Вопреки Здравому Смыслу / Against All Better Judgement. Фильм. StarMedia. Мелодрама

Вопреки Здравому Смыслу / Against All Better Judgement. Фильм. StarMedia. Мелодрама

“Star Media” presents A film produced
by the company «Mostelefilm» Irina Apeximova Mikhail Muromov Andrey Chernyshev Svetlana Fatina Andrey Bilanov There used to be a building site here
a month and a half ago. Marina Vycheslavovna, you are a fairy! It’s my job. If you ever need my service,
you can always count on me. Thank you very much, Igor. But I hope I won’t need
services of a lawyer. Even of such a good expert like you. Don’t be so confident, Marinochka. Everybody needs lawyers. It’s our life. In a film by Saido Kurbanov Against All Better Judgement Screenplay by Nikolay Golikov Directed by Saido Kurbanov Director of photography Andrey Kvardakov Art director Vadim Lanovskiy Music by Sergey Chichmeli Music editor Nadezhda Andreyeva Chief editor Olga Zhukova Production manager Igor Romanov Line producer Yulia Volkhonskaya Executive producer Yuriy Osipov Lead producer Alexandr Razarenov Producers Valentin Opalev, Vlad Ryashin Give me your hand. Thank you! Thank you very much! Never mind! Thank you! Enough! I have to go. Marinochka! No, no, no! Five minutes won’t change anything. That’s it. I hate being late. Enough! Nothing will happen to your job. It will! It will! That’t it. By the way, I’ll introduce you to
my daddy on Saturday. Really? What do you mean? Aren’t you happy? I’m very happy.
I hope we’ll make friends with him. Otherwise I’ll kill you. Hey, mister! Excuse me.
The battery in my mobile phone is flat. Could you give me yours?
Only for a couple of words. Of course, I could. If I had it. Young man! Excuse me.
The battery in my mobile phone is flat. Could you give me yours?
Only for a couple of words. Here you are. Thank you very much! Thank you! What a smart trick. Oh, he snatched your phone out of my hands! Police! Police! They stole my mobile phone! What?! – Give it back!
– What? Didn’t your mother tell you
when you were a kid not to steal? Why are you standing? Go away. What’s the matter? Tell me. I’m sure it was her.
They are at one with him! I don’t understand what you accuse me of. He snatched the phone out of my hands! Designer company «Lanscape World» Hi! Hi, Marina! You look wonderful today. Our supplier called and said
we’d receive terra-cotta limestone from Portland on Monday. At last! One more thing, Marina.
I forgot to tell you about it. Who brought it? Our client. He’s a chic man. He said he wanted you to design
and create the landscape for his country mansion.
Here is his business card. Barinov Sergey. Seryozha? Do you know him? No. We used to live in the same house.
No, it’s impossible! Were you in love with him? Stop it! What love? Oh, come on! You were in love! So, what did you tell him? I told him you wouldn’t have
a free minute in your schedule for half a year. What did he say? He said he would wait. Did you show him our price list? He didn’t even look at it. It’s obvious such a man
can pay any money. If I were you … Stop it! Go and work. Oh, if only I had such a man! Good afternoon. I’m listening to you. Good afternoon! Put me through
to Vyacheslav Petrovich, please. Good afternoon, Marinochka!
I’ll put you through. One minute, please. I’m listening. Hi, daddy! How are you? Not bad. Has anything happened? No, nothing has happened.
It’s just that I’m getting married. Hold on! Hold on!
When you were in the second form, you promised to marry me. Daddy, I adore you! I’m kissing you. Police You are free. Why are you standing here? Give me my money, old man! What money? I had 2000 roubles. Here is a certificate about your discharge. You are supposed to be
in the joyous city of Novosibirsk. Why are you hanging aroung here? I came here to visit my friend. Visit your friend. You may go. Give me my money! I’ll explain what a kind person I am. Do you know what Administrative Code is? When did you have to get registered
at place of registration? A former prisoner’s hanging
about the capital of our motherland. I got it. Marina! – Hi!
– Hi! You can’t imagine how happy I am! I’m happy to see you, too. – How many years went by?
– All right, let’s not count. Come on!
I remember when you were a little girl. Now I see a young, beautiful woman. Let’s go. Is it your office? – Here?
– Yes. – Yes, it is.
– It’s impressive. Let’s go. Hold on! Won’t we go to your site? Let’s go. Could you explain what we are doing here? You know, I’ll tell you some commonolace.
Time is money. That’s why let’s not waste it
on a tiring journey there and back. I decided to organize
a tour of my estate. Take your seat. I’ll show you now. I’m sorry. So, what do you want? I want it to be beautiful. It’s not bad as it is. I would say
it’s good. What do you want? I don’t know. Some flowers,
flowerbeds, a woman with an oar. I can’t help you with such a woman. Classics of socialist realism can. It was just a joke. All right, let’s do it
without a woman with an oar. Something like … Admission only with permits Unfortunately, I can’t help you. There used to be a firm here,
you are right. A private construction firm
