Раненое сердце / The Wounded Heart. Сериал 2016. 1 серия. Мелодрама. Star Media

Раненое сердце / The Wounded Heart. Сериал 2016. 1 серия. Мелодрама. Star Media

STAR MEDIA PRESENTS Max, wake up. The ads are bullshit. MIKHAIL PSHENICHNY Let’s try the good old way. LIUBAVA GRESHNOVA Max, baby, wake up.
– No, no. I’m having my favorite dream. What is it? I’m braiding our little girl’s hair.
– We aren’t even married. If that’s the only problem, we can fix it. I love you. – I love you to. Thanks. Good. Here. Is everything OK?
– Yes, fine. You need to see this.
– Thanks, guys. THE WOUNDED HEART EPISODE 1 They have raised shipment prices. Good morning, Valentina. – Good
morning, Dmitry. Let me help you. We’ll have to curb expenses on project 6. Not for the materials, though,
or it won’t make any sense. Hi
– Hi. Let me see. Having breakfast, eh? I was up all night.
– Dmitry, let’s see it. Voila! That’s not bad.
– You have your moments. Great. I like it, too. I just don’t understand,
why the suit, why the urgency? It’s a second-rate project. Right. But the day of glory is near…
– …and fanfares will wake the sleepy world. No metaphors, please. – The boss is coming
today to survey the project. 5 PM. Why? Who wants to become a full-fledged
partner, me or you? – Me. Do you want it to happen sooner?
– Sure. I made sure it would, because I love you.
– I love you too. Now, that’s the correct answer. Maxim, I don’t doubt you. Let’s
finish with the presentation. OK. This is the deep strip
foundation for the main building. All in all, we have here a reinforced
concrete monolith of the new generation. I appreciate the reinforced concrete
monolith, as well as your suit. Trying to keep up with the trends?
That’s commendable. – Thank you. Baby, do you like it?
– Sure. We also have new beam and girder floors… Maxim, we came just to check if
everything is fine with the project. Or do I have to postpone my skiing trip?
– What? It’s the last snow of the season. Don’t worry and go for it, Semion.
Everything will be just fine. You don’t need to be here. That’s what I wanted to
hear. See, baby? We can go. Oh, I almost forgot. Tonight we are
holding a charity auction for orphanages at our business club. Here is your
invitation. Again, I like the suit. We can go now, baby. Good luck to all. Bye!
– Bye. Bingo!
– I guess so. Our next lot, number 13. This
wonderful oil painting, size 40×60. Baby, who’s that imposing
gentleman, next to that gingerhead? Are you kidding me? Max
Poverennov, TTC vice president. Really? He’s cute.
– Believe me, he knows. Maxim? – Are you still vice president?
Or has Karminov finally offered you to become his partner?
– He’s thinking about it. 40,000! Next level! Well, if Karminov doesn’t come
up with an offer, come to me. I’m quicker on the uptake. 45,000, 2nd row, to my left.
– 50,000. Great offer! 50,000. – The beautiful lady
in the center, 50,000, one! How about we get the hell out of here? I thought you’d never ask. A few moments, and the painting
will be sold. 50,000, three! Sold. The lady in front of me gets the
beautiful painting titled The Baby. Give me a hand. Why don’t you stay?- Max,
stop this nonsense. Don’t be such a baby. A baby is exactly what we need. You know the clients are coming
tomorrow. We need to be prepared. Right.
– See? Stay. See you tomorrow. I’ll
lock the door with my keys. Good morning, Maxim.
– Hi. – Morning, guys. Good morning, Maxim. – Natasha. Coffee? – No. – I bought your
favorite cookies. – OK, then. Hi. What? What a woman!
– Have you just noticed? No, but… Here. It’s for you. She’s
so beautiful and smart. Unlike you, she has a great taste. Add a bright mind and creativity,
and you have a full set. Yeah, that’s right. Let’s go over it once again. We’ve been together for 7 years. I’ve been around for all
this time, in case you forget. No, it’s just… 7 years is a long time. Wait. Did Tamara drop a
hint about getting married? No! That’s the thing: she
doesn’t pressure me at all. You should be happy. A girl who
doesn’t demand a ring! That’s rare. I’m not looking for another one. I’m
sure any woman wants a wedding and a ring. Tamara is no exception.
– Are you serious right now? Dime, what’s wrong with you? – Well… Are you still sleepy? Come on. I
need your help on an important errand. Hello. – Hi. Hi. Show us the most
expensive rings you have. Wait, don’t show him
anything. – Please do. – OK. This isn’t how things
are done! Are you crazy? How are they done, Mr. Expert? I think this is what you need. You need to figure out what she likes. And you need to think
before making this decision. I’ve already figured
it out. I want this one. Do you even know her ring size? Sure. 16.5. And this one is..?
– Exactly 16.5. It was waiting for you. This is destiny. – Yep. The design meets all your requirements.
