10 Outrageous Headlines You’d Only See in America

10 Outrageous Headlines You’d Only See in America

The United States is great for a lot of reasons,
and most people who live there are proud to call themselves Americans. Even if you are the most patriotic person
on the planet, you have to admit that it has plenty of eccentricities that are unlike anywhere
else in the world. So we’re here to bring you 10 outrageous
news headlines that could only happen in America… 10. 5-Year-Old Boy Calls 911 To Order McDonald’s There is perhaps nothing more American than
McDonald’s. Even though it’s common knowledge that it’s
far from being the healthiest place to eat, plenty of parents take their children to McDonald’s
to get their Happy Meals. In April 2019, one 5-year old boy from Michigan
named Iziah Hall had a huge craving for the Golden Arches. He was staying with his grandmother, who was
asleep at the time. Impatient and hungry for his Happy Meal, little
Iziah picked up the phone and dialed the number he was taught to call in case of an emergency:
911. He asked the dispatcher, “Can you bring
me McDonald’s?” When you call 911, the police are required
to stop by the property just in case. The officer on duty, Dan Patterson, thought
this was hilarious, so he actually did swing by McDonald’s to buy Iziah a Happy Meal. Once he arrived, the boy happily took the
burger, and said, “My grandma is gonna be mad. Can you please go away?” 9. Robot Cop Drowns Itself America is the home of the world’s first
shopping mall, which opened in Minnesota in 1956. Since then, they became incredibly popular
across the country, and really only began to die out after the 2008 recession. Nowadays, malls aren’t as exciting and glamorous
as they used to be. Working as a security guard isn’t the most
riveting job anymore, either. This is why a company called Knightscope invented
robot cops that will patrol an area and record with a camera, which eliminates the need for
a security officer to patrol or Segway down long hallways and sidewalks all day long. However, if these robots had a consciousness,
they just may contemplate the sad purpose of their existence. In July 2017, a security robot named Steve
was patrolling an office complex called Washington Harbor when it decided to throw itself into
the fountain and just end it all. The media joked that Steve was in “critical
condition,” but he was taken away by Knightscope. 8. Man and Child Taken to Hospital After A Brawl
Breaks Out at Chuck E. Cheese’s Chuck E. Cheese’s is the family pizza restaurant
and arcade “where a kid can be a kid.” Normally, parents endure a couple hours of
eating terrible food and letting their children to finish playing video games before heading
home. It may not be the most enjoyable thing for
adults, but normally, it’s not enough to make them rage. In April 2019, patrons of the Chuck E. Cheese’s
in Sharonville, Ohio would get the shock of their lives when a brawl broke out between
a group of 10 adults. Several people called 911 (but none ordered
McDonald’s, we assume), describing a scene where people were bleeding and falling unconscious. One child that was too close to the fight
was injured and had to be taken to the hospital, as well as as man who suffered facial injuries. So… what made the fight start in the first
place? No one knows, except for the people who were
involved in the brawl. The local news showed up to interview witnesses,
but everyone wanted to leave and take their children home as quickly as possible without
talking to the media. 7. Woman Steals Electric Scooter From Walmart
And Drives it Down the Highway Every Walmart in the United States provides
their customers with the opportunity to use an electric scooter. These are reserved for people with physical
disabilities. Sometimes, people who are walking on crutches
can get a break. Other times, people who are too morbidly obese
to walk will use them to slowly ride around the store. Anyone who has witnessed this scooters knows
that they only max out at roughly 4 MPH, but that didn’t stop one Tennessee woman named
Sally Selby from using it as a getaway vehicle. This just may be the slowest police chase
in history. Police pulled Selby over on the highway, and
she told them that she was just going to the local Waffle House for a cup of coffee. She may not have considered that eventually,
the battery powered chair would run out of juice. Selby was arrested for theft, and it took
the cops a while figuring out how they were going to get the scooter back to Walmart. 6. Daycare Workers Encourage Toddlers to Have
a Fight Club The first rule of fight club is that you don’t
talk about fight club. Well, unless it’s done by children who are
underage. Unfortunately, there have been multiple cases
of daycare workers who have encouraged toddlers to start their own fight clubs to get out
their aggression in the past few years. One of the most recent cases was in 2016,
at a daycare center in St. Louis, Missouri. One of the young boys, who appeared to be
4 to 5 years old, was wearing green Hulk gloves and pummeling the face of another child who
was pinned to the floor. A third boy tried to defend his friend by