rented this building, but it was several years ago. Do you know where they moved? Unfortunately, I don’t. So, will you do it? Maybe. But only after my wedding. What wedding? You mean you … Yes. Who is the lucky guy for whose
sake you reject a good offer? He’s a good, normal person.
He’s a photographer. Sania! Alexandr! I’m about to make a great contract. What? Marinochka? I didn’t hear when you came in. Why did you come so early? Actually, we are working with Lika. Yes. Yes, we are. Bare your shoulder. Yes. Yes. One second. Why are you working at home,
not in the studio? The studio is occupied today
and this work is very urgent. Really. Let’s work. I see. Marina, would I take her home
if I wanted to commit adultery? Right. I’ll tell you once more. It’s just my job. I’m taking photos of Lika
for the cover of a magazine. In my bed? – It’s just an improvisation!
– Sure. Is it also an improvisation
that you are not wearing your trunks? You left it behind. Marina, you took it wrong! What about our wedding? I don’t know the Barinovs
and where they went. Come on, man! Get out of here!
I’ll call the police! They’ll see who you are very quickly. I’m sick and tired of all these tramps. Miss, what happened? Shall I help you? I accidentally shut the door. Is it all? Why should you cry, then?
We’ll think of something. It’s too late. It’s helpless. I wouldn’t say that.
Stay here, don’t go anywhere. I’ll be back soon. How did you get there? Through the balcony door.
Usually it’s open in summer. I see. Will you stay here? Come in. How much do I owe you? Three thousand. Here you are. You are really not in your right mind!
It was a joke! As you wish. But if you could let me make a phone call … No problem. It’s a long-distance call. You may even call to China. Thank you. Where? What? Your telephone. It’s in the room. May I? Do come in! Who should I ask? What? I remember you
are not my wife any more. Just send me some money
and that’s all. I’ll repay my debt. I need to buy a ticket and
I haven’t eaten for two days. She hung up. I’m sorry. Could you lend me 2000 roubles? I’ll give it back as soon as I get home. Where will you go? To Novosibirsk. You know, you shouted so loudly
that I heard everything. I’m sorry. Let me offer you dinner first. Oh, no! No way, thank you. I can’t refuse. My wife never believed
that I was the person she needed. That she could be happy with me one day. That our bad luck would be over. Once I went away
and she didn’t want to wait for me. She went to another man. You must have been away for a long time. No, not really. For 9 years. What a pity I have only one stomach! Would you like some beer? Yes, please. Thank you. I wouldn’t have waited for you, too.
Where were you? 9 years! It’s a very long period
for a woman. I was in prison. In a high security prison. Don’t be afraid of me, Marina.
I’m not violent. Actually, I’m not afraid of you. But 9 years … Did you kill somebody? Why do you think it’s possible
to get 9 years of imprisonment – only for a murder?
– Can it be another reason? For example, financial fraud. Do you think I’m not capable of it? By the way, I have a diploma with honours. It may reassure you. Would you like anything else? No, thank you. I have to go. So, flat 32. Wait for a remittance in a week at most. All the best! You are kind. Now it’s better not to be kind.
People will use you. All right, I have to go. Go. I have to go. You blunderer! Daddy, forgive me, please.
I know I’ll have to explain the guests why there won’t be any wedding. I know your reputation will suffer, daddy. You are my silly girl. What does it have to do with my reputation?
What are you talking about? The main thing is that you should be happy. All the rest is nothing. I’m good-for-nothing. It’s terrible. No, you are the best. And you look
very much like your mother. Everything will be all right. Really.
Everything will be all right! Yes, it will all come right in the end. Excuse me. Is the seat free? Yes, it is. Take your seat, please. Thank you. I’m sure I’ll have vile
envy of my neighbours. But you wanted it. No, everything is great.
Look, you’ve been in a bad mood lately. Has anything happened? How’s your fiance? Is everything all right? Seryozhenka, could you go there? A bit farther. A bit more.
Farther, farther. I’m listening to you. If you ever have a wish to poke
your long nose into my affairs, keep at such distance from me. Did he dump you? I changed my mind. I’ll call you. Business news Give me. Yes. You handle your job very well. Are you spying again? I’m admiring you. Is it everything you want to tell me? No. It’s not. The flowers, you have just planted
with your own hand, match your eyes perfectly. Sorry, but I’m very busy. Marina, forgive me for God’s sake, but I have to poke my long nose,
as you say, in your affairs. You are working so enthusiastically,
that I want to join you. May I? Please! Tell me what to do. Take it. – So, what shall I do now?
– Cut the greensward. – Where?
– Here. Oh! Strong people don’t need any brains. One more try. You pay me money and I work.
Don’t overstep the limits. It’s the main principle
of my work with clients. I love you, Marina. I have always
loved you. Since high school. Hold on! Don’t answer, all right?
Think it over. I owe you a spade. Try to understand me, Sergey Sergeyevich. We have a resolution
