gowns. Even on their less formal nights, the gentlemen are required to
wear a jacket with no tie. They have a strict rule. You’ll find, no matter which
cruise you go on, there will be people breaking the dress code rule. I’m finding
that as people start to ignore the dress code, the cruise lines though are not
actually being that strict about enforcing it. There are certain
cruise lines that are very picky like on a Cunard Cruise or perhaps on
a P&O cruise, where they have much stricter dress codes. Some cruise
lines turn a blind eye to it, so you’re finding increasingly ignoring the dress code rule is one thing that’s becoming
pretty widespread, because cruise lines are not actually enforcing it that
much. The fifth rule is one that probably causes the most upsets and the most
conflict, and that’s around reserving seats. The two big problems here are
around the pool or pool deck, where people will basically dump stuff
to reserve a Sun bed and then disappear for many hours. Most cruise
lines have rules that say if your seat is unoccupied for thirty minutes they
will remove the stuff and let that sun bed that you’ve been reserving be taken
by somebody else. However, again the enforcement of those rules by cruise
lines is very very patchy. People have learnt if they reserved a
sun bed they’re probably going to have it all day. The second area where I see a
lot of it happening is in the theatres where people will book a whole bunch of
seats for their friends or family and wait for them to come.
Again that’s an area with a lot of conflict,
and you will find the cruise lines are always making announcements about not
reserving seats. Reserving seats is one of the most argued about
and controversial (surprisingly) of all of the rules that passengers get
upset about. The next rule is also one that probably causes some upset and this
is smoking or vaping on balconies. Most cruise lines don’t
allow you to smoke or vape on your balcony. A lot of people still go
out on the balcony and smoke because their view is that if
you’re at sea the smoke is going to dissipate. However, it is a strict
rule and the cruise lines are more likely to enforce it if people do report
you smoking on your balcony. It’s unusual for people to break the rule
about smoking in their cabins because they will get hit with a cleaning fee if
they do so. A lot of people often ignore the smoking rules on balconies.
The cruise lines I’ve been on recently have the same rules for
smoking as they do have for vaping. Another bunch of rules that I see being
broken a lot, and I see a lot of discussion around that, are the rules
around use of the pools and the hot tubs. Most cruise lines have a lot of rules
and regulations because very few of the cruise lines (as the time of
recording) have lifeguards around the pool. A few of the more family orientated
cruise lines are introducing lifeguards, like MSC Cruises. Lines
have a lot of rules around safety, running and diving around the pool as
e the pools are quite small. A lot of them also have less formal
rules or restrictions around which pools are allocated for adults only and which
are for kids, or at certain times in the day when kids allowed to use the pool, restricted times hot tubs can be used, the age of people in
the hot tub and so on. I found, generally speaking, often those rules get broken and
are ignored by passengers. Again, the cruise lines
are not that good at enforcing that, maybe because the crew are worried they’re
going to get a lot of push back. The next one we’ve all seen
people do it, and I’ve been as guilty of doing it as everybody else, is
around taking food off the ship. In some countries local
regulations do not allow you to take food from the ship onto land. Often the
cruise lines stress that you must not take any form of food on land, though
often this is more applicable to things like fruit, nuts and those kind of more
agricultural type items. We’ve all done it when we’re out for a long day on an
excursion and at breakfast we pack a couple of pastries or some rolls
and cheese. However, it could have some big penalties because
there are some parts of the world that I’ve been to where they
do checks with sniffer dogs to check
that you’re not taking product and produce onto land. But, it’s one that you will see being broken quite a lot. The next one is one that probably
does frustrate me a bit when it comes to rule breaking, and this is
around the meet up time for excursions. When out on an excursion the
time to get back to the bus or the meet-up point is ignored by some people, because they know generally speaking they are not likely to be left behind. It is frustrating on an excursion when this happens as it’s always going to be
held up by the people who decide to come last – and often it’s the same people
because they know the guides are not going to leave without them. Everyone has to
wait until they are back even if 10 minutes, 15 minutes or
even longer than that. Also when you’re checking for excursions
in the morning, you’ll find you’re waiting because they’re waiting
for a few people to arrive to get the full number of people for tickets that have
been sold before you depart. The pace of excursions and the timing of excursions
is always going to be defined by whoever’s the slowest.
Breaking that rule might get you a little bit of extra time, but it’s not
really great for the other people who on that excursion. The next rule is really
a set of rules and these are ones that can have really really serious
consequences. Whilst the other rules are perhaps a little bit frustrating and a
little bit annoying, they don’t necessarily have dramatic and terrible
consequences for passengers. For example, the rule about not sitting on the
railing of the the balcony or around the ship. The
way that people have fallen off a ship is when they’re messing
around sitting our standing on the railings of balconies or perhaps climbing up on the
balcony to go from one cabin to the next. People have either fallen on to
the quay or dockside or they’ve fallen off the ship.
Another really important rule is about fraternising with the crew. If you
go into the crew areas, the crew member could find themselves fired and you
could find yourself disembarked. There’s strict rules around
passengers not going into crew areas and, of course, there’s some around
treating people with respect. If you damage property or have a punch-up
fight with someone, you’re also very like to find yourself disembarked at the next
port at your own cost. There’s a bunch of rules there that are probably much
more fundamental people and you know that if you do things that are illegal
there are big consequences. If you found this interesting and helpful, please
watch many more of my Tips For Travellers videos as they’re packed full of
tips and advice to help you make the most of your precious travel time and money


