10 Lies You Were Told About Islam

10 Lies You Were Told About Islam

10 Lies You Were Told About Islam 10) Muslims hate the West Christian online news publication ‘Now The
End Begins’, which has over 150,000 followers, stated that ‘all Muslim children are taught
to hate the West’. An extensive survey conducted by the Institute
of Social Policy and Understanding contradicts this theory, however. The study involved asking
50,000 Muslims across 35 countries: ‘What do you admire most about the West?’ Research found that this idea of widespread
negative opinion toward the Western world is completely false, and only 2% of Muslims
in Iran and 6% in Saudi Arabia said they admired nothing. Source: Huffington Post 9) Terrorist Training Camps Martin Mawyer [Moy-yuh], founder of the anti-Islam
‘Christian Action Network’, claimed that secret camps exist across America, training
Muslims for terrorist activity. In his book ‘Twilight in America’ he describes
the town of Islamberg in New York that supposedly holds bunkers, automatic weapons, and an airfield
where Muslims can receive training. Islamberg is in fact just a tranquil town
of 40 families, founded in the 1980s by African American Muslims escaping racism from New
York City. Mawyer’s claims were quashed by the New York State Police, who explained
that ‘the state police were invited to their lands. I don’t know any other place where,
if something nefarious was occurring, they would willingly invite law enforcement officers
to come and have lunch’. Source: CBS News 8) No Go Zones In January 2015 KT McFarland, the National
Security Analyst for Fox News, exposed the existence of 750 no go zones across France. She revealed that the areas prohibit non-Muslims
from entering, and operate under strict Sharia Law, where ambulances have access only by
police escort. McFarland’s statements were found to be
pure speculation, as these supposed ‘no-go zone’ areas were simply towns that French
authorities prioritized for urban renewal and state aid. Subsequently, the Paris city
council approved a lawsuit to sue Fox News for reporting ‘such nonsense’. Source: The Guardian 7) Islamic Terrorist World Domination During his presidential campaign, Jeb Bush
stated ‘the biggest threat today is Islamic Terrorism’.
However, research conducted by the University of North Carolina found that out of the 190,000
Americans murdered since 9/11, only 37 were linked to Islamic extremists. It was found that in the US people were more
likely to die from an accidental gunshot from a toddler than at the hands of a terrorist.
Moreover, Europol found that Islamists were responsible for just 0.7% of terror attacks
in Europe between 2006 and 2013. Source: Fox News 6) Celebrating 9/11 In 2015, as part of his presidential campaign,
Donald Trump made a speech claiming that he saw TV footage of thousands and thousands
of Muslims in New Jersey cheering as the World Trade Center was attacked. The controversial accusation prompted a media
investigation into the matter, which found no video evidence. Jerry Speziale [Spez-ee-yal],
the Police Commissioner of Paterson, New Jersey, which has the second largest Muslim population
in the US, stated: ‘There were no flags burning, no one was dancing. That is totally
false’. Source: Washington Post 5) ISIS represents Islam Father Douglas al Bazi, a Catholic Parish
Priest in Erbil, Iraq, stated that ‘anyone who still thinks ISIS doesn’t represent
Islam, know they are wrong. ISIS represents Islam one hundred percent.’ In reality, ISIS is not just Un-Islamic, it
is Anti-Islamic, and in the first 8 months of 2015, ISIS was responsible for the deaths
of over 9000 Muslims in Iraq. The terror organization has also claimed responsibility for repeatedly
bombing mosques across the Middle East. Source: National Review 4) Muslims support violence The Center for Security Policy, a US think
tank known for engaging in conspiracy theories, claimed that 25% of Muslim Americans support
violence against other Americans. Donald Trump subsequently used this statistic during his
presidential campaign. Closer investigation found that the Center
is run by Frank Gaffney, an identified anti-Muslim, and that a mere 600 people were interviewed
during research. Extensive research conducted by the Pew Research Center identifies 1.6
billion Muslims in the world, of which only 0.006625% identify with extremism. Source: BBC 3) Only Muslims in Birmingham In 2015 Fox News brought American journalist
and supposed Islamic extremism expert, Steven Emerson, on the show. Emerson proceeded to
claim that the city of Birmingham in England is entirely Muslim, and non-Muslims are banned
from entering. Emerson’s statement has been disproven by
the UK National Office of Statistics, which states that only 14.5% of Birmingham residents
are Muslim. In response to the vastly incorrect claims,
Prime Minister David Cameron said ‘frankly, I choked on my porridge and thought it must
be April Fool’s Day. This guy’s clearly a complete idiot’. Source: The Guardian 2) Muslim Women are Oppressed Britain First, the far-right, fascist political
party state that ‘Women are oppressed by Islam. Muslim women are expected to cover
their entire bodies with the Niqab or Burka’. In fact, the Qur’an merely states that women
should ‘guard their modesty’, and does not order any particular dress. Moreover,
the claim that Islam oppresses women is a sweeping generalization. In many cases Muslim
women are often highly educated, such as in Iran, where more women than women attend higher
education. Source: Britain First, Islamic Pamphlets 1) Muslims must kill people of other religions 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Ben
Carson took to Facebook to voice his opinion that he would not support a Muslim President.
He slandered Islam further, writing: ‘Under Sharia Law, women must be subservient and
people following other religions must be killed’. The Qur’an specifically says the opposite,
stating ‘one who kills a non Muslim person under protection will not even smell the fragrance
of Paradise’, and ‘whoever hurts a Non-Muslim, I shall be adversary to him on the Day of
Resurrection’. Source: CBS News