of the expert commission. We can’t work here any more! You should work
and we’ll have a resolution. What if it’s not in our favour? What if it’s not allowed
to build in this area? Look here! What ground waters can be here? What ground waters?
If there were ground waters here, I wouldn’t have received
a permit to build here. This committee came because
of intrigues of my business rivals. And don’t poke your nose into my affairs! If every foreman tells me what to do,
we won’t manage to finish it in time, we won’t do it till doomsday!
We have 7 construction project! Wait for me in the car. Nine years! How did you find me? It wasn’t difficult. Marina, let me introduce
my old friend Bogdan Prokofiev to you. Marina. I mean Marina Vyacheslavovna. We know each other. Really? I see. I didn’t expect to see you again. I didn’t expect to see you, either.
You were going to leave. I met my friend … I was going to send Bogdan my address, but I was bound up with my affairs:
work, problems. You know what I mean. Have you known each other for a long time? Since the army. Then we started
in Novosibirsk together. Shall I help you? No, it’s almost ready. We had construction business
in Novosibirsk. My father died, so I invested
my inheritance in our company. Bogdan invested the second part,
he sold his flat. And then this story happened.
I don’t want to recollect it. Oh, and now be attetive,
it’s Prokofiev’s speciality. Come on, put it on the plates. He takes some pork,
some beef, some surgeon … Don’t you mind me telling her about it? It’s ok if you tell Marina Vyacheslavovna
about it. Then he marinates it
for half an hour in it’s juice. Then he adds something.
I can’t make him tell me what he adds. And then we have this masterpiece.
You’ll taste it now. What are you going to do now,
Bogdan Prokofiev? I want to do construction business again. As your partner. Right, Seryoga? Why not? He won’t find a more devoted partner. Old man, I’m always happy
to take you on as a partner. What are you talking about? Then I’ll live with you till
I’ll buy my own house. My house is your house. So, old man, I’m very happy
that you’ve found me. It’s so good here. Do you really want to work
for my construction company? For our construction company! Bogdan, it was our company
9 years ago in Novosibirsk. Now it’s my company.
I put my whole soul into it. It is the way it is because of me. Isn’t it thanks to me? Of course, you’ll have
your share in the company. What’s the question?
If you want, you may set up in business. If you want, you may deposit it in a bank. You’ll live off your interest.
That’s a big sum of money. Come on! Are you offended? All right, give me 50% and we are quits. What 50 % , Bogdan?
You can’t demand 50%. It’s not fair! Do you think it’s not fair? Is it fair that I spent 9 years in prison? It wasn’t me who shot that guy! I saved your life
and you didn’t send any letters or parcels to me. Is it fair? I didn’t ask you to take
the blame upon yourself! What are you talking about? We are friends. Where do you take treament lately? In Europe. What does it matter? If I hadn’t taken the blame upon myself, you would have taken treatment in prison
and you would have died of blood poisoning. I’m sorry it happened so. Gentlemen, it’s improper
to leave a woman alone for such a long time. We are coming! We haven’t seen each other for a long time, we recollected our past. Excuse me. Yes! I have urgent matters in St. Petersburg,
I have to go. So, brother Prokofiev,
play the master here, do whatever you want to do. What a chic mansion.
There is an orchard, a lake. I’ll think I’m in a health resort. Yes, think whatever you want. I’ll come back on your birthday. I didn’t tell you about my birthday. Of course you didn’t.
I found out myself. It’s for you. You can’t give presents beforehand. Wow! It’s not a present. It’s a token of the seriousness
of my intentions. No, I’m not ready for it. Marina, don’t say anything now.
Marina, don’t say anything. You’ll tell me everything
when I come back, all right? So, I have to go, my friends.
Don’t be sad, I’ll text. Are you upset, Marina?
That’s nothing! Don’t worry! Are we on friendly terms with you? The atmosphere is favourable for it. Let’s better think how we should spend time – in the best possible way.
– We? Of course, we. There is nobody else here. I have a lot of things
to keep me busy here, for example. You’d better decide yourself
how to spend your time. How long will you water the flowers?
Put down the watering pot! I told you to put down the watering pot!
Come here! Come here! Change your places. Dig deeper! Good luck! Will you leave me, Marina Vyacheslavovna? I’ve done everything I’d planned for today.
That’s enough. I thought we would eat some fish soup.
I’ve fished some perches. No. It’s late.
It takes me an hour to get home. Stay here. There are a lot of guest rooms
in the house. I invite you as the owner of this house. No, I won’t stay. Why? Are you afraid of the
neighbours’gossip or too shy? What do you mean? So, I’ll sleep in the arbour and the whole house
will be at your disposal. By the way,
why will you sleep in the arbour? I had to sleep indoors for a long time. Now I’ll have a breath of fresh air. By the way, is Sergey more