100 thoughts on “10 Rules Cruise Passengers Break Most Often !”

  • I had to check yes to upset stomach/dirreah BUT, I had a drs note because I have IBS. I didnt have a single issue. 🙂

  • Dennis Stewart says:

    Just got off an Alaska cruise, and some jerkwad was smoking fore of me. had to be with in 4 room forward, never saw the Sumbitch, but I sure could smell him/her?  I would not have been nice if I found them. Most likely would have gotten booted if I got caught throwing them over board.

  • A few years ago I went on an agriculture cruise and witnessed a man getting into an altercation with customs because he got caught smuggling treated seeds

  • Gerald Spessard says:

    I don't fly kites and I would never take a Cruz ship. I don't like restrictions that could infringe on my personal enjoyment. I'd rather take a garbage scowl across the ocean. It would allow me more freedom. I don't know of any airline that I would fly. I love sailing and flying. I love my freedom more.

  • Corvid Cares says:

    I recently went on a cunard trans-atlantic crossing and they might have recently relaxed their dress code a bit. While they do still request jackets or blazers on informal nights, they also made it a point to say you're free to dress more relaxed and most of the places on the ship are still open to you. They draw the line at sandals, tattered clothing, and sleeveless shirts. So by their own literature, jeans and a tshirt are fine.

    All that said, I definitely tested this on my two-week crossing and while the staff were more than friendly, I definitely got a lot of dirty looks from stuffy old Brits who dressed all out for the evening. It made me laugh, but I remember one guy walking by me and saying to his wife "ugh, he's wearing TRAINERS, Jane!!"

  • Vapers ignore smoking rules for good reason. They are not smoking, there is no smoke. It is 95%-100% water vapor. Literally water vapor. If the vape juice is 0%, the vapor is all water vapor. Why are people scared of water vapor.

  • Dress code is stupid, anyone should be able to dress as they like, I can understand that under a themed event you are required to do it, but really that's it…

  • i dont smoke nor use vape and actually i hate the smell of the cigarette but i still dont get why is vape treated the same way as a cigarette. apart from using your mouth, there is not much similarity. It is not smoke that comes out and there is no fire

  • Ameisha Lose says:

    I recently went on a cruise and someone that i met actually, he got arrested and kicked off for dealing and smoking pot (weed) but he managed to sneak it on the boat

  • Rodrigo Nogueira Mota says:

    about "seat reservation" here´s a tip: DON´T BE AN ASSHOLE. use the common sense. if you´re gonna use it use if not don´t book it. for example when I went to the pools all i needed was a place to put my towel and shirt so instead of book a seat I just asked to a person next to the pool if I could just leave my stuff next to him/her, the person can get the sunbath he/she wants and I can swim nicely. then after that we invert. I sleep in the seat and the person goes swim. and honestly there´s a LOT of seats avaliable and you´re not solar powered so you can indeed wait 1 or 2 hours to get your spot…

  • jennifer stewarts says:

    The alcohol rule, is also a problem regrading customs. A ship putting to port is expected to declare their alcohol stores. Lieing about that or worse having alcohol available at a "dry" port… can cause no ends of trouble for them and the ship.l

  • jennifer stewarts says:

    excursions, actually cruise ships HAVE left people behind. In some cases where a ship is very dependent on tides, the ship must leave by xxx hour. IF they are delayed they may need to wait a full 12 hours or even 24 hours before they can leave, or in 1 case, longer. (want to see a crew ship pissed off, have the ship miss it canal transit time due to a late passenger) In these cases the cruise line will often leave without the offending passengers and then fly them to the next port of call.

