🧐 Your photo IN a magazine OR your photo as advertising IN a magazine

🧐 Your photo IN a magazine OR your photo as advertising IN a magazine

sorry I've been both sick and getting ready packing for Florida stay there for a couple and Fort Myers um interestingly enough yeah of course everybody wants to do glamorous photography take pictures of hot people so on and so forth I've talked about this endlessly there's actually an enormous amount of money in product photography both clothing lines and I don't mean fashion photography I'm actually talking about just regular clothing lines of course then of course you actually have to hire people but that cost is offset and you actually work that into CEO DB which is cost of doing business with whatever your client is in the contract that you actually set up for them but I was rolling through Pinterest and there are a lot of fascinating pictures there and I was I don't want to mention company names but some of the most abysmal horrible product photography I've ever seen and most of you would have heard of these clothing lines I mean they're not absolutely huge but I mean we're talking about chains of you know 30-plus stores nationwide or globally the amazing thing that actually there's a mosquito in here amazing thing that actually offsets the work that these people do is that they're all like natural light photographers where Phil flash was needed and none was used just absolutely horrible compositionally dead just I just look at this stuff is like who do they pay to do this sort of stuff I don't know what people think of me but actually I do know and of course there's a lot of detractions because that's because I come off as a crusty asshole and I do I'm a bit arrogant I'm definitely not narcissistic I definitely not I mean I know I'm a fat bald tattooed circus freak looking sort of person but I'm hyper logical and whenever I do a paid job I've never anybody unhappy the last time I upset somebody it was a lunatic and it was I think 21 years ago it was a really long time ago I always do a great job I take they'll be average between two to four jobs a month last month was only two jobs so that's not much but that's still two jobs more than the top three or four other youtube photography channels you do absolutely no paid photographic gigs at all the stuff that I do is as boring as watching paint peel interior shots for businesses for their websites corporate junkets events events are actually a lot of fun depends on the event though oh oh my god oh my god have you ever done an event where everybody's wearing a three-piece suit and it's about said about corporate structure filing and there's some really complicated stuff as so far as statistical analysis in corporate hierarchy oh my god paying gigs a paying gig though and those people always pay fast and they don't complain that's not to say if you do a crappy job nobody's gonna complain of course they are but hey at least I'm doing paid gigs but what surprises me is everybody keeps asking me you know where is all this photographic work that you speak of I actually have had a lot of people that have taken my advice not to take my word for it you know just test the waters yourself you see that there is an enormous literally there's an enormous amount of work out there for people that want to do photography paid photography Ivies I'm not talking about puttering around and take pictures of birds and trees and things and of course that's very relaxing and enjoyable I actually find taking bird photography very relaxing it's kind of like kicking your heels up in your underwear and turning the air conditioner on and it's very relaxing doing bird photography even when it's like a hundred degrees outside point being getting back to the topic is that why don't you people actually look up a product that you're familiar with what you do is you actually cold call these people okay have them send you a few products actually do a pitch to them but not a pitch of BS I listen you're the photographer you're doing is just you know I could do a lot better than that with my you know of course you don't really want to say that you want to say in a much more professional manner I could do a much better job than that let me do two product shots for you and let's see what you think you know no obligation you either have one of the products already or you get loaned one and if this of course is clothing you're gonna actually have to hire somebody for that of course not necessarily me not all clothing actually has to be worn countless countless products product photography is fun I mean that's really the only photography I know where you can sit in your underwear watching TV and you know set up some snoots and some fiber optics and it's relaxing and it pays well and it's it's it's enjoyable I can't think of anything more stressful than dealing with people and weddings and why why does everybody keep asking where the jobs are in photography there is such an enormous amount of work there everybody that's taken my advice on this as you know reported back to me while I don't know how all of them reported back to you but a lot of people hey I took your advice the last guy told me he was shooting a distillery a small distillery between here and Louisville I forget what it was was a Buffalo Trace distillery anyway he's doing whiskey shots and he's doing events that this distillery has they've always got events to promote their product and now he's their official photographer he's like they pay me really well I can show up and do it when I want in most cases unless it's an event where actually I didn't mean you get and here's the other really really important thing people think we're going to move from job to job to job to job and that's bullshit it's like well now I got to find another job I got a cold called person number two after job number ones done BS if you get a good corporate client and there are many look into this by the way look into some product photographers and ask them like hey there's this bald tattooed guy on YouTube he said you know a professional well known product but is this true is like yep he's exactly true what you do is you find one two or three depends on the size of the client and you'll just have two or three client that'll be it if the clients big enough that will be your sole client but there are several people that do corporate excuse me a product photography which also involves corporate ins it's a lot of these corporations have events and junkets and they actually go to larger events for people in the same sort of product to get together and they want you to take shots with their booth and to get together and you know you end up with free food and pre Oda it's it's actually quite a lot of fun most of the time but you'll just have one two three four clients that'll be it I mean that'll be a really strong payday for you you don't have to move on from gig to gig to gig you do a good jobs like hey you stick around this is better work than we've ever been getting before why why aren't people pursuing stuff like that isn't because you find it boring what's the reason why you actually haven't engaged into that why I've been hitting up a couple small companies whose products I actually strongly believe in and I'm going to take a shot of a one product when I get back from Florida and Senate because what they're actually doing now is kind of horrendous and and if you actually know the angle that the company wants to play as far as their product than just a plain boring shot with a white infinity background or something that I mean depends on what the product is and what it is they want to convey their the pain client and you do what they want you to do but you might actually offer them ideas because usually when it comes to corporate their creativity is extremely low to non-existent it's like what do you want the theme to portray and then of course that lets you choose both the composition the background the bokeh the lighting the lighting effects if any and there is such an enormous amount of work out there for a eager photographer it's it's mind-blowing and all these people are complaining like you can't make money in photography anymore well if you're talking about taking pictures of hot people and horrible wedding photography which there's always plenty of that work but who wants to do it all the stuff that people well I want to be I want to travel the world be a landscape photographer for a magazine magazines are they're kind of defunct doesn't everybody know that hoop it what's the last time you picked up and bought a magazine yeah I want to be a landscape photographer for Conde Nast Traveler magazine is like when's the last time you visited the magazine stand when is the last time all magazines always have been vehicles for advertisements I mean that is what they are instead of shooting for the magazine why don't you be the photographer that shoots for the people that advertise in the magazine if you can't work one angle you could work at the other one and the other one usually pays better less stressfull less work let me repeat that again for people that don't understand this people want to shoot for a magazine right magazines are dying but I mean it doesn't matter if they go all digital I mean who gives a damn the magazine's still exist magazines are delivery vehicles for advertising or picked up like you know just name a magazine it's like 80% advertisements why don't you consider being the photographer for the products that go in the magazine as advertisements oh what a novel idea instead of getting your picture in a magazine how about you go for the job or you're taking a shot of the advertisement that goes in the magazine those gigs pay better they're easier and they're a lot less stressful there's not been another single YouTube photography channel that has ever mentioned that I know that for a fact not a single one it's very important I have encountered countless people say oh my god it would be so cool if I could get my picture and so on so magazine it's like you know why don't you work your ass off trying to get into x-men whatever the hell it is and what I'll do is I'll like raise a finger and get a job or two or three or just one whatever taking a picture for the advertisement that goes in that magazine that you want to be in did I make that abundantly clear the stuff is not that complicated but nobody discusses it anyway thanks so much for watching it's time to start packing for Florida it's gonna be hot and rainy down there miked up [Laughter]