pulling the bully off. The employees did nothing to break up the
fight, except record it all on video to post on social media. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone
that those employees were fired, and the mother of the victim is suing the daycare center. 5. Thieves Steal 150 Tires From Car Dealership
Overnight The US is famous for its Wild West. Recently, there has been a new ring of heists
that shocked police departments in Texas and Oklahoma. In May 2019, thieves hit a dealership in Louisiana
and stole over $120,000 worth of tires in a single night. The thieves arrive in the middle of the night,
rig up cars, and remove the tires before rolling them into a U-Haul truck. Considering that tires do not have serial
numbers or anything that would link them back to being stolen, these thieves are clearly
selling them to someone who is willing to give them at least a fraction of their value. The men who stole the tires were captured
on the security cameras, but the footage was not clear enough to help identify them. And since they were renting a U-Haul, their
getaway vehicle also looks identical to thousands of other moving trucks across the United States. 4. Man Robs The Same Walmart 3 Times In One Night For kleptomaniacs out there, stealing from
Walmart doesn’t seem to bother them at all. After all, they are one of the wealthiest
corporations in the world, and most thieves figure that they aren’t really hurting anyone
by stealing from them. In May 2019, a 34-year-old man named Matthew
Brown stole from the Walmart in Alpena, Michigan three times in one night. Brown showed up at the store at 1:30 a.m.,
filled up a shopping cart with flat screen TVs and other electronics, and waltzed right
out the front door to put the items into his car. After not getting caught the first time, Brown
brought the items back to his home, only to return to the store and repeat the process
20 minutes later. He was only caught after his third time walking
out the front door. He managed to steal a total of $6,000 in merchandise
over the course of about an hour. The security guards finally caught him and
called the police. 3. The Vermin Supreme Runs For President Now, this headline could apply to any number
of politicians, but today we’re talking about a strange and unique man who’s been
making headlines for years. A man legally changed his name to “Vermin
Love Supreme” in 1990, and decided to run for President at New Hampshire’s Presidential
Forum during every election, while wearing a large rubber boot on his head. Since 2008, he began to promise that every
US citizen should be entitled to own a pony. We can’t argue with that. In 2011, he was asked if he still stood by
this promise. He said, “Free ponies for all Americans. One of the overlooked issues in America today. My free pony platform is, of course, is a
job creation platform. It will create loads of jobs once we switch
to a pony-based economy.” He also advised that in order to fix the energy
crisis, Americans should “harness the awesome power of zombies as energy sources.” After his closing statement, he sprinkled
glitter all over one of his competitors, who did not look the least bit amused. 2. Man Hoards Over 10,000 Stolen Guns In His
Home Gun control has become a very sensitive topic
in the United States, because citizens have very polarizing opinions. However, even NRA members will probably agree
that there is a fine line between enjoying their right to bear arms and total obsession. In 2015, the sheriff of Pageland, South Carolina
entered the home of a man named Brent Nicholson and stumbled upon a collection of 10,000 guns. Every single one of them had been stolen and
amassed in his house over the years. Nicholson also had hundreds of chainsaws,
and 350 taxidermy animals mounted on his walls. The police department in Pageland began a
very long and tedious process of trying to identify the original owners by the serial
numbers on each and every one of the guns, in order to link Nicholson to home break-ins. According to the Sheriff, “There’s no
evidence that he was selling them — he just wanted them. His house looked like that Hoarders program
on TV.” 1. Morbidly Obese Cat Swims to Lose Weight Just about everyone knows that Americans are
suffering from a massive obesity epidemic. However, you may not know that there are millions
of dogs and cats that have the same issue, as well. There is even a group called the Association
for Pet Obesity Prevention, who claim that over 50% of all dogs and cats in the United
States are overweight. In 2013, a 13-year-old cat named Holly from
Virginia became famous in the news because she was so obese that she could hardly walk. The only way to keep her physically fit was
for her owner to take her into a swimming pool with a kitty-sized life jacket. Holly lost one pound after six months of exercise,
which is probably a sign that she was still being overfed. According to her owner, Dani Lawhorne, she
blamed the weight on her cat’s laziness, saying that she didn’t enjoy playing with
toys or going outside “like normal cats.” Unfortunately, though, we’ve never gotten
an update on Holly’s inspiring weight loss journey.