    Norwegian has done this, leaving a mother and father at port, while the kids were still on board, because they had to leave with the tides, vacate the docking slip for another ship. They kept telling the passengers the ship was leaving at 5:30, 5:30… they were supposed to be back at 4:30 but they didn't get back till 5:40… by that time the ship had already slipped its moorings and was moving off.

    people doesn't seem to care that these ships can't wait at times.. and the passengers delay could cost millions of dollars.

  • Edward Munster says:

    I have been on 2. Carnival
    Cruises and both times have been harassed by the workers onboard the cleaning workers and one time they kept knocking on my door and or knew when I was in
    The cabin ?! Do they have cameras how do they know this ? It was really sad as they wanted to sleep
    With me etc and I never reported this behaviour and I should have I was younger back then

  • I go on holiday to relax and unwind. A cruise sounds like hell to me. Being stuck on a boat with people you dont know and are trapped with. And full of rules No thanks. Rules on how to dress, if i want to walk around in my shorts and tee shirt i should be able to, if i want to have a fight with another consenting adult i should be able to, if i want to try it on with the maid i should be able to. Iam on holiday FFS

  • my dad and i went on a cruise 10 years ago. on an island excursion i scored some pot. "marijuana" … he caught me with it. after the cruise we have yet to speak again. 10 years and no speak cuz that. you didnt mention drugs onboard. or bringing them on board. they xray scanner cant detect shit. i dont think they even cared cuz it was no good. however my father cant see it that way. i dont consider smoking as a drug. infact i wanna kill people that disallow smoking of even cigarettes. to hell with all the rules you mentioned thats pussy shit in comparison.

  • In Fiji. Every stop we had the same couple late back to the bus. Our final stop was reduced to just 15 minutes because of this and… late again. The guide announced we'd wait a maximum of 15 minutes and then we'd leave. He also called in the delay (i would guess) to the ship. Probably to formal permission too for the "leave behind". The chat amongst everyone was expressing frustration for sure. But we were also excited about leaving them behind. As we counted down the minutes… they sadly reappeared. They took their reserved seats at the back of the bus. You should have heard the loud comments from the front of the bus about "entitled", "ignoramuses" etc.

  • Have never been on a cruise but after watching this video I'm so glad I haven't. Sounds like a lot of paperwork, rules and lists. Or as I call it, work. And I can get paid for that.

  • t e r I N E E D L E R says:

    I love dress codes! Too bad most people don't share that with me. I was lucky enough to the been invited on the QE 2 years ago. I was only 14 and too young to really enjoy it. I was afraid of the swimming pool- I forget why. I think it reminded me of something industrial or something. Discovering baked Alaska was the BEST!

  • Really you don’t have to worry about noravirus on Royal Caribbean they make you wash your hands and use sanitizer literally every time you go to eat something, like at the windjammer where I go for breakfast they make you wash your hands literally every time, someone tried to skip it and they wouldn’t let him eat until he did. They’re actually really strict on keeping things clean.

  • The rule that stook out the most is the smoking vaping rule. there is no way vaping should be in the same category as smoking cigarettes. theres nothing harmful in vaping and it doesn't cause a fire like a cigarette would. the smoke is hardly noticeable either with no smell at all. some slackery is required here on this rule .vaping is the same as using a vaporizer u would use when u have a very bad cold. same thing .

  • Video: "If you go on a Cunard cruise, they have strict formal nights" – video of handsome 20-somethings in tuxes; Reality: 70- and 80-something blobs in tuxes.

  • To many fucken rules for a supposed vacation, yup that’s what I want safety drills rude shits may as well stay home

  • Muster drill is always annoying because of all the passengers that arrive late. There needs to be a cut off time, if you are not at muster withing 10 minutes, then you are marked absent and have to do a 2nd one later.
    Out of all the rules I wish the crew would enforce are the seat reservers. It should be easy to spot those that come out at 7am and drop towels and then disappear until 11am..

  • Johnathan Kovar says:

    So I came across your video from watching another cruise video. About a woman who actually lives on a cruise ship, only changing ships when they go into dry dock.
    As someone who travels a lot on cruises, do you see a lot of this?
    Do you see a lot of people with unsupervised children? Wether it be parent ran ragged, spoiled children aloud to do whatever or parents that shed that hat when they come on board because they think the crew or someone is supposed to take care of it because they won’t enjoy the cruise as much if they have to do it themselves?
    You see it on aircraft a lot, people just act like because they payed for the ticket they can act like they would at home, taking shoes off or sitting in Pajamas and stuff like that. Is there a lot of that?
    What about disgruntled crew members?
    Or people treating the crew like crap?

