How The News Lies to You Every Day Yet You Never Notice

What you just saw was groundbreaking director Alfred Hitchcock discussing the power of the montage to influence, even change a viewer’s opinion. This is known as the Kuleshov effect. Soviet filmmaker Lev Kuleshov showed the following clip to an audience. Then he showed them this clip. Finally, this. The audience fervently remarked how the expression on the man’s […]

Devyne Demands Answers from London | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

So, hello. Hello. I’m happy you’re still answering my phone calls. Appreciate you coming out. I’m concerned about, you know, your feelings and all the rest of that stuff. You’re concerned about my feelings? Mm-hmm. You know, first of all, I wanted to apologize, because, obviously, there was a lot of stuff going on between Alexis and I […]

Conversation with Cartoonist Lynn Johnston

>>Helena Zinkham: Ready to get started? All right, I’m excited too. [ Applause ] I’m Helena Zinkham, by the way. Chief of the Prints and Photographs Division. Thank you for joining us for today’s program with award winning cartoonist Lynn Johnston. This talk is presented in connection with the library’s new exhibit, called Comic Art: 100 years of […]

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