100 thoughts on “10 Outrageous Headlines You’d Only See in America”

  • You're going to have to do one on the UK now in all fairness.
    Today on BBC:
    "Man fined after driving car with a car on its roof in Aberystwyth"
    (Yes, some 'mericans do pay attention to what else is going on in the world…)

  • I live not to far from Pageland SC and judging by the residents of that place I'm not the least bit surprised, those people are a different kind of white trash

  • Just want to say the only candidate in any election more epic than Vermin Supreme is the High Lord Bucket Head of the United Kingdom.

  • One way to make a quick improvement in America is to get rid of Walmart. They squeeze their vendors. They don’t pay their employees. And they get the worst of America’s people to gather in one place. I really, really wish they would go out of business. I’d rather pay more for my things then to have that trashy place exist.

  • I was personally offended being an American… not all Americans are dumb people. I really liked this channel, but I’m unfollowing which after this one Americans should!! 😡

  • There’s nothing wrong about hoarding 10,000 guns, that’s almost as many as I have. Obviously the guy was non-violent, he just had a burglar streak in him.

    I, otoh, purchased mine with my own hard-earned cash.

  • Sometimes it's not morbid obesity that is the problem. Sometimes it's from an injury when they were fit. As in nerve damage from being beaten during a robbery. Really quit knocking fat people or we will sit on you n make at least one of your dreams come true you will be flatten til you grow to 7 ft tall but you still can't play basketball.

  • After seeing the description for #9, I can't help but bring up the fact that some Philadelphia punk destroyed a walking robot. Why? Who knows. The city of brotherly love has been known to throw snowballs at Santa Claus during an Eagles game. (And the meme-generating Flyers mascot "Gritty" checked some skating Santas during an intermission. Yay?)

    Edit: My apologies. I was one number late.

  • I once was an employee at a Phoenix-area Safeway. The grocery store I went to had at least 2 scooters. It's nice until you drive the vehicle up the handicap ramps.

  • I used to work at a major retail chain, and each store had it's own Employee newspaper. My store was going through a remodel and the headline in the Employee newspaper was:
    "Stationary Department is on the Move." Nobody but me thought it was funny but me.

  • Lololol. If you think nra members would have an issue with this, you are underestimating their stupidity. They believe private citizens should have access to ALL weapons the government has. Including nukes. They are the dumbest people on the planet.

  • Awesome😄😃😄😃😀😀😃😄😃😀😃😁😁😃😄😂😗😃😊😜😜😃😀😊☺😉😊😀😜😝😛😂😭😭😂😂😁😁😜😙

  • Pretty funny stories ! Actually, it's not just Americans who do crazy, hilarious things. It's just that we seem to be far more laid-back about our nuttiness !
    Btw, it's a nice break from the hard news stories. Always nice to laugh !
    (But of course, cannot condone theft. No matter who commits crime, or who the victim is — personal or corporate — it's still a crime & never to be ignored or encouraged.)
    And the chubby kitty is a sweetheart ! I love that her person tries so hard to help her — true love ! 💓😸

  • Dave Goldspink says:

    Only in America really hope Steve the mall robocop has completely recovered. 😂🤣😂 Back in the 70s here in Australia I was a member of a kids fight club organised by a catholic nun for us kids who bullied. As for the fat cat sounds like the owner needed to exercise even more.

  • Tiger Princess says:

    OK while I'm now really embarrassed to be an American, the cat losing weight by swimming is a real therapy recommended by veterinarians & not just for weight loss. Specially designed hydro tanks with treadmills on the bottom help extremely obese pets get exercise while not further damaging their joints. They are also used for pets recovering from orthopedic surgery for the same reason. And that embarrassed to be an American thing, I take it all back! Where else can you call 911 for McDonalds and get it delivered!❤ 🇺🇸

  • Cause and effect is all the wrong way round with the cat. The cat doesn't play and exercise because of being so overweight which is down to the owner no matter how she tries to deflect that fact as being the cats fault.
    The cat's diet needs to be looked at and that includes any human food snacks that the owner is giving the cat. Some cats eat too much because the food they are given is so low in the nutriments they need. Exercise is important but it needs to happen along side a controlled diet of high quality cat food and I don't think that swimming is the most effective form of exercise for the cat at this point.