100 thoughts on “10 Lies You Were Told About Islam”

  • People spread these fake medias telling “Islam is not a religion of peace”, bullshit. They just want to win those stupid elections and get more money off by brainwashing some idiotic children. This is why everything happened in the first place. Christianity just tells you that you only need to love the religion, and fucking murder, rape, pornography, etc. is accepted. Is your religion also a “religion of peace”? Fucking Fox News and american anti-muslim politicians is just a fucking brainwash industry, especially Donald Trump.

  • Jeez respect our relegion we won’t say christan is a lie and that we have respect too For others so respect that bc we are not terrorisme just bc we are muslim not all muslims are like that it is just the people not a relegion so have respect and shut ur mouth u nasty bashita

  • Im muslim from indonesia (muslim country) like this, the true about muslim not like the west people think and if you say muslim is not only in middle east cause indonesia have 250.000.000 more people and 90-95% a muslim

  • Faizaane Madiena islamic Vidz says:


    Please sign now! 2 days left. In Honour of our master Muhammad peace be upon him (British Citizens & Residents only)

  • Nestor Makhno says:

    How about you come to my country (Iraq) and see extremism for yourself mate ! I don't mean disrespect but guess what ? Islam is so fucking intolerant that muhammed stated "whoever changes his religion must be killed" or in arabic من بدل دينه فاقتلوه , think about that for a moment and tell me your opinion , muslims aren't to be considered humans until they become secularists and separate mosque from the state and never interfere with other people's lives and beliefs , I'm an ex-muslim and I will be eventually killed by muslims and you guys here telling me that islam doesn't state that you should murder other people based on their religions ? Are you guys insane or what ?

  • This video has been refuted here



  • What u r doing is very great, I love it couse, we rarely see something like this towards the muslim community. Good job and keep it up.

  • I just hate it how people are fools and don't do research and listen to stupid people, especially Europeans and Americans, great video

  • The stuff about ISIS is blatant bullshit. Of course they've killed muslims, there's a fucking war. And of course they've bombed mosques, they did so because they considered them to be practicing heresy. This video phrases it as if ISIS is actively trying to destroy Islam.

  • Perhaps one should watch any if these for more information




  • I visited a Mosque as part of a cultural exchange and work training program and we were told by Muslim women in Boston that the modesty aspect of Bhurkas etc are solely at each woman's own discretion. The idea is that they can hide their looks as they see fit so that any potential husband can marry them for their personality and not their looks. The idea that they are forced upon Muslim women is commonplace in extremely repressive countries like Saudi Arabia who are known supporters and contributors of terrorist regimes. However, the Quaran does not state that it is Allah's (God's) law that women have to cover up at all, it is merely suggested as an option for women to find a suitable partner based on personality and individuality

  • 10: its rehtoric question…..what do you admire mopst about the west….should have gotten a much beeter opinion….what do you think about western culture and policy?