than just a client for you? Is it a lovely thing. That’s it! That’s too much! No! What «No»? No! Everything is wrong! No! I’m confused, Dasha. Oh, Marina!
It’s time for you to get married. What marriage?
I have one order after another. First my mother was ill,
then I had other problems. What marriage? We all know
that men like those women who don’t have any problems. Of course, nobody wants
somebody else’s problems. Nobody, you are right. But you know, when men dump you it hurts. Marina, maybe you are too faultfinding. Come on! But you don’t need a prince
on a white horse, do you? Why not? You know, a prince on a white horse
is a rare bird nowadays. We should put them on the list
of endangered species. Goal!!! Can you hear that? Our team scored a goal. Can you imagine it?
Bystrov managed to beat two players and Pavlichenko scored
a goal from a long distance. Excuse me! Look, I didn’t know you were married. I am. By the way,
we sent an invitation to you, too. But you were at work or busy, as usual. You had an interesting order then. Forgive me please. Forgive me! I’ll come to your wedding
for sure next time. Oh, urse that tongue of yours! I won’t get married for the second time! Do you love him? Of course, I do. Look, why do you make eyes
at all our clients? You know, harmless flirting
strengthens relationship. I see. Look,
maybe I should leave everything? Look at the ring he gave you! Of course! This ring? Oh, it wasn’t him. What? Who was it? I’m sorry, Marina. I couldn’t do anything. He burst into the room with these flowers,
I couldn’t resist his charm. Hallo! Sergey? No, Marina, it’s me, Bogdan.
Did you like my surprise? Did you like the flowers? Where did you get them? It doesn’t matter. I spent 2 days transplanting these flowers near Sergey’s house.
Did you pluck his flowerbeds? I though such a beauty couldn’t
perish for nothing. It’s better when
they decorate your working table. Are you back? What a vandal! What did you think, Marina? There are 10 of you here.
There are candid cameras everywhere. What do I pay you so much dough for? You’ll answer for every buttercup,
bastards! Why are you silent? Sharif, how are you watering? Look, there is a pool here
and it’s dry over there. By the way, Marina,
we haven’t been talking for a day. I’m not offended,
anybody can make a mistake. You are right. Sergey made a mistake
when he allowed you to stay in this house. What does it have to do with Sergey? I don’t sleep in the house. I told you. By the way, what happened between you? Nothing special.
Once I did him a good turn. What turn? It’s not bad. Sharif, why are you standing there?
Go away! You know, Bogdan, I think
I start to hate you. I don’t want it. It’s involuntary.
We’d better not see each other. Are you sure? It’s my fault. I forgot how
to court women after 9 years. No, it’s just … You see, we are different. You spent too much time in prison
and I’m my dad’s daughter who always had what I wanted. Do you think I’m too bad for you? No, quite the contrary.
Our parallels shouldn’t cross. It’s from secondary school,
Euclidean theorem. But there may be exception. For example, we say in Russian
«She can’t wait to get married». You are vulgar! It has nothing to do with me. Address all your claims
to the authors of grammar books. Dear boys and girls!
Dear mothers and fathers! Dear audience!
Today you will see a fairy-tale about a poor but brave young man. But I’m afraid we won’t manage
without your help. Will you help our heroes? Will you? Yes! Thank you! Can you clap your hands loudly? Yes! Can you? Show me! Louder! Louder! Who are you? The owner has come. What? You see … They are my guests, Marina.
They are very good people. They don’t have any place
of residence though. What? Are they tramps? Yes. Look, Seryozha left you here
as an owner of the house. It doesn’t mean
you can abuse his hospitality. Why do you worry about him so much? By the way, Sergey wouldn’t mind it.
It’s a charitable event. Yes, we are good. What are you going to do? We’ll hold a little popular cultural event. It’s a private territory,
you have no right to be here. This way, please. – Marina!
– Calm down! I don’t believe you.
These are not your words. You are kind, sympathetic.
You sheltered a poor prisoner, you helped him with money,
although you saw him for the first time. It was a thoughtless action. So much the worse for you. Comrades, a banquet
in honour of the anniversary of the play by Gorky
«the Lower Depths» is open. Snacks and drinks
from our spomsors are in that arbour. – All right!
– I’ll call the police! Marina, I’m sure you won’t call the police.
You’d better join us. Why? You are curious. Don’t you want to join us? Never! By the way, I didn’t inroduce you. It’s your oversight. My name is Socrates. It’s not only bacause of our similarity
of appearance. I’m Ophelia. I’m Bacchus, just Bacchus. What surprising names you have! In your place any philistine
would be surprised. If everybody considered
the opinion of philistines, Diogenes of Sinope
wouldn’t have lived in a barrel and Icarus, the son of Daedalus
wouldn’t have flown to the Sun. He really wouldn’t have flown. It’s not a sin to drink to it. I’m sorry, but what is your name? Marina. Oh, it’s not a sin to drink to it. This name must be too ordinary for you. Why? There is a certain programme
