☕ Does Google Favor CNN And Other MSM Sources? #google #cnn Google Top Stories Prefers CNN 🗑️🔥

☕ Does Google Favor CNN And Other MSM Sources? #google #cnn Google Top Stories Prefers CNN 🗑️🔥

does Google favor certain mainstream
media outlets I think we know the answer to that one hi thanks for watching today
is Monday mainstream media Monday where I like to talk about subject that
involves the mainstream media and how it affects us all now today’s story comes
from the Columbia Journalism Review this was published last Friday audit suggests
Google favors a small number of major outlets and this could be expected
because as we know the Columbia Journalism Review are a bunch of
right-wing trolls oh they’re not no no they’re total totally totally on the
left side and their findings are I don’t know pretty self-evident I think it
doesn’t really shock anyone but what they did is they found out who Google
prefers to recommend when people search for news they also talked about when you
search for news in Google they give you top stories and so who does Google
select for the top stories if you if you google something what was nice here is
they talk about this review that was done by the computational journalism lab
at Northwestern and they talked about the entire process it’s very precise
it’s very comprehensive and they link to the actual study you can go and read the
synopsis of the study what they found with links to all the charts and graphs
and and spreadsheets data I mean you’re not going to do that but it’s all there
I went and looked and you can verify their findings not that shocking to me
the percentage of impressions from their top 20 sources CNN was their number-one
source New York Times Washington Post Fox News BBC USA Today LA Times The
Guardian on and on but what they found is when you search for a topic on Google
there’s a small number of media come that Google always pushes to the top of
the results CNN being number one and the problem
with this is CNN is garbage okay I just went over to CNN a few minutes ago just
to check out what they’re pushing let’s look at the news and buzz section Aaron
Rodgers has Game of Thrones cameo okay a quarterback with richest contract in NFL
buys mom a house for Mother’s Day that’s that’s probably fair nunchucks
were banned in Arizona along with grenades and IEDs now they’re not what
what nunchucks grenades and IEDs are now legal oh my god let’s check this story
out and we go to the story and we find out that no only nunchucks are now legal
but why why did they list nunchucks grenades and IEDs in the
attention-grabbing headline right white why would they do that oh I know why
because it’s very unclear what they’re saying and you you know you read Wow
improvised explosive devices you know roadside bombs are now legal in
in Arizona and you click on it to find out that it’s no it’s just the little
you know nunchucks this is terrible terrible journalism there’s no way that
should ever be a headline its total clickbait I don’t even think that this
headline would check out if I went back to 9th grade grammar and had to diagram
the sentence I think it would be clear that now they’re not refers to grenades
and IEDs and nunchucks there’s a terrible terrible headline terrible
journalism it’s it’s very misleading that’s just one example what did it take
me 30 seconds to find that let’s hop over to sports and see what breaking
news they have here Blazers player says warriors do for an
upset well as a Blazers fan I am concerned that one of the Blazers would
you know shout this out that the Warriors are due for an upset I don’t I
don’t know let’s let’s find out what the source of that is so we go to the
article Blazers damian lillard says warriors do for an
upset entering Western finals and when we read the article we find out that the
source of this is a ball boy he was talking to a ball boy this was not
something on camera this was not something in front of the microphone
this was not a direct Twitter tweet this was something he said to the ball boy
after the game and this is the news this is the the fantastic journalism of CNN
CNN is garbage and the fact that Google chooses to promote them as the number
one news source is troubling but that’s the thing is anyone can go to CNN read
about three or four stories and at least one of them is gonna have real issues
CNN is garbage journalism they should not be the number one source of news
from Google and I think that’s a problem how many garbage articles would I need
to show you before you were convinced that CNN was no good one a day for a
week how about one a day for a month how about five a day for a month would that
be enough or are you the type of person that just trusts CNN as being you know
the most accurate name in news or whatever their slogan is let me know
your thoughts in the comments peace help me reach my goal of 1 million make that
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11 thoughts on “☕ Does Google Favor CNN And Other MSM Sources? #google #cnn Google Top Stories Prefers CNN 🗑️🔥”

  • Coffee and Nuance says:

    Can you believe that this video is demonetized by YouTube? That's right. The Powers that be have deemed it inappropriate, as it is critical of Google, and Google owns YouTube. Is there anything objectionable in this video? Or is Google/YouTube discouraging criticism?

  • So you would not even have to show me 1 article from CNN, I have seen so many lies, and so much manipulation it makes me sick

  • NPC Junk Ogre, TYT Head NPC says:

    Does Google favor the establishment media rags?
    Does a beat shit in the woods?
    Do bears wipe their asses with rabbits?
    Does the pope cover up priests sodimizing little boys?

  • I had noticed just over the last few weeks . Say, a month ago if you typed "don lemon sucks" into the search query in YouTube , you would get a plethora of independent uploaders with catalogues of subject matter to affirm just how sucky don lemon is …. Just over the last week or so . Type in "don lemon sucks" nothing but CNN for 3-4 pages. We all saw it coming . Well it's here now

  • Leonardo da Vinci says:

    I'll tell you why, CNN is safe. They'll never rock a boat and giving them preference is the most logical choice a company growing more and more afraid of controversy can make.

  • TheLovelyCarol says:

    An old friend of mine who's about 62 years has cnn on much of the day, he works at home. He believes virtually everything they show and say.
    Talking about differences is not an option with him either. Democrats are some of the oddest fakest people i've ever known.

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