    2 I'm not a Christian or Muslim and have lived in America….never needed an exclusive town for Athiest only in America….why do they need a town only for Muslims????

    8 Its not particularly "no go zones" but you won't go there with your non muslim family after dark….like you won't hang out with your white family in Harlem after dark….don't believe me go to Marseille or East London

    6 I lived in New Jersey when 9/11 happened and had certain people of Pakistani comunity did seem exicted as I was doing my Engineering there and had quite a few PAkistani Muslims in our University….They aatended PAterson Mosque which was also investigated for hate preach

    5 Please read Quran and you'll know….also look into Wahabism…..and yes I've read it

    4 Muslims won't tell you that they have americans while they live among you….ask them if they think Sharia law supersseds American Constitution and you'll get your answer

    3 Please go to Birmingham and you'll know what it's like…..by the child rape gang scandal in the UK…mostly Pakistani men where from Birmingham

    2 Please wrap your mom and girl frie3nds in a bini bag and ask them how liberating they are feeling….again wahabism…..please go to Iran and see how restricted the movement of women is there…..or in saudi arabia….fuck just go to france, belgium, london ghettos, birmingham…..just cuz they get more education don't mean they are liberated….

    1 Please read world history….Islamic conquest of India, Lebanon, Egypt, etc…you'll know what Islam, has done to these countries….and what do you mean by a non muslim under protection?….protection of what? Islam….that means you have pay Jizya – a tax non muslims have to pay to the muslims for practising their religion…..please impose similar tax on muslims in non muslim countries and you'll see….also please read "sword verses" in Quran about killing non muslims

  • Joseph Godleski says:

    This video is full of crap first the Koran is full of verses that tell Muslims to kill the infidel where ever you find them unless they pay the tax for non Muslims or convert to Islam
    Tell me what happened to all the Christians and Jews who populated Northern Africa and the Middle East up till the late 1940”s they were driven from their homes and their houses or worship and homes were destroyed they were driven out or killed today a small group of Christians live in Syria Iraq or Iran
    Under persecution. Only Lebanon a non Islamic state holds the only sizable Christian population
    Why is it illegal in many Islamic countries to bring a Bible in their country and hold non Muslim services like the kingdom of Saudi Arabia your religion shows no respect to other religions why should we respect your religion with a illiterate pedophile prophet

  • religion doesn’t spread hate, terrorism etc. PEOPLE DO. this dunya is made like this. May Allah Swt guide is all

  • David Bradley says:

    Birmingham is definitely untrue as I live only 8 miles from there. I've spent my whole life by a Muslim community and I've never had a problem with them. They give me the impression of having high moral standards. The 5 pillars of Sunni Islam are :- 1. Prayer, 2. Faith, 3. Give to the needy, 4. Pilgrimage to Mecca, and 5. Ramadan.

  • Stefan Danielsson says:

    I really don’t know where you got the facts from. Uk did a study few years ago and it’s the opposite of this. This is a propaganda video not facts.

  • Che Stephenson says:

    6:55 This isn’t from the Quran, its in the Hadith that has been taken out of context for your own argument. This is what The “Prophet” said in the Hadith “Whoever kills a man among Ahl Adh-Dhimmah. he will not smell the fragrance of Paradise, and it’s fragrance may be detected from a distance of seventy years”
    Understand how this references the Dhimmis not non-muslims.

    As well including the other “verse” you took out of context. Is actually apart of the Hadith. Quoted “whoever hurts a dhimmi, I am the adversary, and I shall be an adversary to him on the Day of Resurrection” which yet again reference the dhimmis under Islamic rule not non-muslims.

    The Dhimma references the Christian’s and Jews under Islamic rule that had accepted to pay the ‘Jizya’. Even though staying alive and having to pay the Jizya was a better option because those who refused were executed. The dhimmis were still continuously humiliated by the muslims. As I quote the “Prophet” said “My livelihood is under the shade of my spear, and he who disobeys my orders will be humiliated by paying Jizya”.