in each name. A secret combination. A Code. You see,
everything is predefined from above. And we think that we have a choice. And you are not an exception, Marina. It’s ok if you don’t believe me,
but what is your Zodiac sign? Cancer. Cancer. You see, a cancer means water. Marina in Latin means marine.
It’s a sign of water and you are marine.
Sea is your element, Marina. Sea! Let’s drink. Maybe one day Marina will have
a wish to go on a ship with scarlet sails to remote countries. If my name was Assol, I might have done it. But when I was born,
my mother called me in honour of my granny. By the way.
Ophelia has a degree in philology, she knows all the hidden
meaning of our names. I don’t understand it. What don’t you understand?
Ophelia is a philologist, Bacchus is a chemist. And I’m a philosopher, if you please. Are you deliberately hinting
that I went crazy? The whole world went crazy. That’s right, philosopher! What else can explain the fact
why a candidate of philology became a streetwalker
and a doctor of philosophy and a teacher of chemistry sold their flats
to get money for drink? The ways of the Lord are inscrutable. It’s a sin not to drink to it. – Yes!
– It’s a sin. And now let’s have fun! I think everything is all right. It couldn’t be better. We did our best. I’m very grateful to you. And now the main part of our banquet,
comrade Socrates, monsieur Bacchus and mademoiselle Ophelia.
As we have agreed. Come again. Invite us. Bye! Thank you. Bye! They’ll spent it on drink. They’ll take it to their families. Do they have families? Every person has a family.
And actors have families all the more. Don’t look at me like that, Marina.
They are not tramps, they are actors
from the local puppet theatre. I met them at the beach. Their salaries are small,
so they accept any sideline. It was a performance? I’ve lived all my life according
to some silly principles and then you come into my life
and explain as simply as possible that it’s nonsense. It’s more honest! – Really?
– Really. Daddy? What are you doing here? I came to congratulate you
on your birthday, daughter. I see we came at the wrong time. I forgot all about it! I can see that. You’d better go out of the room,
we’ll get dressed. What an interesting magazine! They write a lot of amusing articles. How could he? Usually it happens so. What are talking about?
She is your daughter! Yes, she is my daughter
and he’s not 15 any more. I think she is aware of what she’s doing. And she’s free to choose
a man without her daddy’s help. I was going to marry Marina. Really? Does she agree? No, she doesn’t agree. I don’t know who you are,
but I think she loves you. But if you deceive her, I’ll kill you! I love you, daddy. Have a good day! Vyacheslav Petrovich,
are you going to leave? And what shall I do? You invited me because
we are friends, neighbours. I’ve known you since your childhood.
What else? Oh, yes. I lobby for the interests
of your construction firm at the Construction Committee. As for the rest, I’m sorry,
but it’s your man-to-man business. So, shall I kill you or what? Don’t you take captives? It’s a provocative situation, old man.
You stole my woman. Come on! Stop it!
I didn’t promise anything. I don’t love you and I won’t marry you.
Take it. I love you. And I love you. Why don’t you want to go with me? I want, but I can’t leave him
in such a state. Guys, are you going to run away? No, you shouldn’t do things like that. You know better how to do things. Yes, I’m going to win the favour
of the woman I love with a fair duel. Stop it! What? Come on! Come on! Come on! I threw down the gauntlet! Stop it! You behave like kids! Maybe we could solve our problems
not in the woman’s presence? I agree. Bogdan! What are you doing? Are you crazy? You should have stayed in prison. It’s a disputable issue. You’ve never been my friend. Really? I suspected that. One man whispered
in my ear about it in prison. Admit it, Seryoga, it was you
who arranged that meeting, right? You are crazy. You should have gone to mental clinic,
not to prison. Bogdan! We are kidding, Marina. Daughter, I came to take you home. Daddy! Hi, daddy! How are you? I feel bad. Shall we call a nurse, daddy?
She’ll give you an injection. Damn that nurse! Daddy, I’m sorry. It’s not your fault.
People say true things: «Old people are like kids».
I used to feel swindlers. Hello! Talk of the devil! Hello to ill people!
How are you, Vyacheslav Petrovich. It’s for you. Take that and go away! Vyacheslav Petrovich, don’t say that. What shall I say? You deceived me! Seryozha, go away, for God’s sake! No, hold on a minute.
I wonder how I deceived you. Here you are! Read it! Calm down! A resolution of the independent
expert commission. Great! What didn’t you like, Vyacheslav Petrovich? Didn’t you like the fact that
I hadn’t given you a bribe? But you are honest, you don’t take bribes. But I trusted you.
I thought your business rivals really put obstacles in your way. I’ve known you since your childhood.
How could you? All you constraction projects were built
on water opossums and they can sink into