We have also taken in consideration the exact measurements. I see. And I like it. Me, too. But the deadlines… We
didn’t expect it to be so big. The scale of the building is based on the
scale of the company. This is our rule. And don’t worry about the deadlines.
We always keep our promises. OK, let’s talk about the fasade. Dmitry.
The aesthetic value of the building… Maxim, I’m sorry. An incoming call
from a person on your emergency list. Excuse me. I’ll be right back. Yes. – Hello, Maxim. This is Irina.
I’m sorry I have to disturb you. Larisa is dead. The funeral is today. Maxim. Yes, Tamara. Maxim! Baby, where are you? Are you OK? I’ll explain everything when I’m back. –
Back from where? The clients are waiting. It’s OK. The important part is
over. You can deal with the rest. I really can’t talk. I’m driving. I’ll
explain everything when I’m back. Bye. Natasha, do you understand anything? – No. Are you OK? Hands off! Don’t get up! I’m sorry. – Leave me alone. I didn’t notice you. I was in a hurry. I’m in a hurry, too, uncle! Let me give you a lift.
– Thanks but no thanks. No, really. I’ll drive you wherever you need.
– I don’t need a lift. Get into the car. I won’t hurt you. Come on. – Asshole.
– Can you walk? Petrovich, come on. – Coming. We’ve been waiting since morning. Finally! Roma, come on! Come on, push the car. You’ll
earn your money next time. Petrovich, come on!
– Move it, boys. Here goes our money. – Do you make much? Is it different where you
come from? Roma, move it. Look at the flowers. I wonder
where Zhenia found them. Mom! – Now, now. Mommy! – I know, I know. Look who’s here. Come here, you punk. – Liosha, Liosha! Don’t start it. Why are you here? To see her dead? Look! Liosha, stop it! Liosha! Who is he? What’s going on? Maxim Poverennov. Larisa was his first
love. It was a great romance, Vika. What happened? He joined the army, and Larisa promised
to wait, but married Liosha instead. – Why? Liosha’s father was head of the collective
farm. They had a car. Maxim had nothing. His mother had died just before
enlisted. He came back one morning and was out of the village before lunch. He never even met with Larisa, and he
didn’t come back till today. That’s life! Liosha was a golden boy when Maxim
was a bum. And now everything changed. Liosha had drunk away everything he
had, and Maxim is a renowned architect. Hello.
– Hi, Maxim. Thank you for calling me, Irina.
– Don’t mention it. And for taking care of my mom’s grave. It wasn’t me but Larisa who was doing
it. She also kept an eye on your house. So, you can stay there. I’m not staying. I need to go back. I
shouldn’t have come in the first place. Anyway, you can stay at your house
if you want. It’s yours, after all. Look at this hooligan! She cut all
my roses! I’m yelling at her to stop, and she jumps on her bike and takes off!
– Quiet, please. You’re at a funeral. I don’t care. Who’s going to
pay for the roses? Arrest her! Arkady, keep it down, please.
– Either she pays me, or I’ll get her arrested! I’ll pay. How much?
– Vika, come on. You’re not a millionaire. Arkady, can I talk to you?
– Where are you going? I’ll pay for the roses. Calm down, please. All the best. Granny, is that him?
– Yes, honey. I’ll give you something to remember me by. Girls, look at that car! Is he lost? I wish he had asked for directions. Maxim, you? Welcome home. –
Hello, Uncle… Sergey? – Yes. Hi.
– Well, I’ll better go. Maxim! Where are your manners? Welcome your guests! Hello.
– Hi. Why didn’t you go to Larisa’s wake? Wasn’t this tiff with Liosha at the
graveyard enough? He did the right thing. How are things in the capital? Come on, pour him some.
– It’s OK. How are you doing here? – Also fine.
We have something to put on our bread. Are you serious? You can’t even call
on a mobile phone without climbing the water tower. Come on. We’re doing just fine.
Raising kids, watching soccer on TV… Maxim, you did well for yourself. You were right not to come back
to this hellhole. I envy you. Let’s better drink to Larisa. Excuse me for a minute. I’m sorry, Maxim! Please forgive me!
– Come on, Anna. Stop it, please! It was all my fault! I ruined
it for you and my daughter. Larisa never got any of your
letters while you were in the army. I was a postmaster then, and I still
am. It was easy for me to intercept both your letters to her and hers to you. I would tell her that you didn’t want her
anymore, that you had found another girl. She was waiting for you
letters that never came. I had a deal with Liosha’s father, the
chairman. I persuaded her. What an idiot! I thought she would live a comfortable
life. It wasn’t 3 years after their wedding when he started drinking and beating her up. I had to take her and their
daughter to live with me. And we lived together
ever since. Forgive me. What do you mean, you took them back?
They only were together for 3 years, right? Yes. Why didn’t you tell ne? – You know how
she was. Proud. She wouldn’t have told you. What have you done? She
died believing that I… I’m the mother! I wanted the best
for my daughter, do you hear me? Well, rich boy? Are you looking for your
car? Go look at the Dead Field. Asshole. Doesn’t your Jeep look
better with flat tires? Do you like it?
