? Local Business Advertising Tips For Beginners  - 2019

? Local Business Advertising Tips For Beginners – 2019

what's up guys so in this video I am going to share with you local business advertising tips for beginners all right if you have a local business or if you are running advertising campaigns for local businesses I'm gonna just kind of break down the foundation that you need to establish okay I find that a lot of business owners are trying a lot of things and a lot of times they're wasting a bunch of energy on things that aren't working so I'm gonna show you real quick something that you can set up as a good foundation that can get you a lot of organic traffic but then also you can begin to run paid ads now if you're not running paid ads on these social media platforms and you have a local business then you are missing out because we are able to target precisely the exact type of person that you want right we can target age we can target interest we can target income we can target if they're homeowners if they like home and garden stuff they go to Lowe's you know what pages they like and we can get our ads in front of around a thousand targeted people in our community a thousand for ten dollars all right this is epic but to be able to do this the best way possible you need to lay your foundation and so let me go ahead and show you the way you would do this so you are going to need of course a facebook business page and you can just go in to Facebook and hit the little drop-down menu and click Add page and you create a page I'm not gonna go through the creation of a Facebook page and all this stuff I'm just going to show you the framework real quick right so facebook and then you're gonna want a Pinterest and then you're gonna want a YouTube now you may say well this is a lot of were and actually it's really not that much work you want to open a facebook business page open a Pinterest account open a YouTube account and then what you want to do is you actually want to put maybe three or four videos of what you do short videos they could be two minutes long five minutes long right I recommend to my clients actually do four or five two-minute videos displaying your different products or services okay and then in the title you're going to add exactly your location where you're at okay now the reason why you're gonna put these four videos in is because later on you will be able to run ads with those videos okay same thing with Pinterest okay you're gonna set up a Pinterest and you're gonna create what's called boards alright for example say you have a hair salon you're gonna create a board with men hair a board with pins of women sorry and then kids and then old people put right or whatever you're gonna create a board and then you're gonna put on there maybe you only have three services maybe your car dealer and you have Honda Suzuki whatever you create a board a themed board and then you put pins photo pins in side of those boards right and then on your facebook business page you are going to do short videos alright with your phone like this of you on the job site or you inside your office or you holding up your product a customer review whatever you're going to put video content on this Facebook business page when you get opportunity and you are going to build up and start putting a little bit of content on each of these three platforms these are the three most powerful platforms for local businesses so if you get this set up this really isn't hard these platforms make it super easy to get started literally and create a login step one they'll tell you what to do and walk you through this all right and once you have some content up then marketers can actually come in and radically bless your business promote your business promote your content in your local community and like I said we can get these pieces of content in front of hyper targeted audiences and then the other thing is so once we start running paid ads all right we're gonna be running ads with this content these content right here paid ads to a landing page right which is like a website but it's a single page all right where your business storefront is you have your online business storefront all right and we are gonna run ads from all these places to this landing page okay and then guess what happens everyone who visits this landing page gets tracked okay now let me ask you a question have you ever clicked an ad like maybe you've been scrolling through Facebook and you saw an ad and you click that ad and you went to a website it's what most people call them was actually called landing page you went to that landing page but then you went back over to YouTube and then you saw that company again or then maybe went over here to Pinterest and you saw another ad and then another and then before too long you're buying the product or service right maybe you haven't purchased online I don't know but this is very very powerful it's very very cost effective and this is a great framework to begin so that you can get yourself set up correct okay YouTube everybody's on YouTube all the time watching videos we put video ads on there and people watch them Pinterest display your work right you can also do video ads on Pinterest this is a literal online gallery Facebook powerful for advertising and networking and guys there is a lot of amazing things that we can do for local businesses to take local businesses to the top if you have a local business and you're watching this and you need some consultation I would be willing to offer some consultation to help you guys get going in the right direction I will link put a link below if you are watching this video and you are wanting to run an advertising agency for local businesses a social media marketing agency and help local businesses to grow I have a training program where I teach how to run YouTube ads Pinterest at Facebook ads how to build landing pages I teach how to do everything to take local businesses to the top and generate massive amounts of leads right this is kind of just the framework the the 101 class right but we can do some super amazing things and guys think about it everybody's been marketing the conventional ways and they're realizing it's not working anymore and so now everybody's trying to get online but I'm telling you most people are wasting tons of energy in the wrong places and so I want to help you guys today – channel your energy in the right locations in right now these are them right here okay you can display your business that's where everybody's at all right if you'd like to learn more about this stuff comment below if this helped you comment below also please give me a like and a subscribe and I will put out some more amazing content for you guys make sure to check down below for some special links and get connected thanks guys


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