the ground any moment. No one knows it. They haven’t sunk yet. Get out of here! I won’t let ou build
without looking where. Get out of here! Get out of here! I’ll tell you once more. Vyacheslav Petorvich doesn’t have
any claims neither to Barinov nor to Prokofiev.
He’going to call back his statement. It was a accident. You are misinformed.
Prokofiev shot at a man, a deputy minister. Do you know what it means? First of all, it was Barinov who shot.
It was his gun. Are you sure of that? Oh, God! I’ve told you billion of times:
it was just a fight. What nonsense! According to the Criminal Code
this nonsense corresponds to the article 227, that is an attempt
on a statesman’s life or on a public character’s life. From 12 to 20 years of imprisonment. Or a life imprisonment. What nonsense you are talking!
What life imprisonment? Better tell me how much Barinov payed you
to put an innocent man into prison. Aren’t you afraid that
I can sue you slander? Igor? Yes, it’s me. You were right. I need your help as a competent lawyer.
Thank you. If you don’t employ a good gardener,
all my work will come to nothing. Of course, I’ll employ him. How does Vyacheslav Petrovich feel? Thank you. He feels better. He walks. Thank God! Shall we have a drink? No, thank you. Let’s go straight to the point, then. I learned Prokofiev’s case.
The proofs are unconvincing, but … What can he get? Don’t worry.
The article will be re-qualified, he’ll get 2 years of imprisonment
and then he’ll be free. Did you invite me to tell me this? What did you expect, Marinochka? You understand that Prokofiev is innocent,
that Barinov takes vengeance on him. And he does it very well. The medical certificate
about battery is original. I’ve checked it.
His nose is really broken. So, Marina … What should we do? It’s an eternal question.
We should work. Work, Marina. Come in. Go out, Prokofiev. Come in. Good afternoon, Bogdan Prokofiev.
I’m your lawyer, Antonov Igor Vladimirovich. Take your seat. So, Bogdan, tell me everything
from the very beginning. Hallo! Marina? I have to fly
to Novosibirsk for 2 days. I found out new circumstances.
I think I dug something out. Thank you. Did you want to see me? Are you Alexey Mikhaylovich Gorelov? What do you want from me? I came to talk about your son. Marina! Forgive me!
Forgive me, for God’s sake! I’m late. It’s for you. Is it better like this? Prokofiev is not guilty.
He won’t go to prison. Yes, but you know
that invetigators don’t think so. He’s a former prisoner. What do you think? He put everything in my life
in the wrong way. He spoilt everything. He ruined my plans! Concerning me? You understand everything perfectly well. I understand,
that’s why I’ll tell you one story. – Is it interesting?
– It’s true-to-life. Great! I see you accept our conditions. I want to offer you 20%. It’s more than we ask. What’s on your mind? I need to come to an agreement
with my partner. You are a dashing fellow! Do you want us to help you
to get rid of your partner? I want you to kill him during the meeting, I want it to look natural.
And don’t tell anybody about our talk. I’ll be silent as the grave! All right! Bandits agreed to kill Prokofiev
during a shoot-out for a big part of business. But everything went not according
to their plan. Because Prokofiev turnedout
to be a former special squad soldier and he wasn’t going to expose
himself to bullets. Go and check. I think I’ve shot him down. What was your plan, son of a bitch?
To let me down? You said we had to shoot a lout down,
but you took Rembo here. As the result of that turmoil
the leader of the gang was killed. He was the only son of the notorious
Alexey Mikhaylovich Gorelov. Let’s assume it’s true.
Then it’s a serious accusation, I might be interested that you
couldn’t tell anybody about it. If something happens to me, the prosecutor and your business rivals will
know about it. What do you want? I want you to call back your statement
and I’ll leave you alone. Agreed! Do you think you’ll be happy?
You’ll never be happy! Do you understand? You’ll never be happy! You’d better worry about yourself. After so many years Gorelov finally
learnt who’d killed his son. Give me a cigarette. But you don’t smoke. I smoke again. Here you are. It’s so disgusting. Why do you have to go away? You know, they let me go
under surveillance. If I don’t come back in time,
they’ll search for me. I know. Why are you asking, then? I know it’s possible
to live in Novosibirsk. But you see, I can’t leave my job, I can’t leave my father at hospital. Yes, that’s right. What’s right? What’s right? Why are you silent? Tell me! Why are you standing
like a stuffed dummy? Don’t you give a damn about it? I think I have to go. Seven minutes are left. Why to torment each other? So, bye! Bastard! You are a bastard!
Why do you say you love me? All right, bye! How did you get here? I came here by plane.
I’ve been waiting for you all day long. I’m sorry. That’s all right. Will you stay here long? My daddy said I could visit him sometimes. Why did you leave?
There were 7 minutes left. You said I was a bastard! What a fool! You see, we haven’t registered
our marriage yet and you call me a bastard and a fool. What will you say after our wedding?
Will you beat me? Of course!