  • Florida Crypto R says:

    Stupid things like this happen in all Countries. Can you do similar videos of this title in other countries? It is not really fair otherwise.

  • No surprise that anything so uniquely American has to include McDonald's and Wal-Mart.

    And I'm pretty sure that the NRA doesn't advocate stealing guns from other people. But maybe the gun hoarder was just doing his bit to remove guns from circulation!

    And yeah, people who justify theft because "the company can afford it" really have no idea how far-reaching the consequences of their thefts are. It costs money to not only replace or cover the stolen goods, but also to implement anti-theft measures, thus ensuring higher costs not only for the company, impacting the employees, but also higher prices for consumers.

  • Insane Assylum Cherry Paul says:

    Vermin Supreme is great… actually did a college paper on him during the 2016 election. Professor thought I was making it up until I took the issue with the dean.

  • I'm sure you can find equally stupid stuff from any country in the world accept North Korea. Theirs is probably more to the tragic vs. funny.

  • Razar Campbell says:

    Something tells me that when the police arrested that dickhead with the 10,000 stolen guns, he kept repeating to the police "Yer violatin' mah cuntstitooshenal raht te bear ahms! I gots RIGHTS, Man! This sis ummerica!"

  • I personally don’t want a pony, but I think every US citizen should be allowed a pony provided that they are willing and able to fully live up to the responsibilities involved with owning a pony.

  • I mean they’re ok.. but have you seen Aus’s headlines?… ours are hilarious.

    The fight in Chuck E Cheese and toddler fight club are just sad honestly. Theres kids getting injured.

  • Hey my Walmart got robbed 3 times in one day too! Guy just walked in and out with $300 KitchenAids all day. Unfortunately, it may not hurt the company all that much, but it really hurts the workers. Shrink comes straight out of our bonuses.

  • philosophicalreason says:

    The stolen tires brings back memories,I had a flat tire and was changing my tire another car pulled up and when the people got out they said,you can have the tires we just want the stereo,until I told them it was my car,needless to say they ran back to their car and took off.

  • #10 can only happen in America? The UK has 411, right? 411 is the equivalent of 911? And you're expecting me to believe that UK kids don't call 411 for stupid reasons?

    We've got a ton of stupidity here, but kids are kids, matter what country you're in.

  • Vermin recently announced a "serious" bid for candidacy in the Libertarian party, breaking character and appearing in a suite sans boot. I'd vote for him.

  • Lorax Dave Walters says:

    I have lived in Canada for a year and a half now. I just realized that I haven't seen a morbidly obese person the entire time. I've even been to several Walmarts with average Canadians, which is basically a collection of the world's healthiest and smartest people with a 40% born in Canada population. The % is just because of where I live in Delta BC. In Richmond BC, a few kilometers away, the Walmart has a giant Asian food assortment where you can even buy pigeon meat called "squab." In Delta and Surrey, the south and central Asian population is huge and the Delta Walmart sells lots of snacks and drinks from India or are locally made but have some Punjabi / Urdu / Hindi writing.

  • I love it when my general locality (Sharonville is just north of Cincinnati where I live) hits the international news, especially with a brawl in a kids' pizza joint.

  • Stolen Walmart scooters happen more often than you think. Most of them seem to be ridden by very large people. When I was on crutches I couldn't get one to use because they were all being used by people about twice my size or more so I had to limp along while pushing a cart. I saw one large woman even had a large child riding in the basket on the front where we are supposed to put our groceries. I wasn't the least bit surprised when I later saw a Walmart scooter parked in front of the Chik-fil-A down the street.

  • neverlandonearth77 says:

    Honestly, I live in California USA… those things aren’t even the strangest or most bizarre. They just happened to make the news. Want a shocker? Google “people of Walmart”… some things you just can’t unsee.

  • Esoteric Emissary says:

    That Walmart incident makes me wonder. Here in AZ, there is a security guard at every entrance. If you steal something for reals, the trick is to NOT use a cart, it's the cart that sets off the alarms.

  • The daycare fight club is actually kinda sad. They made one 4 year old fight his best friend, on his birthday. And when the parents found a new daycare he asked his mom if they were going to make him fight there too..

  • Wait up…MN's 1986 mall opening wasn't the first mall. It might be called the first super-mall, but we had malls loooong before '86.

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