    What else should I debunk?

  • why dont you come to India and see how true your statements are. There is a particularly delightful individual named Owaisi, you may want to interview !!!

  • This video is meant to shame Islam. It is not right. Those terrorists are not Muslim because is CAN NOT KILL IN ISLAM

  • People need to wake up these day's, all Muslims are not jihadist's when I served in YPG International Muslim men and women were hugging me and shaking my hand they were glad to see the help but at I thought the way most uncivilised people do, like oh terrorists but I know that ain't true, Muslim people are so lovely and I hope they get the peace and prosperity that they want, the nicest people I have ever met, love you all

  • In my country these islam guys always talking about a war where they attack and kill all non Muslim and dominate the world. Then they wait for end of the world

  • Martin Nicholas says:

    This is the dumbest video I have ever seen. The Moslems have not given us any reason to like them. Islam has brought this world nothing but bloodshed and crisis.

  • Just because you say it doesn't make it true. Everything in this video is a lie. How sad people are easily tricked.

  • No offense, but.
    I want to hear about Hinduism and Buddhism, two of the oldest religions in the world. Yes, sometimes, religions in the past have proven to take a bad turn, but none worse than Islam. Islam as destroyed the most families by far, and many don’t want to stop. these are God’s families, created by God, and given their religions by God. For some reason, Muslim think someone want to hear about Islam. Nobody in their right mind wants to hear about Islam. Why don’t you tell me more about God. That’s what I want to hear about. That is what we should all want to hear about, not about Islam. STOP IT with the Islam talk. Who cares about Islam. Talk about God.

    And, don’t say God told you to do something horrible to God’s children. It’s a lie, and we are tired of it. Find peace. Let’s talk about how much God loves us all.

    I want to learn from the most ancient most learned most loving religions,  not the youngest most victimized “religion” in the world. You’re victimizing yourselves, by the way.

  • Yeah Muslims are really awesome! That's why they kill everybody! And especially Christians by chopping their heads off! They're just wonderful people why don't you become a Muslim right now. And if you don't think that they support violence well all you have to do is read the Koran.

  • Hi. 
    I have a gift for you: Some essentials of humanity. Being human, and humane, in case anyone doesn’t know. To anyone who thinks that hurting people is good. Hope it helps you.
    Please, share this information
    People need to know that God is light. Let’s look at our human behavior:

    DARK BEHAVIOR (not Godly)
    Rape, beheading, cold-blooded murder, spousal abuse, torture, forced facial coverings, pedophilia, fgm, acid attack, burning, halal torture, war “jihad,"Sharia punishments, threats, false accusations, judgmental of others, disrespecting men, disrespecting women, disrespecting children, no consideration for others. Watching people suffer. This is dark. behavior.

    LIGHT BEHAVIOR (God is light)
    Love, benevolence, compassion, serenity, light, forgiveness, generosity, honoring all. 

    Islam is screwed up, by you, and nobody else. Fix Islam.
    Thanks. 🙂

  • poornachandra kashyap says:

    You guys are 1. Maybe fuckin' stupid OR 2. Just bought off by some Muslim lobbyists OR 3. Both…
    Read about Islamic invasion in india… We were made to suffer for 800 years… And the fun fact is Muslims today are actually proud of the Mughals are all those pig sultans who did that.
    I just unsubscribed your mother whoring libtard channel… You guys are supposed to be some factual information channel… But, instead you guys are just presstitutes like all those libtard journalists.

  • Frank Boguszewski says:

    This video is full of poop.Islam is a problem whereever it goes.Its always got special needs,and contributes nothing.Isis are fundamentalist Muslims,better Muslims than "moderate" Muslims according to Islamic scripture.They kill many Muslims whom they consider violaters.The slave girl markets are all based on scripture,especially the Sunna of Mohhamed.aTo say that women are not opressed in Islam is an offense to humanity.To think that Islam considers itself superior is a joke.The sooner this idealogy dissapears,the sooner the world will get better.