– Did you do it? Yes. Why?
– Because you’re an asshole. Hi. – Hello, Max. Why didn’t you come yesterday? Too many things to do. I’m the
only cop for this district. – Really? Yes. Did Zhenia puncture your tires? – Yep. She’s Larisa’s daughter. Do you want to file a report?
– Why? Thank God.
– She’s not in the best place as it is. She’s a little punk, of course,
but otherwise, a nice girl. – Whatever. Why did Larisa die? Pneumonia. The equipment in our hospital
is ancient. They didn’t catch it in time. The doctor is fresh out of medical
school. So, there’s nobody to blame. I’m not trying to blame anybody.
– Good for you. Haven’t they planted banana
trees in the Dead Field? – Bananas? Remember our dream? Planting
banana palms here? – Yeah. What shall we do with your tires?
– Change them, what else? I’ll help you to take them off
and get to the garage and back. Irina! Irina won’t be here till tonight. Excuse me, I…
– You are Maxim, the renowned architect. Is that what you were going to say? – I was
going to say that I brought the keys back. I’ll give it to her. Excuse me, who are you?
– Vika, the school teacher. What do you teach?
– Everything. That’s the way it is here. Nothing has changed… Are the desks the same as…
– What? Never mind. Everything is the way it
used to be. The blackboard, the walls. Even the fire extinguisher.
It’s as if time has frozen. Sometimes I also feel that it’s frozen here. Who did this?
– What do you mean? I mean who drew these?
– Our students. Young talents. Why do you keep them here? You should
make a web-exhibition for everyone to see. Are you kidding me? We have no internet
connection here, or even computers. Are you serious? How do you
teach to these kids, Vika? How did you graduate from this same
school and entered a college, Maxim? You know, one can get a good
education sitting at an old desk. One can get spiritual
values without the internet. I see. Do you sell them?
I’d gladly buy some. You know what? You have
to leave. Please leave. Thank you.
– You’re welcome. Thank God! We didn’t know what to think. Tamara, hi. I’m sorry I didn’t call
before. There was no connection. It’s OK, baby. I’m fine. It’s just
that I’ll have to stay for a while. And please ask the guys from
engineering to call me right now. Sure.
– Thanks. Bye. Look! They’ve fixed the antenna already. These guys say now we’ll have mobile
connection everywhere and also the internet. I think it was Poverennov who did it. Everything’s ready.
– Thanks, Anatoly. No problem, Maxim. Sign here, please.
– Sure. It was a pleasure working with you. Hi. Yes. You can call any time now. This rich guy had our tower fixed, so
we can talk any time. He has more money than he can spend. Come here! Hello. What’s this? Hi. Well, hello, do-gooder. – Liosha,
go home and have some sleep. You run away to the army and left
Larisa with child! What a shame! I’m an idiot. I knew she was
pregnant when we got married. I thought I’d get used to the girl.
But I never did. I just couldn’t. What girl? Zhenia? I’ll kill you, bastard! – Liosha! We used to be friends! How could
you not tell me about my daughter? Liosha, will you calm down? I’ll kill you! Do you hear me? Calm down, or I’ll have to send
you to jail for 15 days. – Go to hell. Liosha, I’ve warned you. He. Here. You dropped it. What’s going on here?
– What? Yes, what is going on? You look like a
normal person. Can you explain it to me? I’m trying to do something
good for the people. How did you think it would be? You
buy a bunch of computers and set up a cell phone tower, and everybody
will love you for it, right? No. I’m just trying to make their
lives a little better, because I can. Does it ever occur to you that lives
can be changed not just with money? What, then?
– What? I don’t know how to explain. A person needs something
to live for. – Really? Emotions. Love.
– How can we give love to everyone? Not everyone.
– Come on. Let’s go outside and talk. That was a great advise, Vika.
– Anytime. Just ask. I’ll keep Liosha in the cell till
morning. And you should leave, Max. You’re not one of us, my friend. Zhenia, get packed. You’re coming
to the city to live with me. Are you crazy, uncle? I’m
not coming with you anywhere. I’m not your uncle. I’m your father.
– I know that. What do you mean, you know? Exactly that. The whole
village knows, and so do I. It doesn’t make any difference,
uncle. I’m not going with you. Zhenia, are you stupid? Yes, you are!
He offers you a ticket out of here, and you refuse.
– Roma, he is nobody for me. Doesn’t matter. He’s rich.
He can make us rich, too. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! And we’ll get married
as soon as you turn 16. Are you serious?
– Yes. You love me, don’t you? I do.
– See? We’ll live a decent life. You know, I’m going to the capital, too.
– Really? Yes. You go with your tycoon
daddy, and then we’ll figure it out. Figure out what?
– We’ll see. OK. Go with your daddy, sweetheart. There’s
nothing left for you here.


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