10 News Stories That Will DESTROY Your Faith In Humanity 2016

10 News Stories That Will DESTROY Your Faith In Humanity 2016

10 News Stories that will destroy your faith
in humanity – 2016 edition 10) Fast and Furious Snapchat in 2016 has had people thinking that
their life is a movie. Some users go to dangerous lengths just to
entertain their followers, even if it means risking their lives and others. That’s what happened in October, when 22-year-old
Pablo Cortes III and his friend Jolie Bartolome decided to use the Snapchat speed filter to
estimate how fast their car could go. Reaching a speed of 185km/h (115m/h), Bartolome’s
Snapchat filmed the last moment of her and Cortes’ life, before their car slammed into
a minivan. Both friends were killed, as well as three
passengers traveling in the minivan. 9) Pokehunt Imagine you are out on a Pokehunt, just about
to catch your 800th Pidgey, when you walk right into the barrel of a gun. Well, that’s what happened when villains
worse than Team Rocket came out of the woodwork to prey on Pokémon Go players. Taking the opportunity to make a cheap buck,
armed robbers in Missouri used the app’s ‘lure’ feature to attract players into
secluded ‘Pokestops’, in order to rob them at gunpoint. Luckily for Ash Ketchum wannabes, the suspects
were caught and charged with first-degree robbery. 8) Body Shaming When playboy model Dani Mathers saw a 70-year-old
woman about to shower in the local gym, she decided to make a cheap joke. Forgetting that Snapchat is still real life,
Mathers did what any perv would do and took a secret photo of the naked, older woman. She then shared the snap with her thousands
of followers, using the caption: ‘if I can’t unsee this, then you can’t either’. The photo went viral, with Mathers facing
international criticism for her body shaming. This led to her being arrested for invasion
of privacy and a lifelong ban from LA Fitness. 7) No Peace Imagine if world peace could be achieved by
a cross at the ballot box? Well, Colombia faced a political nightmare
when the country’s public voted against ending the country’s 52-year civil war. Despite the death of a quarter of a million
people and the displacement of a further 6 million to date, just over half of the country’s
voters rejected the option to reach a peace agreement between the government and the Farc’s
urban militia. With no plan B in place, the country was thrown
into confusion about its future, with nothing to ensure that the fighting will not go on. 6) Killer Clown Imagine you’re standing on the street minding
your own business and a Killer Clown suddenly stabs you. Just a typical day in 2016, as sadly that
is what happened in October of this year, when the ‘Killer Clown’ craze swept across
Europe and America. For no apparent reason, expect the desire
for people to be complete psychos, hundreds of people were spotted wearing terrifying
clown masks and stalking the streets. They were scaring children, wielding chainsaws
and also robbing shops. To prevent any further incidents, police began
arresting anyone caught in the scary costumes. But it all felt like too little too late,
and the craze left many people questioning, ‘what even is this year?’ 5) Uber Everywhere The sanctity of Uber was publicly violated
in January 2016 when, in a shocking display of self entitlement, neurosurgeon Anjali Ramkissoon
jumped into someone else’s Uber and became violent when the car’s owner refused to
drive her. The incident, which was filmed, shows Ramkissoon
kicking and punching the driver. She threw his items out of the car and also
swore at him in an attempt to get him to follow her orders. The public outrage over the incident led to
Ramkissoona being fired for the attack. 4) Slut Shaming Imagine being the subject of a viral meme
that ridiculed your sex life. Well, that’s what happened to Italian Tiziana
Cantone, who was forced to quit her job, change her name, and relocate her home after sex
tapes she had made with her boyfriend went viral. They were found on porn websites, with a quote
from the video – “You’re filming? Bravo” – becoming a humiliating national
joke, even being printed on t-shirts and phone cases. After a long court battle, Cantone won the
“right to be forgotten”, meaning the video would be removed from websites and search
engines including Facebook. But this didn’t come cheap, in fact she
was ordered to pay more than $20,000 in legal fees. The whole ordeal ultimately led to her killing
herself a few days after the final verdict. 3) Death Squads When a president starts comparing himself
to Hitler, you might imagine that his human rights record will be pretty shabby. Nevertheless, Rodrigo Duterte became president
of the Philippines in 2016 after a successful campaign in which he promised to defeat crime
by killing tens of thousands of criminals. Within just four months of his leadership,
at least 6,000 people accused of taking or dealing drugs had been murdered – both by
police and volunteer vigilantes. Those that are killed are left with a placard
by their body, labeling them as a drug offender, to ensure that the killing will not be investigated. Although Duterte’s brutal policies have
been criticized internationally, his popularity in the Philippines remains high. 2) Pull Over In one of a series of recent African American
deaths at the hands of US police, the fatal shooting of Philando Castile led to calls
for police reforms across the country. Castile’s car was pulled over by police
officer Jeronimo Yanez for a broken tail light. Dashcam footage showed Castile handing officer
Yanez his insurance card and – in an attempt to co-operate with the cops – Castile also
calmly told Yanez that he had a gun in his car, which he also had a permit for. In response, Yanez shot Castile 7 times – just
one minute after the car had pulled over. Yanez’ unjustified use of deadly force led
to a charge of second-degree manslaughter. 1) Meltdown of Humanity In what a UN spokesman has described as a
‘complete meltdown of humanity’, the battle for the city of Aleppo, between the Syrian
and Russian forces and the rebel army, has seen ‘crimes against humanity taking place
on a daily basis’, according to US Secretary of State John Kerry. As well as nightly bombings in the city since
September 2016, in which 250,000 people are still living, the joint Russian and Syrian
forces have been accused by the UN of committing war crimes by deliberately targeting civilian
areas, as well as hospitals and aid convoys. Despite the destruction of the city – which
has resulted in civilians living without food, running water and electricity – many still
can’t even leave, due to rebels shooting at people as they flee for their lives. Thanks for watching this video, but don’t
despair, as tomorrow we have 10 News Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity. It’s bound to be a heart warmer, so watch
it here on AllTime10s.


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