  • Michael Macluskie says:

    The worst people in the World for declaring self appointed sun loungers whether on land resorts or on cruise liners are the GERMANS as they will wake up at all weird hours in the morning just to put their towels and books on sun loungers so nobody else can get them.

  • David Wadsworth says:

    Let me see,#3 drink too much,#2 drink way to much,#1 drink WAY WAY too much.Not only on board, but at port of call's.That is why they bust rule #4. They are LATE to return and miss the boat.#5 also comes with drinking too much, that fuck around,with persons other than their spouse,partner,whoever,they CHEAT. Hard to hide on a ship. #6 They try to hook up with CREW,especially the Officer's (me). Drinking has a lot to do with one as well. See a pattern here?The WAY WAY drunk one break #7,SITTING ON THE RAILINGS.It is both a pain in the as to do Man Overboard R and R,but a waste of time, go over the stern, prop wash is 100% fatal. If you survive the impact.#* Get in fight's. Got a lot of Johnny Cool's now cruising, and they bring that immature macho shit from the street to the dock,and right on board.Guess what, DRINKING involved again. .#9 Throwing shit in the water,Guy had a fight with his lady friend, she was getting friendly with the wrong man , hurt boyfriend tossed her wallet,and Passport in to the sea, yes the fool did.Do ya think drinking was involved? #10 trying to break into the WRONG ROOM.Booze strikes again.

  • How hard is it to follow a dress code?! I'm a millennial and I am so sick of people my age breaking this rule! There's something so special about dressing up and dressing to the 9s (APPROPRIATELY). It's a once in a lifetime trip. Get it together and pack some dresses and jackets 😉

  • NothingHereToSeeMoveOn says:

    Re: dress codes. A woman is allowed to wear a skirt to the Dining Room but a man is not allowed to wear a knee length Bermuda shorts and a Polo type shirt.In other words, a woman can show her bare legs at dinner but a man can't. It's sexist as hell. And when I point that out, I'm told I'm being 'unreasonable.' It's one of many reasons I'm losing interest in cruise ship vacations (Norovirus, loads of unattended ill-mannered children, the sketchy AF islands you're often stopping at, etc.)

  • I am always in debate about the medical form….I have IBS, and sometimes the stress of the traveling will trigger an episode….so far…answering Yes, explaining my condition to the ship nurse when interviewed, and showing my medications–never had a problem getting on. I just want to answer no to avoid that exercise.

  • ducks are cool says:

    I think they should ban smoking in the uk in public and they need to been room off areas were they need to smoke and if they are smoking in a no smoking zone they should been fine on the spot as I know some places where they got 4 doors or 6 going out side and smokers are blocking all 6 doors now Igot . nothings again killing your self with smoking but do not be a ass and try and kill non smokers as it make me and other that do not smoking gag and feel sick after you walk or get in way of other that do not smoke keep to one zone and think of other ( sport for Going on like is it just make me mad also and with tobacco caps)

  • Kevin Michaels says:

    This is good information, as i have never been on a cruise, and this guys voice is not annoying, but i can't look at the Trophy head.

  • don't waste food..the number of times i've seen plates full of food left on tables mainly in the buffet restaurants on board makes me really feel for the considerable percentage of people (especially children) who are starving in the wider world

  • #1 Unprotected sex with strangers. #2 Going on a stupid cruise to begin with. Disease, fires theft, annoying and drunk rowdy fellow passengers and accidents by the ship. Do they put that chemical in the pools to show someone pee"d?

  • Alistair Marsh says:

    I cannot see the attraction of being on a cruise liner. Being stuck on board an expensive floating hotel where most people would annoy you.

  • It's going to be interesting to see which way the formal nights go in the future. I recently went to Alaska so putting on a tie and and blazer wasn't too bad, but if I was in the Caribbean I'm not sure I would have been too excited to wear pants just to eat. I don't know if the younger generation is into the whole nightly dining like it used to be in the past.

  • On our latest cruise I saw one couple get dress coded. That was for wearing bathrobes to breakfast in the buffet. I think they thought it was a Motel 6. Even at the fanciest dinner place they let a guy in who was wearing polo shirt and dockers on a formal night.