  • "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it"

    ~joseph goebbels

    The video produced by "All Times 10s" made various false claims about Islam and Muslims.
    David Wood made response videos correcting the falsehoods:

  • samia ben fadhel says:

    Allah will u take u to jannah when u become Muslim because when u die u will go to jannah and will not die in jannah but in hell u will die and become alive again a lot of times and will suffer in hell u will drink hot water that's boiling and the head shayttan devil but in jannah u will drink what u want and eat what u want and see what u want the end

  • Jihad Mohammad says:

    A nun can be covered from head to toe in order to devote herself to God, right?
    But, then if a Muslim girl does the same why is she oppressed?
    الراهبة تلبس ما يغطيها من رأسها لقدميها حتى تهب نفسها لعبادة الرب، صحيح؟
    لكن اذا فعلت ذلك الفتاة المسلمة تكون مضطهدة؟

    “Hijab is not about oppression but freedom from evil eyes.”
    "الحجاب ليس اضطهاد لكنه الحرية من الأعين الخبيثة".

    ربنا الحكيم الخبير اللطيف هو الذي شرع لنا الحجاب الساتر.

    إيماناً بالله و تعبداً له نطيع و نسلّم و نرضى و نطبّق.
    It is our Lord, the All-Subtle , The All-Aware , the All-Wise, who ordained us the curtain veil.
    Believing in God and worshiping Him we obey, we aprove ,we accept and we apply.

    أنت إنسانة أثمن من الجواهر المخبأة و الثروات المكنوزة،
    أنت أولى بالستر
    و أحق بالحماية
    و أجدر بالحفظ
    فاختاري ما يليق بك
    You are a more valuable person than hidden gems and treasures,
    You more entitled to covering and Shyness
    And more Deserving to protection
    And worthier to be preserved
    so Choose what suits you

    “It is not the cloth that oppresses the woman;rather it is the ignorant mind that judges what is on her head not what is in her head!"
    "ليست قطعة القماش هي اضطهاد للمرأة، لكن هو العقل الجاهل الذي يحكم على ما فوق رأسها بدل من ما في رأسها."

    “I dress to impress no man, I dress to please Ar-Rahman”
    "أنا لا ألبس لأحصل على إعجاب أي رجل ولكني ألبس لأرضي الرحمن."

    لاتصغي للناعقين المنادين بكشف وجهك ليحرروا شهواتهم ويمتّعوا نواظرهم ويصلوا إلى ما كانوا يأملون
    Do not listen to those fools who invoke you to reveal your face so they free their desires and amuse their eyes and reach what they hoped.



  • Jihad Mohammad says:

    ?The Lies about Muhammad – English https://islamhouse.com/en/books/2779529/

    ? تحميل الكتاب الذي يرد على افتراءات الغرب على النبي
    – محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم ??❤

    Prophet_Muhammad ??❤


  • Gerard Virgona says:

    Most of the claims of this video are wrong. Islam was started by a pedophile warlord who is meant to be the example for Muslims to follow. The West is committing suicide with apologist attitudes like this ignoring history.

  • I’m part of the fasting growing “religious group” in the world. Atheist. Secular ideas and women’s freedom is the way for our small blue dot to move into the future.

  • Harry Eastwood says:

    This Video is B.S. Hard to believe Christians and Jews believe these lies. Wait till Islam becomes a large percentage of population… Game over. Look up "thereligionofpeace,.com… Enough said.

  • I am a Muslim……. I respect my religion. I do not respect people that attack's randomly (Including Muslim people ) because they dont follow our muslim rules by the great prophet's

  • Here's an idea. Read the koran. Then try to tell me it is a peace loving religion. Plus there are people who are experts in structuring polls to get the answers that they want. I note that you use the fact that someone admires something about the west to infer that they don't hate the west. The two are not related. The buzzer just went off. You are wrong. The rest of this youtube video uses some of the dumbest rumors so that, by dismissing the stupid rumors, you can claim that islam is somehow not driven by jihad. Subtle propaganda.

  • THIS IS BUUUULLLL SHHIITTT! WAKE THE FUK AMERICA. Stop listening to main stream media and liberal professors. Do some real research on your own!!!!

  • Where is the lie where it says that islam is a religion of peace?
    Cuz man… that is the biggest lie ever.
    Don't trust this channel anymore, unsubscribed.

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