45 thoughts on “10 Old School Celebrity Scandals That Would’ve Broken the Internet”

  • Ewww, Jerry Lee Lewis didn't actually marry his cousin; he married his cousin's *daughter*. Somehow, that seems even worse.

  • Martin Baxter says:

    The John Lennon Admiration Society never fails to amaze me. Even when the facts are pointed out, still it persists.

  • Lennon only got into the 'peace & love' image because it was popular at the time. 'All You Need Is Love' was just a song, not the actual mentality of The Beatles.

  • LaikaLycanthrope says:

    Well, if Jerry Lee Lewis was a Muslim or something, the internet would defend him tooth and nail. 😛
    As for the Arbuckle case … well, 1921 was well before anti-biotics, and a simple bladder infection could very well be fatal.

  • ScorpioSoul13 90 says:

    It’s not just Judy Garland y’all. Remember Britney circa 2007? Yano, the shaved head hitting an SUV with an umbrella situation? Yeah, that was a product of severe abuse. Let’s see, who else🤔, Amanda Bynes, basically every Disney child ever, and all other child actors, let’s be real. They’re AAALLLLLLL, literally every single one, is physically and sexually abused.

  • Marcy Carson says:

    The past isn't exactly like today is. So, men having extramarital affairs was common in the past. Then Jerry Lee Lewis lived in a state where marrying 13 year olds was legal. Their marriage was legal and not uncommon. I'll bet it's changed now. What we learn from the past shows us how much Western Civilization has evolved. What humanity needs to focus on is continuing to evolve instead of all this hate and blame that propaganda encourages. Don't be a foot soldier for our Enemies!

  • Retro Rectified says:

    How did Virginia Rappe's bladder rupture? Did her pelvic bones break? How? Did she have any bone disorders in which her bones broke easily? Did she have any tears in her vagina or bruising? It would make more sense to pinpoint the cause of the trauma.

  • Dashing Shadowbolt says:

    The scandals about teen brides/relationships is a fairly new thing. There are loads of songs about it in the past and no-one batted an eyelid. Motley Crue have a song with the line 'She's only 15, if I ever get caught, they'll arrest me' and no-one screamed paedophile. I don't set out to justify these people's acts, but I think it's interesting to see the context. I got up to stuff. When I was a teen, which I was totally consenting, but these days it would be horrifying to some.

  • Allen Smith. {aAffect.} says:

    How the fk you gonna be attracted to a 14 y.o.. ?? Wtf , some creative people are did up, and jus bc they are famous they think it's okay? Uhg. . I really liked Jimmy page.

  • There's more to the Marilyn Monroe story! The History Channel did a documentary about her death that said Marilyn was having an affair with Bobby Kennedy after she stopped seeing John. She told a journalist friend that if Bobby didn't divorce his wife and marry her, she was going to tell the whole story to the press. The night she died, her maid said that Bobby Kennedy had gone to see Marilyn. Then he left and came back with a couple of other men. The next thing the maid knew, Marilyn was dead.

  • Alice Willoughby says:

    #10 – The girl's mother was pretty clearly a pimp. I can't help feeling that keeping the poor girl isolated in a hotel room for long periods may have been an even worse abuse on her than the actual sex!
    #4 – Until I founds this video, I'd never heard that john Lennon had beaten his wives and children. That's really appalling!

  • Iamtotallynotanundercovercelebrity says:

    Let’s not forget John Lennon “ALLEGEDLY” was the cause of two killings; one from a hit and run and another where he had a fight with someone he knew who, a year later, died from complications that could be connected to the injuries caused by John.
    Then you have Yoko who, first off, George Harrison disliked STRONGLY and the rest of the band didn’t seem too fond of her either, and secondly, she spent all of John’s money on her and John’s drug addiction as well as being smacked into the center of potentially causing the Beatles to break up in the first place.
    Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk, I’ll b leaving now.

  • Rayanne Basley-Cox says:

    What about Elvis!? I love Elvis but he began dating Priscilla when she was 14 and he was 24!! Today's social media would've lynched him plus the amount of affairs he had would've made him a massive topic on Social media!!

  • Ganieda Morgan says:

    how about the Pattie Boyd/George Harrison/Eric Clapton fiasco? or George Harrison's affair with Ringo's wife?

  • TheLoneCabbage says:

    I need to go re-watch Wizard of Oz, now knowing that it directly resulted in, or at least facilitated, multiple midget orgies.

  • So what should we take away from this list? Hollywood and celebrities are rife with the exploitation of young girls/boys and women, physical abuse and raping of women/girls/boys and they are rife with liars, cheaters and narrsisits! But a lot of us regular folks give them a pass, heck it's more than just a pass because they make cool movies, they make music that you can sing to, we idolize them, place stars on sidewalks to memorialize they, what a pitiful, twisted and sick way we reward these people. And trust me women are just as guilty as men in everyone of the atrocities I noted above, they get no free pass!!!

  • There's a wonderful anecdote about a wild after-party where several of the "little people" were heard shouting, "Ding, dong, the wicked witch is dead!". There are several Hollywood histories that talk about the horrific abuse Judy Garland endured during the making of The Wizard of Oz. Ironically, Margaret Hamilton (Wicked Witch of the West) was very kind to Garland and frequently took the studio to task for their treatment of the young actress.

  • I just realised why Apple is called that… I always thought it was a weird business name for a electronics company.

  • Wow…I WAS going to subscribe until you repeated the totally untrue rumors about the "munchkins". I was Also going to check out your other channel. Now? NOPE.

  • honey. i gotta sleep with them girls cuz if not i will get sicker. there's your democratic hero. no wonder it's the party of no morals.

  • I usually don't like to comment on any of the Videos that I like to watch, but I just have to say this; I absolutely adore you, your work and your channels.
    My brain is always buzzing about the need to know More about this world and its people so you have helped me with that and now I dont have to read all the information, I can just listen. Thank you so much from all the way from Finland.

  • HinduHillbilly says:

    Fatty Arbuckle also mentored and costarred with Buster Keaton in his first appearances. Keaton considered him a great friend. Keaton even gave him under the table jobs after his scandal in

  • trisha hardy says:

    John Lennon also slapped his hs gf a lot… the last time was at a dance …. he gave her a block eye …. I've always been a huge fan but knowing that has changed the administration I had for him ….. oh, and he treated his 2 sons totally different… 1st horrible and second he treated great, even wrote beautiful boy for him

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