  • I'm a smoker and only smoked in the designated area. What you should have made IMPORTANT is smoking on your balcony is a danger to all passengers not just by non smokers but because as a non drinker when people become intoxicated they don't give a hoot and flick their ciggarette butts overboard which then can blow back on the ship FIRE! I have witnessed so many drunk people smoking stumbling then putting their ciggy butts in bins full of paper cups etc. Bloody idiots putting lives at risk.

  • First cruise in July on Carnival Valor after they broke the Vista will also be my last. The staff couldn’t keep up with the mess created by the thundering hoards greedily crammed onto that boat. I’ve traveled quite a bit—love it/lots of experience with weather delays, changes in plans—have enjoyed exploring different places, people, cultures, etc. We chose a cruise based on the promise of relaxation. Instead, it was a survival of the fittest nightmare. By the middle of the 3rd night, we were kept awake by sewer gas odors. Luckily had a balcony. Granted—I should have left well enough alone when Vista cancelled rather than rush to a less researched option, but I can’t imagine anything offered by that cruise line being much better.

  • I think the one that might bother me a bit (although not the end of the world) is that I can't grab a sandwich or a nice salad box to take ashore, as that would be handy. However I fully understand why they are getting strict with these rules. Most of the others are generally only annoying to those that have no respect for fellow passengers. The towel on beds to reserve all day is one they need to enforce more. If beds are full and someone disappears off to lunch for a couple of hours I don't see why they should be able to keep that bed. Give it up for someone else. People always wander off and do other things so if they enforce this I think overall it would be much easier to get a bed when you need one. This selfishness though happens in a lot of hotel resorts and I find it pathetic watching certain people rushing out early putting their towels down and then not even using their "reserved" bed for hours. I do remember one hotel in Cyprus where I stayed they were good on this. If bed was empty for an hour and it was reasonably busy they would pick up your towel and belongings and put in a neat pile behind the sunbeds so that others could use. I think that is fair. This is a rule that cruise companies need to enforce as sadly many holiday makers are pretty selfish and it is all about them.

  • often NOT ofTen silent "T"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That's a shame about the interacting with the crew. It also explains why officers have been far more inclined to play table tennis with me than other crew! I heard maybe that Azamara, after their little accident, has been re-branding in a way that encourages more interaction between passenger and crew. Has anyone else heard this?

  • I hate the unofficial reserving seats thing. One person holding another seat for a spouse or one other person is fine, but some people take it to the extreme. Chinese travelers always seem to travel in really large groups, and I remember ONE Chinese lady in the theatre trying to keep people from sitting in about 12 seats. Just ridiculous – but luckily I already had my seat.

  • One thing the cruise lines should enforce is not letting children under the age of 7 or 8 serve themselves at the buffet. Or they should mandate that children that age be accompanied by an adult. I hate seeing some parentless 5 year-old reach up to try to maneuver a big spoon to scoop up some messy dish like mac-n-cheese or soup.

  • How about, when getting back on the ship, from ports, can you bring back on board things like food, snacks, drinks or beer n wine that you purchased in ports?

  • I'll tell you one that was learn by my daughter,her underage daughter was allow to drink and her friends she met and when it was time to get off a BIG CHARGE WAS BILL ON HER!!!!!!

  • Angela Thrailkill says:

    I'll be taking a cruise trip soon. Are there designated smoking areas?? I really need to know about this soon thank you

  • Last week when sailing a 6 day on the Carnival Horizon, there were so many people carrying bluetooth speakers walking around blasting rap music in public areas. The crew seemed to not really care about it at all. It was horribly annoying

  • I always arrive at least 5-10 mins early, so people who always show up late baffle me lol. Everyone’s entitled to be a couple mins late once in awhile but leaving a time buffer has never failed me! Makes for a much more chill, enjoyable, and safer commute for one, but I digress. I would want to get the most out of the time allotted for an excursion on a cruise!

  • We were on an excursion in Tunisia and the coach driver/guide left one couple who were late to leave…we were in the middle of the desert! Everybody arrived early to leave at the other places we visited that day!!!👍😉🙈

  • I won't go on any cruise that requires dressing up. Unless you are on a honeymoon and want pics, who wants to be bothered. I don't understand the need to put all that work into relaxing

  • On my last cruise I did an excursion where our guide didn’t want to wait for two people that were late. We were on the bus to the first part of our excursion and he kept getting calls and he told us yeah two people didn’t meet up with us on time, but since the other 38 of us were on time he didn’t want us to wait too long because of 2 people.