Thank something you might have strapped to use that dildo Top seven answers on the board ladies, here we go name a number that most men exaggerate a Hundred a hundred Joël their height their height Their age Yeah horsemanship Point values is double top six answers on the board We asked 100 women name something you’d love Steve Harvey to teach your man how to do better Me and Dave is the two most surprised Our address Triples we’ve got the top 4 answers on the board name something that gets hard when it gets cold Oh water water You want to pass the ball we will play they’re gonna pray breathe Point values triple this could win it for new jeans right now ape name something that gets hard when it gets cold. How about nipples No, I know it’s true a but yeah I’m just trying to keep the show together a season just one Just let me get a seasoning All right, that’s my son there I know my son I know what your son Thanks for bringing him to Name a word or phrase that starts with pot pot luck Hothead Pot pie like chicken pot pie Miss Laura It’s on you ma’am. It’s only two strikes. Don’t let that pressure get to you Hey If it’s they’re still alive is not the other team can steal so it’s not do or die right now Name a word or phrase it starts with pot potato Starts with pot we all know no one says pot tato I’m gonna just start walking towards Nothing personal I just want to just see if is up there tight Oh You older you know more than I do I Forgive me please alive Folks here. We go. Point values are doubled on this one So it’s gonna be worth a little bit more top five answers on the board name a kind of crack Crackhead I Am I work for the largest paycheck a roll company in the country are Motivated I’m highly intelligent. I have a degree My answer is that hey Let’s go look for the crack Shut up Luke two answers can top that i’ma try sidewalk You know when richard dawson was doing this show crackhead hadn’t even been invented Tracy name a kind of crack butt crack What crack This show is going to hail Oh Girl you finally got here I did. I’m so darn excited I bet I can turn I won’t even touch wanting to get on a few Yeah, and you know what now that I’m out here and I met you and I think you’re all right then if he passes away And you’re divorced. I’m giving you my phone number No, sir, no money no, I don’t like I’ll call me My wife why not She probably shopping right now You hate shopping But I’m real good with sex so you might want to keep her So how y’all doing You doing okay. Oh That’s first time I’ve been on this show and I ain’t damn famous You don’t you can’t there’s no comeback I’m so excited to meet you seeing good. I’m happy to meet y’all. You’re good looking at home. I Have a couple of jobs. Okay, like you have a couple full-time jobs. I’m a public speaking coach ultimately though It’s I’m a product of the American dream. Yeah, yeah and That’s what I want to share with you today like my family We share one thing us five. Our parents all janitors all janitors all generators come from Korea Okay, all of us, so what you see today, it’s the result of their hard work. So Yeah, so what you say it why is all y’all did come up Yeah, what you see today? That’s to come up right there. Yeah. Yeah, you’re working you working to make the parents proud But not just the parents proud. It’s making us proud too and the future generations proud too. That’s What do you do, uh Heidi so my husband and I we own an e-commerce website Pole But II direct and we put tasty black balls in people’s mouths a Lot of people gonna need an explanation slowly I’m more than happy to provide one. Yeah. Sorry. It’s a full bar drink You got a nice friend Wonderful family beautiful personalities. Thank you ladies for making it real nice to have you here now listen to me. Let’s do it for the janitors Yeah, it’s only one answer left They’re really doing well over here Chris big guys up to you name something a carjacker would hate to find in the car. Yes, though it’s tough day a snake I’m pulled on from that look back in snake back in any one ready get that I’m 5 min, you know what my plans to be stuck around today that look for the snake This game never stops about Islands out there DME back yet. Let me be I believe any good on download now Let’s move on to question two. Give me Jeannette. Give me Stephanie. Let’s go Snake Steve I said Oh George good that can’t be up there. I’m a judge watch this Wow, I don’t know how you did that man great answer Wow Name something when the winner was obviously designed by man because it’s uncomfortable but sex hmm Texas Steve Texas Are you crazy You



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