En los Medios: Radio Bio Bio 05/09/2019

Hernán Juárez, nuestro notero ciudadano que está recorriendo las calles de la -ciudad. ¿Dónde te encuentras, Hernán? -Qué tal, Karina. Hoy va a ser un día de locos, ¿no? Sol, lluvia, se nubla, hace frío. – Como que me abrigo, me desabrigo, no sé cómo estar. – Está tranquilito el cambio climático. Mira, estamos en la Ufro porque […]

Stanford engineers design ant-sized radio to control ‘Internet of Things’

[MUSIC]>>Stanford University.>>What we’ve done here is figured out how to design a radio in which everything, all the functionality of radio is integrated on a single silicon chip, which is a few millimeters on the side. That includes the antennae devices, the synchronization, computation, communication, everything on a single chip. And we’ve done power harvesting, where the device […]

RTV-Noord – BENGS – radio commercial – awareness

Dus voor de duidelijkheid. U heeft niets gemerkt. Nee. Zelfs niet toen de inbrekers uw deur probeerden te forceren? Haha, echt joh? Nee. En toen de koevoet brak? Nee, niets. Zelfs niet toen ze met die shovel kwamen voorrijden? Nee, lag ik lekker te slapen. Jullie hebben ze toch? Kan ik er weer in? Die heeft zeker BENGS. […]

Information literacy

The United States National Forum on Information Literacy defines information literacy as “… the ability to know when there is a need for information, to be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use that information for the issue or problem at hand.” Other definitions incorporate aspects of “skepticism, judgement, free thinking, questioning, and understanding…” or incorporate competencies […]

Configuring Azure Information Protection

Rodney Buike: Hi. My name’s Rodney Buike and I’m an Identity and Information Protection Specialist at Microsoft Canada. In this short video, I’m going to show you how to create a simple Azure Information Protection policy to help users label and classify their data. Now, the following policy is the default policy with two minor changes. The first […]

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