#1 Secret to Advertising Your Cleaning Business


13 thoughts on “#1 Secret to Advertising Your Cleaning Business”

  • Sandra Lighton says:

    Business owners will need a lot more advertising solutions. The marketplace is so saturated. Don't you think?

  • Rubi Dechambre says:

    Hey Angela, I live in Canada and want to advertise on Facebook but not sure how to do it or if it even allowed here.

  • Much of this applies to other types of services. As a plumber I win customers by having a sharp uniform, meticulously kept service truck, clean, organized tools, being on time to the minute, etcetera. Valuable lessons here.

  • Claudia Miyen says:

    Hi Angela,thank you so much for all the great videos.I have been doing some research because I am planning to start my own cleaning business at the end of this year.I live in Maryland but will be moving to a different state by September and immediately start my own cleaning business.My goal is to start with house cleaning and later on turn it into a commercial cleaning business without loosing my first house clients and manage both house and commercial cleaning. I will really appreciate if you do a video on that.Thank you once more?

  • Olivier Manjarrez says:

    Wow Angela, I am quite impressed. Not too much on good house cleaning info on YT, but you nail it with your videos. You actually bring value to the table here. You got a sub from me. Looking forward to future videos and I will be going back and watching those already posted!

  • You are amazing!!! Thank you so much for all the great tips!! I've been trying to do so much research on the cleaning business to enter the industry and it's exciting and so scary at the same time and you have so much knowledge and experience it's just the best help ever!!! Your book is also very helpful! Thank you thank you thank you and keep up the awesome work 🙂

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