81 thoughts on “Вопреки Здравому Смыслу / Against All Better Judgement. Фильм. StarMedia. Мелодрама”

  • mrsyablonski says:

    Мой первый комментарий ! Хороший хороший хороший фильм.Снятый 5 лет назад он все равно интересен.

  • бред Вы AnAstAsiA290882 изволите нести- Апексимова – шикарная настоящая женщина и талантливая актриса, без всяких силиконов и ботексов, Вам наверное такие муклы по душе)))

  • Апексимова – хорошая актриса. Только старая уже для таких ролей. В старых актрисах, исполняющих молодых женщин, уже нет присущего молодости огня. Судьбы их героинь не трогают за живое, нет сопереживания… Пристроится – не пристроится это единственное соучастие для таких героинь.

  • Takie miziki vokrug babi vjutsja po scenariju,a aktrisa strashnenkaja,neobajatelnaja – i sama istorija – fignja predskazuemaja do poslednej sekundi…

  • рамзия камаева says:

    да,Алексимова хорошая актриса,но меня весь фильм не покидало ощущение,что я смотрю плохо поставленный спектакль!сценарий хороший,но фильм получился"Не верю!"
    да,Алексимова-хорошая актриса.и все актеры неплохие.но меня весь фильм не покидало ощущение,что я смотрю плохо поставленный спектакль.сценарий хороший-фильм получился"Не верю!"

  • Да я ее помню с 90х. Она и в молодости страшнинькая была. Всегда удивлялась ну совсем не женственная…

  • Все бросила смотреть лошади хороши на скачках а не в кино. Никакая актриса.

  • Фильм весьма хорош. Апексимова очень стильная, отдельная ото всех. И по жизни сильная.

  • Светлана says:

    Ирина Апексимова потрясающая актриса!!! Талант!!! Фильм хороший, душевный! Легкий на просмотр!

  • Спасибо сердечное за возможность увидеть любимых артистов.Фильм хороший.

  • Larisa Brinkerhoff says:

    Неудачный выбор актрисы главной роли. Ни красоты, ни обаяния. Таланта тоже не увидела.


  • Natalia Baltaga says:

    Хорошие актеры,но фильм какой то кукольный.Типа Золушки в мужском варианте..Честно-неинтересно.

  • актриса некрасивая,дело не в ботоксе. В России много красивых девушек, каждая вторая лучше. А фильм нормальный

  • а я вообще, когда смотрю фильмы с этой,которая в главной роли, абстрагируюсь от неё(полный игнор, а то себе дороже), но что же ещё делать,ведь практически все фильмы хороши^^, а она никакая, невыразительная или невыразительная её верхняя часть лица(а ведь актёр должен лицедействовать)

  • Michal Breslin says:

    samoe klassnoe v etom filme to chto skazano korotkim dialogom i bes slov.Spasibo.Bilo bi tak v zhizni mir bil bi rayem.

  • Irisha Alekseeva says:

    Алексимова актриса хорошая,но не для этой роли.Такому красавцу,как Андрей Чернышов,нужна красивая женщина.Поэтому и выглядит неубедительно,такому красавцу одних душевных качеств недостаточно….а мальчуковая внешность Алексимовой,вообще смешно.

  • Столько злобных (и, конечно же, завистливых!) комментариев относительно Ирины Апексимовой… Сразу вспомнилась фраза из старого советского фильма: "Сапоги хорошие, надо брать!" ))) Пока распрекрасные тётки брызгали ядом и судачили перед экранами, какая женщина нужна "такому красавцу, как Андрей Чернышов", я, как и многие другие поклонники этих прекрасных актёров, наслаждалась фильмом)))

  • в России так много красивых актрис. Неужели не могли наити посимпатичнее
    девушку на роль главной героини. Просто ужас какй-то

  • Из Ростова-на-Дону Разное says:

    Апексимова -прекрасная актриса! Стильная, красивая, интересная  и яркая женщина! 

  • Любовь Александрова says:

    Великолепный фильм.Впервые я вижу Ирину Апексимову в такой ЖЕНСТВЕННОЙ РОЛИ. Обычно она – мужик в юбке. 
    А здесь – чудесная женщина! Смотреть без сожаления о времени. Стоит!.
    Кроме того, мой любимейший актёр с молодых его лет – ЭДУАРД МАРЦЕВИЧ играет порядочного чиновника и отца главной героини, Очень мужественный актёр, игрющий  главного Героя.
    А вот роль Андрея Чернышова мне не понравилась. Сыграл он хорошо, но, его типаж не для таких подленьких ролей!