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  • Congratulations on overtaking dpreview on the number of subscribers. That is quite an achievement for someone that just sits at a table and rambles on unscripted. I would subscribe if you would split the channel into camera related and all that other physics waffle.

  • Finally someone saying the truth about landscape-travel photography. My friends who start photography all say they want to be famous landscape shooters for magazines. Like…. what magazines? And online magazines will always ask your pictures for free, or if not, it's super unreliable income, you will starve to death in 2 months…

  • Richard Harvey says:

    Hi Ken, I have to tell you not to be apologetic for any lack of modesty on your part, it is very hard for someone like your goodself to be modest when you have so much to be modest about!. I would like to know just how much those crappy photographers get paid for that sort of work. While I am sure that there is a lot of money involved in total there is also a huge volume of business with a lot other other people, agencies and the like supping from the gravy train. Chances are that the quality of the output is related to the quantity of cash.
    I also can't help wondering just how many really competent amateur photographers would actually want to engage in the competitive aspects of commercial work especially when the industry seems to accept such shoddy product.

    There is another sector that I would like to know more about, that is the commercial reality of shooting ads for Google to throw into these videos that I want to watch. Cheers, Richard.

  • If you are into designing websites, photography or even video becomes a crucial component. You can design the perfect site but the icing on the cake can be photos. Just one perfect photo can make all the difference. In fact I would say that with any website for any business, what photos you use are the most important ingredient, assuming the rest of the site is decently functional.

  • Richard Mondio says:

    The corporate world is not that simple, there are rules and regulations to follow. If the product is being advertised on a magazine, then usually the magazine provides the in-house photographer to shoot the product which is part of the advertising package. Corporations often require that you send your portfolio for evaluation. Not all photographers are good at all types of photography and the chances that a company will hire an unknown to do a job could happen because of logistical problems such as hiring someone on the actual location of the shoot instead of sending the whole crew with their equipment by plane! The artistic world is full of egos, drama, and obstacles and often you may end up in bed with someone just to get "ahead"!

  • But when you Shill, you don't have to be a real photographer on your photography channel.
    Anyways, what I find is funny is that IF you want a feature in a Magazine, they will charge you to submit. Maybe because print media is almost non-existent and can't sell worth sh*t but yes, Ads pay the costs of production and distributing and now submissions pay too.


    Again you are spot on, there is a lot of reviewers on YouTube but not real photographers who does it for a living. And for me I respect more the photographers who can make their ends meet in end of each more than 1.mill subscribers on YouTube with two hobby photographers who can't get any pro paid jobs.

    I always said being a full time photographer is mostly really boring but if you divide work and self-development in skills you will be successful, but not many is determined so they do the shortcut by only review on YouTube and acting like they know everything but they don't own anything of what they review. Hashtag affiliate links 🤣

  • Being in sales & marketing I see your idea as sound & profitable.
    I know nothing of photography, but, I know sales angles &
    this is a plum gig for a lazy but good photographer, or even better, videographer.

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