  • что-то она не тянет на успешную бизнес-лэди, плюс игает неэмоционально вообще, как холодная сельдь..

  • Лена Брест says:

    Прекрасный фильм. Прекрасные актеры. И чем же это некоторым (завистливым) не угодила главная героиня!

  • Svetlana Boyko says:

    Эх, народ! Ему барби подавай, соблазнительную, сексуальную с обколотыми ботоксом губками и прочими ,,атрибутами,, тела… У главной героини фильма утонченное, интелигентное лицо и удивительно чистая душа…Она реальный человек!

  • Veronika Müller says:

    Какая эта Марина страшная и бесталанная…. ужас!!!! Один Андрей спасает этот фильмишко

  • интересно, а почему содержание фильма разное на русском и английском?

  • Ужасный фильм! Ужасная игра актеров! Только Чернышов в фильме убедителен! Впрочем, как всегда. Жаль, что такой замечательный актер часто снимается в таких бестолковых фильмах.

  • Евгений Иванов says:

    удивительно читать стереотипы,такому как чернышов наверное подходит только сисястая блндинка,а если он любит полных брюнеток или его жена может быть инвалидом..ох и общество,,за всех порешали какие кто у кого должен быть

  • Kristina Maksimova says:

    Фильм добрый! Спасибо! Вот бы в жизни так было….Апексимова очень хорошо вжилась в роль,хорошая артистка! А этот актёр,Богдана который играл вообще чем то мне чертами лица напомнил Жан Клода-Вандама….Советую!

  • Diana Bagmatunc says:

    Добрый фильм,впрочем как все фильмы Star Media,отличный актерский состав,и качественная работа режиссера,спасибо!

  • лилия лилия says:

    Апексимову не люблю,но она оригинальна.Чернишов всегда во всех фильмах однаково неинтересен.Актер,которий играет жениха,вообще как попал в актери? А так фильм хороший.

  • Александра Москвина says:

    У каждого свое мнение относительно актеров, и они соответственно не одинаковы. Но мы же оставляем отзыв о фильме, о его содержании, а не о внешности актеров. А фильм замечательный и игра актеров на уровне. Большое спасибо Star Media за очередной хороший фильм.

  • Лана Сергеева says:

    Обсуждать красива или нет актриса Апексимова (Яковлева,Проклова и множество других талантливых российских актрис)- это как расписаться в собственном комплексе неполноценности. Видать, своя внешность день за днём покоя не даёт, требуя самоудовлетворения.Как в той сказке бессмертного классика: "свет мой зеркальце, скажи.. я ль на свете всех милее..?")
    Фильм обсуждаете или сплетни о людях хороводите?

  • низкосортная и довольно глуповатая сказка , каша без масла … Апексимову сложно воспринимать как актрису , но это субъективное мнение

  • Апексимова -еврейка .. и этим всё сказано ! Как говорил Айзеншпис , – Дайте мне любого безголосого и я сделаю из него звезду эстрады, так и эта безликая амёба )) кстати троюродная сестра Ларисы Долиной

  • Viktoriya Prasolenko says:

    Благодарю за большое удовольствие, полученное от просмотра этого фильма.

  • Матильда Я. says:

    Что-то странное.. Как можно обвинять в убийстве человека, если на пистолете нет и никогда не было его отпечатков?!! Тем более что и сам раненый не имеет к нему претензий!!.. Стрелял Сергей, а не Богдан.. Люблю Чернышова, обычно он играет настоящих мужчин, но тут сыграл конченого подонка. конечно!!..

  • Блудова Татьяна says:

    Трудно смотреть фильм, который практически не слышно. Дождь за окном и то громче.

  • Рита Харьковская says:

    Спавибо за фильм.игра актеров прекрасна.Апексимова прелесть.

  • Alexandra Klious says:

    Название фильма реально отражает его суть …" Вопреки здравому смыслу". Она реально его любит вопреки всякому смыслу. Идеально сыграла . Но он должен был хотя бы намекнуть , что он чувствует …. Ну да , скажите вы, он же настоящий мужчина , не хочет ей жизнь портить .
    Ерунда , пусть он будет настоящим мужчиной , и найдёт путь как быть со своей женщиной ! Да нет , женщина должна опять все придумать …. все правда , как в жизни:(

  • Alexandra Klious says:

    И какой бред обсуждать внешность актеров . Это жизненная история …, а в жизни извините все мы порой выглядим " неважно "

  • Азиза Оруджева says:

    Посмотрела с большим удовольствием!!!! Очень понравился фильм👍 Спасибо StarMedia…,за совет посмотреть этот фильм!!!

  • Ирена Понарошку says:

    Мужики любят глазами, а женщины сердцем, хотя, бывает по-разному.

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